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is constant prayer an admission that you live in a horror movie? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

some people defer to the power of prayer for reassurance that they will survive a hurricane when it is bearing down upon them, and some use prayer to face difficult moments in their lives, some even need the power of prayer just to make it through the day itself, just to help them deal with all the evil twists and turns that are thrown their way every day as if they were living in a Hollywood Horror movie!

Constantly being ready to battle the evil in the world, via prayer, would seem to be a necessity for some people, seeing how at any second someone might reveal themselves to be an evil atheist to the poor-unsuspecting-holier-than-thou-extreme-in-the-name-of-Jesus-I-pray-religious types, thus leading to much wailing and gnashing o the teeth at the mere presence of a non-believer and theeeerere’s nothing like a good old PRAYER to ward off the evil atheist and his probable liberal agenda.

so given that some “extreme” believers act like they are dealing with Satan himself herself when they encounter any non-believer or any other Satan supplied shit, (otherwise known as “life”) do they really go around living their lives from day to day as if they are in a real life and real time horror movie? I mean, it’s not like an evil atheist can be easily “spotted” – it’s not like those evil creatures walk around with bits of flesh falling off their bodies as they drag one leg behind saying “braiiiinnns … bwraynnnsss.. brayayayaiinnnsss” thus making it clear to the extreme believer who is evil and who is not.

that is, does the religious fundamentalist, who sees the work of Satan in everything (ooooo is *he* an atheist? I *beT* Satan is an aTheIST!) they don’t find to be “godly” in their silly little worlds, do they face every day with a perpetual need to walk around with a prayer ready to be chanted and with their crosses clutched to their chests, held there to ward off all the evil vampatheists and other such vile anti-christ creatures of darkness?

And paranoid extreme believers realllly need to be vigilant in their efforts to ward off the evil unbelievers, don’t they?

because they just *never* know when one of those vile non-believer creatures is going to rise up from below and crack open the ground and spew forth from the pits of hell on a wave of Satanic lava and rip the soul right out of the body of the unwary christian sucking that poor unwary christian soul back down to christian hell for all christian eternity – and yes – the christian ground would close back up again as if nothing christian happened, thus leaving behind a fresh atheist-corpse-of-a-person where, just ten christian seconds previously, there once stood a pleasantly good christian nice good Jesus christian good loving and good christian god fearing good christian christian, just minding their own good christian business, probably on their way to a good christian prayer rally or some good christian church cake raffle or something else equally as christiany christian good …


prayer does have a use during the horror movie that is the extreme believers life though.

Especially useful is its ability to alleviate a sense of impending doom, as it basically gives the believer something to do when faced with some impending crisis.

The advantage to the person praying, is that if they didn’t pray, we could very well have a full blown spaz attack on our hands.

And we all know that having a spaz attack, could very well be detrimental in any crisis situation, so yelling and screaming about how “Jesus is LORD” is not a good thing to do when a split second of distraction could see everyone dead.

For example: imagine you are a believer in a car as the passenger and the car is suddenly faced with some ungodly danger, as the passenger you could sit there and freak the fuck out screaming and yelling, thus distracting the driver and killing everyone involved.

Or you could be a good little munchkin and sit there silently in prayer with your eyes closed, as you pray to god Jesus Christ Mary holy mother of god Joseph and the holy ghost and father in heaven et al; that the driver is competent enough to avoid the impending doom. By remaining calm, you do not potentially distract the driver nor ruin the horror movie for everyone else with your incessant little comments and/or screaming about how god is going to help you defeat Satan and of course, Satan just happened to manifest itself as an impending crisis for *you* personally, thus by “defating” satan with your prayers you save the entire earth. Just like you are fucking superman or some other superhero. And then repeat as necessary to describe the rest of your entire paranoid real life horror movie.

So yes, prayer does have a use, but of course, one would hope that when driving, one would *not* sit there in silent prayer in the face of some sort of danger, especially when slamming on the brakes might actually prove to be a quite prudent move at that particular moment for the person driving.


Does non-belief really scare the fuck out extreme believers so much that they live their life as if it were in a 24hr horror movie marathon?

I have seen quite severe reactions when people figure out that I am not christian. One guy even implied that I deliberately deceived him because I wasn’t upfront about telling him that I was not christian. Hmmm? wow. okay. It was like he was talking to me then he glanced in a mirror, thus figuring out that I was a vampire seeing how I had no reflection, or something like that.

And does prayer give the overly-christian-but-completely-not-christian “christian”, that same sort of “release” that the viewer gets in that last scene of the suspenseful horror movie cliffhanger where the heroes of the story have finally overcome every last obstacle that saw them one inch away from death for the entire movie?

eg. an extreme believer wakes up, faces the day; they go about it; they leave the house but then if it gets too ungodly, they pray to god to save them from the wickedness that prevails; and that gives them comfort to do so; then they get through their problem; amen. (repeat as necessary for the next scene in the horror movie for the day) …

just like a holly wood horror movie …. Nightmare on Jesus street 1 2 and 3 …. except with prayer, there’s a catch, at least for the “christians” because you’re not supposed to pray for *things* to happen, you know that, right?

“oh lord won’t you buy me, a Mercedes Benz” … ah no, sorry Janis. that is *idolatry*, because to ask your god for something that you don’t already have, is to presume that you are worthy of having that thing and unless you are god yourself, you don’t get to make that determination.

you’re supposed to pray in thanks for what you already have (that’s a Matthew 6 reference, for those unlearned readers), but people don’t do that, do they?

When faced with some life threatening problem they pray for the preservation of their lives – but if god decided to take your life at that particular moment, then why the hell are they praying? is it not arrogant to ask that god change its mind via your simple prayer at the last minute from this horror movie scene that is your life?

That’s very up-yourself to think that *you*, can change the mind of *god* – god’s perfect plan for everything and suddenly *you* think that you can have god alter that plan at the last second right in the middle of the live broadcast that is your horror movie life?!?!??


it seems that prayer gives people comfort in the face of disasters and evil-ungodly things.. well, I’m glad that those people feel some sort of comfort out of it – but why does it give comfort? What is the implication of getting that comfort? You see evil -> you pray -> you get comfort -> you carry on … but what if the “you carry on” bit doesn’t happen? …. you *die* perhaps?

so … how do you get comfort from prayer in the face of the evils in your horror movie life unless you *already* “know” that you are *already* saved. And if you don’t think you are already saved, what makes you think this last second prayer is going to make a difference to whether you are saved or not?

as a “christian”, not only do you pray at the last second when you are *supposed* to spend your whole lives doing good deeds for needy, but your prayer at the last second also makes the bold assumption that little old *you* can change the mind of god in the last few seconds before it snuffs out your life …

B U L L S H I T – Y O U R S E L F – M U C H??

this is very much akin to watching a “hollywood formula” horror movie where the hero faces adversity; the crowd identifies with the characters; the audience lives vicariously through the plight of the characters; the characters battle for their lives and the blatantly stupid guys and super cute supposedly teenaged girls with big tits and short skirts are killed off, then at the very last minute the hero of the story, will come up with a Hail Mary prayer of an idea thus saving his, her or the entire planets’ butt at the VERY last minute, thus living to face another day at the end of the movie, possibly in an even lamer sequel to that horror movie that is your life.[**]


[**] Have you ever noticed in some movies that if the characters had just sat there and did nothing whatsoever, that the end result would still have been about the same? Well, except in the movie, all the characters went on that adventure where they all got killed, whereas had they just stayed where they were when the movie started, no-one would have got hurt?

mostly written, Sunday, 28 August 2011, mostly ….


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the god v satan thing …. why now? (religiorant)   Leave a comment


i’ve probably said similar before but, the question i have with all this god v satan thing is ….

why now?

god has been around for an eternity – supposedly – and Satan presumably nearly as long – but if we remember our story books, Satan is kicked out of heaven at some stage, or rather, forbidden from entering any more, the bible isn’t very clear on when this happened exactly ..

but ..

Satan actually made a visit to heaven in the book of Job, in fact, Satan tricks god into allowing him to punish Job .. I think the only people who are actually killed by Satan, are killed in the book of Job..

point being, Satan was in heaven apparently for a visit, which he apparently did quite often, so this makes me think the book of Job was from the time when Satan was still our “guardian” because at one stage god sent Satan (Lucifer) to watch over us with a third of angels of heaven

rumours are that god sent Lucifer to earth because he was jealous of him… Lucifer’s superior charm and wit, one would assume, was cramping god’s style…

but let me ask you this, if you created a life, as god supposedly did with Lucifer/Satan and all the other angels, would you not want your creation to be able to grow up and beyond your capabilities? why would god not be the same?

how often is a parent jealous of their children doing better than they ever did? I’ve no idea, but that happens right?

so what changed after all this time? what would make Satan suddenly at some point after the Book of Job, rise up and try to attack heaven?


imagine if you had been sent to a planet by some authority and you spent a few thousand years watching over this planet of people, making sure… hmm… of what i don’t know, maybe another god coming along and kicking over god’s sand castle? hmmm….

but, regardless, imagine you’ve been watching this planet, then this authority who sent you to watch over them in the first place, suddenly decided to kill everyone on this planet you were looking after, what would you think of that?

i think i’d be rather annoyed and saddened, if someone came along and killed all the people I’d been assigned to look after, in fact, I think this is the *whole* dispute between god and satan.

so Lucifer/Satan’s god given assignment was to look out for us, but maybe it was decided that these angels who went to earth with Satan who “mated” with the local population had tainted the blood line and were assumed to be the cause of all the evil in the world..

after all that’s why the flood was sent, to rid the world of evil, right? that’s why god killed everyone, to wipe the blood line clean…. right?

but the thing is – god sent the flood, to clear out the blood line created by these “wicked” angels – so Satan, thought he would trust god, after all, god knows best.

So Lucifer/Satan went with the judgement of wiping out everyone on earth to be sure that a pure “human” race was created, done so as to prevent evil from returning, after all that’s why god sent the flood, to clear the world of evil…. (The serpent in the Garden, was rumoured to be a “wicked” angel called “Gadriel” and not Lucifer/Satan )

but god made a mistake, because after the flood evil persisted *anyway*, because even with a pure human blood line, humans were capable of evil..

oh and Adam and Eve were just a statistical anomaly … and Cain killing his brother was just a fluke (and why did Cain need to wear that mark to warn other people if he was one the first people to exist?)

so Satan/Lucifer eventually came to the conclusion that god’s reasoning for wiping out the people of earth was baseless, so Satan suddenly rose up and attacked heaven with his angels??

i doubt it was quite that simple

i think god was going to wipe us all out again for being corrupt

but Satan saw it coming this time, and this time Satan wasn’t going to let us humans be wiped out again and he rose up with his angels and did his job as assigned by god…

apparently that first battle between god and Satan was a draw

the natural assumption for me at this point, is that Lucifer has exceeded the capabilities of god, and finds it beneath him to put up with his cranky old-man.

this perfect god has become senile, cranky and deranged and has become sadistic in it’s love of inflicting deliberate pain upon us and Satan made god back off.

at this point Satan is bored of his old man and his bullshit, maybe Satan killed god, he’s been awful quiet of late, after all…

maybe Satan said to god, fuck you, I can do better than you can and then showed up as Jesus, to teach us compassion

but god didn’t like how this was turning out better than he could do, so god then sent his loyal angel Gabriel to reinstate the original eye for an eye sadistic bullshit with Islame by goading Muhammad into spreading the religion of hate.

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me is no atheist, or how i learned to lose my god and love satan   Leave a comment


mostly written, 4th of July 2009, mostly….. i thought i’d post this instead of trying to finish it off, as the recently non-believered might get some value… another long blog and it’s not really finished, past topics have been spin-offs from this blog, as it’s been in my “edit queue” for so long at nearly half a year some of the things I cover spawned whole blogs themselves, hence, this blog is very sporadic….. .

i am no atheist… or how i learned to lose christianity and love the bomb, Satan, The Force!

BAHAHAHAAHHA @ the title…. i couldn’t make up my mind

i never really thought of myself as a christian, *ever*, when ever the topic came up – I was *Roman*Catholic* – but as a child none of that meant anything to me anyway, i learnt a couple of prayers but that was about it – i seem to have these prayers still memorised so that really does highlight how easily a young mind can be imprinted.. eg… such prayers as …

“twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are?” … you know the ones.. what about this christmas prayer? “he sees you when you’re sleeping” etc etc etc

but i don’t consider myself an “atheist” today either, as that is just another label that someone else uses to describe me when it comes to religion or my lack thereof, so in fact, it has nothing to do with who or what I am, so it’s hardly a surprise that i don’t think of my self as an atheist, because being an atheist means *nothing*..

Nothing *AT*ALL* … and *that* is what I thought the idea of being an atheist was about – no preconceptions about things that are not verifiable, in particular, god

so apart from *not* believing in a sky daddy, is there one thing that can be said about anybody that would make them an atheist? (you should consider that a CHALLENGE, coz i’m stuffed if i can think of one thing, let alone a BAD THING)

I keep doing those online tests and I mostly get “atheist” but once I got “satanist” and once i got “Islam” – but the strange thing is – Roman Catholic, the religion that I was taught, apparently, was always at or near the bottom of these tests!

many people think that an atheist is supposedly the opposite of a theist… but what I don’t understand is how there can be an opposite to believing?


you see, believing requires actions on the part of the believers, right? you have to actually *do* things to be a believer, save a prayer until the morning after like Duran Duran, go to the church of the poison mind like Culture Club, believing in your own Personal Jesus like Depeche Mode did, you frakking know, all those believerish type of things.

but the opposite of believing requires *inaction* or abstaining from, or not doing any of those believerian type activities in the first place… eg. is doing nothing is somehow the anti-proton of believing?

think about that would you? this highlights the extreme idiocy of people who get upset that their “faith” has been challenged by the non-believer. doing the literal nothing, is all it takes to oppose the beliefs that some people have.

that’s like the number zero being able to be bigger than the number one.. that’s like winning a fight that you know nothing about… that’s like taking an exam that has no questions on it, but you still get a 100% score… any believer having a problem with the non-believer, well that’s all the believers problem.

ironically – god existing or not existing – is an argument that you can not win, but you can lose it by declaring that you lack the very faith you claim to have.

so how is doing “nothing” the opposite of believing? I could go for a run, or I could do the opposite and do nothing … but is that really the opposite??

doing *nothing* is the default position. think of a circle with the exact middle as the default position, move to any spot inside that circle, and you can chart the opposite position by drawing a line through the exact middle and continuing on for exactly the same distance as you are from the middle of the circle. but what is the opposing position of the exact middle?

an opposite is opposed to something … what is the opposite of running? is it running backwards, or is it running in the other direction that’s the opposite?.. well what’s the opposite of running? it’s not standing and doing nothing, is it?

insert any random thing u do – is doing the opposite of that thing, doing nothing?

if that’s the case then doing nothing is the opposite of everything you do … and doesn’t that mean that the opposite of nothing, is *still* nothing?

no, I think that the opposite of running, is actually *not* running. and the opposite of nothing, is *not* nothing.

doing nothing is not the fucking opposite of what ever it is you are doing, the point here is that atheism, does NOT have an opposite – as there is nothing to oppose.

think of it this way: someone says they believe in god, but then they ask me if I believe, and I say “well I never really thought about it actually” (which actually used to be true), meaning that I haven’t decided about my position about god, so is not making a choice, really the opposite of making a choice? Is my position really the opposite of the believer? What if I didn’t even know there was a choice to be made?

No! my position, is akin to standing on the exact middle of the circle. If you make a choice, it’s the choice you make that decides what it’s opposite is.

if you stood in the strong wind and did nothing you would get blown away, you have to exert the *opposite* force against it to not fall over.


let me use another analogy.

if you buy a lotto ticket, you are either a winner or a loser, if you don’t buy a ticket, you are *neither* a winner, nor are you a loser. However, even if u don’t play the lotto, most of you are *still* aware that people play lotto, but it just doesn’t appeal to you….

Some players will think the non-players automatic losers for not bothering to play the game, but some of the non-players will consider the players automatic losers for playing this game every week and wasting their money, and yes you could win if you do play, but the odds are astronomically against you.

Point is, the opposite of a believer, is a non-believer.

for many people, they use the label “atheist” as if it’s a positive, it is not a positive, it’s the neutral position, so I reckon that it should not be used in that context of positive or negative, as it confuses those poor religious people and their “god did it” brains..

when somebody asks you what your religion is – if you consider yourself an atheist – you should say “no religion” or simply say “none”


i believe this is the basis of the “burden of proof” argument being on the **believer**. My position as the non-believer, is the default, it’s the believer that needs to bring proof to the party, because I did *nothing* to arrive at my beliefs, NOTHING AT ALL…… I didn’t move off the centre of the circle, so just how is the burden of proof on me, the non-believer? Just how is the non-believer supposed to prove *nothing*? How do you prove you have not moved off the centre of the circle? Yes it obvious to you that you haven’t moved, but someone else, they wouldn’t know. They can’t know. Because they are thicky thicky, thicky thick.

I vacated my mind of any “belief” in religion and god, and I make *no* claim that there isn’t a god that wasn’t in reaction to someone else saying that there was a god, so it’s not like I go around trying to sell the idea that there is no god. It’s *all* reactionary.

i think this is the problem with the perception of atheism – some people seem to think that all atheists used to believe in god so they are NOW actively denying god as some sort of mantra to make god go away.. I also sometimes get the impression that believers think non-believers say such things just to piss them off, as if it’s their believer RIGHT to bullshit about their fantasies and that we will accept what they have to say as a matter as fact. I only ever deny god about two seconds *after* some religious person tries to sell me *their* god, so it’s reactionary.

It’s *always* reactionary. and my reaction is often one of … mocking .. ok then, *snickers*, be a believer!! *snickers*

I would never have thought to deny god if no-one made a speculation that there was, I always say “well, what makes you think there’s a god” … and nothing i’ve heard is anything but lame … basically most people believe coz their mum said they should… If the religious don’t want their god laughed at and mocked and denied, if they don’t want what their mummies told them when they got tucked into bed to be disassembled and revealed to be a lie – then they can keep their god personal – like they are supposed to.

It’s also very important to realise that it’s THEIR god that is what is being denied, the god that *they* claim to “know” is what is being denied. There could be a god, but fucked if I have seen anything to make me think that anybody’s *particular* god is *the* god, and the bullshit I have heard about god, is far below par of what I would expect from god anyway. “god made the universe hey? seems making a universe was pretty easy for god, what else has god done?”

Obviously I’ll repeat what I’ve said without being prompted to other people about god at times, probably after thinking about more ways about how incredibly wrong someone was with their god speculation, but even still, it was the *believer* that tipped that scale of mine in order for me to blab at them, “WHAT?!?! BULLSHIT, there is no way that *your* god exists, your story just does not make sense, where did you get those ideas?…”

when the non-believer is given a religious scenario (aka a STORY) by the believer, and then the non-believer thinks about it for two seconds and then says “what?!?! that makes no sense, show me!” .. the believer then has no right to get upset when asked for proof.

The people want you to follow their religion, but just because they were stupid enough to believe what somebody told them, doesn’t mean the same will happen with me. and seriously, I don’t give a shit that it was a case of them being indoctrinated at a young age. Children, are *not* dumb, they can figure things out for themselves. I figured out religion was a heap of bullshit long ago, lost me at about the flood story i think it was. I was ten or so.

It is the irresponsible parents who do NOT teach their children about critical thinking that are the problem. If something doesn’t make sense, teach the child to ask for clarification. Teach them how to find out for themselves. and there is no excuse these days with google and such.

so if it wasn’t for loud and outrageous claims, “THERE IS A GOD!! BECAUSE I SAID SO!!” there would be no equally loud questions asking for some proof of this “god” thing in return. And *seriously* — these nut cases must take our silence (eg our TOLERANCE of their BULLSHIT) about these tall tales as some sort of an agreement with them, that’s how arrogant some of these nutcases are… I know. I’ve been told as much, and in no uncertain terms, “I am right, because I say so” .. that’s what they say – in spite of their demanding that it’s the bible that says so, because so often these fuck heads have got the bible completely wrong, it’s the *person* and their twisted interpretation of how they read the bible, that is who is saying “there is a god”..

if you don’t say shit to them, they think you are on their side – this is something I have proven many times – eg. i have had civil conversations with christians – all is sweet and nice, at first – but then the christian finds or figures out that i’m not christian – and *then* they start speaking to me like I’m a piece of shit…

go FUCK YOURSELF if you are one of those people. Religion of tolerance MY ARSE.


People who actively deny god are like the lotto non-player types who say they refuse to play the lotto, “well.. OK… so don’t play the lotto then!” .. it should be a case of not needing to say that you don’t believe in god, but it’s not, like I said above, people take your silence and tolerance of their bullshit as an affirmation that you are agreeing with them, probably because their arrogance is so huge they don’t think that someone else could possibly think differently to them.

The way I see “atheist” – is that you wouldn’t think of the concept of god in either a positive or a negative way.. This is the same as the person who isn’t a “lotto denier” nor are they a “lotto player”. They are aware of the lotto concept but it doesn’t faze them either way. and while they are technically in the same bucket as the “lotto denier person”, in that they don’t play, it doesn’t occur to them to play or not to play *either* way, so they are certainly unlikely to be a “lotto hater” .. the people who actively deny the lotto, probably do this as a reminder that they not waste their money, maybe they’re owing some money to their bookie? or had a bad experience with god, I mean, the lotto…

It occurs to me just now, that people might not be able to grasp or “get” the concept of not choosing a side. Why is that a problem? ARE YOU DUMB? ARE YOU STUPID?

it’s like do you go out with “Chris” or do u go out with “Saddam”? Does it really not occur to people that freedom of choice, aka “FREE WILL” (that thing “god” gave us), also means not making a choice at all?

Another way of looking at it, is if the “lotto denier” walked into the newsagent, saw the lotto games, and then said “I do NOT wish to purchase a lotto ticket thanks” to the attendant, why would you say that if you weren’t a mental case? or even if they said something along the same lines to themselves, “no! I won’t buy a lotto ticket” in spite of seeing all the advertising. A “lotto denier” would be akin to an aggressive or militant atheist.

A true atheist is the person who doesn’t care either way, and would be the person who walked into the newsagent and didn’t think about any of the lotto games available, and just got on with what it was they were doing there in spite of having their senses overloaded with colourful banners enticing them to play the games.

well at least that’s how I see it

* * * *

i’ve described three perspectives above but really there are *four* sides of the argument, if you want to be really technical.

{{those that are believers}} /
{{those that are non-believers}} /
{{those who don’t care}} /
{{those who are unaware of the whole thing in the first place}}

((i came up with a fifth one too – which could have been those who don’t know what to believe, the “I want to believe” group, i guess there’s a sixth one too, those who “do believe, but don’t want to”, which is probably a transitional and temporary state of mind heading away from belief, the “I want to believe” might be transitional towards belief… but i’m making shit up again ))

i’ve no idea which group would be the biggest as a lot of people outright lie, they say one thing, but mean another, or don’t want to seem weak-mind by taking a position of doubt, but some of that lying is actually unintentional, because of brainwashing. The truth is, not making a decision about god would be the most prudent and sensible thing to do, and saying “I don’t know”, is the beginning of wisdom.

i would put myself into the don’t care bucket, or at least I’m working towards that. you might point out that i *do* seem to care a fair bit about religion, but – it’s entertainment – christianity is like a great big murder mystery horror drama movie where you gotta figure out who the bad guy is, coz no-one has said anything that makes sense just yet, so the punch line of the whole movie is still yet to come, if it EVER comes at all.

I’ll be very annoyed if the BUTLER DID IT.

actually what I *do* care about is religion staying away from science, as the two don’t belong together.

religion == train wreck, morbidly fascinating … or maybe like masturbating with a cheese grater, slightly amusing, but mostly painful.

* * * *

((this bit doesn’t fit in, but i’ve left it))

but anyway: having the priest explain the bible when you don’t understand keeps the majority in-line with the same ideas. It wasn’t until the 1600s when the bible first became available for the regular person to read. Until then, only the clergy would be able to read the Latin or whatever it was written in, that the common man couldn’t read. I’d imagine that’s why ppl went to church, they weren’t able to read the bible themselves. and who could afford a book in those days anyway?

Which is why Catholicism out numbers all the other christian cults put together i would imagine. The church tells them how to interpret the bible, this way people don’t go off getting their own ideas, and if they do have questions, then they are to confer with their Padre! That’s what I was taught.

This may sound weird coming from someone who is anti-religion, but if you’re going to have religion, then everyone needs to be believing the same thing, otherwise your religion is a joke, and that’s all it is. The way I see this is that basically, these born again christian types each have their *own* version of christianity..

so in fact there isn’t something like 30,000 different sects of christianity, not from what I’ve seen. I would suspect that there is actually closer to millions of versions of christianity, seeing how every “christian” i’ve encountered on myspaz (about fifty or so) seems to be on a different path, be it a slightly different path, or a massively wrong path. The point is if fifty ppl seem to have christianity all over the place, then what does that say for the rest of them? It probably means they don’t know what to think, but still say they are christians anyway …

Gandhi said something along the lines of “In reality there are as many religions as there are individuals.” .. i tend to agree with that assessment, although Gandhi was talking about the Hindu religion at the time, but it also applies to other religions.



so yeah…

Religion was just another one of those things that I grew out of that wasn’t really given a serious look at in the first place, strange that it is so normal to *not* be indoctrinated into stupidity…

Imagine if I was raised as if Star Wars was a fact, how would I be received as an adult in the “real” world? Would I not be ridiculed for being a “Jedi”, regardless of how many good things I got out of this fiction, it’s still fiction, it doesn’t become *real* when I “just” believe in it. Telling other ppl they “just” need to believe in The Force, doesn’t cut it.

“Oh you just need to believe in Star Wars before you watch it” … This is no diff to “You need to believe in Jesus before you read the bible” .. at least the Jedi don’t condemn you to hell for not wanting to believe in The Force.

If George Lucas is considered the Messiah in two thousand years from now, the stories he told, would still be stories. The same with other “scripture” – they are stories – which may be based in truth, but they are still stories. You can still like those stories, you can still learn from those stories, but the universe is pretty big, it seems a bit silly to draw your world view from a small set of people, when there are millions of people who have something useful to say, who can give you a universal view, world views are too small these days.

although, I must admit, that even with a limited “knowledge” of god, I did spend quite a few years worrying about what god would think of what I was doing… but that was never an “at the time” thought, so fear of god didn’t stop me being a little shit, god just made me feel bad about being myself, just by existing… but this doesn’t imply that I believed *in* god, believing *in* something is supposed to be a good thing, thoughts of god were never a good thing to me.

I had no fear of hell, coz I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong, i just was never *good* enough… and now that I’m typing this out, this “god” being, making me feel bad about myself could have certainly contributed to the depression I suffer now, yeah so on that front… Fuck you god!!

I am the eye in the sky,
looking at you,
I can read your mind,
I am the maker of rules,
dealing with fools,
I can cheat you blind.
And I don’t need to see any more to know that,
I can read your mind.

–[Alan Parsons Project]

Mainly coz I was convinced god hated me, so I hated him back, I always thought if I met god, he’d better explain why I was given such a crappy hand, i used to be sooo selfish…

but that faded too…

then one day whilst in my teens i was asked if I believed in god.. I said that I didn’t really believe in god and the reply to my statement was “oh.. so you’re an atheist?” … so I said “atheist? what’s that?” … as I was an un-christian, or a non-practicing catholic .. but I always happily admitted to being a Rooooman Catholic, coz it sounds so much more… hmmm, exotic?

A true atheist wouldn’t even realise that they were, just like a christian would never tell you that they were, their actions would speak for themselves.


Oh of course, because I don’t believe in your god that makes me an agent of Satan… of course, since I don’t believe in one of your gods, you expect me to believe in the other god you worship, Satan!! If it wasn’t for Satan there’d be no evil right? And if there was no evil, there wouldn’t be any good, so god would be out of a job, right? … christians must love SATAN so much…. right? gotta keep that evil around, just so we can have good…. right??? that’s why god won’t kill Satan, he’d be out of a job, and who’s going to hire god after that?

“Oh, yeah Mr God, I’m afraid, that you are over qualified for this job, it says here you made the universe, well, we just want you to flip burgers and fry chips, I’m afraid you will be rather frustrated in the limited scope of the position we have on offer..”

Right about the same time as first hearing the term “atheist” at least in reference to me – i was into heavy metal and with my hate for god, I really got into the likes of Slayer and lots of others that escape my brain at the moment.

oh and I *still* think it’s fucking hilarious that the term “atheist” even *exists* – the default position is complete ignorance of god. think about it, if somehow you were cut off from every person who had heard of god and you grew up not knowing about this god thing *at*all* – how would you know about god? I mean u could suspect that there might be some sort of super being, but you wouldn’t have the mental image of an old man in the sky daddy christian god who loves you but at one stage killed everyone on earth and that we are all inbred seeing how we came from one man and one woman, now would you? hmmm?

So Satan was my buddy, coz all the music i listened to was evil, it was great… but nobody really cared, they were disturbed sure, but no more so than for any other strange thing kids do to act out, in fact my mother liked a lot of the music i liked….

but if anything, my time as a heavy mental, ahem, metal fan, taught me that in the seasons of whither, the children of the beast, should stand and deliver, and be strong, and laugh, and Shout at the Devil

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The Book of Job, South Park style

Gerald: Hello, Kyle. How’s the hemorrhoid today?

Kyle: Awesome.

Sheila: Kyle, we wanna tell you about the book of Job. It’s a story from the Bible.

Kyle: I’ve had enough of the Bible. What has it gotten me?

Gerald: Oh, I think you’ll see differently after hearing this. Sit down, Kyle. Uh, okay. You see, Job lived in the east of Jordan a long long time ago. Job was a great man. He was blessed with ten lovely children, a wonderful wife, and many friends.

Sheila: He was godly, and a good man, and fed the poor.

Gerald: He was the most upright and honorable of men, and every day he praised God.

Sheila: But one day, Satan went up to heaven and talked to God.

Kyle: Satan talked to God?

Sheila: Yes, in the book of Job, Satan talks to God. And God says to Satan, “Have you seen Job? He is a great man, and he praises me every day.”

Gerald: But Satan said, “Oh yeah? He only praises you because you gave him so much. If you didn’t give him those things, he would curse your name.”

Sheila: To which God said, “Oh yeah? I’ll show you, Satan! I’ll take those things away from Job and he will still praise my name.”

Gerald: And so, God had a bunch of barbarians come in and slaughter Job’s oxen and donkeys, and murder all his workers.

Sheila: Then God sent his fireballs from the sky and killed his sheep and the rest of his employees.

Gerald: And then, as Job’s sons and daughters were eating, God sent a mighty wind to collapse the house and crush and kill them all.

Sheila: Job was terribly sad, but he fell to his knees and said, “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away,” and praised God’s name.

Gerald: So then, Job got painful sores all over his body.

Sheila: He was in terrible, miserable pain all day, every day. But he still kept his faith.

Gerald: God said to Satan, “See? I told you. Job still praises me.”

Kyle: And that’s it? That’s the end?

Sheila: Basically.

Kyle: That’s the most horrible story I’ve ever heard. Why would God do such a horrible thing to a good person just to prove a point to Satan?

Gerald: Oh. Uhhh, I don’t know.

Kyle: Then I was right. Job has all his children killed, and Michael Bay gets to keep making movies. There isn’t a God.

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is Satan… our champion? (religiorant)   Leave a comment


When You Are Old Enough
To Read These Words
Their Meaning Will Unfold
These Words Are All That’s Left
Though We’ve Never Met My Only Son
I Hope You Know
That I Would Have Been There
To Watch You Grow
But My Call Was Heard
And I Did Go
Now your Mission Lies Ahead Of You
As It Did Mine So Long Ago
To Help The Helpless Ones
Who All Look Up To You
And To Defend Them To The End


Ride Like The Wind
Fight Proud My Son
You’re The Defender
God Has Sent

Ride Like The Wind
Fight Proud My Son
You’re The Defender
God Has Sent

Father Father
Father I Look Up To You
And Heed Thy Call
This Letter Ends My Search
I’ll Live Your Dream
Now Passed On To Me

And I Now Wait
To Shake The Hand Of Fate
Like The Dusk Awaiting Dawn
So Wizards Cast Your Spell
With No Heart To Do Me Well
So It Is Written
It Shall Be


Ride Like The Wind
Fight Proud My Son
You’re The Defender
God Has Sent

I forget where I read all this stuff so – excuse any technically vague inaccuracies!! another rant, rather nasty one with Nazi and Jew jokes and everything… i think my writings are becoming sloppy because these blogs take so long that the “flow” gets messed up .. i spend ages trying to research this shit – so in actual fact, this is an interpretation of the bible, by someone who doesn’t just believe whatever it is they are reading … eg. it’s blasphemy – but who is to say the bible itself isn’t blasphemy?? if you are that person, then HELLO JESUS!! I didn’t know you were reading my blogs!! good to have u on board

and i have actually researched this having read heaps of “Satanic” material over the last couple of decades, but I did stop short of reading the whole Satanic Bible, now that I have it, probably because I realised that it made *sense* … that was just too freaky for me to read anything that made sense that had the word “Bible” in it’s title – even if the other word was “Satanic”! … so – surprise surprise surprise (think Gomer Pyle) – Satan is probably my favourite bit of the christian story… so


i keep finding/hearing/reading statements that Satan was commanded to watch over the earth.. i thought that that was how i remembered it too, I think it was in the story of where Satan tempts Jesus in the desert, but i can’t find the relevant bible verse to hit ppl about the head with now .. but it kind of implies it here in Job as well…

Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

but one thing i will note from my Satanic journey (LOL!!!), is that i did find that it was apparently Gadrel, and not Satan, who tempted Eve.. allegedly

I mean u can’t argue with wikipedia, especially when they don’t explicitly list the source of this Gadrel story..

I’d never heard of Gadrel before – but it also seems that there is a lot of non-canon texts related to the bible – why weren’t they added? – the bible was already confusing so why not go the whole hog? Or was that the point? Create enough gaps in the story to fuck everyone around, so they keep coming back to read the bible, to try and find it’s “hidden” secrets, where you read until you read what you want to read, even though you have read that exact same verse or verses dozens of times????


this christian mob, they give Satan a bad rap – don’t you think? I think I blogged this b4 but Satan/Devil/Lucifer is mentioned in the bible like a hundred times *less* than Jesus and god – you’d think Satan was mentioned on every page of the bible the way some people go on about it.. like me! haha.. it just occurs to me that I’ve read every verse that has “Satan” or “Lucifer” and probably “devil” … so from my point of view it’s about fifty-fifty between the evil verses with Satan in them and the rest of them I’ve read!

and let’s do some more basic math shall we? in the bible, god kills something like 2.3 million people – Satan kills something like TEN! I mean come on!! Oh I googled it and there was this clown saying “oh but god *gave* life in the first place” – i reeooollled my eyes and discontinued reading – so it’s OK to take a life if you created it? while I won’t argue that point, i ainst takin’ sides either!

so a killing ratio of about two hundred thousand to one when u compare god to Satan in the bible hey? and if I’m not mistaken, god said Satan could kill the ones that he did kill!!

so excuse me, it is clear that this Satan dude is nowhere near as big a demon as god is!!!!

FUCKING . WHAT!! . WHY? . (aka Hitler V god)

see, this is another thing that makes me say *why* when it comes to the bible????

that “why” question in full being “why the fuck do ppl believe this shit?!?!” it’s like making Charlie Manson the hero of the story, or HITLER!! Mein Fuhrer is the hero of the holocaust… oh if it wasn’t for Hitler the Jews wouldn’t have gotten the holy land so we give praise unto Hitler.. this god is way worse than Hitler – and yet – god is loved!

god killed everyone on earth – if the “Great Flood” happened today that would be six BILLION people dead – Hitler – monster as he was – had a handful of a MILLION people from minorities put to death – god didn’t discriminate – every person and every animal – yet god’s loved – go figure.. we’re a strange bunch aren’t we?? perhaps Hitler should have told all those minorities that he loved them before he killed them and everything would have been hunky dory??

not likely

It’s against the law to deny the holocaust in some countries! How did god get to be such a big shot, having killed millions of people? Shouldn’t it be against the law to deny that god has fucked us around big time?

this is why the entire bible failed for me, “why am I supposed to be impressed about tales of a monster??!?!?” … I too can appreciate Hitler’s charisma as a leader in getting the German nation to follow him but that doesn’t mean I respect him or advocate the end result of his actions!! So why do people believe these stories when there has never been a character more belligerent and vengeful and murderous than god!!

Yet he loves you! I love a lot of things too, ice cream, my iPod, clean sox, and I don’t particularly care when my ice cream melts, or my iPod has exhausted it’s power supply, or when my socks get dirty… I go get another ice cream, I listen to music on something else, I put on a clean pair of socks …

that sounds a bit more akin to the “love” of this god… oh look two hundred thousand people died in a Tsunami, never mind, got plenty more play things to amuse me…

Why do so many people follow monsters??

So back to the point – why is Satan such a monster? Satan did *nothing*, well, nothing god didn’t say he could – well, if he actually exists that is!!

The first thing out of character for Satan was the attack on heaven, the bible even says as much, at least the King James Version says it…

And you know, here’s something stupid – so *what* even if Satan does exist and is down here tempting us?? HERRO PREASE!!!

This Satan voice in your head tempts you and you go and do the EVIL VILE thing he tempts you to do??? I’m sorry, whooooo’s fucking fault is that? You can blame Satan all you want ( you can blame the dog for farting too ) – but it’s STILL *YOU* that is the fuckhead then went and did it!!! Saying the Devil made you do it just doesn’t hold up in reality, and is admission that you are weak minded, that you are a fool. And we all know the universe has no compassion for fools. ergo “The Darwin Awards”.

If Satan told you to jump off a cliff, would you? Learn some self control – maybe it’s a good thing all these religious people stay religious – imagine a few billion people suddenly having no moral compass when what they dread becomes true – proof that god doesn’t exist!! (insert evil laugh)

Is this why nut case christians fear Satan?? coz they DO NOT TRUST THEMSELVES TO TELL THE DEVIL TO FUCK OFF AND DO HIS OWN DIRTY WORK?? That they are that easily led astray like some lost puppy following the first person that comes along that they *need* another fantasy to ward off the first one? Oh god will save me from Satan!!

Yes the imaginary creature in your brain will save you from the imaginary creature in your brain. Well done.

Don’t look at me like I am a monster
Frown out your one face, but with the other (you)
Stare like a junkie into the TV
Stare like a zombie while the mother holds her child,
Watches him die,
Hands to the sky cryin “why, oh why?”



in 2256BC – supposedly – Job was put through the ringers by god, with Satan egging him on .. but Satan was still one of god’s angels at this point as it implies in this verse that Satan was to come and go from Earth .. I assume between Earth and heaven… what else is there to assume that makes sense? (oh I spotted the flaw in my logic – the bible doesn’t make sense, but let’s assume this little bit does)

Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

gotta love how the ALL KNOWING god needs to ASK questions, by the way… does this all knowing thing seem a bit exaggerated?? if god is all knowing, he’s deliberately faking it, god is deceptive on purpose .. god has gone out of his way to be dishonest! I mean how can u not love this shit!!! and by all means read the whole chapters to get the context, but Satan only did what god said he could.

i got the year of 2256BC from this page,


So just when was Satan cast down to Earth for attacking heaven?

Apparently this happened in 726BC.. After the thing with Job – WAY after the flood and *WAY* *WAY* after the Garden of Eden.. If u don’t like that idea that it wasn’t Satan in the Garden of Eden … remember just a few lines up above? Satan *only* ever did what god wanted him to do .. So if Satan was in the Garden of Eden – who is to say that god didn’t tell Satan to tempt Eve? It’s clearly demonstrated that Satan follows his orders given to him by god – he did with Job, so why not elsewhere?

The victor writes history to his advantage… something like that …

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

Isaiah 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

Isaiah 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Isaiah 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

Isaiah 14:28 In the year that king Ahaz died was this burden.

and if you go and look up when King Ahaz died – it’s around about the 726BC point in time….

which also just happens to be about the same time of that losing of the day thing …

Isaiah 38:8 Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.

The dates are a little out – but this *is* a story we are talking about

However at first before this attack on heaven, Satan, was given the task of looking over the earth, he was our guardian, along with a third of the angels, he was commanded to watch over the earth, to look out for us – from what, I’m not sure…

Now here’s the bit I can’t confirm, why was Satan sent down to us to watch over us? The only excuse I have found, which I can’t re-find, is that god did this because apparently god was jealous of Lucifer’s cherub hotness – hmmmm… all the angels must have been giving god the cold shoulder with Lucifer around… ?? mayhaps? But the “evidence” (LOL! The bible used as evidence, I kill me!) clearly shows that Satan was definitely sent to us before the time of Job.

((note to reader: I would really love to find the bit where Satan is sent – not cast out – to earth by god, so if you know, speak up!))

but then after a thousand years or so in 726BC – god read the heart of Lucifer, as indicated by Isaiah up above – and found that Lucifer was coveting the “throne” so to speak – oh really? hmmm… so god is jealous of Lucifer, or at the least, he sends Satan to earth for some reason, and then god just happens to …. discover that Lucifer wants to be top dog… convenient much? It’s a bit of a stretch I know, but I’ve seen worse interpretations of the bible … Like half a fucking line being used as the basis for the Earth fixed in space at the centre of the universe!

but the point is – what is god worried about anyway? it’s frikking god, right? does this not imply that god is capable of being killed, imprisoned, coerced into compliance via threats of what? pain, death? and why did god not actually fight? Supreme being could have just clicked it’s fingers and bye bye no more war against heaven…

ie. god must be something less than the “all powerful” bull shit i keep hearing … otherwise god is a faker, or a coward…

come on people!! how can we believe this story?? – there are people who regard the BIBLE as HISTORY!! this is PETTY bullshit I’d expect from some teenage clique!!! Bible-ee Hills 90210 B.C. … this is far beneath the likes of a god – the christian god is soooo not ‘the’ god

how would you feel if a parent got you to look after their kids and then after the kids misbehaved, the parent comes home and kills their children??.. what would you do? would u sit there and let the parent kill their kids?

i wouldn’t – i don’t give a fuck who you are – the pope – the barking dog next door – Abe Lincoln – the Queen – the Dalai Llama, even GOD!! You want to cause harm to ppl right in front of me i’m gunna step in


was god so ticked off over this King Ahaz guy that he was going to ….. go back on his word and wipe us all out again.. send an asteroid instead of a flood?

I mean seriously, *why* would Satan attack the “immortal” god, you don’t do shit when you know you are going to fail, do you? so it’s reasonable to assume that there was a mitigating factor in the attack, because what’s the point if Satan was going to fail??? Satan must have known he might win, even though he was outnumbered two to one… and let us not forget that Satan and god got along just fine for at least a few thousand years .. maybe millions … maybe billions … maybe just short of forever … so what fucking changed after all that time??

there is no logic in fighting unless the chance of winning is there – a hopeless battle and fight to the death perhaps to go out with a bang is probably the exception – but – Satan didn’t get killed did he? not according to the plethora of christians who insist that Satan is still down here leading us into an ashtray

so maybe Satan did us the biggest favour by attacking heaven …. which might have been just enough to make god go the fuck away and leave us alone and stop fucking us around with global floods and such killing us all.

is Satan … our Champion?

Did he stop god interfering? evened up the odds? Is this why god sent Jesus?? because Satan would rise up and defend us from the god monster?? to get around the whole attacking earth directly thing, did god slip one in under the door into Mary’s VAGINA in the form of Jesus? or did Satan force god to fucking behave and stop being such a fucking arsehole to us by attacking heaven?

or was Jesus, Satan in disguise? (i did a whole blog on that one!) Did he come to give us the right message from the heavens, to show-up the god monster and show that *fuck* how it’s supposed to be done? Was all the Paul stuff actually from god, you know the dude, wrote half the new testament, the dude that probably never even met Jesus .. *that* Paul… well, was he god’s attempt to counter all the Jesus bullshit about being nice to everyone? I mean god hates fags after all. (god also hates eagles!) Is that why the Old Testament wasn’t thrown away?? gotta have the people fearing god!! no point other wise! gotta show em the nasty stuff to give em a bit of fear!!!


Another thing is the *whens* of when all this happened – now there is no way to tell when the angels (ie Satan) were created – but this verse alludes to the angels watching god make the universe

Job 38:7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

it’s a bit of a stretch .. but before the universe was made god would have seemed to have made the angels as I can only assume the sons of god referred to angels, seeing how the earth was still on the assembly line and all – does anybody love how fascinating all of this is?

suffice to say that Satan – was on the side of good (well if u count god’s side as being “good”) at least until god saw into his heart and the attack happened coz the jig was up – but – if Satan had been planning this all along – why didn’t god see into his heart sooner?

Could it be that Satan was *not* planning anything at all – Satan was doing what he was told to do, that being watching over the earth and us, right? I mean this god is ALL SEEING and ALL KNOWING – I seriously doubt god would ignore what it saw in Satan’s heart.. especially if he was going to over throw god!! especially when it seems that god had cause for concern, seeing how it didn’t just snap it’s fingers and say “begone Satan, your insolence no longer amuses me…”

So, does it not stand to reason that this all seeing god was about to do something that tilted the balance, that made Satan react and attack heaven? this King Ahaz, god was pretty damn pissed at him for allowing everyone to be so naughty …

was god just about to smite us again?

and did Satan, seeing how his charge was about to be smotified, did Satan follow his orders to the letter, as commanded by god itself, and rise up with his angels to defend us?

Seriously what else was there to defend us from *apart* from god?

did god set Satan up to fail, only to FAIL himself?

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Satan died on the cross for your sins… (religiohumour)   Leave a comment


Did Satan die on the cross?

Why are christians *so* sure that this Jesus dude they have chosen to worship, isn’t Satan himself?

After all.. the fundies keep saying that Satan is the great deceiver… they keep saying Satan apparently is *still* down here leading us all astray.. and yet when confronted with this possibility that Jesus is Satan, the fundy suddenly says “but the bible is *true*!!” .. “I’ve read the bible so it must be true” is something I’ve read as a “reason” for the bible to be true. Because they read it, held it in their hands, and read it, so it’s real. it *must* be true.

i mean sure the general gist of what the bible was supposed to be about is probably still there but ppl take half lines of the bible literally to justify their bigotry – it *must* be true – so who is to say that Satan didn’t pretend to be this Jesus guy and die on the cross to gain “sympathy for the devil” by pretending to be… the messiah?

And to piss god off even more, Satan showed god that he could be a better and kinder “god” giving an even better way for god’s creatures to live. ie. “do unto others” as opposed to “an eye for an eye” …

Have a think about this, the god of the old testament is a brutal, vengeful and jealous being, right?

Most christians, if not all, will claim their god of the old testament to be perfect, so what’s with the back flip with Jesus and christianity?

The old testament god is the Jewish god right? And yet, that didn’t work out very well did it, because god then had to send this Jesus guy along. But what perfect god would not give us the right religion in the first place? If this god was perfect we’d all be Jewish, right?

The old testament god, would seem to be a bit more like… Allah.. what do you think?

so what happened between the old testament god and the apparent resurrection of the old testament god with the rise of Islame?


and doesn’t Jesus just seem to be such a massive departure from “an eye for an eye”, and things like stoning people to death for committing adultery? Sounds way out of character for a “perfect” being, as that’s what a perfect god is supposed to be, it’s perfect the way it is, it doesn’t change, it doesn’t need to change it’s ways, it’s perfect already.

So given a “perfect” god, there wasn’t really any need for a “perfect” god to send his son Jesus was there?

It’s Lucifer!

Lucifer was the “most perfect” of the angels, but god didn’t like that Lucifer was so handsome, (stupid god for making him that way, hey?) so god sends Lucifer to go and watch over the earth and it’s people with a third of the angels so god doesn’t have to look at his cherub face.

but perhaps while watching over us, Lucifer became attached to us people down here, and voiced his opinion that these humans were not so bad as to deserve being wiped out in the flood except for the handful few that still believed in the brutal god.

Maybe when Lucifer attacked heaven the first time he was attempting to stop god from sending another flood or similar disaster to wipe us all out again and was cast out to then become “Satan”?

was Satan the first being to consciously reject god because god was treating his creation like we were some sort of experiment or amusement?

did Satan fuck up god’s plan by playing the part of Jesus Christ? did he “lead us astray” from the brutal god of the old testament that seems to be very much alive within Islam.

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What song will atheists sing at christmas time? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

“What will the atheists sing, during the praise of “winter solstice?””


uhmmm.. perhaps the atheist will sing those songs that they had been enjoying all year instead of making a big deal out of having special songs for this one time of the year?

and what’s wrong with non-believers being able to sing Christmas songs anyway? Personally I love a whole bunch of Christmas songs.

perhaps the atheist will also wonder why christians have this one special bit of the year when they claim they are loving people when they should be nice to each other for the whole year? What’s that about?

The way it seems to me is that there are more “christians” who reveal themselves to be arseholes at Christmas time than at any other time of the year!

But perhaps at Christmas time, the atheist might think that christians *need* an excuse to be kind and generous? seeing how they prattle on about belief so much, I see a lot of bragging that people are good christian people, but I see little of people claiming to be christian who use their “christian” message to have anything nice to say.

perhaps, the atheist wouldn’t wait for that one time of year to celebrate anything, I mean if it’s a good thing, then why wait for that day which only comes around once a year?

but.. uhmmm.. stupid question time… but since when does an atheist celebrate or praise anything in particular in the name of atheism in the first place?

There are no public holidays that I am aware of that are set aside for atheists.

Atheism is not a religion, despite the proselytizing from the masses that it is indeed, a religion.

So to say that an atheist is celebrating the winter solstice by implying they would be engaging in arbitrary rituals like it’s some sort of religious holiday is an utter fallacy to begin with and it is clearly said out of arrogance and ignorance, but is said mostly out of hate for the atheist. Hate isn’t something that Jesus commanded, is it?

celebrating the solstice is pagan, anyway… yes – that’s right – Christmas is a PAGAN thing. The Romans put Christmas at the same time as the pagan celebration of the solstice – so in fact, it is the christians that can take their celebrating of the birth of Jesus at “Christmas time” some place else, as christians are usurping traditions that aren’t even christian to begin with…

any atheist celebrating anything because of their atheism is just doing it to “mess with” smarty pants religious idiots or they are merely done to piss the religious types off! After all, atheists are evil and treacherous with their deviousness, so it’s to be expected.

and there was this other fuckhead thing said…

“all Christmas songs, celebrate both God and Jesus! Both names, God and Jesus, are in nearly every song.”


That’s like saying love songs celebrate the giving and receiving of love.

“Really? I never would have guessed that Christmas songs were about, Jesus and god!! I thought they were all about Satan? .. oh, I mean Santa!”

All this referring to atheism as a faith by the “faithful” is merely about the religious persons’ need to point at something and say:

“hey look, my faith has validity! we have holidays and songs, so my faith *must* be valid! do atheists have ‘atheist day’? no! are there any songs about atheism?? NO!!! so my faith has more credence than your atheistic stupid faith does, so believing in god is more valid, so I win, I’m better than you are! nur nur…”.

All this denouncing of atheism, is just to offset the doubts that the religious people have, because if you truly did have faith, then nothing what so ever should be able to shake that faith. So the more someone goes off saying their faith is valid because there are aspects of it in every day life, the more it indicates how little faith they actually have in their own beliefs. This is because your faith is supposed to be an *internal* thing, external entities are not supposed to be able to validate or invalidate that faith.

That’s called idolatry, when you have some external “thing” to prop up your religion, isn’t it?

When was the last time you saw an atheist standing in the middle of a crowded shopping mall yelling at the top of their voice saying that there is no god? that evolution is a fact? that Charles Darwin was right? that Friedrich Nietzsche is the Messiah? that Baruch Spinoza’s ideas on god are the only valid ones and that if you don’t believe them, then you are going to burn in hell for all eternity at the hands of Satan, as we all know atheists worship Satan, they just don’t acknowledge it in public, like how that Xenu rubbish went public when it was supposed to be a secret only revealed to the highest ranks in Scientology.

and yes, this is where you point out that atheism isn’t a religion, it’s just a label for people without a religion, that’s all there is to it. Anyone trying to make atheism out to be a way of life is severely fucked in the head.

“Hi Honey! I’m home to our happy atheist home from my happy day at the atheist office!”
“Hi Honey! MWAH!!”
“So what did you do on your atheist day off today Hun?”
“Oh nothing really, I just denied the existence of god all morning and said a few mantras to Charles Darwin after lunch”
“But Honey! you do that every day!”

Why do christians insist on having Christmas only once a year? shouldn’t Christmas be every day, shouldn’t the birth of this fantastical LORD be celebrated to it’s fullest extent each and every day? That’s why I am not a christian, because no-one seemed to be putting in even a half hearted effort at trying to emulate their Messiah.

And on an Easter note, why could Jesus not have stayed dead for seven days? Then we could have had the whole week off and not just a lousy long weekend?

“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.”
–Helen Steiner Rice

mostly written 12th December 2008, mostly.. it’s Easter so let’s do a Christmas blog…