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mostly written, 14th Oct 2009, mostly….

i “used” to be a “christian” – well actually I don’t remember myself ever actually being christian, it was only later on when I discovered that I was a christian that started the eventual losing of my religion.. which wasn’t much of a rebellion actually, as there wasn’t anyone to argue with ..

see my first problem with christianity, was that there was two flavours of christchimpanzeeanity of which i was aware.. Roman Catholic and Church of England… WTF?! NO!!! they’re all supposed to be together, aren’t they? .. so the seed of doubt was planted for religion to fail, and it wasn’t like I believed in god or Jesus, at least for any significant amount of time.

but what I do remember about the brief time I was a *believer*, and this was most likely a dream, so it’s actually possible that my whole “believer” phase was one dream, but when I was about seven or eight or nine or ten, or thereabouts, I first heard about god and or Jesus and that it or he was my deity or saviour or whatever it was exactly how a child thinks when the concept of god is introduced.

this could all have been a dream long after i first heard about god / Jesus , but

The disturbing thing was that being a believer gave me “power” – it was a rush….

i only remember a snippet of the dream, and it’s more of a feeling…

and the feeling is what it would be like to have “hostile” people closing in from all around you, so you are under attack, and you are looking down at the ground, but u can’t actually see the ground as it is covered in long grass, so it’s impossible to run away as you just can’t get your feet off the ground high enough to step over the grass to make the required steps in order to run.

So you are stuck where you are, you have to make your stand, right there.

So as you are looking down you see these people closing in on you out of the corners of your eyes through the grass as it drifts back and forth in the gusty breeze.

But these people are ‘normal’ looking, it’s not like they are terrorists or a bikie gang or escaped prisoners or anything sinister, if anything, they are dressed in rather bright baggy t-shirts and big baggy pants, as at least one of them is dressed like that, and this one person you’ve spotted is a kid, probably a chubby Samoan or Maori teen about thirteen?

But regardless of what they look like, somehow they are still “hostile”, so you suddenly stand up and lean right back arching you back right over so your shoulders are facing upwards, and you are leaning back as far as you can without falling, and then a bright white light lightning bolt hits you and/or emanates from you as you lean back with your arms flayed wide like you being crucified by this light.

However, this energy bolt doesn’t hurt you – it charges you up! gets you going! it fills you with righteousness, you are clenching your teeth and your fists as tight as you can, as this energy/light whatever it is wrapped around you becomes tangible, such that you can hold it like it’s a weapon, and you can feel the power rushing through you as you feel the power of this weapon, and you *know* that you can destroy the world with this power and in that moment……….

you know…

you know what this energy-light thing is that is encompassing you, you know that there is a “presence” in this energy, you realise who this being is, you *know* who this energy is, who it is that is alive as that energy, and that person wants you to use this power, and they want you to use it *now*…

of course u know who it is….

it’s Jesus….

come to destroy the world…

utterly …

and *you* are the conduit, *you* are the lightning rod absorbing the wrath of God, *you* are the literal soldier of christ, you are the literal god warrior, *you* are the crusader of light.

The alpha and the omega, is *YOU*.

*YOU* *are* *Jesus* – at least in part, the *earthly* part – and *YOU* are now an active part of God, mind, body and soul, and *YOU* are to conduct the very essence and power of God, to destroy the world over and over and over.

God’s very blood flows through *your* veins and vengeance is why you are here, you are going to reset the Earth back to how it was and start again…

…and you are going to start right now…. and these kids with their brightly coloured baggy clothing are the first sinners to deal with… but you’re not sure what they have done exactly, you’re pretty sure it was something to do with them looking at you funny, and they may have called you a name…

most likely a dream, and not, an actual thing that happened – but i’m not really sure – *winks*at*the*nutters* – so i thought i’d put that disclaimer in there…

i should also note that the word “evil” is the best one word description to approximate that feeling in retrospect… ‘evil’ was the feeling I got from believing in god, Jesus or whatever it is the cool kids call it these days, Yzwksjkwkl, Yehyeh, Yeeehah, Youwah .. YES-U-R …. Yes-you-are!!!

and the nearest experience I can think of today, is the same “rush” I get when listening to say,.,, Slayer or Metallica or TOOL or Van Halen, something like that ….

but that was pretty much the only god/Jesus experience I can recall, but imagine what would happen if that sort of experience happened regularly to someone? to an adult person?? an adult christian person?

is this what the fundy experiences all the time?



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what do i believe in? (part 46-a)

this is one of many blogs on my ideas about god, and it’s rather long. but just remember god is a personal thing so this is from a personal perspective, so there is no right or wrong when it comes to god, it’s just that most people are so SMALL minded when it comes to god… especially the ones who claim to believe *in* god!


atheism to me, I should clarify, is not the denial of god(s). sure that can be part of it , depending on the circumstances, but… the way I see it, is that if you deny something, you lend credence to the possibility of it’s existence, or that you actually do *hate* or have some gripe against this something and you deny it to make it go away. which does work with god by the way, seeing how I used to hate god for all the stupid things that god let happen to me, and to the world. (angry teenage years, long story)

if you truly didn’t believe in the existence of god, you wouldn’t deny *or* affirm it, as you wouldn’t waste your breathe, atheism to me is the neutral position. NEITHER YEA nor NAY.

As an example: an atheist talking about and going on about god, is akin to a “straight” guy going on about homosexuals, and what do we know about straight guys that go on about gays? They are either gay and won’t admit it to themselves (in spite of everyone else thinking they were gay), or they are worried that they are gay and saying “I am not gay!” is merely an affirmation or a mantra they use to make the gay go away (LOL), or they are worried that they don’t seem manly enough.

Sooooo… anyone going on about god, especially if they are not prompted to talk about the subject, like me, is probably a closet believer in there being at least some sort of thing out there in the universe that qualifies at least partially as god. like me, they probably won’t admit it to themselves, let alone say it out loud, unlike me.

Atheism to me is the complete lack of any thought or speculation at all about god, AT ALL…

an atheist wouldn’t spend hours over days and weeks and months writing blogs like this that contemplate what is god and an atheist certainly wouldn’t emotionally act out over someone’s opinion of god because any story about god is complete and utter fiction to an atheist.

When somebody talks to an atheist about god, I would expect the atheist to go “meh! whatever…”

And as such, by this strict definition of an atheist, i don’t qualify myself as being an atheist, i don’t believe i’ve ever called myself an atheist, except for about a month, two years ago when i first got onto Myspaz. (and that was just to be part of the crowd)

but i am getting used to the lax interpretation of the term atheist, but to demonstrate how I thought an atheist would think:: think of someone who truly believes in something you know to be incredibly absurd, say, the whole universe revolves around the earth, once every 24hrs..

to show you how STUPID that idea actually is, and this is exactly what ppl thought for hundreds of years, the following would have to be true: everything beyond the orbit of Neptune would need to be going faster than the speed of light in order to travel the distance it needs to go around the Earth every 24hrs.

so the mere concept of the universe revolving around the earth is something so bizarre, that when you think about how impossible it is, you feel compelled to *face*palm*… it’s not something that you would think about, because it’s SO fucking ridiculous you don’t even try to evaluate the mere concept in the first place.

that’s how I thought atheists would think in regard to god, the point is, an atheist would find the whole concept of god so stupid that it would never occur to the atheist to think about it in anything more than a passing thought!

so all my bizarre rants about god, for my mind, disqualify me from being a true atheist…


but it seems i was sort of wrong though, as “atheists” these days go around saying “fuck you god”, and “stick it up your arse god” and “god gives good head”, “Jesus is gay!”

and other such silly things that they must be just saying to see if they get struck down or something, because taunting a god that they supposedly don’t think exists, is a bit like yelling at ghosts…

so because of my constant contemplations about god, it makes me consider myself un-atheist.. *face*palms* .. unatheist? .. *rolls*eyes* … yep…

but truth be known I BELIEVE IN THE ONE *TRUE* GOD…. whatever that is… and since god can never been known, that statement means nothing…

try that on the fundies.. don’t tell them the punch line obviously… they’ll ask: what is this god’s name? (they will think it’s Satan!) and then you say: “BLASPHEMY!! one does not speak what one can not know, the *Very* name of god is nothing worthy of a mere mortal. It would take an aeon to just say the name of god anyway” or “god does not make such things known to mortals” or “god has no known name” … be creative

in other words, i don’t know what to believe… I do like to speculate but i don’t care to believe in intangible beings that seem rather inferior and too limited for the likes of things called “god”… ppl think to small when it comes to god, “god made the universe? what else did it do? this *is* god we’re talking about, so what else has it done? it’s been around *forever* and it’s *only* made the universe? but it’s *god*??? this god has been around for trillions of years but the only thing it’s done was this six days creating stuff? YAWN!”

I like to place my trust in real things… like The Force!


i don’t believe *in* god. i don’t believe *in* science. i don’t believe *in* you, I don’t believe *in* me. I don’t believe *IN* anything what so ever….

oh wait! did I say I don’t believe in *me*? i try to believe in myself – but that’s a personal problem – and yes that may just be exactly how i came to this line of thinking – but the way i see “believing in” things is this, you have to have 100% trust in that something, to believe *in* that something..

that’s what faith is, right?

the religious keep claiming their god is absolute and their faith is absolute, and that nothing can shake their faith in god, right? so isn’t “faith” 100% trust in something? and when it comes to god, that trust is completely blind.

well… that’s the theory.. and remember religion and god are TWO DIFFERENT things

what I’d like to believe, is that the universe is god and that we should all worship it, but not with prayers and silly rituals, we should worship it by respecting it! And seeing how we are all part of the universe, we can start by respecting each other as equals, as we are all, technically part of god.

So being the only sentient beings in the universe that we know of, we make up the collective conscious mind of god.


the only thing you can have trust in 100% fully, is something that you make up yourself.

Why *else* are we *so* devastated when the perfect person for us doesn’t want us any more or even at all in the first place? This idea of this person who is perfect for us in every way, actually turns out to be …. *wrong* …. *GASPS*FOR*AIR* NO!!!

But why is that if you never spoken to them or even met them? how can someone who you’ve had little to no personal interaction with, possibly have any sort of control over you??

Because *EVERYTHING* we “know” and *LIKE* about that person, WE MADE IT UP.

more than that, WE MADE UP WHAT WE WANTED THAT PERSON TO BE, as we didn’t just make an educated guess about so and so and consider what was possible with this person – we made up the very first thing that we wanted to have as an “attribute” of this person – we made it such that in our minds, this person is our honey, our lover, our world, the very air we breathe.

But the truth is that this person wouldn’t think twice about you, or ever, they wouldn’t even recognise you if they passed you in the street. They might think “who’s that freak staring at me?” and promptly forget about you two minutes later.

Is not god is an extreme version of this made up lover/friend??

That something that you keep having trust in 100% of the time is only trustworthy because *you* keep changing it’s parameters to meet *your* needs on the fly, or *you* alter and filter out external concepts that contradict this thing *you* admire – eg. Jesus says to love everyone, so why do ppl still have problems with homosexuals? she filed a restraining order against you, so she **must** be playing hard to get…

ie. we see what we want to see…

So it would seem that the absolute god of the religious NUTTERS, is created relativistically and on the fly as the need arises, and this absolute god, is probably uniquely created by every person who is a believer, in much the same way that someone loves someone else that they have never even spoken to before.

Sure, all christians may have a *similar* god, with *similar* properties and they might just all call it the same thing ie. “god”.. but I suspect that there are hundreds of thousands of different versions of this “same” god, possibly even millions.

It’d be good if we could do a survey of ten million christians to see just how many properties of god they can list to see just how different each person regards their god.

An absolute god would have the exact same answers for every survey completed if these were true followers of god, right?

this is one of many reasons why i can not believe “in” any religion – i don’t listen to anyone else about anything, not without making up my own mind about it first, not unless I’m shown the facts… so I am certainly not going to make religion exempt from the logic chip on my shoulder.

Or if I don’t get a strong grasp of some concept in science (relatively, evolution rah rah rah), I won’t accept it completely either, no way! those things go into the “I’ll figure that shit out later” bucket, however, I do NOT stress over not knowing or if these “sciences” are incomplete.

For example it’s often claim that there are gaps in evolution, so what! what science is 100% completely explained? Figuring this shit out is the FUN thing about science!! I certainly won’t claim the slightest bit faith in something I have no understanding or knowledge of whatsoever, so why pretend to be religious if i’m just going to go with what I want to do anyway?

i mean after all, the religious quite often claim god’s morals are absolute, the “word” of god is absolute, god’s power is absolute, god this absolute, god that absolute.. yadda yadda yadda … don’t take my word for it, just ask them!!

so i say let’s hold the fuckers to their “absolutes” .. i love the word ‘absolute’ as it qualifies the word it describes

eg. “absolute darkness” == 100% darkness

it leaves no room for even the slightest bit of light… it may be a pitch black dark night, but the stars are out, nope, that’s not absolute darkness. The same is claimed of the “absolute” word of god… it’s 100% infallible!! but that’s not how it really is, is it?

the religious claim a “perfect” god, with a “perfect” word. These are absolutes, show me one absolute that’s not exclusively in your mind. Eg. Absolute Zero, that’s the coldest temp possible, but to my knowledge, it’s never actually been achieved, has it? Even the coldest parts of space are a degree or two above absolute zero. So while absolute zero may actually exist, and may actually be possible, the only place it can possibly be achieved is in somebody’s imagination because that’s the only place the conditions to create absolute zero could exist.

So indeed if one full stop is half missing from this perfect word of god, then this perfect word is a lie, is it not?


But technicalities (honest mistranslations, spelling mistakes) are irrelevant as to why any scripture from any religion claiming to be the word of god is a lie…

The religious “word of god” is often written in parables and metaphors with cryptic references to a period in time where much of the events that have been and gone, have been lost to us forever.

So even if some religious text was indeed the actual literal “word” of god, human interpretation is vague and unreliable, therefore humankind itself renders this perfect “word” of god a lie because a perfect word of god would be interpreted how god meant it to be interpreted by every single person, the same way, who read it every single time, the same way, because it’s supposed to be *perfect*. How can it be perfect if it’s misunderstood?

if god wanted ppl to follow him and praise him – he should have insisted on the use of words with one or two syllables with the occasional three syllable word every now and then, no parables, no cryptic puzzles, no occasional genocides, “scripture” would be dumbarse proof… (and god wouldn’t be so fucking angry all the time.)

but that’s not how it is, because if it was that simple, god could then truly claim to hate those that deliberately reject it’s word, as no-one would have an excuse for not understanding this “Word”, because if they didn’t get it, they would be dumbarsed ignorant morons.


take special note of the I don’t believe ‘”*IN*”‘ bit… believing *IN* something requires you to make assumptions to fill in the “gaps”, and how do we as humans fill in those gaps?

we fill in the gaps with our knowledge – with our emotions, we fill in those gaps with ourselves – with our own personal experiences – with how we *want* those gaps to be filled – often with massive bias in favour of our own egos and often lacking practical or common sense.

i believe that’s why people can out right lie and call god or god’s word “perfect” … because the bits of scripture that don’t make sense or they haven’t read, or have misread, it’s *all* perfect to them because that’s how their god works.

This is what we have all been told, god is *perfect* – of course god is perfect – if it wasn’t perfect – it’s not god. Which makes me wonder why we need to state that god is perfect, the word “god” should already defined to include the definition “perfect” by default.

*Whatever* interpretation the religious make of their god is “perfect” because their absolute god will always be “perfect” in their relativistic minds – and god is just a detached bit of someone’s ego that claims itself to be the “perfect god”…

So of course god is perfect – it can never fail – and if it’s not perfect enough – it can become *more* perfect! Such is the nature of the bias humans have toward things they worship. Girls, boys, god, whatever…

god, is only in the mind, so calling a god that is attached to a religion, “perfect”, is probably one of the most arrogant things anyone can say, as that person is calling a part of themselves, to be “god”, a “perfect” god at that … they are claiming a bit of their *OWN* egos as perfect, and what is more selfish than that?

and if there really is a god, attaching a religion to it implies that that particular religion is *the* religion – it’s *god* after all – but that puts a “limit” on god, does it not?

god supposedly has no limits, so isn’t it reasonable to think that attaching a god to a religion, negates the all powerfulness of this god? does not attaching a religion to god, in fact, insult the very concept of god? does not attaching a worldly thing to a god, drag that god down to our level?

Or does it perhaps, elevate the believer up closer to becoming god themselves? Which would imply that the believer, elevates themselves above the non-believer, which is *exactly* what the religious do…

“You need to believe in Jesus, or you’re going to hell” is merely religious speak for “I’m better than you because I believe in Jesus!” … (replace “Jesus” in the previous sentence with your favourite deity as necessary)

This *must* be why people often react in outbursts when their god is questioned, we are offending the bit of their brain that thinks it’s god, it’s a very personal and shocking insult to have your mighty and infallible and perfect god annihilated in one sentence

the same thing probably happened with that friend of yours when you were a kid that your parents told you was no good, but you stuck up for this friend anyway.. this is also similar to when a husband who beats his wife and yet this particular wife sticks up for their husband when someone has a go at him, “oh but he loves me!” … Yeah, great logic… if you are put down, beaten, insulted, whatever by this god/person, but then you act out to defend them when someone else attacks them, well that’s just not healthy..

This god seems to have a very strong control over those who lash out, leading to the my conclusion that this god is closely linked to the fear centre of the brain.

This bit of their ego, protects them, religious god(s) are an emotional shield for the weak minded, driven by fear, and fear, is the path to the Dark Side, which sounds somewhat corny, but Yoda knows his shit! LOL!

look at the things that ppl do in the name of their god – a fully conscious rational mind would not do these nut-zoid things and yes ppl *just* go crazy and that has nothing to do with religion at all, but Jesus H Christ!! – the news stories of people who merely “just” go crazy are few and far between as compared to ppl who did some crazy religious literal thing that they were inspired to do because of their holy scripture…

we’ve all heard tales of religious morons.. the guy that kept woman in a toilet for months, coz he wanted to give god a chance to revive her (he wanted to give god a *chance* implies not much faith in that god); that woman who killed her children before they sinned so they would get into heaven (didn’t she trust her god to instruct her children in raising decent kids?); the guy who cut his hand off for sinning with it; that dude who wouldn’t get a small tumour operated upon because it’s against his religion to have a blood transfusion, that tumour grew to be the bulk of his head (yeah god fucked up my face, who are *I* to go have god’s shoddy work corrected?)… heaps of them

We attempt to fill in the gaps with ourselves, with our *feelings*, with our *experience*. We believe *IN* things because we are inspired by our feelings. Someone can tell you that they love you, and you can love them in return merely for showing you that much love, but it’s their actions that speak loudest to actually make you believe that they do indeed love you.

Like believing in yourself, belief in god has to be balanced as well, the best religious people, do NOT dwell over their Messiahs and their gods, they are too busy living the life that their all loving god wants them to live.


Now with god, *everything* is filled in with our feelings, with what we *feel* to be the right thing, especially with our fears. Seriously, what thing written about god isn’t speculation? So isn’t everything possibly ‘known’ about god, something someone made up?

fear of dying? god deals with that shit, so let’s shove that bunch of yucky thoughts over to live with the bit of our ego we call god, no worries, fear of loss? fear of the unknown? just shove all of those icky thoughts over to this detached god ego thing, so god can look after it.. no wucking furries, sawright?

now this may work in a relatively pleasant society, where ppl tend to get along, but when religious opinions mix freely, expect some serious out pouring of this acting out on fears, I’ve seen it, if you’re reading this online then u probably have seen it too, again it’s that small 1% that are being as loud as the other 99% christians that are too busy minding their own business.

the inverse religious fundamentalist law… the disproportionate religious extremist factor, the theory that speculates that it is indeed the loudest, the craziest, the most extreme 1% of any religion, that can and do speak and act as much and as loudly and as often as the other 99% combined.

Every fundamentalist is driven by their “god ego”, so when confronted with a blatant contradiction, the need to act out is paramount to create some sort of retribution to punish those who have sinned against their god in order to protect that fragile ego, ie. them and their ego in a sort of “dog chasing it’s own tail” dance, sort of like a “mental feedback” loop..


everything about god is speculation, because if it’s not, then feel free to show me this non-speculation of god…

and no, the clouds are not evidence of god, your feelings are not evidence of god either.

When your god is actually your ego, god is self referring, like the bible is the word of god, because the bible says so..

nut case believers who believe in god, do so because their ego tells them to believe in god, but god *is* in their ego, no wonder the religious don’t realise what they do…

if I believed “in” a god being, I would be believing in a detached bit of my ego, what is more self righteous than that?

I do, however, believe there *could* be a god. But in saying that, however, not one idea i’ve heard about god does justice to the concept of “god”. I’m of the opinion, “god made the universe you say, is that it?”

I do accept that most of the knowledge that science presents to us, is indeed our best explanation for the universe around us, AT THE MOMENT. But I don’t believe *IN* science, as that implies I would be devastated if it actually was wrong, or didn’t exist, or was just in my imagination, as my faith would be removed like a jet suddenly losing it’s engines, I would be in free fall, I would be without a soul if i was detached from my precious god…


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Catholics move over, Sunni Islam is now the biggest cult   Leave a comment


I forget what inspired me to look up this in the first place, but I have said in the past that if Catholics were not considered christians then guess what the biggest religion is? Catholicism!!!

but I thought i’d check my facts seeing how i hadn’t checked in a while in regard to the split of percentages in relation to Sunni and Shi’a Islam …

it turns out that the Sunni make up 85% of Islam and Shi’a the rest at 15%.

The vast majority of Muslims belong to one of two major denominations, the Sunni (roughly 85%) and Shi’a (roughly 15%).

now the total number of Muslims is said to be about, according to WikiPedia again,

With 1.3 billion to 1.8 billion Muslims, Islam is the second-largest religion in the world and the fastest growing religion in the world.[10][11]

Now if we take the lower estimate, so as to not be biased, if we take 85% of that,

1.3 billion x 85% = 1.105 billion Muslims

Now as far as I knew there were 2.1 billion christians, and just over half of those were Catholics, so 1.1 billion Catholics…

But god damn, the Pope claims that the “Church membership in 2007 was 1.147 billion people,”

but at any rate, if the Sunni aren’t actually the biggest religious cult (remember I picked the lower estimate for the total number for Islam) they will be soon and the world will soon no longer be dominated by Jesus Catholic Christ, and it will become dominated by a religion that for the first one hundred years of it’s history conquered all the lands from India, via North Africa to France.

Remember when the Muslims got upset that Pope Benedict mentioned that some Byzantine Emperor said that Islam went around conquering by the sword or some rubbish? uhmm… excuse me? do Muslims not know their own history? First hundred years, starting with Muhammad, that yellow area in the image above, that’s how far they went in a hundred years!! They kept trying to go further as well. The little black arrows in the image above indicate the raids the Muslims made.

And that Byzantine Emperor, was the third last Byzantine Emperor and much of his reign involved the Muslims laying siege to Constantinople for *years* at a time! This empire, which lasted 1147 years, fell to the Muslims in 1453, with their last Emperor, Constantine XI, dying in the very final battle….

As the city fell on May 29, 1453, Constantine is said to have remarked: “The city is fallen but I am alive”. Realising that the end had come, he reportedly discarded his purple cloak and led his remaining soldiers into a last charge where he was killed. According to the historian Sphrantzes, who doubted the truth of the story, the only way the Emperor was later identified was by his Imperial boots. His body was then decapitated and his head sent across Asia Minor to legitimize the victory.

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If atheists had no morals…. (religiorant)   Leave a comment

If atheists had no morals….

we often hear christchumps bitch about the “atheist atrocities” of the last hundred years, for example, Stalin’s atheism and China’s communist atheistic nature and the eternal anti-favourite, Hitler’s atheist evolution believing arse, are all responsible for horrendous atrocities, tens of millions people slaughtered at the hands of these few regimes…

but – just what did atheism have to do with any of that?

And “no”, Hitler was not an atheist, but even if he had views that were atheistic, what exactly did they have to do with the millions killed?

“oh but Hitler believed the theory of natural selection?”

urrr, and so what?

Lots of ppl accept the theory of natural selection, myself included, and I would bet that most of us were not involved in any genocides. So, where exactly is the similarity, or even a link between killing millions and “natural selection”? Has there been a study that links “natural selection” to genocide?

And even if natural selection *was* the reason touted for Hitler slaughtering millions, then that was a choice Hitler made himself. It wasn’t as if all the ppl who accept “natural selection” in the world got together and elected Hitler to go on a killing spree, in the name of “natural selection”.

Did they? Did the Council of Natural Selectarians and the Associates of Natural Seletionistism commission Hitler to wage war to thin out the ethnic minorities?

and besides that, what does “natural selection” have to do with atheism *anyway*, seeing how many religious people also accept natural selection/evolution?

Perhaps the notion of “only the strong will survive” is the message that people extract from Hitler’s running amok killing ethnic minorities? *Again* – where is it written or even implied that atheism means you support the notion that “only the strong will survive?”

((Do you see a pattern?))

Just because a whole bunch of people agree with the science of evolution, it doesn’t mean that all those people are Hitlers.. seriously, grow the fuck up if that’s what you religious idiots think.

and did Stalin starve people to death for atheistic reasons? If he did, just *what* was that purpose(s)?

How can there be an “atheistic” reason in the first place, atheism has no doctrines, no prayers, no affirmations, no rituals, no churches, no holidays, no rules, no book, no guide, no morals, no yadda yadda yadda???

So, just how did being an atheist inspire Stalin to let people starve by the millions, if indeed he was an atheist that is?

well?? where does it say Stalin did such and such because he was an atheist or he did such and such because he didn’t believe in god? where *exactly* does it say that?

it doesn’t say that anywhere, does it?

So the religious fruit cakes *know* atheists have morals, but they deliberately choose to sustain the notion that atheists don’t have morals at all by comparing atheists to the handful of leaders that were responsible for millions of deaths because they supposedly had atheistic views. Make a bit of a leap much?

It’s also rather dishonest to make a blatant assumption about someone you don’t even know by labelling them as being some sort of savage beast operating purely on instinct. thou shalt not bear false witness much? judge not lest yea be judged thyself much? do unto others as you would have them do unto you much as well?

It’s especially hypocritical when, say, the Crusades are mentioned. Those slaughters *were* done in the name of Christ. “Oh but that was the Catholics…” is the top lame excuse for christians washing their hands of that atrocity. Did the Catholics have a different Jesus back then? a different bible?

The fact of the matter is that lunatic, George Bush, called the Iraqi war a “Crusade”, and I’m thinking more ppl have died in this latest Crusade than all the previous ones combined. I wonder if the ancient Crusades were instigated by leaders telling their people that the Muslims had weapons of mass destruction back then as well?

No.. Christians do NOT get to wash their hands of responsibility for the Crusades as there is one going on right *now*. Sarah Palin called the Iraqi war a mission for god or something like that, and both Palin and Bush seem to be wildly popular with at least the USA religious fruit cakes who adamantly wash their hands of the Crusades.

So, *clearly*, having christianity or any religion in general has NOTHING to do with being a MORAL person. Killing in the name of your god is never a moral thing, *never*.

But christians know all of this, the just go lah lah lah lah lah not listening to you, when these things are mentioned.

But even if the Crusades do not have anything to do with the christians today, then what’s with the audacity of saying that the actions of these alleged atheists of the past have anything to do with the atheists of today anyway??

Hypocrite much?

Seems to me there’s a lot of whining on the part of christian fanatics when they do exactly the same thing. eg. who the fuck do they think they are when it’s OK for them to point the finger at alleged atheists, the Hitlers and the Stalins of the past, but then they wash their hands of past christian atrocities which have been (and still are) ongoing for millennia, as opposed to this alleged atheistic genocides of the past hundred or so years?

The religious clearly know atheists have morals because if people with atheistic views didn’t have morals at all – as so commonly implied on the circus that is myspaz by self righteous people claiming to be christian warriors (it’s DARK SIDED!!!) and soldiers and hookers for christ.

If atheists had no morals, wouldn’t there be a lot more ppl having been put to death by the nasty atheists?? If atheists had no morals, they would all be locked up and/or executed, and the religious out there know this, because if that was the case you’d be roaming the streets in mobs with burning torches looking to lynch the nearest devil worshipper or person that doesn’t agree with your particular god fantasy.

There *are* countries like that, maybe you religious fantastics should move there?

If atheists had no morals they would be classified as a separate race seeing how they would roam the streets in packs and live off the flesh of the weak and vulnerable in the very mobs that are trying to lynch them. So given that atheists don’t roam the streets in packs, it would be safe to say that atheists *do* have morals – they just don’t get them from atheism! at this point I would like to say,

“Grow the fuck up if you think atheists have no morals!”

so – exactly – which part of the absence of belief in religious and godly stuff – **EXACTLY** – is to blame for the genocidal fruit cakes over the last hundred years or so that seem to have had this label put on them called “atheist” because they showed one tiny trait out of many that may have implied that they were atheists?


atheism has no morals attached to it, but that doesn’t make atheists immoral, atheists get their morals from interaction with the world. You know, by experiencing the world, talking, and more importantly, listening to other people’s points of view instead of demanding that everyone else comply with your particular religiodiculous set of rules from a time when people really did need to be told how to behave.

Maybe that’s how the religiously endowed ppl can justify their violence? “Oh it’s OK! relax! I’m allowed to attack you, I’m with Jesus!”

And you know, many religious ppl seem to have some quite questionable and even outright disgusting “morals”, so having “religion” has nothing to do with being a moral person in the first place.

There are *MANY* stories in the news of late where people are, for instance, letting their kids get sick and die because they think god will make them better, and if god doesn’t make them better, then that’s OK too, coz it’s what god wanted. What about the guy who kept the corpse of some old woman in a toilet coz he thought god would bring her back to life?

Atheism has *nothing* attached to it what-so-ever, it is defined (or is that undefined?) by there being a *lack* of attachments, but if there is anything that would seem to be attached to atheism, it’s people’s misconceptions, assumptions, and misinformed opinions.

The stout religious person would insist that atheists have no morals at all, but they *know* that’s not true, and yet they still say atheists are immoral.

Has anyone actually blown up a building in the name of atheism like the christian abortion clinic bombers do? Has anybody ever hijacked a plane claiming it in the name of atheism like Islamic terrorists have been known to do? has anyone invaded a country and slaughtered whole cities of people in the name of atheism like the christians did during the crusades?? Has anyone ever kept the corpse of a dead woman locked up in a toilet because they thought having a lack of belief would be rewarded by the woman being revived?

well, have they?

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Separation of Church and State..   Leave a comment


a rather long blog i’ve been mostly chewing on from 9th May, 2009 til about early June, mostly..

((insert a disclaimer about profanity))

we often hear the notion of a secular society with it’s laws and stuff, you know the stuff, you watch the news, ppl getting arrested for running around robbing banks all whacked off on Scooby Snacks and all those other things that are naughty, all that sort of stuff.

In a “Western” society, such laws completely negate the need for archaic absolutist religious “laws” / “morality” don’t they? And you know, while the laws of society seem to overlap with religious morality at times, the laws of society take into account nuances of situations. Religious texts, however, do not take into account the individual’s rights we enjoy while living in a “western” culture, therefore is it not a *FACT* that in REALITY that


What is the point of this LIE people keep saying that god’s law is above that of mankind’s? That’s bullshit! If you don’t want to follow the laws of society, and instead, follow your millennia old outdated religion, then quite simply, you can fuck off back to cave you’ve been living in.

What is it with this LIE people say that they will obey god before they would obey mankind? bullshit! that’s what it is “with it” ..

The fundamentalist christians make the statement “i will obey god before man”,

I take that as a THREAT..

I’ve read much of their bible, probably more than most people .. I’ve looked up the shit I didn’t ‘get’ and didn’t stop until I was satisfied that I’d gleaned that correct interpretation.. I know what the bible is supposed to mean for the most part, I’ve read all about this “god’s law” these people would have us follow…

((let’s just be ignoring of the fact that they can’t even follow their *own* rules and yet they expect us to for the moment shall we?))

What i assume this “i will obey god before man” to mean is that they will follow the bible and enact those archaic “laws” of an “eye for an eye” or stoning your children to death for disobeying their parents. (apparently you need to have the equivalent of 20,000 thousands joints to overdose on marijuana, by the way)

Is “i will obey god before man” not a threat to start knocking down people’s doors to try and catch homosexuals in the “act”, when they are merely suspected for being gay so they can possibly be put to death?

Is that not a threat to have me put to death because you suspect I worship Satan (PBUH)?? After all, one shall not suffer a witch to live, after all…

What happens to unmarried women who are raped? Do they get forced to marry their rapists?

If by saying “i will obey god before man” they are actually meaning that they are following the teachings of Jesus, then I’m all for it… but for my mind any christian worthy of their “christian” label wouldn’t need to say such a thing if they were following Jesus, would they? What happened to compassion for everyone?

Jesus taught that the meek shall inherit the earth.. I would not expect someone ‘meek’ to brag or boast that they will follow god before man in the first place….

(I always assumed “meek would inherit the earth” means that when everyone is “meek” we would live in peace and that it would be a relative wealth sort of thing, that everyone would be of the same “worth”.. eg. a place to live, a bed to sleep on, and food on the table with the means to provide for those things.. or maybe like in Star Trek Next Generation where there was no need for money as everything was just provided, coz mostly everything could be ‘replicated’ .. … but maybe I should look that up my assumption about christianity, as I would not want to make an assumption and run with a wrong interpretation of the bible now would we?)

How can people say such things as “i will obey god before man”?

The morals in the bible are anachronistic and outdated, and they were written for a people that *needed* to be told to;

* not to be savages
* not to have butt sex only coz they’ll wipe themselves out of existence (bahahah! pun unintended)
* not to pick up dead creatures off the ground and eat them (AWWW DERRRRRR!)
* not to covet their neighbour’s wife and stuff
* not to kill
* not to tell lies

amongst other things…

and you know… sure, if your country doesn’t have a legal system, I welcome you to defer to the “laws” of the bible if that’s all you got biartch, then “GO FOR IT!” I say, it’s a basic starting point for those who like to feel close to their ancestors… and besides .. I *LOVE* Captain Caveman!!

but… uhmm… I must ask you this… uhmm… just how did your get yourself your own country?

Can I secede from *REALITY* as well?

You’d think that human beings would be grown up enough to fucking understand that killing people is a bad thing – aww deeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! – I mean after near 2000 years of Jesus’ teachings being around, it should have sunk in by now you would have thunk, right?



Following the bible sees the follower INSULTING their own intelligence!! and that, my friends, is FUCKING hilarious.

I learnt everything I needed to know about ‘morality’ from my family and from interacting with the world and I learned what was acceptable behaviour, and while my family were partially religious themselves, nothing they ever taught me was done so in the context of, or had any reference to the bible, not that I recall at least.

although I will admit, that apparently some bits of my morality *do* line up with the bible.. SHOCK HORROR! eg. don’t kill, like I couldn’t figure that out myself – but some people – it would *SEEM*, need to be told what’s bad and what’s good from three or four thousand years ago, because we all well know that some ppl like to reminisce and emulate their predecessors…

Me, I also love to reminisce too, I like going back to the GLORY days of the 1980s, I guess a bible basher would also like to reminisce about the 1980s too .. the difference being that their 1980s are B.C…. that’s about Moses’ time right? (isn’t it funny how these Young Earth Creationists believe that some of their biblical figures were alive for more than 10% of ALL HISTORY? eg. Adam lived for 900+ years, allegedly)


The bible says “thou shalt not kill”, which is a good thing to keep in mind if you want to get along with people. But if you did happen to kill someone, you would have broken one of the commandments of the bible,

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill.

and the punishment, shock horror, is being killed yourself,

Exodus 21:12 He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death.

I suppose the “smiteth” bit vaguely implies that this only applies to a deliberate action but you see, that’s the point, this bible stuff is out-fucking-dated and it’s VAGUE!!!

sure, “thou shalt not kill” is useful, but this punishment of death thing? there are *many* situations where killing someone doesn’t or shouldn’t result in the killer being punished at all!

Self defence, Soldiers, Police, accidentally, to name a few..

Society provides exceptions where killing is considered OK or is justifiable or at least understandable considering the circumstances, but the nuances of these situations are not taken into consideration in the bible, are they?

maybe a little bit? maybe some? perhaps, a lot? maybe none? pfft…

The fact is that the bible doesn’t even say *WHY* the commandments are important or why the things listed as abominations have been deemed as such… people make up their *own* reasons as to *WHY*, that’s part of the whole appeal of christianity. none of it says *why* – so the christian gets to make up their shitty excuses for their actions and then LIE that they got that notion from the bible.

So we now have all these fuckhead christians running around saying “god hates fags”, but the bible doesn’t say that, does it? it doesn’t even give a reason why a man enjoying another man’s mangina is an abomination.. according to the bible… it just *IS* …

the fact is, if you think god hates gays, then it is *YOU* that hates gays, not god.

it is *YOU* that has extrapolated the meaning that *YOU* wanted and then you have justified it as “normal” because *YOU* claim god wants this thing to be true.

another one of these abomination things in the bible, was about not eating certain animals, that they were *unclean*. Is that a *reason*? is that a *good* reason? For my mind that’s a bit too non-specific. What if these things that are abominations, were deemed as such because of stupid reasons? or for things that we *know* are false? or things that any sensible person would know not to do.

stupid things like pigs are unclean to eat, maybe it was coz they roll around in their own shit that makes them unclean??… but what stupid fucking idiots ate their pigs raw? What fuckers don’t wash their meats before cooking and then eating them?


I kind of like to think that I’m *somehow* more enlightened than say, someone who didn’t even know Australia *existed* three thousand years ago.

Non believers are SAVAGE!

So, now keeping the previous in mind, tell me this, where do chrischuns get off calling non-believers “savages”???

The chrischun bible says if you kill someone, you get killed as punishment in turn, but does that actually happen in this day and age?

no! and why is that?

could it just be that the bible doesn’t actually have any *actual* jurisdiction in the matter? in fact, the bible has NO jurisdiction over me at all, in any regard whatsoever. I don’t believe in any of the bible, why should people get away with threatening me that they will follow god’s “word” if I don’t ‘behave’? If there are bits in the bible that line up with my morality, it’s a co-incidence or it’s COMMON FUCKING SENSE.

If it were actually the case that ppl who smiteth and kill another person were put to death, then soldiers, police and whoever else it is whose job might sometimes entail killing someone in order to defend us and protect our rights would be killed all the time. I don’t know about you, but it would be rather detrimental and expensive to society, not to mention it being just plain wrong to kill those people who were protecting society if they had to take a life as part of their duty.

The point here is that people *keep* on saying that they are adhering to these black and white “laws” of the bible, which call for killing, shunning, stoning and all other sorts of crap… but these laws in actuality, well they are actually irrelevant, because these people don’t actually follow the bible so closely as they would claim they do, do they?

I mean how often do you hear of kids being stoned to death for being disobedient to their parents?? not often… I would have been killed for one, were you disobedient to your parents as well when you were younger? If you answered yes then how come you haven’t been killed? Even the strictest fundamentalist christians don’t kill their kids for misbehaving, right?


Getting nearer to the point of separation of Church and State now.

Considering all of these things you have read thus far here, is the bible not an active *promotion* of various forms of bigotry that could be avoided if the bible was gotten rid of totally? People don’t stone their kids to death when they give them lip, do they? at least I fucking hope not, but people still CLAIM to follow the bible, the INERRANT word of god and yet HERE WE ARE, not dead in spite of nearly all of us being rebellious teenagers, especially me worshipping my satanic heavy metal devil music all in the name of Satan (PBUH)…

So this claim of following the biblical “laws” of god before the laws of man, well, that is an outright LIE, one of the many christians tell themselves, ALL THE TIME, a LIE that these fuckers insist on telling us non-believers as well..

Religion is just one MASSIVE LIE. There is no proof for any of it. What happened to just being nice to everyone for the sake of them being nice in return to you?

The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception.–[Nietzsche]

But regardless, these verses that are about abominations, do they not keep alive the bullshit of chrischuns and their hating gays and blacks and witches and whatever else bigotry it is they get out of the bible?

Is there still racism today from christians because the bible says having slaves is OK? We know it’s NOT OK to have slaves, yet the bible still seems to condone it.. what are christians waiting for, are they waiting for the bible to come back into fashion so they can have some cheap cotton pickers again? well? Last time we did stuff like that, we had a THOUSAND YEARS OF INTELLECTUAL VACUUM, you may know that time as the Dark Ages.

So, does this not mean that the bible is creating divisions in society TODAY by repeatedly reminding society of a time when we *were* racist bigoted savages??

The bible *does* create divisions and it has for *millennia*. Crusades, Inquisitions, violence towards gays, racism, slavery, persecution, subjugation, invasion, native inhabitants displaced blah dee fucking blah blah blah blah

And to the point: who cleans up this mess the religious fuckers create?


Thanks a lot, arseholes…

With all the religious inspired intolerance, does this not mean that the State then has to “clean up the mess” created by these religious ideals? Investigating violence, needing to create tolerance laws, making up new legal procedures to handle these sorts of crimes.. all of these things cost the “State” money… that means taxes are paying for the shitty situations religion is creating.

How is that separation of Church and State?

How is that separation of church and state when the frikking church does NOT even pay tax or is given a reduction in the amount of tax it has to pay?

The church should be donating all it’s money to those affected by all of it’s bullshit.

The church should be footing the bill for promoting tolerance towards gays, witches, blacks, reds, Jews, Chinese, Buddhists, Hindus, in short, basically everyone who is not a christian.. and that includes tolerance towards the Catholics too, the biggest haters I’ve observed in this day and age of Catholics, are the “other” christians themselves.

oh and don’t get me started about christians saying that Catholics worship “dead people” … “Mary” is the fucking god damn fucking mother of your god damn fucking saviour, she’s not just some random DEAD PERSON you fucking arseholes.

The catholics can pay for educating all of Africa about condom use and stamping out this persisting crap of persecuting witches in the guise of children.. children are being kicked out of homes, abused, even MAIMED and KILLED, all because their parents have somehow got the idea that they are EVIL, that they were somehow responsible for crops failing and various other lame stuff that could not possibly be the fault of a child, but still is their fault, simply just because that child exists…

that’s right, children are being killed, tortured, kicked out of home, beaten, maimed, all for no other reason than because their parents and/or their local religious leaders deem them to be *evil*.

Oh yes, I hear what you are saying, there are, and always will be sections of society that promote bigotry and violence towards other groups of people that they dislike or who are different or whatever it is they use to justify their bullshit attitudes, but do we not have laws designed to punish people who can’t get along with society and feel the need to be bigoted and violent to those they dislike, *already*?

The bible is irrelevant to the law of society and yet… ppl proudly boast that they will follow the law of the bible before any law of man … ummm.. I CALL BULLSHIT

Bullshit has been called

So here’s a question, why is the bible excluded from the laws that are designed to discourage the promotion of bigotry?


Further more, the bible actually promotes notions that *are* currently *illegal* in many countries (slavery) and yet the bible remains freely available to all ages and yet no disclaimers are given.


uhmmm, ex-fucking-skuze me?

How is it separation of Church and State when the Church’s primary text is exempt from the laws of society? That’s not separation of church and state, that means the church outranks the law of society, at least in some regards, as it gets to get away with promoting the shit ppl lift from it unchecked. Just because it’s got Jesus on it, doesn’t mean it’s *good*.

and “yes” it’s *people* that make the bible bad, just like it’s people that kill people, not the weapon with which they use to kill. but if you take away a person’s weapon, is it not harder for them to kill someone? If we take away the bible are we not removing the source of this gay hating and other bullshit?

And again “yes”, I can just about hear the whiners, that being that there would still be people who would be and are, and always will forever be bigots that have nothing to do with the bible, well fair enough, but you know, it’s quite possible that ultimately they got these outdated ideals from their parents who got the idea from their parents who got the idea from the bible and so on. Who knows? But why take the risk?

The bible is just a book, I wouldn’t miss it, and you know if the bible got banned it might just inspire those “true” christians to actually do something about their fellow christians to cut out the fucking bullshit once and for all?

The point here being, is that it is a *known* fact that the bible creates divisions in society, look at the gay marriage debate, look at the people being murdered by gung-ho christians for whatever reason they have lifted from the bible. What about the mental cases who cut of their hands off for sinning with their hand, and parents who kill their children under the premise that they haven’t committed any sins so far, so they’ll get into heaven if they die now rah rah rah rah lots of stories.

So, we *know* as a *FACT* that the bible causes divisions and causes some really stupid ideas to be said out loud as well as those fucked up ideas actually being acted upon.

the end bit

If Church and State were truly separate, all religious texts would have disclaimers saying that you need to defer to the laws of the society you live in and that “god’s word” *actually* does NOT *actually* count when it comes to *actually* breaking the law.

and yet.. christians keep touting that the law of god outranks the law of man, that they will *ALWAYS* follow god before man.. If you don’t want to be a part of society you are welcome to fuck off and crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

and if that’s not good enough, all that bigotry promoting stuff can be taken right out of the bible, after all, it’s only a few verses, less than a dozen verses out tens of thousands, right? YOU WON’T MISS IT!! a lot of you haven’t even READ ANY OF IT!! and yes this would need to be a long term thing to breed out the bigotry as it might take a few generations to kill off the influence the bigoted bible has had.

either that or tax the churches like any other business. both would be better

and better still, make the bible, dynamic and localised to your particular area listing the laws of society where they conflict with the bible.. pffft.. with great big red lines running thru the text that is outdated and defunct, like 99.9% of it or we could take.asd;au23pa234f-a$#@$# ZC



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are christians desensitised to violence? (religio-rant)   Leave a comment

are christians desensitised to violence?

their whole religion is based on glorifying the “sacrifice” that that Jesus dude made by dying on the cross..

but.. he didn’t just die, did he? it wasn’t just a nail him to the cross and he was dead sort of thing, now was it?

no… Jesus was tortured to death if “Passion of The Christ” is any indication, and Stan and Kenny (from South Park) are spot on about the depiction of his dying in the South Park episode “Passion of the Jew”…

Jack: Wow, I didn’t realise how horrible Christ’s death was.
Elise: Me neither. Oh honey, let’s be good Christians from now on!
Man 1: I think if more people saw The Passion they’d have faith in Jesus.
Woman 1: Yeah, it really guilt-trips you into believing.
Stan: Hey, we want our money back.
Shlomo: Huh?
Stan: That movie sucked ass. Give us back our eighteen dollars.
Shlomo: I can’t refund your money. You sat through the whole movie.
Stan: That wasn’t a movie, that was a snuff film!
Kenny: (Yeah!)
Stan: You can’t charge people to watch a guy get tortured for two hours!
Shlomo: That guy happened to be Jesus, and he went through all that to pay for YOUR SINS!
Stan: We go to church to learn that stuff! We go to movies to be entertained! We weren’t entertained, and we want our money back!

I totally agree…

To me, nailing someone to a cross to kill them is one pretty fucking sick way to go, it’s *supposed* to take days for the crucifixionee to die, it’s *supposed* to be torture, that was the *whole* idea, the idea was that it would take *days* to die….

and yet the instant someone makes fun of that, the spineless christian gets upset?

I didn’t make this CHEESUS image, but I did make it animate such that the colours changed and stuff…

but guess what? I was told that this was “offensive to christians” – Excuse me? boo hoo don’t offend me?? uhmm?? excuse me??

So let’s boil this down shall we?…

according to christians, nailing someone to a cross until they die and then displaying bloodied images of said execution, is OK, coz Jesus got crucified, so it’s cool to display that Jesus image of torture, but making up a non-violent graphic poking fun at the whole christianity is not.

In other words replacing the violent context of the crucifixion with humour is offensive to the christian??

I suppose the Savaged Jesus Flower here would be offensive too, because it’s torturing a flower, but put a man up there, and that’s all hunky dory?

I’m sorry, but what the fuck is wrong with christians?

the primary symbol of this crappy excuse for being crappy to everyone is a depiction of MURDER, an image of TORTURE..

I dunno about you, but using a symbol of torture doesn’t bode well for any claims about christianity being a religion of “peace”…

oh yes, I hear the cries of “but but but that’s not the point of the cross symbol!! It’s supposed to show you that Jesus died for your sins!!” … yes it *is* the point, he was tortured to death for your sins, the brutal extreme tortured death was what bought this “forgiveness of sins” … If Jesus died of old age, there would be no christianity…

so does that symbol of bloody torture, somehow justify violence in the name of christianity?

is this why some christians don’t have a problem with violence? because violence in the name of Christ is OK? So anything goes? Does this symbol de-sensitise the christian to violence? Is violence in the name of Christ OK because Jesus was tortured, so anyone making an affront to christianity is worthy of some sort of reciprocation of the violence shown towards Jesus?

And yes not all christians are like this but, I’m finding it hard to care to make a distinction between “good” christians and the rest of them because why aren’t all the “good” christians telling the nut cases to pull their heads in?

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what makes you an atheist? (part 2)   Leave a comment

what makes you an atheist? (part 2)

some more dribble about what i think being an atheist is about

i thought atheism was the complete lack of belief, EITHER way, the simple lack of filling your brain with religious beliefs or the acceptance *or* denial of the existence of an entity called “god”

But, ppl don’t get atheism, here’s a blatant example of that, I’ve often been called and seen many others called “god haters” … but, if atheists are “god haters” – then how can they be atheists?

Well first of all let me get this out of the way, What sort of fuckwit hates something that doesn’t exist?

To hate god, I would actually have to accept the notion that god *existed* in the first place!

So, any religious person calling a non-believer a “god hater”, is full of shit, whether they realise or not.

What the religious person is doing there is validating their belief by acting out against a non-believer, well, because they have no better argument than to say “you’re a god hater!” … It’s as simple as that, that’s the best insult they can do, ironically, they insult their own intelligence by calling atheists “god haters” … actually, it’s pretty fucking hilarious.

And in my experience, in order to hate something, not only do you have to know it, you have to know it well., and the only people who know god well enough to hate it, are the religious ppl…

Calling atheists “god haters” is merely wishful thinking on the part of the person saying such a thing, the wishful thought being that the religious person is making the assumption on the part of the atheist that they acknowledge that god exists in order to hate it.

Talk about desperate to validate their faith!!

So not only does the religious person make an assumption in the first place, they also create the very hate atheists supposedly have for god and then palm that off as being someone else’s hate. That’s pretty fucking twisted and utterly pathetic, not to mention dishonest.

I gotta say the religious chumps look like complete and utterly ridiculous fucktards when they say non-believers are god haters… how embarrassment.. it’s like saying someone else hates cheese, but that other person has never even had cheese before.

and yes… if god is sooooo non-existent why do atheists go on about god so much then? I think that you’d find that most atheists, won’t deny the extreme possibility of god in the first place, so another misconception out the christchump door…

but, why does it bother the religious that atheists go on about god in the first place? i thought they had faith in their god that was rock solid and unmoving? obviously they do not have as much faith as they claim as a true believer would not be fazed by atheists contemplating the non-existence of their god…

a lot of people seem to think atheism as the equivalent of a religion, it is not a religion in any way, shape or form. Anyone who says that is pretty FUCKING DUMB!!

let me try to approach this misconception from a different angle…

is there a single attribute that an atheist can have, other than the label of “atheist” itself, that makes them an atheist?

eg. other than the question “are you an atheist?”, is there a question, or even several questions, that can be asked of someone that can be answered with a definitive “yes” that would also reveal that they are an atheist?..


let’s use christianity to demonstrate what I mean: without asking “are you a christian?”, what other question can you ask to determine if someone is a christian?

how about, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?” .. would answering “yes” be sufficient to determine that that person was a christian? it would be sufficient for me.

so, is there a question that can be asked of someone other than the direct question, “are you an atheist?” that can be answered with a “yes” that will categorically classify that person as an atheist?

i can’t think of any, but maybe I’m wrong, it’s happened before, actually I hope I’m wrong.

oh! i pick a question that can only be answered with “yes” because you can say “no” to something and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are the opposite of that something.


Q. “Do you believe in god?”
A. “No”

but that doesn’t mean I don’t deny that there could be a god, I mean, there *could* be a god, I doubt it though, and seriously no way to the chrischump/islame/jewie god, but it *is* possible.

But even if there was a god, and I did accept that notion as being true, it still doesn’t mean I believe *in* god… why should it? I could believe in the existence of god and I could spit on that notion. That clearly indicates that I believe that there is a god, but do i believe *in* it?

if that were the case, then I *WOULD* be a “god hater” in the literal sense of the phrase, if that were true.

ps. yes i quite often don’t have a point.

Posted 3 August, 2009 by manabrau in atheism, Religion Sux Arse, T.A.