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note: i don’t mean to make these blogs so long, and some of them start as just one line, but every time I proof read, well, i keep adding stuff

some people feel the need to “know” how it all started

“it” being the meaning of life, the universe and everything.. so, if u must know where the universe came from, make something up, that’s what every one *else* has done, no one knows for sure, so jump on the band wagon and join in, and be *creative* ..

but ya know, the question is just so much fun, at this point, does it even matter if god put us here or not?

if we did *somehow* find out that god put us here, the next question would be *why*?? …. the point being is, at what point do we stop this line of thought that serves no fucking purpose in the first place?

we are here, apparently, it may not be much, but we are here, so what does it matter if there is a ‘who’ behind it all?

the *hard* bit about the concept of there actually being a cosmos is already out of the way, pinch yourself if you don’t think the cosmos exists!

but if you still want to “know” how we got here, then saying “god did it” is not knowledge, it’s an assumption, it’s a theory, it is a stab in the dark, but unlike scientific assumptions, theories and stabs in the dark, “god did it” has absolutely no factual basis whatsoever, and it serves no function to assume that “god did it” in the first place at all!!

because what’s the point in just *leaving* it as “god did it”!

how does that help us move forward in the life, the universe, and the everything?

this god supposedly gave us a brain, why would we expect that we aren’t supposed to use it? did god expect us to *only* sit around all day eat drink and be merry? what was the point in giving us a body if this is just a precursor to the afterlife?

If the afterlife was so important, it wouldn’t be called the “afterlife” – AFTER – LIFE – got it? means life is OVER – do we really think our thoughts and memories are going to go with us when we die?

your thoughts and memories are being stored in your physical brain, that is left behind when u die, people… that body isn’t going with you after you die

you offend your own intellect by being so lazy so as to not actually think about god and the afterlife and make at least some *reasonable* assumptions, even saying “I don’t know” is a more intelligent thing to say than “god did it”, if you are a goddiditter, then you make one big *unreasonable* assumption.

If you don’t know an answer to something, then say I DON’T KNOW…

If some one asks you something and you say “I don’t know” you are being honest, if you make something up based on your feelings and opinions, it’s very likely that you are telling a lie, although you wouldn’t think that because a lie is often not a lie from the liar’s point of view.

in fact, “I don’t know” is the best thing to think about god, because assuming “knowledge” of something pertaining to god is probably an offence to your god, that’s probably because making assumptions about god means that you create your own version of god in your mind. So this god in your brain, ends up being what you’ve previously heard about god, plus this “god did it” assumption you just made or more than likely, you are repeating someone else’s “god did it” assumption

a “real life” example: if you assume something about someone, then your thoughts about that person are potentially different to the actual person, at least until you find out first hand yourself if your assumption about that someone was indeed correct

but you are bound to be wrong, especially if you had never met that person, nor heard their acoustically registrable voice speak, or had even seen a picture of them, and the only vague likeness of them, a painting, that was from four hundred years ago.

So your idea of that person would not be the same as that actual person when you finally found out the truth about them, would it?

therefore, the person you imagine in your mind, was not the actual person, it was a shoddy copy of that person you had made up with your assumptions.

Your idea was basically correct about that person, kind of, sort of, looked a bit like, but this copy of this person in your mind was *wrong*, and it is made *wrong* by even the tiniest little assumption you make about that person. Although, it’s more likely that you weren’t that creative, and you’ve just believed the gossip somebody has just told you about that person

And yes, the subtle point if you didn’t get it, is that the bible, the qu’ran, the torah, etc, well, it’s ALL gossip about god

all of which is pointless from an intellectual point of view – and being able to use your brain’s intellect is how you get a job is it not? using your brain is how you make a living, isn’t it?..

you would give yourself a head start in life by not assuming that god did anything at all, or if you must believe in god, just go with the god made *Everything* and let it rest at that, so when science comes along and explains something, it won’t be stepping on your faith.

and to be honest, if you are worried that humans are going to become cleverer than god, then that is your *problem* and you are making it ours as well.. and you know what that problem is? it’s that this god you created in your brain, was *limited* by your *own* creativity, because you went and assumed this thing about god in the first place or you never thought about it at all!

go look at employment statistics if you think “god did it” is useful – how many people got a job because “god did it” lent some credence to an occupation?? oh priests? really? one person in a hundred thousand would be a priest, great job opportunities and career paths there (*sarchasm* [sic])

if you don’t use your brain’s ability to think for itself when you’re a kid, it’ll stagnate, if you don’t use it when you are an adult, it’ll STAGNATE, and then you can be one of the worker types, the ones who just move through life like cattle, just going through the motions in life for the sake of life, you’ll be one of those types that are having their jobs replaced by computers, the “goddiditters” are deliberately being one of those types who will become a *burden* on society if they haven’t already, because they are *unskilled*

there is nothing more draining on an economy that spends money on people with no return on that investment, and to be one of those people deliberately, then you are using your religious beliefs to justify being a SLACKER.

So we have these goddiditter slacker people, who have the audacity to insist that non-believers explain where the universe came from, and yet, rather than *think* about it themselves, they just repeat what somebody else has assumed, that’s being a sheep, that’s being intellectually lazy cattle…


The same people then scoff at any notion a non-believer presents, with that notion usually being something like “oh it had to be more complicated than just ‘god did it’!!!”!! ..

Is the believer out right admitting that they haven’t even thought about how “god did it” either? or maybe they have thought about it and refuse to acknowledge how ludicrously stupid their belief is?

“la la la la la la I am not listening to you Jeffrey la la la la la” –[Eddie Murphy – “Beverly Hills Cop”]

The dead-set believer will also scoff at the notion that the universe was always here or just appeared out of the nothing at some point, yet they would have us believe the even more unlikely notion that god was always here and made the universe just appear out of the nothing at some point.

Hypocrite much?

Point is, if you are just going to say “god did it”, don’t fucking bother even saying it out loud, as you are helping to retard the intellectual development of the entire planet with your intellectually lazy “god did it” mantras…

“god did it” is not using your mind, what was that quote? “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”, i wonder if that person was talking about religion and i wonder how many children never grew up to be scientists because they were told early on in life that “god did it”, implying to them to not bother to think about the universe. ( actually that quote was from )

so rather than wondering about something intellectually, thus building all those tiny neural pathways adapted to rational and critical thinking, instead, a highway of one-way thinking gets constructed where all roads lead to the “god did it” wasteland of unused brain matter

And seriously, if god made the universe 6000yrs ago, then who is to say that god didn’t just make the universe at the very moment you finish reading this sentence?

what do you think about that?

If god was so brilliant, all those memories we have of all those events in our lives, could have all been created in our memories, like a computer program already in motion and we are just all the characters that have been created for the game, some of us in cars, watching tv, hunting fish, collecting fresh water, whatever, it already has a vast history “database” and by exploring it we add to the history “database”… have you played massively multiplayer games? World of Warcraft perhaps? have we not considered that if “god did it” then god is just some programmer who made the universe, and set it running by clicking an icon?

if god is so brilliant, that task is not beyond god’s powers, and some of the religious have *already* accepted as *fact* that this is exactly what god has done ALREADY, in that god has made the universe “as is”!… eg. fossil and geologic records clearly indicate the world is older than 6000yrs (oh the devil put those fossils there to tempt us) and light from things further than 6000 light years away would be appearing in the sky all the time. for instance: Eta Carina is 7500light years away, so if the universe was made 6000 years ago, the light from Eta Carina still wouldn’t have reached us yet and would not reach us for about another 1500 years..

so not only did god have to make the universe 6000yrs ago, it also had to create, or trick us into thinking that somehow all the events that appear to have happened *before* that, did actually happen, eg. the Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5million light years away, god would have to create the light shining from that galaxy for such that it looked like it came from the Andromeda galaxy for 2.494 million light years of space…

in other words, if the universe is 6000 years old, then we are seeing light from distant objects, that *never* actually came *from* those objects, the light we see, was created “in transit”, it would mean that god created the universe such as to trick or fool us into thinking the universe was much older than 6000 years ..

so if god *did* make the universe 6000 years ago, then god is lying to us, because every time we look into the night sky, we see LIES, FABRICATIONS, MISINFORMATION … and seeing how complex and massive the universe is, then god went to an awful lot of trouble to tell us one very very VERY massively big lie.

So if go around telling people that god *did* do it, then you are asking people to believe in magic, either that or we are just some computer simulation that has been switched on at some arbitrary point

this is what you are asking people who like to think about stuff rationally when you say “god did it”. you are asking us to believe YOUR lies that you quite happily tell to yourself.

So, according to the goddiditters, we are here because of magic, or we are some living simulation brought into existence because somebody decided to click on the “RUN” icon, that’s what “god did it” means

and people find the concept of god *not* existing to be offensive?? clearly those people have not thought about what they are saying

So if you *really* want to know where the universe came from, why don’t you actually think about it and come up with some ideas yourself, and maybe if we all put our ideas together, we’ll get “there” a *whole* *lot* sooner

and the sooner we get “there”, the sooner those with their “god did it” mantras can feel safe as it becomes more and more apparent that no matter how much we know, we are NOT going to get “there”, and that this supposed all powerful god of theirs is *still* more powerful than humans, but maybe by then their little egos won’t get over inflated by thinking they have a direct connection to the creator of the universe who will look out for them when they die such that their little souls won’t get lost and roam about the universe aimlessly forever…


it’s astounding (time is fleeting) that people get worried when science starts to step into those places that were previously identified as a “god did it” realm, madness, takes control.

and ya know, just because something is explained, it does *not* discount that god did *not* do it anyway!!! how fickle one’s beliefs have to be that someone can rattle them by explaining some science thing?


so in the spirit of making shit up based on reasonable assumptions…

i propose this, and no it’s not science, in fact I would be reluctant to even call it weird science, but i’ve not heard any explanation for any of this whole universe origin thing and, like the point of the blog, “god did it” is just not an option, it’s LAZY, even “I don’t know” is a more credible answer than “god did it”..

“I don’t know” implies that you have at least accepted the enormity of the universe, but it just doesn’t bother you or that you’ll get back to the question when time permits you because it’s just not that important to actually living a life!

The point of the exercise is to think about it, without plugging in some far fetched stab in the dark, at least have a stab in the dark by attempting to put some light on what you are stabbing at!!

so here we go…


the empty vastness of space goes forever, forget our small universe, it’s just one small bit of the cosmos, what i’m talking about, is what is beyond that and beyond that and well, you get the idea.

outer space, has a “negative” force to it, a “sucking effect”, it tries to take objects and spread them apart, this is not a problem for solid rock-like matter, but for gases and other low density matter that doesn’t have a central point of gravity to hold it together, outer space will tend to make those gases or liquids spread out.

This is demonstrated by our need to have space craft with sturdy hulls as outer space tries to suck the air out of the craft and into outer space where the gases would spread themselves out.

In fact, the “dark energy” that is apparently expanding our universe at an ever faster rate, may very well just be that negative force of empty space trying to spread everything apart. if you think of galaxies as if they were individual molecules of air it may help you to visualise it, because after all, if the universe is infinite in size, then a galaxy would be little more than an atom in size, probably less actually.

So the simplest explanation I can imagine as to where the matter came from and why anti-matter didn’t wipe it out: there was “rip” in empty space itself caused by that negative sucking effect of trillions of empty light years of space against a trillion light years of empty space and that rip created a great ribbon of energy which created a whole lot of matter and anti-matter, most of which annihilated itself against each other, but perhaps an unequal ratio of matter and anti-matter (favouring matter) got sucked into the rip in the space before all the anti and regular matter had a chance to pair up and cancel itself out against each other.

of course there are questions here: if the entire cosmos is infinite in size, why hasn’t this “rip” been and gone and been done with already? perhaps because it’s happening all over the cosmos, it didn’t just make our universe, it made, makes, and is making, universes all the time, every day a universe the size of our own could be born and one could die off and they could be so far away that the light *never* reaches us, having been red shifted into oblivion.

and when one universe burns out the matter made by it will drift around for ever … dead … cold … until it makes it’s way into the next universe as debris or maybe it will get sucked up into a black hole, and who knows, maybe black holes can get too big and end up exploding too…

and maybe that was what the “rip” in space was in the first place, gravity got so strong, space not only collapsed into a black hole, but there was so much gravity, it ripped apart space… maybe there is a point where gravity becomes so strong that gravity itself can’t escape, and booooom….. big rip, big bang. big crunch, big … whatever

and why doesn’t this ripping keep happening in our bit of the universe? gravity stops space itself ripping apart, so when there is a significant amount of mass in a particular bit of space, it stops space itself from ripping apart, that matter keeps space “together”

the point is to *think*, and not be lazy with that brain and to have fun, my guess above is far more intellectually based than “god did it”, and who knows, that wild idea above could very much be wrong, but it could inspire a line of thinking that leads to an actual shred of truth, which is far more useful than “god did it”..


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there is no such thing as an atheist, not really

started 31st March 2010…

i don’t consider my an atheist .. nor do i think about myself as being “spiritual” and i certainly don’t fit the model of a religious person either … but having said that, atheist is still probably the nearest term used to describe my lack of belief, but atheism is not a label i would wear, coz it doesn’t mean anything to me, so why would I call myself an atheist?

but don’t worry if you do call yourself an atheist, some people *hate* atheism, the same ppl that tout a philosophy of love and tolerance for everyone, I do believe.

So that’s one reason to call yourself an atheist, it *pisses* religious people off, but there is also another reason to actually call yourself an atheist, and that’s to let it be known that it’s OK to be an atheist, maybe I just had an open upbringing, because it never occurred to me either way that believing or not believing, *actually* mattered.

and for those two reasons, I would call myself an atheist, because there is great satisfaction in doing NOTHING and knowing that doing NOTHING and that believing in NOTHING actually *pisses* the religious off!

religion is dying, the fact that the mere existence of non-believers is enough to rattle the unshakeable faith of the “faithful” is more than enough of a pathetic example to show that religion is in it’s death throes… if there really is a biblical god, then god is going to far more pissed at those people claiming to be believers but have their faith rattled by *NOTHING*, than those who admit upfront that they don’t know what to think about god or those who deny it’s existence outright.

so just what does atheism mean to me??

“atheism” doesn’t really mean that much to me, but I did briefly call myself an atheist, but that was just a fad to “fit” in

now I’m not going to grab a dictionary and cut and paste that definition to you, because it’s obvious to me that the definition of atheism is so far up in the air, that far more meaning is given to the term “atheism” than it deserves, regardless of the dictionary definition. eg. amongst other things, the following have been labelled as “atheist” things

communism, fascists, russians, germans, nazis, stalin, hitler, evolution, genocide, eugenics, racial purity blah blah blah.. the list goes on… somehow, all of these things are linked to atheism, but how can that be? they should not be!! …. but thanks to idiotic assumptions and prejudices from judgemental “christians”, they are associated with atheism *anyway*

This misunderstanding of what atheism is, is often demonstrated, and it’s not something that we should let slide either, so seeing how everyone else is making up their own definition of “atheism”, I’m going to use *my*own* definition as well, but let’s see if you agree with it first…

Atheism is the complete lack of believing in any god and/or any religion..

simple right? what part of that is too complicated for the mentally challenged “christians” out there?

It should be simple, because in other words, there is nothing to atheism *apart* from the negative assertion of not believing in god or religion, so it can’t be any much more simpler than *nothing*.

If atheism was somehow my job, I would be paid to do nothing!

My definition of atheism is such that .. NOBODY SHOULD EVEN NEED TO SAY THAT THEY ARE AN ATHEIST, because, in essence, you aren’t declaring what you are, you are declaring what you are NOT, and since when do people go around say things that they aren’t?

I know for a fact that some christians go around telling ppl they believe in christ, they tell me all the time, with the often obvious and rude implication, that *I* should too.

And let us not forget that these ppl have assumed that i was not a christian in the first place (heard of Matthew Chapter 7 Verse 1 much?) because they didn’t *ask* me if I believed or not when they have told me to believe in Jesus!! no, what they did was took one look at me, and thought “OH MY GOD!! *HE* NEEDS JESUS RIGHT NOW!” .. that’s rude, if your dumbarse didn’t realise!

Now I know I wasn’t a very church going little christchimp, but ppl telling me to believe in Jesus, were *exactly* the ppl who turned me off the whole thing… moral of the story, shut the fuck up before you put anybody else off your religion, oh wait that’s *right*, you can’t HELP YOURSELF… so carry on destroying your religion… it’s hilarious…


So to the stupidity of labelling yourself an atheist, urrr.. you don’t go around telling people that you are *not* wearing a hat do you? that you are *not* a stamp collector, that you are *not* an astronaut, that you are *not* going to have bacon, eggs and sausages for dinner, do you? Do you walk up to pretty girls or handsome guys and tell them that you are *not* gay or straight, depending which way your spoon bends, do you?


So why then, do you need to *tell* people that you are NOT religious? Why do you need to tell people that you do NOT believe in god? why do u need to tell ppl that you do NOT follow the bible/qu’ran/torah?

You should only ever mention these things when it’s the topic of conversation, and you should never be the one to start that conversation either, as it should *never* occur to you to say out of the blue that you are an atheist in the same way that Jesus followers insist that they are “christians”, and those “christians” should not need to do that either, being a christian should be fucking obvious by how overly noice and helpful they are being!

Oh thanks for helping me pick up my books off the ground, you *must* be a christian..

Part of the problem, is that atheists GIVE a positive answer when they are asked what their beliefs are, you don’t have beliefs if you are an atheist (well at least supernatural beliefs) and your answer SHOULD reflect this.

When people ask you what your religion is, you should NEVER say “atheism” as your religion. *EVER*

You *should* say, “I don’t believe in anything” .. or if you want to simplify it even further, say “NONE” or “NOTHING!” .. or better still… shrug your shoulders as if to say “religion? what’s that? isn’t that that thing that caused the dark ages?”

or even better still *yet* – tell them that you are human, and then ask them in return “What are you? are you not a human first before your religion? because if you are not, then you can fuck off with trying to speak to me from this point onwards…”

Humanity *trumps* religion, put your religion before humanity, and *you* are belittling humanity, and seriously, that’s the exact attitude that caused the dark ages.

and when somebody asks you, “oh, so you’re an atheist then?”

you then say “Well, if that’s what you want to label me, then sure, knock yourself out, if you feel a need to categorise me as an atheist…”

The first time somebody called me an atheist, I said, “atheist? What’s that?”

So given the definition I gave above for atheism, do you not belittle yourself by saying that you are an atheist?

“Belittle myself?!?! what what what?!?! what *do* you mean??!?!?”

Well, all these religious types, who declare what their religion is, are actually saying “I’m such and such, and *everything* that goes along with that such and such, well, that’s part of me too”

often whaty they are saying is, “I am better than you!” and worse is that they don’t realise it, their arrogance is so entrenched that they see their religious intolerant ideals as “normal”.

This is arrogance, do not fall into the arrogance pit as well, as that’s the problem with religious people, they assume their truth is *the* truth, by saying you are an “atheist” you are making some declaration to them that you are smarter than they are, which you probably are according to statistics, but there is no need to brag about it as that creates divisions in society as well, with the “atheist elite”, which is exactly what *religion* has already done, with their “religious elitist” (lack of) thinking.

From another point of view, by answering “atheism” to the “what is your religious affiliation” question, you *are* asserting that you believe in nothing, which dumb fuck religious artards then take LITERALLY… and what do they come up with since you have said you have no beliefs? those fuck heads claim that you have no morals whatsoever, that you have no soul, that you are a brutal animal driven by instincts only, that you are Hitler’s love child, or indeed, that you are Satan herself.

If atheism had an atomic number, it’s number would be ZERO, *not* 666

And the fact is, they are *right* – you’ve played into their little game by putting “atheism” up on the same pedestal as a religion and *anything* can beat atheism in a battle of morals, because atheism *has* no morals, it teaches no such thing, there are no holy books, no dogma, no bishops, no priests fucking little boys and girls in the mouth, no doctrines….

atheism has NO identifiable parts.

Frankly I’m tempted to call myself an atheist for the EXPLICIT purpose of pissing religious people off, seeing how I *know* that doing NOTHING causes some of the religious much grief, because if i was purely an atheist, I would have no emotions, no morals, I would be a robot.. in fact.. I would probably have to be god to truly be an atheist… and we all know god is an atheist, I mean there was no religion a million years ago and god is supposedly eternal, right?

If atheism was a temperature, it would be absolute zero..

So when smart arse christians speculate that I have no morals whatsoever, they should be thankful that they are LYING and that I do actually have some morals, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t think twice about dropping a nuke on the spot they are standing on, because what “true” atheist would hesitate to eliminate people who are a pain in the arse? there would be nothing they had learnt to hold them back, seeing how they were *never* taught any better!

Atheists have morals, atheism does NOT

So, you should probably stop calling atheism a religion, because some religious freaks are just too fucking dumb to get that atheists get their moral guidance from other things.

Atheism is *supposed* to be about individuality, you can’t be an individual if you write a label on yourself, especially a label that doesn’t ACTUALLY MEAN ANYTHING.

* * * *

MANDY: All right. Here he is, then. Come on, Brian. Come and talk to them.
BRIAN: But, Mum. Judith.
MANDY: Now, leave that Welsh tart alone.
BRIAN: But I don’t really want to, Mum.
FOLLOWERS: Brian! Brian! Brian!…
BRIAN: Good morning.
FOLLOWERS: A blessing! A blessing! A blessing!…
BRIAN: No. No, please! Please! Please listen. I’ve got one or two things to say.
FOLLOWERS: Tell us. Tell us both of them.
BRIAN: Look. You’ve got it all wrong. You don’t need to follow me. You don’t need to follow anybody! You’ve got to think for yourselves. You’re all individuals!
FOLLOWERS: Yes, we’re all individuals!
BRIAN: You’re all different!
FOLLOWERS: Yes, we are all different!
DENNIS: I’m not.
ARTHUR: Shhhh.
FOLLOWERS: Shh. Shhhh. Shhh.
BRIAN: You’ve all got to work it out for yourselves!
FOLLOWERS: Yes! We’ve got to work it out for ourselves!
BRIAN: Exactly!
FOLLOWERS: Tell us more!
BRIAN: No! That’s the point! Don’t let anyone tell you what to do! Otherwise– Ow! No!
MANDY: Come on, Brian. That’s enough. That’s enough.

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non-believers have superior morals

mostly written 3rd April 2010 … mostly …

that’s right,

non-believers have superior morals

so in spite of certain arse hole christians who go around insisting and insinuating that non-believers have no morals at all, the reality is just the opposite.

non-believers are NOT limited to sourcing their morals from ONE source like christians do.

For instance, a christian who claims to have superior morals, can’t possibly have superior morals, as they only have ONE source for their moral guidance.

And besides, any christian saying that they have superior morals, instantly nullifies that statement, seeing how they have just committed the sin of PRIDE by BRAGGING that they are better than everyone else. What happened to the meek shall inherit the earth? Bragging is polar opposite of being meek, is it not?

So here’s me, on the other hand as a non-believer, I am free to pick and choose from a very wide set of belief systems for my moral guidance, instead of picking and choosing from the one set of morals like the christian does… Furthermore, I get to *REJECT* all the NEGATIVE bullshit that these “moral” sources seemingly often advocate. That is to say that if I don’t like something about one of my moral sources, I don’t have to tip toe around the issue to try and make it fit into my doctrine, instead I expand upon my doctrine, and find a morally acceptable position by expanding my morals.

eg. How can christians hate gays when Jesus taught to love everyone? If that’s what chrsitianity is, then you can keep your belligerence and hateful bits of your religion to yourself.

As a personal example of a non-believers’ source for morals, my moral influences include:

George Carlin
Carl Sagan
Robin Williams
The Dalai Lama
Bilbo Baggins
my family
etc etc etc

And many others, in fact, I would go so far as to say, that everything and every experience in my entire life has gone towards the fabric of my morals, unlike christians who limit their moral guidance to one book from before the Dark Ages…

So excuse me, Mr and Mrs and Ms Smart-Arse christian, how can my morals be less than yours, let alone be non-existent, when my moral guidance *includes* the teachings of your messiah, as well as many other sources?

you *limit* yourself to christianity, I do not…. furthermore, of the things that i choose to use as a source of my morals, i am free to ignore the bullshit that goes along with it, just like christians completely ignore the two commandments Jesus gave and focus on the eye for an eye bullshit of the old testament… are you christian, or are you jewish?

for example, there is a handful of good things in christianity, from Jesus, I learnt… “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, “judge not lest thee be judged your self”, “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”… and anything else from christianity that doesn’t fit those few things, I ignore.

My morals are not weighed down by religious bullshit, they are not weighed down trying to find answers, if I don’t have a simple answer in my philosophy to some moral question, I don’t go and try and find that answer in what I already know, I don’t try to solve this moral dilemma with what I already know, I grow, and look for the answer beyond what I currently know.

TEN commandments are redundant… (religiofact)   Leave a comment


mostly written 19/02/2010 …. mostly ….

i’m really trying to keep these blogs short – but, these are my ramblings, so screw you, urrr, ahem, I mean they are my understanding of the bible, which, much to my disbelief, I apparently seem to exceed the average christians’ understanding of said book…

although I shouldn’t be surprised.


The TEN commandments of the OLD Testament are out of date, that is to say that

they are redundant, and they are no longer needed.

you got that?

TEN commandments == OLD School == Judaism

TWO commandments == New School == Christianity

the central message of christianity, is the TWO commandments that Jesus gave…



*everything* *christian* hangs upon these two statements:

1. Love god before all other gods
2. Love thy neighbour as thyself

and that is it, that is all you need to actually know to from the bible to be *christian*.

Jesus said it himself, these two things are to held above all others.

So if there is an apparent conflict with something else taught in the bible, then these two commandments are to take precedence in the christian faith.


The only complication you could/should apply to these TWO commandments, is to take that second commandment, and make it into a generic one.

By doing that, you can make it replace the TEN commandments. This notion is, in fact, stated in the *bible*.

eg. Don’t kill him if you don’t want him to kill you. Don’t steal from this dude if you don’t want this dude to steal from you, don’t tell lies if you don’t want to be lied to, don’t lust after my woman if you don’t want me to lust after yours etc etc etc

If you don’t hold these two commandments above all else – you are not christian, it’s as simple as that, and you need to get off your high horse quick smart and pent and repent and rerepent and rererepent, *quick*smart*, because if there *is* a god, then *YOU* are the biggest sinners and blasphemers out of the lot of us as you’ve taken what little good there is in the bible, and you have ignored it completely and utterly.

but of course, if you know otherwise, feel free to bash my non-believer head in with the same bible I got this shit from, but it says quite clearly in two of the gospels, and it also says it, not so clearly, in the other two gospels, and it is even indicated as such by Paul and in several other places, that this is the way of things in christianity and that nothing else out ranks these things.

The long blog explains about how the christians have got their christianity wrong…. in Biblical detail


i’m not sure i’ve mentioned this yet but, or rather, i am not sure who i said this to, but recently i was told, after mentioning the TWO commandments of Jesus, that I was making shit up about Jesus.

now now – don’t laugh at me and say “YOU DO THAT *ALLL* THE TIME!!!” .. this is true, but not this time

I was told that these two commandments I had “made up” were in fact, “Jedi tricks”, which means that they were, in fact, NOT teachings of Jesus….

hmmmm. .. So Jesus’ two commandments, are Jedi mind tricks? hmmm… you flatter the Jedi, Sir!

so after pointing out that the bible does indeed refer to these teachings as the “two commandments” (King James Version) – I was then told that I was the *only* person who had ever referred to them as such.

Admittedly, I didn’t realise these TWO commandments were called ‘commandments’ until about a month ago either… but then again, I did not care, as I stopped being a christian a very long time ago, if ever I was one that is, so my memory was flaky over that point, but someone calling themselves christian, should at least know that much.

I mean they are the two BIGGEST points of christianity, right?

Seems to me that the TEN commandments have been entrenched in the minds of too many people, and they’ve not got around to actually being taught about what Jesus actually said, it would seem to me, that people are just *saying* that they are christian and get *really* upset when some heathen scum like me, knows their story better than they do.

I for one always think of that big arse movie when I hear about the TEN commandments, with what’s his face, National Rifle Assocation dude, what’s his name.. that dude… Heston.. that’s right.. Planet of the Apes… it’s a mad house, I tells yah!

but why do i say such a thing? It would seem that the vast majority of people claiming to be christians have it *wrong*, that’s why.

I hear christians saying the TEN commandments this ra ra ra ra the TEN commandments that ra ra ra ra … I wonder if it’s because TEN sounds more significant than TWO?

So, it’s a fact, that there are some christians in this world who are sooo fucking dumb that they don’t know the FIRST OR THE SECOND THING ABOUT CHRISTIANITY, LITERALLY….

So…. just how many Christians hold the ten commandments above the TWO?

There’s one, so it’s likely there will be more of them, probably thousands, possibly millions.

At this moment in history, I suspect that there could be as many as 30 million versions of christianity.

I believe a very lengthy survey of christians would be required to detect how extensive the damage is… but….

It’s quite joyous.

Glorious even!

is it not?

Matthew 22:36-40 (36) Master, which [is] the great commandment in the law? (37) Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. (38) This is the first and great commandment. (39) And the second [is] like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. (40) On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

So here we have it, Matthew and Mark say it outright in the King James Version, that these are commandments, and that they outrank, supersede, replace, supplant, exceed and make redundant the TEN commandments.

Take special note of the closing phrases – there is no other commandment greater than these – so when Jesus said he came to fulfil the law, he says that on these two commandments, hang *all* the law.

To me this says that the TEN commandments, while still valid, are outranked or outdated by the TWO because the TEN commandments are all applicable to either one of the TWO commandments Jesus gave anyway, especially when you view the second commandment in a generic light. eg.

Old: you should not kill.
New: You should not kill if you do not want to be killed.

Mark 12:29-31 (29) And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments [is], Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: (30) And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this [is] the first commandment. (31) And the second [is] like, [namely] this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

So clearly, in Matthew and in Mark, TWO of the FOUR gospels, it says that the TWO commandments are above and beyond the instructions that the TEN commandments gave.

And the second of the TWO commandments can be applied generically, so therefore can apply to most situations, so it seems pretty clear that the TEN commandments are redundant, as the TWO address situations that the TEN do not..

One could say that the TEN commandments have FULFILLED their purpose, as the generic nature of the second commandment applies to lots of things,

“don’t insult me if you don’t want me to insult you”
“mind your own business about my sexual orientation, and I’ll mind my business about your sexual orientation”

of course… the whole thing is categorically a fail… as clearly, ppl don’t “get” it .. and these people are probably in the minority, but they are so arrogant, that more than likely they are the ones shouting the loudest that they are “faithful” to the christian, ahem, cause? This is called an affirmation, say it enough, and it must lay down neural path ways or something like that so that way of thinking becomes natural. Like if you walk over the same bit of grass often enough, you end up making a path, and to deviate from that path is quite difficult because it’s easier to stick to the path….

It’s amazing, i am stunned, i am flabbergasted…. people just don’t get the whole “do unto others, as you would prefer they do unto you” .. How can that be?

I am mortified and ecstatic at the same time, actually. mortified that these people exist, but ecstatic because this is exactly what I want to see. That being that people are so blinded by their faith that they literally don’t know the first thing about it …

what non-believer would not enjoy that?

and if the TWO gospels aren’t enough to convince the dumbarse christian out there that they have their religion utterly wrong, here’s some more supporting “evidence” from the bible….

Luke 10:27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

The Gospel of Luke said something similar to the “do unto others” thing.

and here from the Gospel of John …

John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

John 15:12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

so whatever you’re fave Gospel was … viola!! they all said the same thing.

and James taught….

James 2:8 If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well:

even St Paul wrote something similar …. he even explains that the TWO commandants out rank the TEN by rattling off a few of the TEN, and then taking it one step further by saying, “if there be any other commandment”, you can apply the “love thy neighbour” thing to it ..

Romans 13:9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if [there be] any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Did you read that? Both Jesus and Paul said this – no christian or born again paulian has any excuse for not following this … and if that isn’t good enough, here’s Saint I-made-my-self-an-apostle Paul again, rather succinctly this time.

Galatians 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, [even] in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

and just how many books did this John dude get to do anyway?

1 John 2:7-11 (7) Brethren, I write no new commandment unto you, but an old commandment which ye had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which ye have heard from the beginning. (8) Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in him and in you: because the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth. (9) He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. (10) He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him. (11) But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.

1 John 3:23-24 (23) And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment. (24) And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.

1 John 4:20-21 (20) If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? (21) And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.

2 John 1:5-6 (5) And now I beseech thee, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment unto thee, but that which we had from the beginning, that we love one another. (6) And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.

Revelations 22:14 Blessed [are] they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

So all in all … they are COMMANDMENTS .. and please go check other versions of this godly word of yours, as I have done

of the SIXTEEN DIFFERENT bibles I bothered to check, nine use the word commandment, the tenth used “command” but still in the same context as to mean “commandment”, and one of them had a lot of the words replaced with the appropriate Hebrew words, and five others were in other languages completely so i had no idea what they said and meant.

but what does this also mean? It seems very clear to me, that the following statement should be exactly what every christians should get out of christianity::

Jesus said that “love god before all others” and “love thy neighbour as thyself” *replace* the TEN commandments and any *other* directive / commandment / suggestion / implication / order / recommendation / whatever …

if *any* thing in the bible comes into conflict with “love thy god before all others” and “love thy neighbour as you love thyself” – if *anything* comes into conflict with these TWO COMMANDMENTS, then the TWO COMMANDMENTS take *precedence*, they out rank every thing else, they make everything else superfluous..

So if you read the bible and somehow you get hatred or prejudice against certain types of people out of it, then shut the fuck up about it because you didn’t read your bible properly even half as well as you have claimed…

“Love thy neighbour, as thyself”

if you can’t do that, then stop pretending with your christscam, as we’re onto you, look for us, we’ll be there… we could be standing beside you right now, quietly laughing to ourselves at how STUPID you are.

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-TAKE-1- should non-believers be tolerant of believers?

this was a previous attempt that went off on a tangent coz i kept coming up with ideas as to what was intolerant, seemed a waste to not post it … 15th December 2009


on the one hand we’ve got the vast majority of people that are religious who don’t say a word about the whole god and religion debate.. yet they still call themselves “religious”, or at least, followers of a religion, or at the very very least, at each census, suddenly remember, “oh yeah, I’m a catholic”, or something like that..

however the majority aren’t the source of the problem – so by bitching about religion – non-believers don’t refer specifically to the majority – so there is no *need* for non-believers to be tolerant of the majority… we don’t even know who they are coz they’re being meek and not making a scene..

but let me put this out there first:::

christians, muslims, jews – all claim that theirs is the religion of love and peace and happiness and tolerance and blah blah blah, right??

yeah well, I’m not seeing it…

and non-believers, allegedly, have no “source” for learning tolerance and love and peace, HEY! that’s what the christbigots tell me *often* and then they tell me that the christinsanity people *DO* have a source to learn all their morals from, that they brag about all the time… right? that’s what these idiots do online insistently ….

what was it called again… a bibble ? something like that

point being is that christians don’t have excuses for being ARSEHOLES – they have been told how to act – quite explicitly by the most popular book in the world, that bibble of theirs!! the very first book printed – if they don’t “get” their religion after 400 years (we’ve had English for 400yrs, so effectively the regular person could have had access to the bible for their own perusal for about 400yrs) and can’t even be bothered to act even partially as their religion instructs, then they should probably stop pretending to be christian, or they could still be christians, but just with a failing grade.

but the religious majority being tolerant of other people, isn’t a problem, and non-believers generally don’t lock horns with the religious majority either – in fact, not giving a rat’s arse about what some body else does is being tolerant – apathy – what humans are BEST at, can be viewed as tolerance … you could be very much anti-gay, a ‘FAG’ hater if you will, but if you just couldn’t be bothered to bother “the gays” in the first place – you are actually being tolerant …

fact of the matter is that I’ve *not* said a *lot* of things for fear of offending the spineless people out there and going through the motions of being nice – aka tolerance – is often a waste of time, especially when the person arguing with me is supposed to be tolerant, and especially when, according to *my* “religion” (LOL!) I have no morals at all…


and what is it that we see from these christbigots, who are easily the loudest percentile of the religion of love, tolerance, respect and various other clichés about feeling warm and fuzzy???


Hatred of all kinds of people who are different – even SLIGHTLY different – in fact if you are only slightly different – you are the biggest target for intolerance from your now ex-brethren … because you’ve recently left the fold, fundies insist on trying to bully you back to the land of Jesus …. some of these fundies feel it so important that believe in Christ, that they will even encourage you to off yourself for straying even slightly from believing in Jesus…

that’s pretty fucked up right there ..

how is *that* being tolerant? these people want to be the mouth pieces of christianity and yet don’t want to tolerate non-believers? urrr?

so there we go – if the group of people that are TAUGHT to be tolerant, are still not tolerant, then why the fuck should non-believers even *try* to be tolerant, especially when believers can’t even be tolerant of their fellow christians?!?!

could it be that because non-believers are not so arrogant about believing in a fantasy, that they tend to think about other people’s concerns a lot more than say, those with the selfish need to keep making affir-fucking-mations that they believe in Jayyyyzus?… that they have a soul, that Allah Ackbar isn’t the local pub, that they have a rightful ownership to the holy land. ra ra ra ra ra ra

if you are hateful to anybody at all, you do not get to call yourself a christian, how can you justify that? what are you thinking? are you thinking you’re “Christ-like”? well, you are not, you are a disgusting liar if you think you are christ like and even slightly hate one person.. if you make empty threats on behalf of your god, you are *still* being hateful as well.

“Laugh it up non-believer! But if you don’t believe in Jesus we’ll see who’ll be laughing last!!!”

that is a *threat* – an idle spineless threat but a threat still the same – people make threats when they are angry and can’t win an argument, the threat is an “ace in the hand” that is pulled out as a sign of desperation and frustration

if you said that shit to my face I would ask you to explain exactly what you mean right then and there.

You make a threat on behalf of the little god creature running around in your brain and it is still a threat from *YOU*.

And that is the “truth” – non-believers should see no difference between being threatened by a person for whatever reason, and being threatened by a person on behalf of their god, because the only place this god exists is in their minds, therefore it is them that is making the threat.

And seriously, if there is a god, you insult god by pretending to speak for it with empty threats. Making threats in the name of god is the same as speaking for god itself, therefore you make yourself out to be god, meaning you have raised yourself above the position of god and you have spoken in lieu of god speaking itself.

What was that first commandment? Exodus 20:3 “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” … You want to hope that god doesn’t exist, how many times a day do you break the first commandment?

see, right there … I just couldn’t be what is commonly termed “christian”, I’m far too honest, so I don’t pretend to be religious, as it’s all based on lies.

And the point here, is that even verbal christian empty abuse and threats of any kind should not be tolerated, as the violence has to start somewhere. verbal threats are merely the first step towards more violent behaviour.

this behaviour has been documented very well. a child who pulls the wings of flies, graduates to hurting birds, then hurts puppies, then cats, then dogs, then horses, then humans, well documented psychological behaviour, where one starts with a seemingly innocuous or harmless act, but they keep moving on to more violent behaviour.

and i’ve seen this from fundy christians on myspaz, when they lose their arguments, they make threats, then they collect IP address, look you up on facebook, send their friends to pretend to be your friend to spy on you, but every time they keep crossing the line just a little bit more, until eventually they make death threats against you for disagreeing with them over *religion*, how many of them actually go on to make in-person threats? How many christians go on to commit violence in the name of christianity?

and don’t let me hear you say that’s a minority of ppl who are *that* hateful that they actually act on their self righteousness – christians have no excuse what so *ever* for saying shit like this *ever* and more importantly, NO christian should tolerate it in the least in return!

but is that what we see?….

well, is that how it is?

nooo it’s not, is it?

I’ve seen christians say the most horrible things and when somebody complains about it, ie, me, all their christian fundie buddies descend to berate the person who had a word at the original christbigot, ie. me! so no, it’s not a minority – you have the minority who *say* this bullshit – but then you have a large number of fellow religidiots defending the bigot because he’s christian and the other guy, ie. me!, isn’t… the “mob” tolerates their own, but not the fool non-believers.

I’ve seen ppl defend Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Westboro Church and all manner of idiots, these people don’t outright say the same rubbish as their more famous christians, but they *want* to.

I’ve seen this many times – the most horrid christians do something horrid – i tell them to fuck themselves for being so horrid – then the moderate “mob” descends to defend the horrid little shit, with the biggest complaint being that I don’t use profane language, that some how telling someone to fuck themselves, is *worse* than telling someone to off themselves for not believing in Jayzus…..

yes – i am confushed as well – even more confusing is when someone from the “mob” does some complaining about the horrid christian, suddenly find themself shoved away from the “mob” and attacked by their former brethren and sisthren …


if yours is a religion of love – then show it – at all times – to all people, and especially not just to those who have the same beliefs as you. It takes every type of people to run this world, if you bigots don’t want to be part of the world, then shut the fuck up or fuck off back under the rock from which you crawled because – *NEWSFLASH* – we don’t need you stirring up your hateful ways, sowing the seeds of disharmony.

the cruellest christians on myspaz i’ve seen were picking on christians (or recently ex-christians) – some of the cruellest things in history were the things done in the name of love for god. I’ve often heard god called, “love” itself… intresting… would you not say, hmmm?…

but of course the obligatory retort of Stalin Hitler Mao ra ra ra killed millions too,.,,.,,.. *sigh*

that’s the difference isn’t it? the Stalin’s and Hitler’s and Mao’s certainly did not allegedly have the millions they killed in the name of love, and you know, from what I’ve read of history, those genocides perpetuated by these “ungodly” types (Stalin’s mom wanted him to be a priest even while he was in office, by the way), those millions of people killed, would appear to have NOT been killed in the name of love, right?

And they certainly weren’t killed in the name of atheism that’s for sure.

you could kill a million people that you hate because they are your enemy, and you could probably justify that action logically and rationally and have clear conscience because they *were* your enemy.. but could you kill even one person, out of love for someone else for no reason other than love itself??

That’s one thing the religious can never wash their hands clean, regardless of what good or bad non-believers do, non-believers do these things for reasons that are a part of this universe entirely, actual tangible reasons, or for reasons that are strictly personal. There will be no “the devil made me do it” out of a non-believer as a lame excuse for their actions.


Believers and their atrocities were done in the name of their gods – in the name of all those clichés like love – friendship – togetherness – family – *tolerance* – the religious killed IN SPITE of there being a commandment to NOT KILL.

so EXCUSE ME, which is worse?

a) Christians, who have no excuse to be intolerant because they have been instructed by their holy scripture to be tolerant that they so often claim to be the highest moral authority, and yet are *still* bigoted;


b) non-believers who allegedly don’t know any better, because their holy scripture did NOT instruct them to not be bigots and yet are still bigots?

Christians are supposed to be the best behaved out of all of us, no exceptions!! if you christians can’t behave, stop pretending to be a christian as a means to JUSTIFY YOUR HATRED of the universe, because if you can’t, then you are a LYING to yourself and to your god – and that’s gunna go down well when you stand before your god. I hope Satan broadcasts your encounter with god telling you how wrong you were on the big screen in hell, because, shit it’d be funny.


Now this is only a minor percentage of the religious who act like they are actually the vengeful god of the Old Testament – at least I hope it is a minor percentage – because there is this one little thing that makes me not WANT to even tolerate the silent masses of christians .. let me exemplify what i mean

Just say a christian tells someone that has just given up their faith, to “off” themselves…

now me – I would come down (as I have, many times) like a bag of bricks on this “christian” and nothing I can say, nothing is going to be *too* profane. There just isn’t a swear word strong enough. cunt shit fuck fart piss cock … nothing

However – christians are taught to be tolerant – any christian telling people to off themselves for not being christians, is inexcusable.

and this has happened, nearly two years ago actually, but did any christians have a go at this “christian” at the time? none to my knowledge. In fact, heaps of christians did see this (it was in a blog) and the only people who spoke out were the godless few, the majority of christians on this occasion decided that they would support the god given right for everyone to have “Free Speech” ..

so excuse me, why are the non-believers expected to be tolerant of behaviour like this? while writing this blog one person did mention that they saw the blog in question and regretted their inaction by apologising to me, which, while appreciated, highlights what i’m talking about.

That being that christians have a FEAR of telling other christians to pull their heads in…

so why should non-believers even worry about being tolerant to the believers? christians don’t even tend to their own flock. They **find** fault in **others** first before they find fault in their own.. it’s like the blinders are on to their fellow flock members.. *why*?!?!? – *clearly* they can find the heart to TOLERATE their own flock, when they feel like it, so they don’t *do* anything about their own minions, so why don’t they tolerate us?

You have to go out of your way to complain. Doing nothing requires, little effort.

so why don’t they tolerate us?

ohhhh…. hmmmmm….. ?????


because we’re not christians – so we are not tolerated, because we are not muslims, coz we are not jews, balah blah blah. doesn’t matter how minor our indiscretions are – we are not tolerated

why is that?

because – the religious are taught that their way is *the* way – it’s an *ego*trip* when they encounter non-believers – and nothing hurts the ego more when the reason for being on said ego trip, is questioned. The strongly religious think that are taught to teach others about their religion, and when it gets rejected over and over, they become angry and hateful.

ever been told that “all you just have to do is let Jesus into your heart!!”

“all you just have to do”? that’s it? that’s all it takes to be eternally saved? are they admitting that they in fact became believers in the space of a second or two? if that’s allllll you have to do then then ……… why is this Jesus thing not taking when I try to let Jesus into my heart?? The religious seem to think it’s pretty easy, all you have to do is believe … all you have to do is read the bible … all you have to do is believe .. all you have to do is read the bible … all you have to do is believe while you are reading the bible .. over and over and over …


urrr… and in closing …

non-belief is like the number zero…

like a bucket with no contents…

it’s like having a beach, with no sand

but then being expected to make a sand castle with it. If the sand castle is made, that sand came from somewhere else, not this beach with no sand upon it.

when i stand upon my beach, it is covered with sand from all over the universe …

in other words non-believers obtain their morality from many sources, and to say that a non-believer is immoral, is to say that the source of their morals is immoral, and in many cases – that’s moral source, was probably christianity – so it’s probably not wise to call non-believers immoral, especially when the religion you claim to follow was the source of their moral guidance

it would seem that unlike believers, non-believers don’t need to keep reading and re-reading the bible, they tend to learn the good stuff from the bible in one go, or by word of mouth, you know, from family and friends. you know, the people you actually trust, the people who should actually be teaching you about morals, and not some book from a time when they nailed people to crosses for heresy, not from a book that caused science to be rejected for a thousand years, not from a book that was caused armies to cross a continent to kill entire towns of people, and certianly not from a book that to this day still inspires bigotry in all walks of life…

any other book that causing as much segregation, hatred and bigotry in society as the bible would be banned from sale…

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non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 2 (religiorant)   Leave a comment


-TAKE-2- should non-believers be tolerant of believers?

it takes tooooo long to re-edit these to try and cut out topics i’ve touched upon before … i also have to remind myself that these blogs are for my entertainment – if some body else is entertained or educated, that’s a bonus … so at this point, it’s most likely I am repeating some bullshit…

mostly written, 7th Dec 2009…… mostly…

ok… take 2…… do non-believers need to be more tolerant of the religious?

let’s do this logically so the religious don’t understand my reasoning…

i *must* have evidence to support what i’m hearing / reading / seeing / feeling, as well as that, what I’m taking in has to make sense, eg. the theory/premise/whatever has to make sense, and if it doesn’t make sense, i just consider it an unknown.. an “I’ll figure that out later” sort of approach…

some ppl can’t do that, instead they say, “god did it” … is it because they don’t understand how i can be so flippant about reality? that when there is an unknown, I shrug my shoulders and move on?

but that’s why i regard myself a non-believer. I don’t *need* to believe in anything. I don’t need to believe the universe is held together by god or the boson particle or was somehow created out of nothing by magic or the universe somehow made itself. I just don’t *need* to know.

Look. You’ve got it all wrong. You don’t need to follow me. You don’t need to follow anybody! You’ve got to think for yourselves. You’re all individuals! …. You’re all different! …. You’ve all got to work it out for yourselves!–[Monty Python “Life of Brian” – Brian speaks to the crowd camped outside his window]

Now while I won’t deny the extremely remotest inkling of a chance of there being an actual god… what I will deny outright is that *NO* god described by any religion, is “the” god…

god is god – there is no such thing as the ‘christian’ god, the ‘vampire’ god, the science god ra ra Ra the Egyptian sun god ra ra ra – god has no religion .. attach any adjective to god and you are speculating, you are in fact adding to that god, which at least in christianity, this guy called John said to not add to this book … so any assumption about the christian god, sees u worshipping *another* god as you are adding shit to this perfect god.

if god wanted us to have a particular religion, it should not be so cryptic about which one was *the* religion

and you know, if god has existed *forever*, then is it not extreme arrogance to say that god just happens to be of your religion? god is perfect isn’t it? perfect means that it doesn’t change, right? it doesn’t need to change, as god is perfect, right? look up the definition of perfect, i bet it doesn’t say “invisible sky daddy” as a definition, and I bet god wouldn’t convert to your religion either.

before there was religion, there was god, and before god, there was us… and before us, the universe

onry ‘real’ god, is god in blain of beriever! … beriever fratters them self they think their lerigion is lerigion of god!!.. herro prease! – onry way god could forrow your lerigion, is you invent that god you self… what happens you change or reave lerigion?!? do god change lerigion wit choo, you stupid dumbasses!? Why is everyone so fucking stupid? Why aren’t more peopre interrigent, rike me?

of fucking course that god of the beriever, ahem, believer would change!!! it’s *their* personal god in *their* imagination, it’s *their* brain to do what *they* want! The god in *their* brains was created in the vague image of the god described by *their* religion. So it’s no surprise that god just happens to follow *their* religion.

but it’s their fantasy, so why does my non-believer arse need to believe in something I can’t believe in? Why should I tolerate being told once a week that I need to believe, because it’s *the* truth?

religious idiot: You need to believe in Jesus!

plain old idiot: Oh I’m sorry there must be some mistake, I actually went up to your church offices in person and told you lot to fuck off and leave me alone, there’s probably a memo in your email telling you to not harass me any more, you should check your inbox more often..

even if god *did* give Moses the Genesis story, it’s a good bet that Moses didn’t know what the frak god was on about anyway – so how can this message from god have been preserved correctly? god made Adam out of the dirt? for all we know, god was trying to tell Moses that life formed from amino acids mixed in the dirt with some water .. aka, puddle of goo. but Moses’ feeble mind could not grasp the whole abiogenesis + evolution process – and consequently – reduced it down to “god made Adam from the dirt”…

of course that’s the implication isn’t it? that religion you have, is *the* religion of god, isn’t it? (if it wasn’t you would have thrown it away by now) and that your “holy truth” is *the* sacred holy truth of truths… and that YOUR bit of ancient text is the ONLY preferred holy scripture for this universe…

granted, this is an extreme take on the way of things, but it’s the extreme believer that’s the one making all the noise in the first place, so why should the non-believer tolerate all the arrogance? sure religion gives comfort in times of need to the meek masses who follow it. But this arrogance seems to be spilling over into the real world with real world consequences when religion tries to displace science and sensibility on the other 350 days in the year.

Homepathy, anti-vaxxers, Intelligent Design, denouncing contraception, encouraging military strikes on the enemies of Israel … would these things be out of place in the dark ages? i don’t think so – the bible belt is escaping the USA, and the Koran belt appears to be coming along just fine too.

There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.–[Nietzsche]

people obsessed with their religions, don’t seem to have time to be tolerant of people who aren’t as equally obsessed about the same religion, do they? all that posturing about knowing the truth, only to be told by some infidel to stop being a fucking idiot?

what else would I say to them?


Meaning to say that, the religious do a bang up job mocking themselves and their religion by not following it, i find that hilarious, so I have to find something funnier in their misinterpretation – and double misinterpretations would not be an inaccurate label to describe my tolerance mechanism for religion, so if I mock religion, it’s because the religious have taught me to return the favour.

how can you not think yourself arrogant if you think u somehow know anything about god? let alone know what “god’s” religion is? let alone what god wants? these religious types of people, mock their *own* god by not even following the very bullshit they incessantly want the non-believer to follow…

what? why? so we can pretend to be a self righteous religious pain in the arse as well? or is it so they don’t look quite so stupid being the only self righteous pain in the arse when Jesus announces that the rapture has been called off.

“Yeah sorry about the mix up folks. Yes, Paul didn’t know what he was on about.”
–Jesus (my own personal one)

and yes – I will look pretty stupid when/if it turns out that I am wrong, but guess what? unlike, fundamentalist religionists, WHEN and IF the time comes, I won’t have a problem with admitting that I was wrong, because I can adapt to FACTS… and facts change, so regardless of there being a lord or not, I can adapt when and if I am wrong.

Can you do the same? Can christians adapt when it turns out that Allah is *the* god? Can you Muslims and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and whatever other bullshit artists there are out there, can you adapt when it turns out that Jesus (or Zeus, or FSM etc) is actually god?

religions are based on a story, one should not become emotionally attached to a story – so why should stories be tolerated as being “fact”? as “knowledge”? as “history”? only *stories* can get away with telling bullshit, that’s what a story is, bullshit.. it’s supposed to be harmless bullshit, and yes, not all story bullshit is bad, but basing universal views on bullshit is not wise to say the least, especially when it turns out to be wrong. How many ppl do you know base their world views on fantasies? How many people become devastated when it turns out that their precious story – was just a story?

and even if god did reveal itself, who says i’m going to believe in it anyway? The only thing god has got going for it, is not having any proof of it’s existence. (((Imagines everyone’s ideas of god being destroyed when the big guy rocks up… think of god from South Park)))


There are people who really believe that the world is six thousand years old – i vaguely remember believing in the fantasy of god making the universe in six days, then I started this thing called *school* and I had to decide which one was the bullshit – I remember that being a moment of disappointment, but it never occurred to me that some people would hold onto that frame of mind – did these people just stick their fingers in their ears the whole time they were at school?

but there are people who really treat it as fact that people used to live for many hundreds of years in biblical times – they probably didn’t pay attention in school, or didn’t go at all – i had a conversation online once with a woman who insisted that we were dying younger and younger as time went by – i said “what? medicine is increasing our life spans!!” – but she said something like “in the old days ppl lived for hundreds of years” – i said “what? like who?” – she said, “Adam, Noah, Moses ..” *facepalms*

these same people go on about “carbon dating” (like they are experts on it) and how it’s only accurate to about 50,000 to 60,000 years … are you dense? you admit that it’s accurate enough to date things up to ten times older than how old you claim the earth’s age to be, and yet when we show you an object that’s been carbon dated to about 40,000 years old … ahem .. what was it you were saying again?

better to remain silent and thought the fool, then it is to speak and remove all doubt–[Abraham Lincoln]

and there are people who really think the entire universe revolves around the earth every day, because that’s how it looks to our eyes from our point of view, seeing the sun moving across the sky is the only proof needed to show that the earth is fixed and unmoving in space, apparently…. and the excuse for believing this? “gravity can’t possibly work over that much distance” …… “what? but what about gravity here on Earth, it works you know?” …… “oh yes gravity works over short distances but not long distances” ….. *facepalms*

not only should this NOT be tolerated, this needs to be publicly ridiculed and mocked *repeatedly* – like Mr Garrison in South Park, when Officer Barbrady goes back to school, and he tries to read a sentence on the board and he gets it wrong and Mr Garrison and Mr Hat make fun of him..

Garrison: Now, Kyle, let’s be supportive of our new student, give him the nurturing environment he needs to thrive. Now, I’m gonna write a sentence and I want us all to help Officer Barbrady read it. Give it a shot, Officer Barbrady.

Barbrady: Aaah. Oooooh. Ooooh.

Garrison: Bzzzt! Wroong! Try again, dumbass! Hahahahahahaha, hahahaha. Okay okay. Maybe we should try something a little easier. We can work our way up to the hard ones. Go ahead, Barbrady, don’t be scared.

Barbrady: Aaah. Oooooh.

Garrison: Bzzzt drrrrr! Did you hear that, Mr. Hat?

Mr. Hat: I sure did, Mr. Garrison. What a retard!

people spread these stupid ideas because they are too lazy to understand or even try to understand how things are, so they go and spread their rumours and stories and misconceptions out of hate and fear.. hatred that they aren’t smart enough, and fear because they want everyone else to be as dumb and stupid as they are… ever notice how people want to be in a crowd where they all believe or do the same thing? is that because they don’t want to look quite as stupid when it turns out the crowd is wrong? it’s not as humiliating when the guy either side of you is humiliated as well.

seriously think about that – why do ppl lash out and mock ppl just because they are different? my guess is it’s because *they* want to be the dominant one, they don’t want to be appearing weak and stupid around the chicky babes, so they ridicule the ones that are different to make them go away, they pick on the weak to seem strong. Stick that together with an extreme belief system and you have the sort of person who would beat a homosexual with a metal pipe, shoot an abortion doctor, invade a country coz Jesus fucking told him to, chop his hand off for sinning with it, poke her eye out for seeing evil, kill her children before they sin thus making sure they go to heaven… ra ra ra ra …

the only effective mechanism at times is ridiculing them. You can give them all the proof in the solar system that we’re actually moving through space, but it’s all tooooo complicated for their brain, therefore, it’s ignored. it’s a lot more effective to laugh at them and say “you’re a bloody loooney!!” to someone who is blatantly being stupid

it’s a lot easier and a lot less time is wasted when they are just going to say “god did it” ….. why waste time explaining the science?

if you try to be tolerant and explain something, the religious take that as an affront, as an *attack* on them, “don’t you you use that that sciency science talk with me! I have god! I don’t need no science” so by their holy god given right, they get to be all superior about being a dumbarse, because their god made the universe and his word is the word. what a load …

and besides, everybody knows that Grease is the word, it’s got groove, it’s got meaning… god doesn’t have groove, god doesn’t have meaning either… if it does, I’m all ears, but it’s been thirty years and no-one has given me a decent definition of god yet…


The only thing that *can* stay the same, is a story. Don’t the religious get that? We are humans, we grow and expand and adapt, sure religions gave moral guidance when we needed it – thousands of years ago – but it’s time to grow up. And for those ppl who insist on needing the security blanket of god, the “story” needs to shift with it’s readers, and not hold it’s audience captive to some never dying lingering remnant of the dark ages …

so sure – fine – have your beliefs – go roll around in the muck with them for all i care, but the moment you open your mouth and start talking bullshit – you open yourself to ridicule because your bullshit is now part of the real world.

if you deny that the big bang was what at least started this iteration of our universe in favour of your god by saying “pfft, big bang?!?! were you there to see it??” then hello, were you there to see your god make the universe [insert your creation myth age] years ago? …

if you say that “life didn’t form from a puddle of goo, were you there to see it happen?” ask your self the same question, were you there to see god breathe life into the dirt and make Adam ????? well were you???

How dare these incessant believers appeal to the emotions of the people when they don’t even ask them selves the same questions about their own fantasies??

another example, my favourite..

“The universe can’t have come from nothing!”

which is in reference to the big bang just exploding out of nothing, which is not what happened, nothing, just doesn’t explode, the problem here is that most ppl don’t understand the science. but you know, instead of explaining the science, try explaining how they are wrong from *their* point of view… and the best thing about the religious and their arguments, is that nine times out of ten, you just switch the words around and make their misguided point of view, apply back at them

“The universe can’t have come from nothing you say? but didn’t your god make the universe out of nothing?”

and suddenly the argument has shifted focus away from the science, to the ridiculous notion of god did it with magic.

there should not be tolerance of stupidity and ignorance when it comes to science. Why?? There’s nothing wrong with being wrong and there is no reason to not ask questions – BUT – If your arrogance gets in the way and you can’t ask questions, then that’s your problem in being closed minded, not mine… but if you start making up science to make a dollar, then it becomes everyone’s problem, coz some people are not intelligent enough to spot a scam.

*stupid* made up science can cost people their lives, tolerance of this is not acceptable.

One day people are saying we didn’t come from monkeys, the next day they could be saying vaccinations cause autism – tolerance of pseudo science *is* dangerous.


and why should idiocy be tolerated when people are dying thanks to stupidity?? To this day, the religious and their scruples still don’t tolerate the sciences – case in point – remember that species that scientists found up in Asia that was previously thought to have been extinct for a million years, do you remember all the hoo-hah from the religious freaks who went about mocking this new discovery?

Excuse me? but all these religious fruit cakes were saying things like “awwwww… science said this animal was EXTINCT!! they were WRONG! AGAIN!” it was like some victory for them… that is fucked up and stupid attitudes like that demand to be mocked..

science is SUPPOSED to change, science is HUMAN understanding of the universe, if it is wrong on occasion it is because WE HUMANS are wrong on occasion. This is a GIVEN FACT and IS expected by the scientist. That is why science has peer review, just to make sure the “science” can be repeated and that it wasn’t a fluke and that Dr Science didn’t make up the results.

Unlike the arrogance of faith, when science turns out to be wrong, it’s an *advancement*, regardless.

Both wrong and right expand our knowledge of the universe. If the dark energy and dark matter theories turn out to be wrong, it obviously means that the explanation of the unseen mass in the universe is something else, so we keep looking. If combining protein XYZ-425 with protein UKN-387 doesn’t yield whatever it is we were looking for, we don’t try it again. We write it down, XYZ-425 + UKN-387 == FAIL, and move on…

This is very much unlike the bible, where people read it so many times, that eventually it says what they want it to say. That *is* how you believe, right? You *want* to believe, so you do, eventually.


If we came from monkeys then why aren’t monkeys having human babies today?

This extreme stupidity should be stomped upon, from a great height, because, just calling a person saying this rubbish, “retarded”, that’s just not good enough.. No way is that good enough, these people say these fucked up things because *they* think that *they* have the truth.

When I am not sure about something, I shut the fuck up or I say I don’t know, or I prefix what I’m saying with “maybe” or “perhaps” or “it could be” blah blah blah lbah

I’m sorry, but an adult with full mental capacity should not be believing in imaginary men in the sky, we tolerate children and their imaginary friends but do we not expect them to grow out of it?

*sigh* … but if adults just happen to want to believe in a sky daddy anyway, then good for them, that’s cute, but they need to keep this imaginary friend of theirs and everything attached to it, to themselves. It’s not my imaginary friend, by the way. It’s **your** imaginary friend.

The idea of a god watching you, scares kids, sometimes for decades, this is a fact. There was a whole decade of fearing god before I figured out it was a waste of time. Some people may even have developed inferiority complexes from fearing god. Some people get so deluded with the god delusions, they go and kill people in the name of love. Religious love that is. Love for god. Love for themselves to be able to enact justice as if they are god.

The religious sometimes say that non-believers consider themselves to be god, well if that’s true, then … so what? that’s exactly what the religious do with their god that they made up in their imaginations, at least the non-believer does not pretend that their god is a superior being, like the religious do in making out that a part of their ego is the supreme intelligence of the entire universe.


And while this religious taunting of the masses into being scared of things that don’t exist, might just scare a few people into *not* becoming the Hitler’s and George Bush’s of the world, however, it is far more likely that we are missing out on more *good* thinkers, sharing their *good* ideas, so much so that they would probably make the Hitler’s and Bush’s of this world “unnecessary” in the first place.

I think with the internet, people are going to see a massive wide range of ideas if they are willing to look past the end of their noses, and more people are going to contribute in good ways, and more people are going to put away their silly fears.. because with the internet, they can search and find their answers without having to ask somebody a stupid question, thereby avoiding the whole appearing to be stupid about their misconceptions.

or the opposite could happen, and they could find all the disinformation they need to sustain their idiocy ….


What if the secret to stopping world hunger is in the head of some kid in the bible belt, but she’s too scared to speak up because she’s been told it’s not her place to “think”?? or worse still, she was laughed at by some ignorant authority figure who didn’t understand her idea or didn’t give the idea a thought as it contradicted what “god” wanted?

These are the same people who burnt people to death that they *thought* to be witches. This is the same thinking that started the Crusades, the Inquisitions. These are the same people that beat gays with metal pipes, the same people who blow up abortion clinics, who shoot abortion doctors, who run over their daughters because they had sex before being married, the same people who then pelt their neighbour’s daughters to death because they committed adultery because their neighbours’ daughters admitted that they were raped (which is adultery if you don’t have four male Muslim witnesses to back up your story under Islamic Sha’ria law). These are the same people who then get away with murder when one of them makes a “mercy killing” to “atone” for the **shame** brought to the family by the daughter who was raped.

“Tolerance”, did you say? nope, not seeing it.

And you know, I’m fed up with christians who insist on washing their hands of past and present christian atrocities, who then in the same breath, talk about alleged past “Atheist” atrocities.. so they don’t want to talk about past christian fuckups but they are quite willing to talk about alleged atheist atrocities, and yet.. and YET

not once in have I actually seen a statement that said, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, or any of those other “monsters” who were “allegedly” atheists, not ONCE have I read that these people declared themselves as atheists.. not even ONCE… It’s implied that Mao was an atheist, but I’ve not read reliable and credible sources that stated as much… I mean where is his speech where he says “I do not believe in god therefore I will kill millions”?

and you know, even if any of these monsters *were* actually atheists, just what aspect of being an atheist was it that actually inspired them to have millions die?

atheists believe in no particular doctrine exclusively. so just what aspect of atheism inspired all of this murder by the tens of millions by these monsters in the past hundred years?

and, again, even if they were atheists, what do they have to do with atheists today? It’s not like all non-believers descended as offspring of a three way between Mao, Hitler and Stalin? right? so where’s the connection?

and where is this tolerance these people claim to have? accusing someone of being like Stalin/Hitler isn’t very – tolerant.

if Stalin, was an atheist, then I’ve not read it … so in fact .. What the FUCK does atheism have to do with communist deaths caused by Stalin? NOTHING.. it has NOTHING to do with it… I’ve not seen any documentation stating that any of these other alleged “atheists” declare themselves atheists either … in fact… Stalin studied for the priesthood, was that an atheist priesthood was it?

Now on the other hand, unlike atheism which does not have a central banner to rally around, the christians have Jesus – the same Jesus that inspired the Crusades.. the same Jesus that told George Bush to invade Iraq.

Because in all seriousness, these people are mentally incapacitated children if they can say this shit and believe it, they are *stupid* – they are morons – and calling them retarded and dumb and stupid and morons and such and such, well, that just doesn’t cut it. You are not insulting these people, you are telling them the truth.

Which might explain the whole attitude of “oh I know I’m stupid, that’s why I have god, so I get to be better than you anyway, coz I gots god! so it doesn’t matter if I’m stupid..” …


i bet god … oh never mind


a child goes to put their hand on a hot plate. You stop them, but then they go and try again, you stop them again, you explain that the stove is hot, and that it will burn them. but then they try again, then you explain, that they could end up getting a really nasty sore that could give them a scar for life. then they try again, you smack them, they try again, you send them to their room, you punish them. But still the child tries to touch the hot stove. do you let him? the kid touches the stove, burns his hand, he screams, but still he touches the stove. Melts his fucking hand off. but still touches the stove ….

At what point do you smack this kid down so he can’t get up to go and burn himself?

The monkey statement above – that’s how fucking stupid these people are … they would melt their hands off. they would pray over their dying children expecting god to make them better. they would buy a $20 bottle of water and expect it to cure cancer.

and it’s thinking like that, that makes people think we all came from one man and one woman, that the world is 6010 years old, that the earth is fixed in space and that the universe revolves around the earth every day, that *no* matter how much evidence is given, they still believe their lies.

Just because you have convinced yourself that your fantasy is real, it does not make it any more real to us living outside of your limited capacity brain, you know, in the real world, where reality takes precedence over fantasy.

Believing fantasies to be real is what ushered in the dark ages…

so when somebody thinks they are being cute saying we came from monkeys…

NO – this is not on – because if some other impressionable mind were to read/hear that and not see that this point of view was a heap of shit, the stupidity gets perpetuated and you get enough stupid people together in the same spot, and the mob mentality takes over. can YOU say Hypatia? – say – HIGH-PAY-SHA

that one little statement – “we came from monkeys” – could flick a child’s brain off the concept of imagining the sciences .. but that’s OK – “you want fries with that?” is always an option…


people don’t like science coz it’s too hard to understand .. fine .. let me make it easy for them, they can either learn a science, or they can not, but which gives you more job opportunities?

god will provide? what’s that you say? god will do it!? sure that’s great… good stuff, you can raise a family, and when you can’t make ends meet, you can proudly boast to us that GOD DID IT!! that you’re destitute and homeless because GOD DID IT!! when your kid dies from getting the flu be SURE to brag at the top of your lungs running down the street SCREAMING and holding the CORPSE of your child limp in your arms and SCREAM that GOD DID IT!! That GOD KILLED YOUR CHILD, be sure to say it *REALLY* loudly so that other people will hear this and jump on the god bandwagon so that they too can have themselves something to blame for their laziness as well as their stupidity ..

“god did it” encourages intellectual laziness – and when there are enough of those people – the mob mentality takes over – and that is when human life becomes worthless…

if you don’t believe that religion is dangerous, have a look at what the fundies have done in muslim counties… saying stupid things like “why are monkeys not evolving into humans today” is one of the very first steps to extremism .. but of course people think that it is cute, that it is harmless … “oh look at the cute dumbarses who think monkeys give birth to human babies, that’s cute, but what a fuck head…”

well, ok then, if it is harmless… then at what point does this harmlessness end? is it when a father kills his daughter for sleeping with her soon-to-be husband before they get married? will it be when your kids get killed by a suicide bomber outside an abortion clinic, that you didn’t even *know* was an abortion clinic? have you seen the people in Africa burnt alive for being witches? how about the African kids that have had their skulls hacked open by their parents with a machete to try and release the demons that caused crops to fail because the local “priest” has determined that their kid is evil, so the poor child *must* have caused the crops to fail.. so the parent *must* have at the child’s skull to release the demons – and after that they get disowned and thrown in the street gutters…

the dark ages are not over, not by a long shot…


being tolerant of stupid ideas, allows those stupid ideas to spread, and because people are encouraged to be lazy, they go with what is easy, and it’s easy to spread stupid ideas.

People like stupid easy ideas that are simple and shiny. Like babies, you give them the most wonderful toy, and it’s the cardboard box that gives them biggest enjoyment because the box is so much bigger than the little present you gave them.

No wonder it’s such a struggle for science, the universe is so complicated, far more complicated than this god that supposedly made it.

Explanation of creation of life.

religious: god made us from the dirt and that’s allllll there is to it

scientific: well i don’t know how life was created but i’m sure it was a little bit more complicated than god making us from the dirt and breathing life into us.

which is a bigger explanation than “god did it” – i mean basically i said “god did not do it” – but even refuting the most basic idiotic religious premise takes more effort on the part of the non-believer to counter it.

and this is something that shouldn’t have had to be explained in the first place, this should not be tolerated, don’t these ppl go to school? Did they sit there saying “blasphemy!!!” when evolution was taught? did they go home sick in disgust? get a note from their parents so they could be excused?

“Dear Teacher: Please excuse Randy Billy Bob from biology class today, as evolution is a lie”–[Parent, in Christ]

These ppl that deny the sciences, that insist on trying to make reality line up with the bible, have NO faith whatsoever.

If I had faith in something, I would have FAITH … I wouldn’t fucking PRETEND that reality does not line up with my story bible book .. I WOULD HAVE FAITH … someone says “evolution” – DO NOT CARE – I have faith – it doesn’t matter how we came to be coz I have FAITH … *whatever* explanation anybody came up with, I would say “THAT’S COOL! But GOD STILL DID IT!”

I wouldn’t try to use half a line out of the bible to try and {PROVE} that the earth was the centre of the universe and that the whole universe travelled around it every day – I WOULD HAVE FAITH!! – i wouldn’t try to make my faith line up with the world as it wouldn’t matter if the world was flat, curved, a ball, a fucking rubiks cube – it just would NOT matter as I would have FAITH…

and this explains exactly why I don’t have faith … the universe is changing, faith is unchanging – it does not expand – it does not change it’s parameters – if your faith changes – then whatever you had before – wasn’t faith – and it’s very likely that this new “faith” of yours is an utter joke as well

there is no in between point – you either have faith – or you do NOT have faith, you may think you do, but if you have even the slightest doubt in your god, if your god did actually exist and was all the things you claim it to be, then your straying from the flock would be noticed by your god. and that god will hold you to it..

“ah yes, back in 1970 you doubted my ability to be your saviour for a total of three seconds, the fact that you stood on a land mine and blew both your legs off is irrelevant, your faith still faded for those three seconds, so sorry, you *nearly* made it, but off to hell with you, better luck next time, ohh, just kidding about the next time thing..”–[god]

my mind is not a sieve – it absorbs stuff – faith is a joke, it can not exist in my brain without it being ridiculed….

there are no limits to human idiocy so there should be no limits to stopping it either … because is god gunna give u the means to feed your family? god gunna keep you warm when it’s cold? is god gunna put a roof over your head???

no, god is not going to fucking do this for you, if you think god is going to help you, then good – let god help you – because that’s what we want! We want people to voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool, what we *truly* need on this planet is all the dumbarses to breed themselves out of existence .,..

that would be fucking awesome, the Darwin awards would be a global sensation.


and when you are out on the street dying of hunger – just remember to tell yourself ,, GOD DID IT .. when your body clogs up the storm drains, as it decomposes cell by rotting cell, we’ll listen for the echoes in the drains… that gooooooood…. diiiiiiid….. iiiiiiiiiit……

sure religion gives you a comfort in a time of need – but that’s all it is good for – and that is *only* because a delusion is BETTER than reality at times, and really, you don’t need it for the other 350 days in the year.

And you know, you can have delusions to make yourself feel better with out all the baggage of religion with it…………

tad dah!!!

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not the burden of proof! noooooo

the burden of proof is all up to the believers … why?

to put it quite simply if some anti-non-believer says it’s up to the non-believer to somehow prove that god doesn’t exist (yes that’s the argument)… i don’t play that game, to that i say,

what case for the “burden of proof” does a non-believer need to make?

the case to be argued has *not* been established so any answer to that question means that the other person is making up the case right then and there in front of you to be argued IN THE FIRST INSTANCE.

burden of proof, is on the person making up the argument in the first place..

i’m not arguing there is a god, go with god, see if I care… and instead of ranting let me leave you with a great quote…

“toodle loo – go with god – and don’t take any wooden nickels”
–George Carlin

Posted 28 January, 2010 by manabrau in M.S., Religion Sux Arse, T.E.A.M.S