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more important things to spend money on at home, than on space travel? (science v idiots)   Leave a comment

I often here people complain in space exploration forums that there are more important things to spend our money on than running around the solar system checking out stuff for no other reason than to see if there is stuff there to check out.

well, maybe there is, but I find the whole notion of people questioning whether we should be spending money on space travel to be offensively hypocritical.

Don’t people realise that eventually, there will be no more room on Earth for all of us?

Don’t kid yourself if you think we can or *should* just keep building.

Population levels will not back off from falling because as our technology and medicine become cheaper, and more and more people will live longer, but the problem with that is there isn’t enough space to feed and house them without turning massive amounts of land into agricultural land to feed us and more land, probably vertically, into residential spaces, to house us.

But at some point, there will be too many people to be supported by the available agricultural land so food we will need to be artificially “grown” by scientific means…

But do you see where that is heading … ? ….

… artificiality ….

Personally, I’m an indoors person, but to think of our forests being cut down, not being able to breathe fresh air, so do we really want to turn our planet into one big city (aka ecumenopolis) and eat food that has been grown in labs?

Or do we want to spread out into the galaxy so that we can let the earth repair itself, like a planetary park, that families would visit for the weekend like they do these days when they visit Yellowstone National Park or Daintree Rainforest ??

we currently have the technology to send probes to the stars local to us. *yes* we do, *yes* they would cost trillions of dollars, and *yes* they would take hundreds of years to get there, and *yes* it would then take decades to ‘beam’ anything useful back, but by that time, we may just *need* to start planning to move off this planet in a couple of hundred years, so if we start *now*, we may be actually able to do something before the population hits critical mass and we run out of food/water/space/air/etc….

and who knows, there very well could be a nice little earth sized planet around Proxima Centauri with it’s own really powerful magnetic field to shield it from any flare ups from our closest interstellar neighbour…

what’s that? what a waste of money? there are more important things to spend money on, right here on earth?

of course there are, but if we’re going to waste money on bullshit, what’s with all the money that has been spent on useless wars?

the Americans have spent a trillion dollars on the Iraqi / Afghan war, see page 19 of this report for a nice graph, it’s a PDF

but here it is

(it’s so much easier to find information on USA government spending than it is on Australian government spending, even our own government lists off pretty graphs of other countries spending’s before they do the same for the Australian – *sigh*)

it’s cost Australians about $130 dollars each as of 2008 (total $3 billion spent)
as of 2010, it’s cost about $3000+ for each person in the USA, for what?

and this time, I’ll refrain from mentioning that not only was the Iraqi war based on a lie, but legend has it, that it was Jesus himself that told George W Bush to invade in the first place.

yeah, so if there are so much more important things to spend our money upon here on earth, then you can start fucking spending money on them or you can shut the fuck up


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did aliens send us religion to slow us down? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

if there really were an advanced alien civilisation out there in the galaxy, we probably wouldn’t know they were there – think about this:

1000 years ago, we sent messages via physical means, for instance, couriers, ships, horses, smoke signals, lights, carrier pigeon and about 200 years ago we had discovered the telegraph

and today we have planes, radio, telephones, satellites and the internet….

Point being is that we keep finding better and faster ways of communication, ideas that we totally would not have thought possible centuries before they were finally invented, so any advanced civilisation that is capable of building space ships is also likely to have an even more advanced form of communications than the basic radio signals that we send for long distance communications.

At our current level of technology, it’s likely we would not even be able to detect any advanced form of space-alien communications and even if we did, it’s likely that we are dismissing it as some sort of background “noise” from space because the signal is too faint to detect.

an example of an advanced form of communications an advanced alien civilisation could be something like “sub space” communications like in Star Trek where near instant communication is available over light years. If there were such a thing as sub-space communications right at this moment, we would have no idea that it was being used.

Imagine if one day we discovered sub-space communications and all of a sudden we are bombarded with 50 million simultaneous incoming message channels from thousands of alien worlds from all over the galaxy

So maybe these advanced aliens that have been around for a million years or so have been stopping by every now and then, maybe they stopped off once or twice a couple of millennium ago, and gave us a thing called “religion” by pretending to be gods, and maybe they actually had the best of intentions, and religion was given as a test, a test that we failed miserably.

Maybe these advanced aliens have been through galactic wars between different species before, and “The Galactic Council” has declared that all sentient species with the likelihood of developing space travel be given a test of their ability to “get along” with everyone?

Insert multiple religions all over the planet, to either teach us good moral behaviour, or have us turn on each other until we learn how to “get along” with each other.

Seriously, if not for the dark ages we may very well have become a space-faring planet by now where travel all over the solar system is a common place event. imagine if the (non-christian) Roman Empire didn’t fall?

Instead of us having the dark ages, the bloody Romans discover space travel by about the 1200s, colonise the solar system, move Venus into a ‘cooler’ orbit and turn it into a greenhouse planet to grow food for the solar system, and then we get our butts out to the galaxy at large by about 2000 and start finding other species to conquer or at least other habitable planets to ruin, imagine the Roman Empire, Mongolian, or some Islamic caliphate expanding for light years? *sigh*

so aliens, stopping by every so often, saw how disagreeable we were with our own species, as well as wiping out other species here on earth, and thought that it was a good idea to send us religion to teach us to behave, or slow us down.

maybe we’ve been so bad that it’s Galactic Law that we grow up slowly? and maybe there’s even a “no fly zone” of four light-years around our sun? So maybe it’s best that we get this angry streak out of our systems before we get out into outer-space and piss all over it as well?

mostly written 2011-Feb-05 … mostly …

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the virtual you … (religion v science)   Leave a comment

the virtual you …

The human brain contains roughly 300 megabytes of information. Not much when you get right down to it. The question isn’t how to store it, it’s how to access it. You can’t download a personality. There’s no way to translate the data. But the information being held in our heads is available in other databases. People leave more than footprints as they travel through life…. medical scans, dna profiles, psych evaluations, school records, emails, recording, video, audio, cat scans genetic typing, synaptic records, security cameras, test results, shopping records, talent shows, ball games, traffic tickets, restaurant bills, phone records, music lists, movie tickets, tv shows… even prescriptions for birth control.–[Zoe Graystone]

is there currently enough information out there about you already such that in the near future, could an accurate “simulation” of *you* could be created?

a *virtual* you?

could you end up being a set of variables running around in some program? you would be a program itself, a process running on some computer, perhaps even across dozens or hundreds of computers

is it possible to make that information come “alive” right now? could you have all the information about you, live on after you? imagine the day after you died, your first blog entry would be something about having died the previous day… “I died yesterday, how inconvenient” … how strange would that be?…

but is this not the scenario we are already heading towards?

eventually some bright spark will come up with a program that could take all the myspaz, facebook, google, tweets, blogs, all your moods, pictures, videos, emails, and turn that into a program that you could interact with and ask questions. would we have to put up banners on our blogs, “No! you may not make a virtual me out of this information!”??

so instead of searching for information on google about, for instance, Einstein, you’d log onto “his” web site and ask *him* the questions and the accumulated “knowledge” scraped off the web about him, would then be the basis of the response!

“Hey Einstein, what got you into science in the first place??”

then he’d rattle off that story about how the magnetic compass needle showed that there was more to the universe than what could be seen with the eye alone… but whatever you’d ask him, even stupid things, there’d be some sort of response, if somebody had-a-go at this virtual character, one of the things the magic programming would have ‘gleaned’ from the web, was what sort of response the real person would have, in any situation.

like the wild swings in style of deliverance some people can write with, one paragraph, being extremely funny, and then being dead-on and direct to the point in dealing with a “serious” issue in the next paragraph. that style of writing may be indicative that that someone would humour someone who was abusive at first, but would eventually lose patience with the person and respond to them.

a virtual me, would probably just block everyone who was being a cock so that i never have to have my knowledge of the universe tainted by their idiocy, at least not directly.

but what if that information could then be able drive a program that ran on some big network… by itself? *all* by itself, with no human intervention

set it in motion and it lives forever? would it creep you out that your dead facebook friends would keep clicking “like” on your posts? wishing you happy birthday? firing off anecdotes to make you laugh when you’re down? would it make any difference to you that your dead internet friends, were still around to talk to you? what if your great great great grandfather had kept journals and somehow they’d been published online.. I wonder if he’d seek you out and send you a friend request on faysebook? myspaz? twatter?

but imagine if this Einstein was running virtually everywhere that he was interacting with someone, with all the Einsteins, sharing the things they are learning, imagine if the collective knowledge of Einstein could be resurrected to the point where a virtual Einstein was “clever” enough to be able to continue his work on relativity and all that funky stuff? or at the very least be a valuable tool for research and teaching purposes

but why wait until you’re dead with this magical program? you could set this program in motion now to do the mundane things you waste your time doing online, you could even have it learn your habits, in what you do on the computer?

a virtual Tolkien could write novels, Nietzsche could philosophise, and Hitler could explain himself, in any language

you could spend your entire physical life teaching this virtual you how to virtually live forever, teach it morals, and how to play nice on the internet for all eternity ( the teacher teaches themselves while teaching the virtual-you )

could you have this virtual you, be *you* while you are out, could you have it answer the phone? pay your bills? could you have your virtual you gather up all the news stories you like to read? without you having to skip over all the bullshit? eg. i go through thousands of headlines and only ever read a few full articles in comparison.

with a virtual me, could I be able to *skip* that whole trolling through the headlines, could it also be able to spot new unexpected things that are interesting for me to read?

imagine that? you could even be more *you*, than you ever could.. this “you” would not run out of patience, would not need to sleep, take toilet breaks or need to go outside to get some sunlight, it would be “All net”, all the time…

you could have it go learn stuff you couldn’t be bothered to learn coz there was some fundamental aspect you just couldn’t “get” and after pure CPU crunching what would take you months to eventually figure out and that was all you tried to learn, this virtual you could figure out how to explain in a matter of seconds in way that you were able to understand. … could that teach kids how to understand in ways that they would understand, would education then become tailored for every individual?

an example of this would be me and relativity: I just didn’t get it until relativity (LOL!) recently, I thought it was all crap, I said “where’s the *proof*, sounds like a buncha hooey, to me” … but then i found out about this experiment where ‘they’ had very accurate clocks in perfect alignment, one taken up high in a plane, and when it was brought back to earth, it was out of alignment with the other identical clock that was left back on the ground. i could have saved myself thinking that relativity was a bunch of crap for ten years if not for that, a “virtual me” could have read everything about relativity and been able to sum it up by telling me to “forget all the math, they did an experiment with these two clocks, ya see….” .. (I, would also know to that myself, I was being condescending with myself as well, “ya see?”, which I say in a sarcastic red-neck sort of way in my mind) … this virtual me would also have then been on the look out for more experiments that demonstrated relativity, just to rub it in, like *I* would.. “Hey did ya see, that GPS wouldn’t work if not adjusting for relativity, *ah-huck*”

imagine the really popular virtual people, chewing up all the CPU.. actually it wouldn’t be CPU, it would have to be a Distributed Processing Units (DPUs), we’d be complaining to the systems administrators “Hey! can we put a limit on how many ppl can shag Justin Beiber at a time? Most of them are under-age *anyway*”

and you’d have to replicate yourself as a backup, so why not have virtual you’s on standby distributed across the net, doing the mundane tasks, but serving as a “backup” should power fail in one section of the net.. LOL! upload a copy of yourself to the node at Alpha Centauri?

and how many times do you just ignore some clown on the internet? imagine the virtual you, arguing with every moron on the internet simultaneously, without a single iota of idiocy set aside or tolerated, and *nothing* ever repeated twice, every interaction would be unique… you could virtually argue with real people, and with unlimited patience no idiot would be able to out-argue the virtual you, and virtual idiots could be held at bay for all eternity — or more likely the DPUs would detect an infinite loop and kill both virtual arguers’ programs, or maybe kill the one that was doing the most extraneous I/O .. conversations could be shortened by sending a special message to your “opponent”, automatically … the stupid religious fundie morons would not “believe in” making multiple copies of themselves, coz that’s blasphemous

you could block people such that any time their program came near yours it would tell them to fuck off with no sugar coating whatsoever, why hold back? the only thing stopping me from telling every stupid cunt that they are a stupid cunt, is this it’s just too much hassle to sink to their levels to be able to give them the real caning that they are begging to receive. oh and I probably have too much compassion, being a Jedi and all… LOL!

compassion could have been born out of it being more hassle to push someone away than it would be to just be nice! i.e. it requires less energy to be “nice” – compassiapathy (thumbs nose at Palin)

but! without being burdened by compassion, we would have avatar battles, fighting a virtual war… would the last avatar standing, be god?….. or would everyone just end up needing to block everyone? maybe we’ll end up setting up our avatars to only communicate with similar minded people, i could block all people who just have to insist on telling me about their religion even before I’ve spoken to them, fucking idolaters! Praise Jebus!

the internet is a cesspool of hatred, maybe the majority of people are nice, but it’s too easy to be a violent cave man creature on the net with little provocation.. there is no “moral” guidance, it’s everyone for themselves, and if you are too gutless to stand up for yourself, expect to get trompled upon

is that what already has happened?… and god is just the last player, the last virtual being? with everyone else just trompled upon, bullied to death by “god”…

so that makes us the computers this “god” software is running upon…

so in emulation of this software, we build our own heaven to live forever in

so instead of false promises of living forever from some fantasy story from the bronze age, religion will die in favour of *actually* living virtually forever … and maybe then, those programs will be transferred into artificial bodies, so then you could live in both the virtual and physical, simultaneously… just like a Cylon!

imagine sending yourvirtualself on a trip into the photosphere of the sun, go to alpha centauri? go to Rigel, it’s only 700 light years away.. check out Eta Carinae… before it explodes… or *be* there when it does go up in some super indestructible space probe

imagine if, through some sort of quantum entanglement, or some un-thought-of way to communicate, we could have instantaneous network access between nodes that are light years apart? and via our virtual selves, we could “be” in thousands of locations spread over dozens of light years…

it’s not everywhere at once, but it’s a start

and it’s not quite all knowing either, but a virtual you would be able to eventually figure out anything right? and it would have access to all the knowledge of mankind in real time… and logical dilemma you have, could be *resolved*, I wonder if god would win that battle against the virtual mind? how many iterations of bullshit did you go through to lose your religion? (if you have lost it) .. you could resolve those mental gymnastics once and for all in your virtual mind in a second.

so a virtual you could figure shit out, thus making the god-like notion of actually knowing everything beforehand, unnecessary

are we turning ourselves into gods? maybe god just figures shit out as it happens as well, maybe god’s brain is just one big computer

but you may not even like the virtual you once you set it free and it ascends to it’s potential in minutes what would take you a million years, maybe your avatar would kill itself? maybe certain people wouldn’t be allowed to have virtual selves?

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"god did it" is lazy … (religiorant)   Leave a comment


note: i don’t mean to make these blogs so long, and some of them start as just one line, but every time I proof read, well, i keep adding stuff

some people feel the need to “know” how it all started

“it” being the meaning of life, the universe and everything.. so, if u must know where the universe came from, make something up, that’s what every one *else* has done, no one knows for sure, so jump on the band wagon and join in, and be *creative* ..

but ya know, the question is just so much fun, at this point, does it even matter if god put us here or not?

if we did *somehow* find out that god put us here, the next question would be *why*?? …. the point being is, at what point do we stop this line of thought that serves no fucking purpose in the first place?

we are here, apparently, it may not be much, but we are here, so what does it matter if there is a ‘who’ behind it all?

the *hard* bit about the concept of there actually being a cosmos is already out of the way, pinch yourself if you don’t think the cosmos exists!

but if you still want to “know” how we got here, then saying “god did it” is not knowledge, it’s an assumption, it’s a theory, it is a stab in the dark, but unlike scientific assumptions, theories and stabs in the dark, “god did it” has absolutely no factual basis whatsoever, and it serves no function to assume that “god did it” in the first place at all!!

because what’s the point in just *leaving* it as “god did it”!

how does that help us move forward in the life, the universe, and the everything?

this god supposedly gave us a brain, why would we expect that we aren’t supposed to use it? did god expect us to *only* sit around all day eat drink and be merry? what was the point in giving us a body if this is just a precursor to the afterlife?

If the afterlife was so important, it wouldn’t be called the “afterlife” – AFTER – LIFE – got it? means life is OVER – do we really think our thoughts and memories are going to go with us when we die?

your thoughts and memories are being stored in your physical brain, that is left behind when u die, people… that body isn’t going with you after you die

you offend your own intellect by being so lazy so as to not actually think about god and the afterlife and make at least some *reasonable* assumptions, even saying “I don’t know” is a more intelligent thing to say than “god did it”, if you are a goddiditter, then you make one big *unreasonable* assumption.

If you don’t know an answer to something, then say I DON’T KNOW…

If some one asks you something and you say “I don’t know” you are being honest, if you make something up based on your feelings and opinions, it’s very likely that you are telling a lie, although you wouldn’t think that because a lie is often not a lie from the liar’s point of view.

in fact, “I don’t know” is the best thing to think about god, because assuming “knowledge” of something pertaining to god is probably an offence to your god, that’s probably because making assumptions about god means that you create your own version of god in your mind. So this god in your brain, ends up being what you’ve previously heard about god, plus this “god did it” assumption you just made or more than likely, you are repeating someone else’s “god did it” assumption

a “real life” example: if you assume something about someone, then your thoughts about that person are potentially different to the actual person, at least until you find out first hand yourself if your assumption about that someone was indeed correct

but you are bound to be wrong, especially if you had never met that person, nor heard their acoustically registrable voice speak, or had even seen a picture of them, and the only vague likeness of them, a painting, that was from four hundred years ago.

So your idea of that person would not be the same as that actual person when you finally found out the truth about them, would it?

therefore, the person you imagine in your mind, was not the actual person, it was a shoddy copy of that person you had made up with your assumptions.

Your idea was basically correct about that person, kind of, sort of, looked a bit like, but this copy of this person in your mind was *wrong*, and it is made *wrong* by even the tiniest little assumption you make about that person. Although, it’s more likely that you weren’t that creative, and you’ve just believed the gossip somebody has just told you about that person

And yes, the subtle point if you didn’t get it, is that the bible, the qu’ran, the torah, etc, well, it’s ALL gossip about god

all of which is pointless from an intellectual point of view – and being able to use your brain’s intellect is how you get a job is it not? using your brain is how you make a living, isn’t it?..

you would give yourself a head start in life by not assuming that god did anything at all, or if you must believe in god, just go with the god made *Everything* and let it rest at that, so when science comes along and explains something, it won’t be stepping on your faith.

and to be honest, if you are worried that humans are going to become cleverer than god, then that is your *problem* and you are making it ours as well.. and you know what that problem is? it’s that this god you created in your brain, was *limited* by your *own* creativity, because you went and assumed this thing about god in the first place or you never thought about it at all!

go look at employment statistics if you think “god did it” is useful – how many people got a job because “god did it” lent some credence to an occupation?? oh priests? really? one person in a hundred thousand would be a priest, great job opportunities and career paths there (*sarchasm* [sic])

if you don’t use your brain’s ability to think for itself when you’re a kid, it’ll stagnate, if you don’t use it when you are an adult, it’ll STAGNATE, and then you can be one of the worker types, the ones who just move through life like cattle, just going through the motions in life for the sake of life, you’ll be one of those types that are having their jobs replaced by computers, the “goddiditters” are deliberately being one of those types who will become a *burden* on society if they haven’t already, because they are *unskilled*

there is nothing more draining on an economy that spends money on people with no return on that investment, and to be one of those people deliberately, then you are using your religious beliefs to justify being a SLACKER.

So we have these goddiditter slacker people, who have the audacity to insist that non-believers explain where the universe came from, and yet, rather than *think* about it themselves, they just repeat what somebody else has assumed, that’s being a sheep, that’s being intellectually lazy cattle…


The same people then scoff at any notion a non-believer presents, with that notion usually being something like “oh it had to be more complicated than just ‘god did it’!!!”!! ..

Is the believer out right admitting that they haven’t even thought about how “god did it” either? or maybe they have thought about it and refuse to acknowledge how ludicrously stupid their belief is?

“la la la la la la I am not listening to you Jeffrey la la la la la” –[Eddie Murphy – “Beverly Hills Cop”]

The dead-set believer will also scoff at the notion that the universe was always here or just appeared out of the nothing at some point, yet they would have us believe the even more unlikely notion that god was always here and made the universe just appear out of the nothing at some point.

Hypocrite much?

Point is, if you are just going to say “god did it”, don’t fucking bother even saying it out loud, as you are helping to retard the intellectual development of the entire planet with your intellectually lazy “god did it” mantras…

“god did it” is not using your mind, what was that quote? “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”, i wonder if that person was talking about religion and i wonder how many children never grew up to be scientists because they were told early on in life that “god did it”, implying to them to not bother to think about the universe. ( actually that quote was from )

so rather than wondering about something intellectually, thus building all those tiny neural pathways adapted to rational and critical thinking, instead, a highway of one-way thinking gets constructed where all roads lead to the “god did it” wasteland of unused brain matter

And seriously, if god made the universe 6000yrs ago, then who is to say that god didn’t just make the universe at the very moment you finish reading this sentence?

what do you think about that?

If god was so brilliant, all those memories we have of all those events in our lives, could have all been created in our memories, like a computer program already in motion and we are just all the characters that have been created for the game, some of us in cars, watching tv, hunting fish, collecting fresh water, whatever, it already has a vast history “database” and by exploring it we add to the history “database”… have you played massively multiplayer games? World of Warcraft perhaps? have we not considered that if “god did it” then god is just some programmer who made the universe, and set it running by clicking an icon?

if god is so brilliant, that task is not beyond god’s powers, and some of the religious have *already* accepted as *fact* that this is exactly what god has done ALREADY, in that god has made the universe “as is”!… eg. fossil and geologic records clearly indicate the world is older than 6000yrs (oh the devil put those fossils there to tempt us) and light from things further than 6000 light years away would be appearing in the sky all the time. for instance: Eta Carina is 7500light years away, so if the universe was made 6000 years ago, the light from Eta Carina still wouldn’t have reached us yet and would not reach us for about another 1500 years..

so not only did god have to make the universe 6000yrs ago, it also had to create, or trick us into thinking that somehow all the events that appear to have happened *before* that, did actually happen, eg. the Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5million light years away, god would have to create the light shining from that galaxy for such that it looked like it came from the Andromeda galaxy for 2.494 million light years of space…

in other words, if the universe is 6000 years old, then we are seeing light from distant objects, that *never* actually came *from* those objects, the light we see, was created “in transit”, it would mean that god created the universe such as to trick or fool us into thinking the universe was much older than 6000 years ..

so if god *did* make the universe 6000 years ago, then god is lying to us, because every time we look into the night sky, we see LIES, FABRICATIONS, MISINFORMATION … and seeing how complex and massive the universe is, then god went to an awful lot of trouble to tell us one very very VERY massively big lie.

So if go around telling people that god *did* do it, then you are asking people to believe in magic, either that or we are just some computer simulation that has been switched on at some arbitrary point

this is what you are asking people who like to think about stuff rationally when you say “god did it”. you are asking us to believe YOUR lies that you quite happily tell to yourself.

So, according to the goddiditters, we are here because of magic, or we are some living simulation brought into existence because somebody decided to click on the “RUN” icon, that’s what “god did it” means

and people find the concept of god *not* existing to be offensive?? clearly those people have not thought about what they are saying

So if you *really* want to know where the universe came from, why don’t you actually think about it and come up with some ideas yourself, and maybe if we all put our ideas together, we’ll get “there” a *whole* *lot* sooner

and the sooner we get “there”, the sooner those with their “god did it” mantras can feel safe as it becomes more and more apparent that no matter how much we know, we are NOT going to get “there”, and that this supposed all powerful god of theirs is *still* more powerful than humans, but maybe by then their little egos won’t get over inflated by thinking they have a direct connection to the creator of the universe who will look out for them when they die such that their little souls won’t get lost and roam about the universe aimlessly forever…


it’s astounding (time is fleeting) that people get worried when science starts to step into those places that were previously identified as a “god did it” realm, madness, takes control.

and ya know, just because something is explained, it does *not* discount that god did *not* do it anyway!!! how fickle one’s beliefs have to be that someone can rattle them by explaining some science thing?


so in the spirit of making shit up based on reasonable assumptions…

i propose this, and no it’s not science, in fact I would be reluctant to even call it weird science, but i’ve not heard any explanation for any of this whole universe origin thing and, like the point of the blog, “god did it” is just not an option, it’s LAZY, even “I don’t know” is a more credible answer than “god did it”..

“I don’t know” implies that you have at least accepted the enormity of the universe, but it just doesn’t bother you or that you’ll get back to the question when time permits you because it’s just not that important to actually living a life!

The point of the exercise is to think about it, without plugging in some far fetched stab in the dark, at least have a stab in the dark by attempting to put some light on what you are stabbing at!!

so here we go…


the empty vastness of space goes forever, forget our small universe, it’s just one small bit of the cosmos, what i’m talking about, is what is beyond that and beyond that and well, you get the idea.

outer space, has a “negative” force to it, a “sucking effect”, it tries to take objects and spread them apart, this is not a problem for solid rock-like matter, but for gases and other low density matter that doesn’t have a central point of gravity to hold it together, outer space will tend to make those gases or liquids spread out.

This is demonstrated by our need to have space craft with sturdy hulls as outer space tries to suck the air out of the craft and into outer space where the gases would spread themselves out.

In fact, the “dark energy” that is apparently expanding our universe at an ever faster rate, may very well just be that negative force of empty space trying to spread everything apart. if you think of galaxies as if they were individual molecules of air it may help you to visualise it, because after all, if the universe is infinite in size, then a galaxy would be little more than an atom in size, probably less actually.

So the simplest explanation I can imagine as to where the matter came from and why anti-matter didn’t wipe it out: there was “rip” in empty space itself caused by that negative sucking effect of trillions of empty light years of space against a trillion light years of empty space and that rip created a great ribbon of energy which created a whole lot of matter and anti-matter, most of which annihilated itself against each other, but perhaps an unequal ratio of matter and anti-matter (favouring matter) got sucked into the rip in the space before all the anti and regular matter had a chance to pair up and cancel itself out against each other.

of course there are questions here: if the entire cosmos is infinite in size, why hasn’t this “rip” been and gone and been done with already? perhaps because it’s happening all over the cosmos, it didn’t just make our universe, it made, makes, and is making, universes all the time, every day a universe the size of our own could be born and one could die off and they could be so far away that the light *never* reaches us, having been red shifted into oblivion.

and when one universe burns out the matter made by it will drift around for ever … dead … cold … until it makes it’s way into the next universe as debris or maybe it will get sucked up into a black hole, and who knows, maybe black holes can get too big and end up exploding too…

and maybe that was what the “rip” in space was in the first place, gravity got so strong, space not only collapsed into a black hole, but there was so much gravity, it ripped apart space… maybe there is a point where gravity becomes so strong that gravity itself can’t escape, and booooom….. big rip, big bang. big crunch, big … whatever

and why doesn’t this ripping keep happening in our bit of the universe? gravity stops space itself ripping apart, so when there is a significant amount of mass in a particular bit of space, it stops space itself from ripping apart, that matter keeps space “together”

the point is to *think*, and not be lazy with that brain and to have fun, my guess above is far more intellectually based than “god did it”, and who knows, that wild idea above could very much be wrong, but it could inspire a line of thinking that leads to an actual shred of truth, which is far more useful than “god did it”..

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imagine if science hadn’t been held back by the dark ages..

imagine if instead of spending all our efforts in improving ways to kill each other we discovered splitting the atom centuries ago..

imagine if every house had it’s own generator that worked on hydrogen, with the by product being water?

imagine if all this surplus energy could be used to create massive plasma weapons that could defend us from the aliens that are coming… the Reptilians of the New World Order that is *face-palms* .. oh wait forget i said that …

like that weapon in doctor who with david tennant… where those five points of energy around London blew up that asteroid thing .. that would require massive amounts of power to achieve…

but imagine that if we don’t strive to improve ourselves and our way of life…

life on earth will be over…

think about it..

unless there is some massive plague again or bird (or swine) flu really does end up mutating into something that can kill humans enmass – if there is no “culling” of humans, the resources on this earth will run out.. that is a FACT..
it’s a sad fact but it’s true.

whether it be oil, metals, or even space to put people or the space it takes to grow crops to feed these people, all of that is running out, what will we run out of first?

in order to put more ppl into a smaller space we need to build upwards into multi-story buildings and skyscrapers and that requires iron, now i’m sure we aren’t going to run out of iron any time soon, but eventually sometime some critical to the flow of daily life will run out…

maybe that’s what the bible meant, when it said to go forth and multiply and subdue the earth, because once the earth is subdued …

bye bye humanity…

maybe that was the point?

Maybe that bible was written by some nefarious character who realised humans were so fucking stupid that they’d dig themselves into a hole, the whole time saying, god loves me, god loves me, god loves me, fear is a very powerful motivator.

Maybe the idea of the bible, was to reject it, and that once we collectively have rejected the bible, taking what little was actually useful, then we’d have earned the right to expand out to the rest of the universe, and if we don’t reject it, and subdue the earth into a state that can not sustain our lives, we fail… which would be a good thing, coz as we are at the moment, I wouldn’t want us to be out there in space making ourselves a nuisance, with *other* species…

and what about fuel, eventually the only things on the road will be buses and trucks and maybe taxis to make the fuel last as long as possible…

what’s my point again? …. hmmm ..

religion sux arse and it’s closed mindedness has held back the entire world and it may have held us back so much so as to long that we might hit a point in the future where we run out of resources and the only way to get more resources is to go off planet or conquer your neighbouring country and take theirs… the latter seems more likely as the space age is still yet to have taken off as it’s very much still in it’s infancy…

we first flew in air planes just over a century ago, we went to the moon forty years ago, at that rate we should have been checking out Jupiter in person by now.

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