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The War On Christmas breaks the first commandment (religiorant)   Leave a comment

I find it utterly pathetic that this “war on Christmas” is mostly over *things* that are *nothing* to do with the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, which according to christianity itself, is a *very* bad thing to do.

In fact, it breaks the first commandment.

If you make a fuss over a *thing* in relation to your Messiah, then you are making that thing out to be important to your belief in Jesus Christ, and that is called *idolatry* – in other words, you are breaking the first commandment by thinking there is a war on Christmas, especially when Christmas is something the bloody Romans made up centuries after the alleged death of that Jesus guy, and especially worse still is that Christmas was based on traditions that existed long before the time of this Jesus

The first commandment wasn’t just about worshipping “false” gods that other people or cultures have made up; like Baal, Odin, Justin Beiber etc etc .. it was also about gods that *you* make up yourself, unintentionally or otherwise.

If you make Christmas out to be important to believing in Jesus Christ, then you are believing in a *false* Jesus that you or somebody else has made up – this is because you or somebody else has taken this thing called “Christmas” and mashed it together with Jesus, so you are worshipping this Jesus guy, at least in part, via your associating Christmas with Jesus. in other words; Christmas is making your faith in Jesus more real for you, Christmas is giving you a thing to point at and say “Look at this Christmas thing I do!! *I* am a believer in Jesus Christ!”….

No, that is not how it works – read your bible – your faith says that if you want to follow Jesus and get into heaven, then you need to adhere to the *second* commandment, ie. “love thy neighbour” ie. give to the needy – that – i believe, is what was meant by “spreading the word” – you aren’t supposed to go around preaching about how great Jesus was, you are supposed to emulate him and go around helping people out and give money and food away yourself!.. ie. seek the needy people out and help make them not be so needy with the idea being that if every one helps their neighbours in need, then the whole world can live in peace in some sort of fair society but this only works if everyone does it, so we know that can’t happen because no-one wants to give away their money, not unless they are *sure* they can afford to do it.

Furthermore, to make a *facepalm* situation into even more *facepalm* situation – if your faith is so strong, then your faith should stand by itself, it should not need to wrap itself with frivolous and shiny *things* that are in fact, nothing to do with what your Messiah taught.

I mean did Jesus say, “celebrate my birth once every year”? because I’m pretty sure that he didn’t, and if he did, I pretty sure he would have meant that you celebrate his birth *every* day and honour him *Every* day by actually doing what he commanded his followers to do, *every* day.

But, why is this not-using-*things* so important to following Jesus Christ, even if this “thing” is the celebration of this Messiah’s supposed birth???

Because when you fuss over these things that aren’t anything to do with the actual teachings of Christ, you can end up not following the teachings of your Christ at all, so how do people expect to get into heaven when they have not met the requirements? I bet there are people who haven’t given a cent to a person in need and yet they think they will get into heaven because they believe in Jesus

Only one gospel (**1) says that mere belief in Christ gets you into heaven, the other three say you need to give your money to the needy. so who are you going to believe, Matthew, Mark and Luke or just John?

As far as I can see it, this “War on Christmas” is just another thing “christians” rage about so that people don’t feel bad about not actually following the teachings of the Jesus

non-believer: “hey, shouldn’t you be out helping the needy?”
“christian”: “NO!! there’s another war on Christmas!!”

ps. there was nobody called “Jesus” 2000 years ago, by the way…

how could there be?

the letter “J” wasn’t invented until about 500 or years ago …

UPDATE: 2/Dec/2012

(**1) even though the verse John 3:16 implies that mere belief is all that is required to receive eternal life, if you read the whole chapter, it does go on to say that you need to do good stuff in a subsequent verse…

ie. John 3:21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

so, John 3:16 is probably being taken out of context by most people.


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more important things to spend money on at home, than on space travel? (science v idiots)   Leave a comment

I often here people complain in space exploration forums that there are more important things to spend our money on than running around the solar system checking out stuff for no other reason than to see if there is stuff there to check out.

well, maybe there is, but I find the whole notion of people questioning whether we should be spending money on space travel to be offensively hypocritical.

Don’t people realise that eventually, there will be no more room on Earth for all of us?

Don’t kid yourself if you think we can or *should* just keep building.

Population levels will not back off from falling because as our technology and medicine become cheaper, and more and more people will live longer, but the problem with that is there isn’t enough space to feed and house them without turning massive amounts of land into agricultural land to feed us and more land, probably vertically, into residential spaces, to house us.

But at some point, there will be too many people to be supported by the available agricultural land so food we will need to be artificially “grown” by scientific means…

But do you see where that is heading … ? ….

… artificiality ….

Personally, I’m an indoors person, but to think of our forests being cut down, not being able to breathe fresh air, so do we really want to turn our planet into one big city (aka ecumenopolis) and eat food that has been grown in labs?

Or do we want to spread out into the galaxy so that we can let the earth repair itself, like a planetary park, that families would visit for the weekend like they do these days when they visit Yellowstone National Park or Daintree Rainforest ??

we currently have the technology to send probes to the stars local to us. *yes* we do, *yes* they would cost trillions of dollars, and *yes* they would take hundreds of years to get there, and *yes* it would then take decades to ‘beam’ anything useful back, but by that time, we may just *need* to start planning to move off this planet in a couple of hundred years, so if we start *now*, we may be actually able to do something before the population hits critical mass and we run out of food/water/space/air/etc….

and who knows, there very well could be a nice little earth sized planet around Proxima Centauri with it’s own really powerful magnetic field to shield it from any flare ups from our closest interstellar neighbour…

what’s that? what a waste of money? there are more important things to spend money on, right here on earth?

of course there are, but if we’re going to waste money on bullshit, what’s with all the money that has been spent on useless wars?

the Americans have spent a trillion dollars on the Iraqi / Afghan war, see page 19 of this report for a nice graph, it’s a PDF

but here it is

(it’s so much easier to find information on USA government spending than it is on Australian government spending, even our own government lists off pretty graphs of other countries spending’s before they do the same for the Australian – *sigh*)

it’s cost Australians about $130 dollars each as of 2008 (total $3 billion spent)
as of 2010, it’s cost about $3000+ for each person in the USA, for what?

and this time, I’ll refrain from mentioning that not only was the Iraqi war based on a lie, but legend has it, that it was Jesus himself that told George W Bush to invade in the first place.

yeah, so if there are so much more important things to spend our money upon here on earth, then you can start fucking spending money on them or you can shut the fuck up

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Prescott Bush… and the Nazis…   Leave a comment


mostly written 19/Feb/09, mostly…


Prescott Bush… and the Nazis… , no it’s not a bad cover’s band.

Prescott Bush, father of George Bush Sr and grandfather to George Bush Jr. worked for a company that supplied materials to Nazi Germany. This would seem to be a fact. I’m yet to find anything denying this, so if you know otherwise, speak up.

There is *so* much material on this to read, but “steel” would seem to be a major part of the trade involved.

Get a coffee and Google this for your own research – don’t believe me

prescott bush treason steel

But regardless, it would also seem to be a fact that one of the largest banks in the USA, be it knowingly or not, was financing the company that Prescott Bush used to trade with the Nazis.

Make your own minds up as to what that means, make up your own conspiracy theories.

β€œAnd remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
–Lord Acton


Ex USA President G. W. Bush is guilty of violating international law by ordering the USA invasion Iraq is he not?? Isn’t that treason? perhaps, War crimes? Didn’t the reason for invading turn out to be a lie? Is that more treason, more war crimes? (yes the USA wasn’t the only country to invade)

Seems this treason thing runs in the family, as Prescott Bush, G. W. Bush’s grandfather, evidentially committed treason as well, by being a director of Union Banking Corp. which was supplying Nazi Germany with materials up until October 1942. Prescott Bush was a partner of Harriman & Co. A major lender to this company was Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was established by Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb in 1867. Under the leadership of senior partners Jacob Schiff, and later his son Mortimer, along with Otto Kahn and Felix Warburg, this firm became one of the most influential USA banking firms during the late 1800s and early 1900s. This company, via mergers and take overs through the last fifty years, now forms part of the company we know today as American Express.

Beating a dead Horse

“Why Prescott Bush, George Bush Sr’s father and Jr’s grandfather, was never tried for treason is one of the great unsolved mysteries of American history” [1]

In 1942, Prescott Bush was a director of a company named “Union Banking Corp.”..

E.H. Harriman was the company Prescott Bush (George Jr.’s grandfather), was working for when he funneled millions of dollars to Hitler. This connection has been documented by numerous writers including Anthony Sutton and John Loftus. [2]

The supposedly biggest lender for Harriman company was Kuhn, Loeb & Co. [3]

This company was run by Jacob H. Schiff up until 1920 [4]. Schiff is famous for the 1904/5 extension of a loan, via Kuhn-Loeb, of $200 million dollars to Japan (which consequently allowed Japan to win the Russo-Japanese war), which has been speculated was to avenge the Tsarist treatment of Jewish people.

This firm would also seem to be very influential.

When World War I finally did break out, he used his reputation and influence to urge President Woodrow Wilson and others, to put an end to the war as quickly as possible, even without an Allied victory. [4]

Whether the Kuhn, Loeb & Co. knowingly supplied backing for Harriman & Co with knowledge that their money was going to the establishment and furthering of the Nazi war machine is NOT apparent.

But as complete speculation, it would seem unlikely that Kuhn, Loeb & Co. were unaware that their money was going to Germany. As an example, Jacob Schiff, up until the end of Tsarist Russia in 1917, forbade his company (Kuhn, Loeb & Co) from trading with any Russian company because of how the Russian Tsars had treated the Jewish population in Russia.

Felix M. Warburg, Schiff’s son-in-law had this to say of the Tsarist persecution of the Jews of Eastern Europe …

β€œThe successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry, and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth.

The Jewish people throughout Eastern Europe, by sheer accident of geography, have suffered more from the war than any other element of the population.”
–Felix M. Warburg

So it would seem that the senior partners knew where the funds of their company were being directed. Jacob Schiff, removed this ban after the Communists took power in Russia away from the Tsars. I can only assume that the senior partners after Schiff died in 1920 were as involved in how the company’s money was invested.

Regardless, Prescott Bush committed treason via Union Banking Corp. with it’s trading relations to Nazi Germany, and he should have been tried as such.

Later Prescott Bush became a US senator, I wonder how many of his voters would still have voted for him had they known about his connections to Nazi Germany?

Make your own minds up.

I strongly urge everyone to make up their own minds, but know this, it was speculated that Barrack Obama had terrorist connections…

It was *speculated*…

So the very speculation of there being terrorist connections to Obama had ppl calling him all manner of bullshit but George W Bush and George Bush Sr *were* USA presidents, and yet their father/grandfather evidentially *WAS* involved in funding the Nazis and as far as I can tell, no-one has bat an eyelid over this. Prescott Bush would seem to be a Nazi collaborator… Doesn’t the Bush family have current connections to the Bin Laden family as well? *sigh*

and yet…

what was all the stink about Obama *possibly* having terrorist connections, when G. W. Bush *is* a direct descendant of someone who was supplying the Nazis? That was no accident, the USA had a Trading with the enemy act since 1917.

Union Banking was seized by the government in October 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act [6]

“On December 13, 1941, six days after the attack at Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt signed the ‘Trading With the Enemy Act’. This act banned business dealings with the enemies of the US. Prescott Bush ignored this and continued to do business with the Nazis… [7]

Apparently the US government was too busy fighting the war (WW2) to be able to find the time to be able to deal with individuals and companies that were supplying Nazi Germany. Didn’t have time after the war either hey?

No charges were brought against Union Banking’s American directors. The federal government was too busy trying to fight the war, said Donald Goldstein, a professor of public and international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.

“We did not have the resources to do these things,” Goldstein said. [6]

Make up your own minds, and do your own research, but I’ve read no articles saying the whole Prescott Bush treason thing is bullshit, in fact, the more digging, the more dirt that is found…

These are the facts, I’m still working on a conspiracy theory that makes sense.

So what do *you* make of this? What’s your conspiracy theory?








more links,_1st_Baron_Acton#Famous_sayings_of_Lord_Acton

“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”
–Lord Acton

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