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the ant farm…

Dogurt and Livedon were friends, they liked to play together and they played and played and played….

Dogurt had plenty of toys, but he was rather flippant with them, and he got bored very easily.

At one stage Dogurt had an ant farm, and he and Livedon would play making up stories about the ants as they made their way around the tiny little enclosure …

but again Dogurt got bored, and he found the ant farm scene wasn’t so ‘hip’ any more, but rather than toss them aside like he did with other toys and let them go wild so there’d be ants every where, he gave them to Liv.

Livvy didn’t keep the ants all locked up, she let them go in her back yard. Where they *did* run wild, and she would make up her own stories about all the ants roaming around in her backyard as they built themselves an Ant Empire.

After a couple of years, as time went by, the ants had flourished making an ant hill and all those ant type things, they were in Heavant.

But then old Dogurt, Doggy to Liv, found out why that old friend of his, Livedon, was not spending as much time with him, it was because she was spending time with the ants he gave her and was having fun making up stories and such like they used to do together.

so Doggy, in an outburst of rage, decided to get back at Livvy for not giving him attention, and in a temper tantrum, kicked down the ant hill, killed all the ants, saying that they were his to do with as he pleased anyway as *he* gave those ants to Livedon, and seeing that she had no ants to make up stories about any more, he thought that she would have to spend time with him again now..

but Livedon, didn’t like Dogurt as much any more, especially seeing how he killed all the ants he had given to Livvy as a gift, they spoke every now and then, but it was a case of simply being polite in passing for the sake of not causing a fuss.

But back at the ant hill, it turns out they weren’t all dead, and after a few more years of being tended to by Livvy, they were able to rebuild into a bigger and better Antopia…. Livvy was happy to see that some had survived, and vowed to protect them with more vigilance and a harsher defence next time around…

but then of course, Doggy found out again, and Dogurt tried to knock down the ant hill again, but this time, as promised, Livedon rose up and kicked Dogurt’s arse … so much so … that Dogurt, sent somebody else to represent him from that point onwards… this new guy was Dogurt’s son, and he was called Susej, and he seemed to be an OK sort of guy….


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