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Jesus loves me, and I don’t care … (religiorant)   Leave a comment

religion is stupid, we know this because we often laugh at others who don’t fit in and who stick out like a sore thumb, or at the very least, we raise our eyebrows in bewilderment at people who are different to us. Like those people who dress up and mimic their heroes at movies (Star Wars movie premiers and Rocky Horror reruns etc) and fan conferences (Star Trek conventions) and those medieval weekends (Renaissance Festivals) where people dress up like they did in the middle ages and other time periods.

That’s what religion is, except people do it as part of their *real*lives*, like nutters who plunge into their full blown rants about how “Jesus is LORD” and how they praise god and how you just need to believe in Jesus or Allah or the Space Monkeys from Alpha Cygni 3 – and those nutters think that behaving like that is somehow acceptable…

Religion is just a place where people “dress up” and pretend to be “good” when the fact of the matter is, they would probably have been “good” people *anyway*, even without all the religious mumbo jumbo. In fact, they probably would be better people if not for religion.

And you know, people can have their god and their religion, that’s all okay and fine by me… but if you are going to try and spread your bullshit, you should be prepared to defend your bullshit as well if you are going to shove them in my face.


I don’t care about religion in much the same way that I don’t care about cigarette smoke, that is to say that i don’t care about it until it’s in my face when I’m trying to breathe. ie. I should not have to tell you to keep your smoke away from me, so when I turn around and give you a dirty look, don’t fucking stand there like a dumbarse with a look on your face that says “what did I do?” when you know damn fucking well that I’m turning blue in the face from not being able to breathe!

The point being, no matter how much you think your cultural or spiritual or personal habits do not seem to be bothering any of the dozens of other people directly around you, you should take it as a given that *somebody* does not like having to put up with you being an arrogant dick with your stupid fantasy bullshit, and that you should know damn fucking well that it is likely to be making other people uncomfortable and the reason why you put forward your religion all the time is to intimidate people, in the name of god (aka .. your ego) – and if you don’t realise your religion could possibly be making others uncomfortable then you are probably one of the people that can’t understand why atheists “rail” against religion ….

The only reason most people get away with being a prick with their religion, or any of their other selfish habits for that matter, is because most people are too polite to tell you to pull your fucking head in.

Religion is the “fad” that has hit critical mass where people are so used to having it around, they don’t bother telling idiotic religiotards to stop being stupid.

(UPDATE 1/11/2011: although I will concede a resurgence of christians telling christian-religiotards to put a sock in it, but only from Australian christians though, and given the sheer volume of content from the USA I am exposed to – I find US christians to be abysmally lacking in the department of “moderate” christians telling the religiously ridiculous to shut the fuck up. Instead, however, in the USA I have noticed a trend that by the time people are ready to be openly critical of christians, they have stopped calling themselves christians altogether and now refer to themselves as atheists)

And the end result of a fad that has hit critical mass is that your fad allows adults to embarrass themselves.

Religion is what it would be like if a Star Trek convention had so many people attend that the perimeter of people participating escaped the confines of the convention center and can now live on its own because it now has so many people doing Star Trek things that a feedback loop of Trekkerisms amongst the general population keeps the stories alive such that after a few decades, not many people realise that Star Trek was just a TV show.

Imagine if everyone based their morality on Star Trek? As well having *everyone* say things like “beam me up” and “Engage, Mr Crusher!” and everyone thought that wearing red shirts was bad luck and that the most popular drink was “Tea, Earl Grey. Hot” and every little girl wanted to be a communications officer like Uhura; and somehow Tiberius was a top ten ranking name for boys and people walked around giving praise to “The Picard”, just to name a few Trekkerisms?

Not saying that any of these things are bad, but the point is, what if people went around living in this Star Trek inspired society, but hadn’t even seen a single episode of it?

That is what religion is to most religious people, yeah sure people like Captain Picard or Captain Kirk or Spock or Jesus, but if you didn’t even watch the show, let alone actually enjoyed the message that it sends – Star Trek, especially Next Generation, set a very strong example of good morality in my opinion – then how can you really be a Trekker?

If you’d never seen an episode, then how could you possibly understand the message of morality that Star Trek sent? All you have is some weird fad that many people have been conditioned into liking and yet those people generally have no idea that the whole thing is just fantasy, which leads to “apologist” explanations as to why we are not flying around space right now like “we have forgotten how to fly in space and we now live in a ‘simpler’ time” ….



But this whole us v them thing between non-believers and believers?

well, it is like the non-believing geeks trying to out-do the believing jocks at being popular …. you’ve probably seen Revenge of the Nerds, right?

it’s no wonder atheism is becoming a “religion”, it’s prudent for it to become such a thing, simply because the religious are too fucking stupid to understand the concept of *not* believing in “something”, to be able to understand how to reject it properly….

That’s right..

it may just be inevitable that atheism will dumb down its own “brand-name” due to people joining its ranks that need to readily identify with something in order for them to identify with ie. atheism lacks a *thing* that people can latch onto , which in turn would allow the religionuts to be “defeated” by something that they themselves can embrace.

This is happening already, with all the different “flavours” of atheism. “New Atheism” – “Militant Atheism” – “Christian Atheism” “Agnostic Atheism” … yes … christian atheism…. ahem … oh well … whatever makes you happy, I guess 😀

I think all these new groups of atheists may very well be people who have recently become atheists and have dumped their religion, but they still need to find something to rally around mentally. “Religion: without the supernatural calories“, perhaps? ..

It’s kind of like ice cream, a lot of people would not bother to have an ice cream if it was just plain vanilla ice cream. That is to say that, atheism, by itself, just isn’t shiny enough to stand on its own to grab the mind of a potential atheist. Which isn’t surprising really, because you have to bring your own knowledge and understanding to the atheism party, which might explain why people stick with their religion, at least it is something they can understand, even if they do have it wrong, if it is wrong, beliefs in god cant readily be thrown away as the existence of a god creature cant readily be excluded – eg. for me it is entirely possible this god creature made a blank empty infinite realm of nothingness and over a trillions to the power of trillions of years, this realm of nothingness has spawned billions of universes, all via the natural laws of the vast nothingness.

But for me, I can’t see why it is not enough to just support your country or the planet you live on, religion is grasping for straws that can’t be rejected because of how high and mighty it makes you feel, which in turn, will keep dividing us.


Think of it this way: Imagine that in two thousand years, this time “Star Wars” is a big religion and there are all different factions of it (just like christianity has different sects and cults) with constant arguments over how The Force works, or whether Han drew first or not, or how Jabba the Hutt spells his name … and don’t think that is not possible, I’ve had a christian phundie go ballistic at me when I corrected him for incorrectly spelling Jabba’s name “Jabba the Hut” with only the one “t” in “Hutt”.

Seriously, you are better off explaining evolutionary theory or stellar nucleosynthesis to your pet cat than you are trying to explain science to a creationist. At least your pet would love you just for the attention you give it.

Instead of wasting your intellect upon people who are willingly intellectually challenged with their “god did it” mantras, non-believers should apply their intellect towards undermining what the believer is touting.

That’s right.. I’m saying that atheists using science and logic against the trivial aspects of the believers’ religion is like shooting fish in a barrel.

So instead of the non-believer trying to defend their position with science and logic, the non-believer should make the believer *defend* their application of *their* religion. If your position is so strong, why bother defending it if your opponent can’t grasp what you are saying?

ie. don’t try to explain how your science and logic are correct, try to explain how they have their religion wrong.

and I don’t mean “wrong” in the sense of how they believe in the lame crap like Noah’s ark and Adam and Eve and any of those other entirely unbelievably wrong stories; I mean in the regard that believers have missed the entire point of their religion.

So stop this “my position is better than your position” bullshit crap against each other – change tact – scrutinise the believer for *not* actually following what their precious religion says to do.

And in the case of christianity: Jesus taught that to get into heaven you need to give to the needy, in three gospels, so exactly who thinks they are going to get into heaven, when they have not done a single thing that would get them into heaven?

The fact that there is poverty in the world is irrefutable evidence that the Jesus from the bible does NOT exist. Either that or believers flatly refuse to “love thy neighbour” or are totally oblivious to what their precious Messiah actually and supposedly taught them.

Remember, “christian” means “christ-like” , well, it’s supposed to, so if you want to say you are christian, then I expect you to *be* christian, and being a christian means you give to the needy, and if there are needy people in this world, then that means that there are christians that aren’t doing what they need to be doing to get into heaven! So if there are needy people, then that means christians are not taking the whole give to the needy so they are not going to this heaven, even if it does exist.

Being a christian is impossible, if the non-believer is so inclined to argue about religion with the religidiculous, then hit them where it hurts the most, point out all the crap that people are doing but aren’t supposed to do, or worse still, point out all the good things they are *not* doing.

Have a look at how hard it is to be a christian:

* You can’t be judgemental. (Mat 7:1) * You have to sell all your stuff and give all that money to the needy (if you want to go to heaven that is). (Luke 18:22
Mark 10:21 Mat 19:21) * You can’t brag about being a believer. (Mat 6:5) * You can’t brag about being generous. (Mat 6:1) * you can’t commit idolatry or adultery. (ten commandments) * You can’t lie. * You can’t steal. * you can’t pray in public (Mat 6:6) * You can’t lust after your neighbour’s possessions or their partner. * You can’t know who the anti-christ is. * You don’t know when Jesus Christ will return and blah blah blah blah

Our entire society is judgemental – greed is rampant – “christians” insist on telling us they are christian all the fucking time – the point being is that it is a very long list of things that you can call-out the believer on, without even going anywhere near science and logic.

You will get your message across faster if you argue on their level. And it doesn’t hurt to speak to christians as if their stories are true.

Imagine arguing with your cat. You can speak to your blue in the face, but your cat can not possibly grasp any scientific notions and logical reasoning on a complex level, so why bother? If you want to argue with a cat, you need to speak its language. But since felinese is quite the difficult language to master, just meowing at your cat, even if you don’t know the meaning, will be sufficient communications with your cat, since it would probably ignore everything you had to say anyway.


well, so fucking what if he is? keep that religious shit to yourself.

let me say it again, the entire point of Jesus and his christianity (which was allegedly called “The Way” back in his time) was to teach people to be nice to each other, to teach them to be “good” people, right?

so how the fuck does Jesus being LORD make you a good person?

it does not and it *can* not make you a good person, because only *you* can make you a good person or not.

* Just saying “Praise Jesus” or some other neat little phrase doesn’t make you a good person. * Saying a prayer every night doesn’t make you a good person. * Trying to preach the gospel doesn’t make you a good person. * Trying to spread the word, does not make you a good person. * Telling people they are going to hell does not make you a good person, in fact that last one, well, it makes you fucktarded.

That is what Free Will is all about, the one thing we do get to control in life, is whether we are good or evil. You can choose to be a dick or not. You can choose do nothing or do something, and doing nothing, can quite often be the most evil thing to (not) do.

Only the good example you set via your actions can make you are a good person, and even then, it’s not you that gets to declare whether you are a good person or not, anyway.

Which leads to the point of why the religious should keep their religious views to themselves.

It is only other people that get to decide whether you are worthy of this label that you “christians” choose to bestow upon yourself. You don’t get to declare yourself to be like Jesus Christ by simply declaring that you are christian…

Call yourself a christian or a muslim or whatever other religious cult you feel like if you want to, but if you don’t live up to the good qualities that those belief systems supposedly project, then you are better off not mentioning that you are religious at all, and that includes not getting upset when your religious values are offended, especially when the central message of your religion is one of peace and tolerance, and how you supposedly forgive those that trespass against you, right?

So if you say to me that Jesus is LORD, I will consider your statement to be *bragging* that you believe in Jesus and bragging that you believe in Jesus is bragging that you are christian and bragging that you are christian is bragging that you are a good person and bragging that you are a good person, automatically makes me *doubt* your sincerity about being a good person because **nothing** you believe in makes you a good person, how can it?

Your actions define whether you are good or not, so saying that you follow some religion, doesn’t make you a good person, *ever*.

eg. Bragging that Jesus Christ is LORD doesn’t make you a good person any more than knowing that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, makes you smart.

What does it even *mean* that Jesus Christ is LORD? *show* me how that makes you a good person!!!

This is the basis of why people should avoid committing idolatry, because what you say and what you do are TWO different things. eg. if you say you are a good person, that means nothing, but if you actually do good things, then that makes you a good person so if you go around saying that you are a good christian when clearly you are not – then that is idolatry because you are worshiping a false Jesus. (why this is idolatry is elaborated upon below at *** )


Just saying that someone needs to believe in Jesus is idolatry, because just believing in Jesus, like I have said repeatedly here, doesn’t make you a good person, because being a good person is what Jesus wanted you to *do*, if we are to believe the point of the stories in the bible.

I know this will sound utterly ridiculous, but you have to *BE* a good person to actually *BE* a good person!! Just saying that you are christian, does not magically make you a good person, and you are fucking up-yourself if you think that it does.

You don’t see me going around acting like I am *better* than everyone else just because I “know” some arbitrary thing, now do you? ie. I know the sun will rise tomorrow, but you don’t see me bragging about it, seeing how it’s such an obvious “fact”, you know, like how your particular version of your god just happens to be a “fact” as well?

Because that is exactly what you are saying when you try to say that you believe in Jesus, you are saying to me that you are better than me because of one little arbitrary thing, and even if you genuinely don’t mean to say that you are better than me by professing that you believe in Christ, then that’s just too fucking bad, because that is how I hear your religious mumbo jumbo anyway.

Christianity has put itself up on a pedestal and somehow that makes you better than those who don’t believe.

This troubles me deeply.

Especially when all “christians” do is talk about how they are christian … that’s not being christian, that’s just *saying* you are christian, these are TWO different things.

And it should be especially noted here that it was the people insisting upon telling me to believe in Jesus, that were the fucktards who put me off believing in Jesus in the first place. I already believed in Jesus, but it was people taking one look at me and assuming that I didn’t believe in Jesus and telling me that I needed him, that broke the back of christianity for me. judge not lest thee be judged yourself much?

Practice what you preach or get the fuck out but at any rate I am glad they did, this way I wasn’t sucked into the whole “Jesus loves everyone” fucking bullshit that nobody *actually* follows – sure they say they follow Jesus … but when push comes to shove – they shove back when they are supposed to sit there and be non-violent.


The way I see religion, is that you are making it out to be such that *you* are making those bible stories out to be true, and further more, you are demanding that other people also believe that these untrue stories be considered as true as well, merely because *you* say they are true.

ahem. who the fuck are you? You are nobody – not one person on this earth can make me believe in anything – sure I might say something, to make you piss-the-fuck-off but I don’t have a problem with lying to people who are demanding that I believe in *their* lies!

That’s what the religious want when they try to convert or pass along their religion, they do not give a fuck about actually spreading the message of good will, they try to spread their religion so as to make it into an affirmation of their own faith. Which is kind of like talking to yourself in the mirror, telling yourself that you are pretty or that you are handsome.

This would be no different to me going around to people’s houses on a Saturday morning telling people that they should “Trust in The Force”. I don’t give a fuck if you believe in The Force or not, the only reason I would be telling people to believe in The Force, is to reinforce my own beliefs of believing in The Force. If I tell someone about The Force, and they accept The Force, then that’s a win for me as it props up my ego. If I tell someone about The Force and the tell me to fuck off, that *also* props up my belief in The Force because I’m so obsessed with it that anybody ragging on it, would just make me even more determined to spread the word about The Force.

Well, that’s how religious nuts come across to me. They aren’t following what Jesus taught, so clearly they only spread the word to reinforce their own beliefs. Kind of like those people that love to hear themselves talk. I’m a pretty-girl/handsome-boy – kind of like a parrot.

You may think that what you believe in is true, but this does not make it so. The bible is a story and therefore it is a *lie*, and while it may not be a lie in the sense that it was a lie told with malicious intent, but the point is that Star Wars is also a story and all stories are made up, no matter how good of a story it is.

So even if I believed Star Wars was actually real, nothing gives me the right to even begin to try and sell this story as if it were fact, because as soon as I try to make that story true, when it is not true, then that story then becomes a lie.

therefore: all religion is a lie because of the believers themselves who try to spread their religion.

Q) what do you do if you don’t want your little stories to be considered lies?

A) Don’t fucking try to sell them to me!

The logic is quite simple, and only someone who is willingly ignorant and willingly arrogant would continue to try and “spread the word” once they had been told to take it some place else.

So in the spirit of not putting forward anachronistic stories as “truth”, the religious should keep their religious views to themselves because there is bound to be somebody that doesn’t share those views, or rather, there are bound to be people who don’t share your point of view that might resent your proselytising about being a good christian while at the same time you’re also being a judgemental hypocritical prick of a bastard, not to mention that stating something as fact, when it clearly isn’t – is a *lie* – and that breaks one of those precious ten commandments from that Moses guy, by the way.

The fact of the matter is that *most* people are decent enough at being human beings by default, so being religious makes no difference to being “good”, except that the non-believer doesn’t go around bragging that they believe in some intangible thing that somehow makes them “good” like the religious fucktards do incessantly.

The non-believer is more inclined to be a good person for the sake of being a good person, the non-believer is not compelled to think that doing good is going to see them rewarded with the gift of eternal life in heaven. Remember the Good Samaritan tale, where even the faithful person would not lend a hand to the injured man lying at the side of the road?

The point being is that unless you truly follow what your faith teaches, then it’s best that you not brag about being faithful. So in the case of christians, you’ve got a very difficult task ahead of yourself to actually be considered a christian, so if you are going to brag about being a christian, then I expect you to be very much Christ-like.

I personally don’t call myself christian, because:

*) I can’t refrain from judging people who demand that I accept them as being a good person, when they are clearly *not* good people
*) I don’t help out just any person in need, I am wary of people taking advantage of my generous nature
*) I don’t unconditionally love everyone, especially when people that have proven themselves untrustworthy
*) I’m only forgiving to a certain extent
*) I’m not selfless all the time
*) I don’t turn the other cheek once you have crossed the line
*) I don’t give someone my jacket as well when they demand my coat, especially if they are ungrateful
*) I refuse to love my enemies, if you are my enemy then that is for very good reason
*) I won’t let people hurt me nor let people hurt others and get away with it
*) I am not willing to die to avoid hurting others, especially if they are hurting me.

These qualities are all the opposite of what you would expect to find in Jesus, so I don’t even bother to try and live up to them, therefore: I do not pretend to be christian, because I expect christians to be like Jesus with his “love everyone” mantra.

It’s like bragging that you are smart, but then when somebody asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, you look like a dickhead and say “Oh I’m not smart in *that* field of discussion!!”

Same with bragging about being a christian, unless you are willing to die for me; willing to “love” me even if I try to kill you by nailing you to a cross; unless you forgive me for every heinous act I could possibly enact upon you, then you shouldn’t be bragging that you are a christian.

Not saying that I would do horrible things to you, but it is the principal of the concept. Being christian, means you are supposed to be Christ like. So unless you are willing to go through the same sort of crap as you might have seen in “The Passion” then you shouldn’t be bragging about how much you are like Christ by telling everyone that you are christian…

I think of christians in much the same way one would consider Padawan learners (a Jedi in training), if you are a Padawan, you don’t go around saying you are a Jedi yet and if you do, your Master will remind you that you are still a Padawan and that Jedi are humble. In the same regard, christians should not brag about being christian unless they are truly selfless and Christ-like, and if they were truly selfless and christ-like, then they would never mention that they are christian in the first place, at the very least, it should not be an unsolicited admission. ie. don’t talk about your religion unless you are asked to talk about it, because if you were christian, your christianity should show via your actions.

So if you are going to say that you are christian and tout your views, that’s fine, but one should expect to be challenged when these “christian” views are put forward, because stating something as fact, when it clearly isn’t, is a *lie*, and that breaks one of those precious ten commandments, by the way. Yes I said that already.

believe in whatever you want, but if you believe in something that says “be nice” or “don’t lie”, then I expect you to follow those rules, if you can’t do that, then keep your religion to yourself, because it is rude to pretend that you are a good person.


Believers should be aware that using things to lend credence to their religion is idolatry.

A blatant example that might not be so blatant for those not looking for it could be briefly expressed by the following phrase:

“Just because your god made the universe, that doesn’t automatically make you a good person.”

Let me elaborate upon this:

god making the universe – as grandiose a task as it is to make everything that us mere mortals know about – is a pathetically boring and mundane task for a god. Which might explain our universe if the christian/hebrew/muslim god truly did make it in six days – god had like a gazillion years to make and plan our universe – but it would seem to be a rushed job …. I saw a comic about that recently at Two Leaf Clover …

The point being is that god making the universe is just some arbitrary fact about your god – and a fact is a thing, so if you believe in god because it did this random thing, in this case, making the universe, then you are using that *thing* to prop up your beliefs. You use this thing, this idea you have that god made the universe, to help you believe in god… and many people *do* believe in god in general terms (ie. not just christians) because for their minds their is no way the universe can exist without some higher power being involved at some point in the construction process.

and you know – good for you if you want to believe in that sort of stuff – but if that is *all* you do when you believe in the christian Jesus/god and you aren’t following what your precious messiah said to *do* to get into heaven – then why call yourself a christian or a good person?

What makes you a good person, is actually *being* a good person, and if you claim that following your religion makes you a good person, then you had better show us that you are, otherwise you are bound to be called out on your bullshit.

*** If you can’t show that you are a good person, and yet you claim to follow the Jesus from the bible, then you’ve made up your own Jesus. And clearly, if you have made up your own Jesus, no matter if this Jesus is mostly based on the one from the bible, then you are committing idolatry, because if you follow a Jesus that somehow lets you be a prick some of the time, then that is not the Jesus from the bible, so you are worshiping a false Jesus.. ie. a false god… thou shalt not worship false gods much?

I encountered a very hostile “christian” recently who was nothing but rude and condescending, who would hit-on every female in the discussion forum, and yet he maintained that he was a good christian, simply because he loved his wife.

To that fucktard I would say .. “No, you stupid prick, you do not believe in the Jesus from the bible, you have made up your own version of Jesus that sees you love this one person and yet allows you to be a prick to every one else – *clearly* that is a false Jesus as the JC from the bible said to love everyone, so you are worshiping a false god, and that breaks your precious first commandment”

I didn’t bother actually explaining this to him – as he was clearly far too stupid to understand. But many “christians” act like this. Some try to make up science based on their bible – but if you need real life confirmation of what’s in the bible, then I find your lack of faith … disturbing.

The easiest place to commit idolatry, is right there in your mind – where you can make up your own versions of Jesus that resemble the Christ from the bible, but are clearly not the Jesus from the bible, seeing how much of a prick you are to everyone who doesn’t worship the ground *you* walk on……


I first “rejected” religion in preference to reality when I was very young, it was something to do with dinosaurs, I’m sure, because I had read in the bible, or was told that the bible says that the world was thousands of years old – but then I read about dinosaurs – and dinosaurs weren’t just a few thousand more years older, so the age of the world as indicated by the bible isn’t just a little bit off, dinosaurs are ten thousand *times* older than the bible and its six thousand year “history” had described. In terms of percentages, the Earth’s age according to the bible, is only 0.01% of the time since the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. That’s not just a little bit off. That’s a bit like thinking you can launch a rocket into space with a bottle of lighter fluid.

I remember saying to someone at a very young age when talking about dinosaurs “so, that means that the bible is wrong?” and the reply was “pretty much!” … I wonder who that was?

I also remember being in Sunday school once (maybe twice) and the Catholic Sister was telling the class some thing that I thought was utterly hilarious, but before I laughed out loud, I looked around to see who else was laughing… nobody was laughing, they were all paying attention to this bullshit that was being told. I don’t remember going to Sunday school that many times…

Later in life I tried to reconcile that whole bible thing and its six days as meaning six billion years – but I remember not being convinced that I needed to be convinced that religious gods were a fabrication by that stage.

science was just so much more interesting and fascinating than this grandiose god story that seemed to be so full of holes – like Noah’s ark – I remember reading about that in the bible – and that was the end of my bible reading because I went off on a tangent at that point and went looking for corroborating evidence about this “Ark” – I clearly remember watching a documentary “In Search Of… Noah’s Flood narrated by Leonard Nimoy” too, about the search for Noah’s ark … but that set me off on even more quests for knowledge!!!

So Noah and his Ark was just the first hole in the armor broken and I didn’t really bother with christianity/church much from there … but I did learn that “Jesus loves everyone” very early on, but that was pretty much it ….

So basically the only thing I learned was that Jesus loved everyone, so you can imagine just how ticked off that people calling themselves christian did not love everyone. In fact, I’m pretty sure at one stage that I considered christianity and the catholic church to be two different things.

At some stage in my teens I noted that there were multiple churches – and then I read that “my” Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England (Protestants) split up and that many people died in all of this split – so I figured that why would I follow something that the church itself can’t follow? I had also seen Monty Python’s Life of Brian by then so religion became cannon fodder early on as to how stupid it was. I clearly remember cursing people to hell for the most trivial of things for decades – of course I don’t mean it – so as a reflex action, I mock the concept of the often arbitrary definition of “sin” and how that supposedly results in an eternity in hell – my favourite is damn people to hell for interrupting my listening to ABBA.

Then I went through the whole I hate god thing – but god turned out to be my ego and then god died like an imaginary friend that you notice that you don’t believe in any more suddenly one day after fifteen years of not thinking about it! … And by that time my biggest dilemma with god was that I kept saying “god this” and “god that” – so I got around that by considering that every time I used the term “god” – I was referring to the universe. Which I later found out is “pantheism” (god is everything, everything is god) … which is very close to the Jedi and The Force, with its all encompassing energy field that surrounds us and binds the universe together. (our universe’s size is pretty much defined by how far energy radiating from it has traveled, an all encompassing field of energy defines our universe, and as it turns out, our universe is mostly energy)

So now I’m at the “yes religion is stupid, but so what?” stage …

So finally to summarise

When speaking to an overly religious person, who doesn’t really follow their religion in the first place (oxymoron==true), telling them some “thing” about their precious religion is irrelevant – they don’t give a crap about some mundane little part of the story – they don’t even care about the whole point of their religion!!

it’s like saying Star Wars isn’t cool, to a Star Wars “fan” that has never seen any of the movies

“I don’t care what you think about Star Wars, I still like it!” (but has never seen any of the movies)

“I don’t care what you think about Jesus, I still believe in Jesus!” (has not read the bible nor has done anything for the needy)

So belief in a christian god, is merely a crutch, to help you deal with the myriad of complexities in your life.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because beliefs *can* be inspiring, but they can also be detrimental.

So if one is to believe in god, one should actually aspire to the (good) goals represented by this god, but if this god is your own personal god, then feel free to make it *all* up, but if you want to be christian, then there is already a whole bunch of stuff laid out that you need to do in order to call yourself christian …

while i may not believe in a “god”, I believe, or at least, I want to believe, that human science will result in our achieving some measure of immortality for everyone and that we will know a hell of a lot of stuff about the universe if we can stick around for another thousand years, probably enough to get us off this rock and spread across the galaxy – but none of these levels of greatness that humans may achieve will ever mean that god does not exist

how can human achievement ever out do god? if humans can defeat god somehow, then that is because humans didn’t set the bar high enough when they defined this “god” that is suddenly able to be replaced by humans.

while I may not believe that our “spirits” will ascend to some higher plain of existence, I do believe that it is possible that one day our consciousnesses will be transferable to some sort of computing device, giving us a virtual “ascension” into the “network” and as long as the network survives, you will be immortal … who knows, maybe this is how we’ll explore the galaxy, we upload a copy of ourselves to some sort of space probe and we would live our virtual lives roaming the galaxy, perhaps at first setting up communication relay stations here and there about the galaxy.

i also believe that one day, we’ll figure out quantum entanglement too, so those relay stations I just mentioned would be capable of instant communications across light years of space, so not only could you upload yourself to this space probe, you could interact instantaneously back with the “real” you, or in fact you could interact with other copies of yourself, seeing how your real body died tens of thousands of years beforehand.

so in that sense, my belief is also a crutch, because right now, everything that I believe in, is still somewhat based in fantasy. I would guess that most people have beliefs that are warm and fuzzy but not necessarily the complete truth as well.

But for me, without that belief system in place, existence would seem rather pointless, because if we’re just here to go around in fucking circles and “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it” like the religiotards would have us do, then we’re just going to end up killing ourselves whilst competing for resources and if that is the direction where we are most definitely going, then there really *is* no point in existing as your actions in the here and now really *would* be pointless without a hopeful future on the horizon.

Which incidentally, is what the online religidiots (rhymes with village-idiots) tell us anyway: “if we don’t believe in god then our existence is pointless.”

. . . . . .

mostly written…. 24th June 2011, mostly…. most of the blogs I have written of late end up blowing out to almost novel lengths, so I give in … you will have to suffer my long rants if you want to read as I can not be fucked trimming them down to page sized rants any more…

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generalising about christians? who? moi?.. (religiorant)   Leave a comment

recently, it was speculated that I lump all christians into the “you are a dumbarse” basket…

this is not true, if I were to lump all christians into the dumbarse bucket, I would quite clearly say it with no possible room for misinterpretation of what I meant

ie. If I mean to say that all christians are dumbarses, I would quite explicitly say that “ALL CHRISTIANS ARE DUMBARSES”

and I would probably type it all in upper case as well, just like above, just to make sure that “christians” didn’t miss my message, however, not that I can remember everything i’ve ever said and done, but I strongly doubt that I have said or written such a thing, and if I did the context of what was said would probably be important ….

if I say that christians are dumbarses (or something similar) and someone comes along and thinks that statement applies to *all* christians as some blanket generalisation about every self claimed christian on earth, then that person has gone and read more into what I have said or they have ignored the context of what I have said or they have extrapolated their own meaning from my words.

I consider this to be an offensive assumption, because this person has a) made up something around what I have said and then b) gotten angry at the thing that they have made up and then c) they have then taken out their anger on me… fuck you!

one thing that insecure believers have often read into my words is that i’ve said that god doesn’t exist – this is bullshit – i would have to be god itself to know that god doesn’t exist — so if i do say that god doesn’t exist, you must have missed the rest of what i was saying.

And if you did miss something I said, or chose to ignore what I said, then it is your obligation to ask questions to find out what I actually meant, you know, instead of flying off the handle like some poor little girly skirt that has been blown up about your ears by the wind.

If you don’t ask questions, then keep your offensive assumptions to yourself, because if you invent something to get upset about based on my words, then that is your problem, it’s not my problem if you wish to perpetuate your own ignorance.

If you don’t ask questions, then you are choosing to be ignorant, and that is your fault, and if you get mad at me over something that is your fault, I’m not going to be very nice to you about that something.


I once tried to separate the two “classes” of christians, “regular” and “fucktard” …. ie. I would be careful to use proper politically correct language so as to not offend someone who may by offended over something that I may say ….

but it’s become very apparent after spending several years interacting with “christians” on the internet, that there is no need for me to refrain from explicitly saying that “only some” christians are fucktards, or that “only some” christians are bigots, or that “only some” christians are blah blah blahh blah

Because *why* should I bother?

I don’t hear anywhere near enough “real” christians saying that “ohh not all atheists are bad”, so why should I give a fuck if I generalise when christians don’t give a fuck when they are generalising?

The reason for this is quite simple, and this works in both a positive and a negative way.

If people want to complain that I am generalising the “nice” christians in with the dumbarse christians, then stop right there.

What’s the point in telling me? The *ONLY* way to shut me the fuck up is to make the problem go away, and *I* am most certainly not the problem, so whinging to me, is merely a recipe to inspire me to point out MORE “christians” being fucktards.

And there is also the embarrassment factor of not reading what I’ve written properly, or read what I wrote *AT*ALL* … I’ve seen plenty of people do that too. The amount of times people have gone off at me for saying that their god didn’t exist when I said nothing of the sort, is quite pathetic. On more than a few occasions I have pointed out how crap the bible is and in response I have had exclamations that decry my apparent denouncing that god doesn’t exist. The word “god” doesn’t even appear in the phrase “the bible is a stinking pile of bull shit” and yet stupid fucktarded “christians” suffering from dumbarsitis insist that I have said that god doesn’t exist …


And what sort of fuck does any true believer give over what I have to say about their religion?

paranoid-fucking-much? hmmmm?

All I am doing is pointing out the fucking obvious, my words are not the problem. If you find my words to be a problem, then it is YOU THAT HAS THE PROBLEM, because the ONLY thing you do by telling me not to generalise, is confirm that I AM RIGHT and that all christians *do* deserve to be placed into the same dumbarse bucket as the “Bad christians”.

somebody: “not all christians are FUCKTARDS, you know?”

that’s right, if you feel the need to tell me to take it easy on christians, then don’t bother.

Instead, get off your fat lazy holy arse and go tell the fucktarded christians to pull their fucking heads in yourself, either that, or don’t whinge to me for trying to clean up your fucking abomination of a religion.

all you achieve by telling me to take it easy on christians is to inspire me to do go and do that more often, and louder, and to top off all of this: any *true* christian would forgive me for any offence I caused them with my generalisations towards them, in the first place, not that I have seen hide nor hair of an actual christian in at least a few decades – if *ever* – as my memory isn’t that good.

oh and if you don’t like what I have to say, then GOOD, that’s the point.

written mostly on 9th March 2011 … mostly ….

god is just your ego, get over yourself …. (religiorant)   Leave a comment

there is one easy way to prove that god is not “real”, have a look at the christians who aren’t being christian and yet still seem very adamant about saying that they believe in the stories of the bible..

the biggest story they believe, is probably the one where Jesus died for their sins…

no, that’s … not … quite … right…

Jesus died as an example of what you need to do, to save yourself from sinning… he wanted christians to go so far as to die on the cross *as*well* !!

“Get thee behind me, Satan!”

remember that one? that’s what JC said when Peter dared to mention that Jesus not offer up his life to die on the cross… read the whole bible chapter, and don’t just skim for the word “Satan” either… Matthew 16.

basically that chapter says that you can’t even sin to save your life, even if your attacker is intentionally inflicting harm upon you. Remember “The Passion”? Remember how Jesus, the supposed son of god, just stood there and let them hurt him? remember that?

he didn’t go do anything magical to stop everyone from killing him, he did the most selfless thing of any story that I can think of, he *let* himself be killed and he did that because that is what he wanted *everyone* to do…

That was the point of dying on the cross. Inflict no harm upon others by always showing them love – no matter how badly they are treating you.

The whoosh factor would seem to be very high for most christians

Q: so how can some christian *not* actually follow their Messiah, but then be so adamant about following the Messiah?

A: it’s a different Jesus to the one that is supposedly written about in the bible.

The JC that people worship might be based on the dude in the bible, but somehow this Jesus that people openly and loudly believe in, just happens to be exactly what the believer wants him to be, how many christians have openly declared that JC died on the cross for their sins?

What sort of selfish bastard person would even think that, let alone say it out loud? How assuming is that? This heaven of yours, is not cost-free, you gotta fucking earn it, and bragging that you believe in Jesus is *not* how you get into heaven.

Only an extremely egotistical person could possibly think that the entire universe was made for them and them alone and that just by believing in some Messiah figure, they have a permanent direct line to Jesus.

Yes, of course Jesus is there all the time, it is their ego, pretending to be god itself…

and how can your ego be ever wrong if it thinks it’s god?

non-believers aren’t any different, not really, everyone is just as selfish as the next person, but at least the non-believers don’t call their egos, “god”. At least non-believers don’t try to bend people to their will whilst pretending to be the creator of the fucking universe!


consider that there is no “god”, but instead that a particular person’s “god” is actually their own ego: now apply that thinking here:

what sort of god would forgive all of your sins? – what sort of god would create a universe just for you, put earth right in the exact middle of it, and provide the exact circumstances required just for you and your species to live? – what sort of god just happens to want all the things that you want? – what sort of god has the same moralistic values that you have? – and how could you possibly know the will of that god? – what sort of god makes you a moral person just by believing that it exists? – what sort of god would let you get away with just believing in it, while you are getting the supposed teachings of the god you based your version of god upon, so grossly wrong? – and finally, what sort of god just happens to change it’s mind on all of those things in exact synchronisation with your *current* beliefs throughout your whole *entire* god-believing-life?

How can god change its values in exact co-ordination with *you* if *you* weren’t god itself? well?

what sort of god could it be, if that god didn’t just happen to be your ego in disguise? god is *you* – it is your *ego* – regardless of whether there really is a god or not

this is the source of my rejection of someone’s personal/religious god, it’s not that I won’t believe in their god, or that I don’t believe it even exists, or that it’s impossible to exist at all, or that it’s fucking stupid; it’s just that they aren’t following what the god they think that they are following said to do in the first place, they’re just following what their ego-god wants them to do…

They are picking and choosing the facets that they want in their god – thus making their own god which just happens to be exactly what their ego wants. The ego and god are in perfect sync because they are the same. It’s obvious isn’t it?

if you think that *your* word alone on some subject, is in fact the word of god, the only way you could know that for sure is if you were in constant contact with god, that feeling you have of god lurking there with you, that’s *you*, that’s your ego going, “go for it son!”

so if god is your ego, of course is god “real” to the believer, it is very real in fact, but that does not make it real to anyone else, and speaking as if for god, well, that’s bad… m’kay?…


i think the “battles” between believers and non-believers are doomed to always fail as believers and non-believers both argue from their emotional point of view…

but there isn’t a common emotional ground between the believer and non-believer when it comes to “believing”, so while they may be speaking to each other, they are not communicating…

Nietzsche said something along the lines that if the “tone” of what you are saying is not sympathetic towards the person you are talking to, they will not “hear” what you have to say..

“We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

believers “believe” because of emotions, so they won’t “hear” you unless you are sympathetic to them, because they’re selfish, their egos are in control….

“i am god, unless you are nice to me, thou’s offensive words shalt not be heard…..”–[ego-god]

When a person’s ego is their god, well, why do you think some people *SNAP* at the mere scent of an objection to their god existing? we have all seen this plenty of times…

me: bah! the bible is CRAP!
xtian: how dare you say God doesn’t exist!
me: uhmm.. i didn’t say that, i said the bible is crap!
xtian: there it is, you said it again!
me: uhmm, no just because the bible is crap, there still could be a god
xtian: ohhh… but you should still believe in Jesus…
me: *facepalm*

it happens so much that the above little anecdote is probably a blurring of multiple events, but in essence, it’s insulting to the non-believer to talk about belief in fairy tales as if they were fact and it’s insulting to the believer to entertain an actual conversation with someone who does not even have beliefs!! perish the thought!

and yes, non-believers also argue from their emotional point of view because non-believers can be passionate about explaining the truth in terms of actual facts, as opposed to say, being passionate for arguing the truth, in terms of old stories, with their own word, or the word of some book that they probably haven’t even read or understood even if they did read it, and seriously, none of these scriptures will make sense unless you read the whole chapters, and reading multiple different versions to compare and contrast helps as well. And what believer can actually be bothered to do that? not many – not many at all

if people weren’t so passionate about their ideas of the universe and how other people had the “wrong” ideas, then would they bother to try and explain how the other person has it wrong? if they weren’t passionate about their point of view, would they even bother to *facepalm* at those who are stupid? would they even bother call them stupid?

would they even bother to say something like….


if they weren’t passionate about their “beliefs” in science and reality??

believers argue out of ignorance with what they arrogantly “know” to be true – pride is an emotion, right? pride leads a person to take up the judgemental attitudes of “my way is better” or “my way is god’s way”… you keep telling yourself that and you’ll put your own ideas first without considering another person’s point of view, so are person like this is too prideful and arrogant to accept that they could be wrong….

so some people, when they see something they don’t understand or like, they make a judgement based on what their ego tells them about it to try and explain it, which is usually something weak and superfluous…

xtian: “oh god told me that that science of yours is evil!”

me: ” uhmmm …. ‘god’ told you? okay … uhmm no, not likely! at a rough guess I would say that your ego told you that science is evil because YOU don’t understand it. And you don’t understand it because you are too lazy to put in the effort to learn about science, or you are too embarrassed to ask about scientific matters now because you used to be one of the ones in class that didn’t pay attention or made sure that everyone couldn’t learn either, aren’t you? so *you* need a really big ‘reason’ to out-trump the fact that in your ignorance you still don’t know anything about science, and so you get this panicked sort of feeling each time you encounter something you just don’t understand, and it’s like ‘oh what the fuck is that, it messes with my mind!! that’s scary!! god save me god god pray pray pray god god’ … so you play the ‘god card’… ‘ah! it’s evil! god said it was evil, all is good now!’…. i mean, if the supreme being of the universe says it’s evil and you should not worry about it, then who are you to argue, right, at a guess?”

xtian: “ohhhh *you* are evil!”

me: *facepalm* “Hail Satan!”

people get this one idea about god, and their ego just *runs* and goes ballistic with it, because your ego loves this idea of god, it’s *awesome*, the ego loves that this god is going to give it everlasting life and that it knows everything, so you don’t need to worry about stuff that you don’t know, “phooey to you Mr Scientist”, and all you have to do is …. believe in it …. and in that moment, your ego, becomes god…. and it will always forgive you as well, no matter how much of a cunt you are to everyone… in fact, it will forgive you especially if you are a cunt


Some believers are addicted, like ppl are addicted to drugs or chocolate or whatever. Yeah, one more bite of chocolate isn’t going to hurt, now is it?

but the god addiction is worse, the ego thinks it is *god* and it’s also feeding that delusion as well, that’s how people get to crazy crazy ideas, they just didn’t go to the level of thinking in one hit, they get to crazy crazy in degrees.

think of this god-feedback-loop in the same way it would be if you somehow said hello to someone in a magic mirror everyday and not even realise that the person you were talking to, was actually you, and everyday, you would leave this encounter with yourself always feeling, at least, a little bit better about yourself, because that person you see everyday knows exactly what to say to you to give you the pick-me-up that you need.

so to keep the mirror analogy going, the “ego-god” is a reflection of you and everything that *you* want …

same thing happens to fanatic believer when confronted with the “truth” about god, because what if it turns out that initial idea, or even one of the subsequent ideas that formed the basis of somebody’s belief in god, what if those ideas turn out to be *wrong*? your ego went on this great big rant for decades – poor thing!

so when confronted with this contradiction that it just can’t accept after *everything* it went through, after all that time it spent believing in this creature called god, that it would get to this point and *somebody* would then have the audacity to deem the god-ego to be *wrong*.. because if “god” turned out to be wrong, it would call into question *every* other thing in their lives as potentially being wrong as well…

and people can’t stand that – it’s why they think their lives will collapse without god – being held to ransom by your own mind must be pretty scary.

it’s happened to me, I just couldn’t accept Einstein’s theory of relativity, and I still don’t “get” it completely, I thought “well, if it’s true, then surely it can be measured?” … and it has … Atomic clocks have been used on jet planes and satellites to verify Einstein’s theory of relativity, the basic need to account for relativity is because time up in space is traveling faster than it is here on earth. Yes – it *is*.

“Relativity is not just some abstract mathematical theory: understanding it is absolutely essential for our global navigation system to work properly!”

good thing my ego wasn’t so big that it called itself *god* on the matter of relativity, because then it might say – “no fucking way I was wrong, because *god* also don’t either believe in no relativity as well, so how can *I* be wrong, right?”

yes non-believers can be judgemental too, but non-believers don’t follow any holy scripture that says they should refrain from being judgemental.

So as a non-believer, when *I* say somebody is wrong, *I* do it in the name of *my* ego, I don’t invoke the name of god, my ego is not pretending to be so important that it’s in league with or *is* the creator of the frikking universe!

idolatrous, holier-than-thou believers use god to prop up their egos, and being with god gives them a free pass to being absolutely right about the things that their god just happens to believe in, as well.

how else can a believer know the will of god? why else would god have made the entire universe just for us? with just the exact right conditions to feed, clothe, heat, water us? with just the right tint of blue in the sky? with just the right shade of grey for the clouds? how else if not for your ego to be so up-itself that it would be so conceited as to think that it was *that* special???

so given that their egos are so big, there is no *point* in arguing with extreme believers about my emotional viewpoint on matters of god, science, or history, which is often along the lines of…

oh you stupid fucking dumbarse lying cunt SPACE IS NOT AN OCEAN – you were one of those fucking idiots who didn’t fucking pay attention in school, weren’t you? you obviously live in a dumb arse part of the world as well – because no-one could possibly fucking say what you just fucking did and think they could get away with it unless you knew that everyone within 50 miles of you believed the same fucking dumbarse thing because no-one would be in their right minds to say such a thing for fear of dropping dead due to pure embarrassment of believing such utter crap!

but in reality, i am much more inclined to ‘say’ something far more polite…


actually, that’s often the last thing those people will see me post, as I block them soon after…. I dwell too much on how people arrive at their dumbarseness – it’s not healthy – oh and I just can only escalate from there so rather than have to be rude – i’m sure someone told you about the rule of not having anything nice to say, then don’t, right?

i block people that assume they have something to be offended about when it comes to their precious god. ie. often I will accidentally do some sort of Jedi mind trick on the weak minded (this happens often when you speak fluent Sarcasm) and say something that they over extend into their own personal point of view. eg. a simulated conversation, not too far removed from reality, mind you, as I’ve had this sort of actual conversation with christians:

XTIAN: “‘The Force’ isn’t real”

ME: “LOL at the blasphemy!!!! the bible is a crock of shit too!”

XTIAN: “WHAT! how dare you say god doesn’t exist! just who is committing blasphemy?”

ME: “snap! this shit again! No, I didn’t say that god does *not* exist, I said the bible is a crock of shit, ie. it’s not real!”

XTIAN: “but that would imply that you mean god does not exist”

ME: “no! it does not! just because the bible is a crock of shit, it does not mean that your precious god doesn’t exist, I am saying that if your god does exist, that your bible probably has it wrong, at least in some small way such that it is a waste of time to take any of it literally because there is no way to know what is literally accurate or not so that you should just ignore the details about the bible and that you should just follow the underlying message of peaceful relations with everyone, I mean that was the point of the bible, right?”

XTIAN: “oooohhh i get it, why didn’t you just say that in the first place?”

ME: “arrrg! why don’t you stop making assumptions, you know, like your precious Jesus said not to when he said ‘judge not lest thee be judged’ and maybe you could go buy yourself a sense of humour as well?”

XTIAN: “I’m not making assumptions, Jesus is *real*”

ME: “*facepalms*”

XTIAN: “what’s a facepalm?”

ME: *blocks*

so *yeah* god is real, it’s your real fucking ego!!….

and here’s the “proof”, because if god wasn’t in the ego, then there would be no need to go on a rant about god not existing when “provoked” by the slightest inference that god doesn’t exist, and if I didn’t have an ego I wouldn’t be here complaining that people were calling their own frikking egos, “god”!! a true believer in god, would just accept that there *is* a god, and set about at least trying to do what the basic message of the religion for that god taught, and in the case of christianity, the underlying message is “be frikking nice!”

given that believers can’t even discuss their religion civilly, there is no *point* in arguing the non-believers’ emotional point of view. in essence, the non-believer needs to combine their logic and wisdom, with their own compassion in being able to put themselves into the mindset of what-ever religion the believer they are arguing with, actually teaches.

in other words: it’s easy to tell someone that they *are* stupid pricks for believing, but there is no point unless you can speak to them on their own level, about their own emotional needs for believing in the first place.

well there is one point, some people actually do need to be treated like children, at least at times,

XTIAN: “i heard that the stars twinkle because the earth’s magnetic field is unstable and failing!”

ME: “no no no, that’s just not true, the stars don’t twinkle because of that! where the frak did you get that stupid idea?” ..

XTIAN: “oh, my uhmm, my dad said it” ..

ME: “well, you tell your dad, that the stars twinkle because of the heat in the atmosphere, it’s the same sort of thing that happens when you see the heat coming off the road or the stove, the heated air distorts the light coming from further away because all the molecules are buzzing around so much from the heat, that the air becomes some sort of fuzzy lens that is constantly moving around because of the wind, and that’s why the stars twinkle, the air is flying around up there, with pockets of warmer or colder air, and as it passes through those pockets of different temperature air, it makes the light bounce off into different directions, randomly.” …

XTIAN: “oh my dad said not to listen to people like you with your science and logic, he said you were agents of Satan, and that it was god’s will that the magnetic field fail because we’re all sinners!” ..

ME: *facepalms* … “whatever! and ‘yes’ I will have fries with that, that’s why I asked for the ‘value meal’, and ‘no’ I didn’t ask for a coke, I wanted a water, which is why i said ‘with a water’… maybe if you had paid attention in school you’d be able to concentrate for the ten seconds it *should* have taken for me to place my order?”

XTIAN: “oh, I left school!”

ME: *grrrrr*

the true trick to the religious war, is to argue from the emotional standpoint of the religious person, because you won’t change somebody’s mind with one little fact..


no, the tides go in and out because of the moon
no, the moon stays in orbit because of earth
no, the earth stays in orbit because of the sun
no, the sun stays in orbit of the galaxy because of the combined mass of many stars and a super massive black-hole at the centre of the milky way
no, you don’t “got me”, the milky way is gravitationally bound to other galaxies in the immediate region of galactic space
no, the local group of galaxies is bound gravitationally to the Virgo galactic super cluster
no, the Virgo group is attracted to an area of space called the “Great Attractor”
no, you don’t “got me now”, it just means that we don’t know yet.

if anything, what should be done when challenged by someone who is just going to contradict everything you say is, “I’m not playing this game of yours, you’ve obviously got the internet, type ‘tides moon earth gravity’ into the search bar of your browser, and go figure it out yourself, come back with specific questions, if you must”…

so I say, *let* them have their precious god, but argue with them on *their* emotional level, argue knowing full well that this god of theirs, is their ego…

tell them *how* they have their religion wrong, instead of merely saying *that* they have their religion wrong.

for instance:

I would say to Bill O’Reilly, “Bill, what the frak does the tides coming and going have to do with actually following Jesus’ teachings of ‘love thy neighbour’?”

to people going on about how the frikking year is proof of Jesus I would say “ahem, guys, what does the year have to do with actually following Jesus’ teachings of ‘love thy neighbour’?

to people who say “Praise Jesus” all the time; “what does just saying ‘Praise Jesus’ have to do with actually following Jesus’ teachings of ‘love thy neighbour’?”

one simple question:

what does *any* of what some christian is rambling on about, have to do with actually following Jesus’ teachings of ‘love thy neighbour’?

well? could it be “nothing”? well, could you stop committing idolatry then? because if there really is a Jesus, you’re just pissing him the-fuck off!

this is my wager;

it’s better to not follow any religion whatsoever, than it is to choose one of the many, and make the wrong decision, or make the right decision, but then just not bother to actually follow that religion correctly…


Jesus was that dude who was so bereft of selfishness, that he didn’t even try to save himself from dying on the cross… which was the whole point of the dying on the cross metaphor, and yet, ironically, the most ego-less character of all time, Jesus Christ, is the same guy that a large proportion of Western society is selfishly just saying that they believe in

Jesus was saying; “here I am, I died on the cross, not for your sins, but as an example of selflessness, in order to give you an example of the sort of behaviour you should aspire to, to stop you from committing sin in the first place”

and who is to say, that just because Jesus forgives you, that you have escaped your punishment, anyway? what sort of Jesus would forgive you, and let you get away with all the bullshit you’ve done in your life, other than the Jesus-god-ego creature you worship?

mostly written 29th Jan 2011, mostly… you know, christians should probably stop telling me to read their bible….

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i have often seemed to have rattled the faith of the religious, with mere words, even *accidentally* at times, even without even trying

and I’ve even seen “christians” getting upset and going on rants at and over atheists for no apparent reason other than because atheists EXIST!

but “why is that a problem?”, you say?

well, it would be fine if these ranting believers were piping up in response to some *specific* thing that they have a problem with ….

but the very fact that atheists exist?

how does one even argue with such a vague point of view when these believers have their faith rattled even before you speak to them? ie. by doing nothing whatsoever, non-believers are able to rattle the faith of the “faithful” …

did you read that?

doing *NOTHING*AT*ALL* is all it takes to upset some people and their religion.

this is a problem, these people choose to willingly be upset over *nothing*

that’s like a little child in the middle of a temper tantrum saying

“look what you made me do!”

I didn’t make you do anything, you still *chose* to react in anger. That was a choice. It was *your* choice.

It was *your* choice to chuck a spaz, I didn’t hold a gun to your head and *make* you have a temper tantrum over your religion and/or your god – you did that all by *yourself* !

so given that doing nothing can upset some of the religious fruit cakes, i try to avoid using any words in every day language (in the first place) that may upset and rattle those stupid fucking religious morons (and just coz ppl are religious it doesn’t instantly make them morons, however, there are religious people who are morons, and that is who i speak about here)

which is ironic – because no matter what the fuck i say about someone’s religion or their faith, even if I’m being deliberately antagonistic, if they feel the need to deem me “wrong” by getting upset in any way shape or form, then they are showing that they are lacking “faith”..

“I find your lack of faith disturbing!”
–Darth Vader

sure I can be offensive and people have the right to be offended at my words, but at least in terms of christianity, they should prove that they truly are *christian* by walking away, or more correctly, they should invite me to think of something more offensive than what I’ve just said and make me hang myself upon my own anger.. “turn the other cheek” and such, right? …

and Muslims are just as bad, they claim to have a religion of peace, so if I were to anger a Muslim, then they can prove that their religion is truly a religion of peace, by walking away no matter what the fuck I say about this piss poor religion of theirs that they think is “peaceful” …

but is that what they do? The fucking riots in the streets of Pakistan in protest of DRAWINGS would seem to indicate that Muslims want anything but peaceful relations with the rest of the world.

Seriously Islam needs to take a chill pill over the whole pictures of Muhammad thing, as they risk bringing the issue to more people’s attention with their whinging about cartoons, which will in turn, show more people just how stupid Islam is – thus leading to more incidents where they will get mocked!

The religious should not wonder why they should keep their religion to themselves.

Islam itself may be peaceful and it very well may just teach peaceful notions in amongst all those verses about smiting at the neck of your enemies (ie. beheadings) and whatever else it says – but there are Muslims that don’t embrace the notion of peace who *DO* enact violence in the name of their religious fantasy – but the other Muslims, ie. the majority, who actually are peaceful do nothing about their extremists and yet they get upset and say “WE’RE NOT ALL TERRORISTS!” – oh is that fucking right? then why doesn’t the majority fucking do something about those extremists?

a lack of objection to the actions of the extremist members of your religion, CONDONES their behaviour..

Like if somebody does something bad in the name of Jesus and every other christian ignores that, that says to me that the christian majority don’t give a rats arse that that someone has done something bad in the name of Jesus BECAUSE THEY FUCKING AGREE WITH THEIR MOTIVES, because if you *disagreed*, would you not say something?

got that?

if you don’t do anything about the problem children in your group, expect other groups to say that your group of people are fucked up, and that is *not* because of this one person and the bad shit they did, but because the rest of you don’t seem to give a fuck about the bad shit they did either.

it’s an extreme case of the “buddy system” – he’s my buddy – so I don’t dob on him, just in case he turns on me and kills me dead while I have my back turned to him, so I’m better off just shutting the fucking hell up, lest I get myself and my whole family killed.. which is exactly what happens in Islam is this day and age and is what happened centuries ago in christianity . How many stories have we heard of someone in an Islamic country standing up to the way their country is being influenced by religion, only to see that they get thrown behind bars, tortured, or even killed for their troubles?


who am I when it comes to a religion??

I’m a nobody in terms of religious faith, I don’t know of gods other than what I’ve read from the little religio-story books and anecdotes – therefore, I don’t *know* religious faith – I don’t know other people’s feelings about their faith – I have no idea!! so how can I, who knows nothing about a person’s faith, rattle that faith??

if you know your enemy’s strategy you can often wear him down with little effort – this is kind of like that, except here you do not even know that you even had an enemy and somehow you can wear down the guy without even knowing that you are wearing him down.

so how the hell can I rattle someone’s “faith”, if they truly have faith???

Someone walks up to you in the street and says your mother is a whore, unless that person *KNOWS* your mother personally, then how would they even know? they are just making up bullshit to try to rile you up!! They are trying to make you bite! This is also called “fishing” or more accurately – “shit stirring”

in the same way, only the people who know how to push your buttons, know how to get you the most upset.

and yet, there are childish religious morons that I can still send flying into flurries of fury, how is that possible if I don’t even know your faith? that would be like some astrophysicist throwing a temper tantrum after being told that the moon was made of cheese.. NO IT’S NOT MAD OF CHESE YOU FUCKING PEACVE OF SHUITE YTOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SIECNCE U JUST HSUT THE FUCK UOP!!!

If an astrophysicist got upset at somebody’s claim that the moon was made of cheese, would you not have to wonder if that person was only merely saying that they were an astrophysicist??

Perhaps they used to think it was made of cheese as a child, and now they get upset at themselves in retrospect when other people propose the “moon == cheese” idea?

eg. i’ve sometimes said “there is no god” and people have bounced off the walls in anger over that, and yet, when people say “there is a god”, I’m of the opinion that they may be right, they are probably not, but it doesn’t bother me….

if you want to believe in a fantasy to make yourself feel better, then go for it, I’m not stopping you, and I couldn’t even if I wanted to, OH WAIT! IT SEEMS THAT “YES” I CAN!

If you can get upset at anything I say about your precious faith/god, then you are admitting that you don’t really have faith. And if there *really* was a god, I’d be cast into the pits of hell at god’s discretion, not at the whims are idle threats of some bitchy whiny arse pants fucktard religious moron.


when ppl get upset, could it be that the truth hurts? and that people don’t really believe in what they say they believe in? you don’t really believe in something if you need to get upset about someone refuting that thing, right?

getting upset means that your position is weak, or that you are lacking the ability to defend it, and if you can’t defend your position, it indicates your uncertainty about your position.

so given those circumstances above, who is the person with more actual faith (not religiously, but in general terms) in what they believe in?

is it the person who says “DONT YHOU SAY SHI5T ABOIT MY GOD YIOU FILTHY GODF HATER YOUR GOING TO TEHLLLLLL SCUM BSAGH!!!” or is it the person who says “you are entitled to believe what you want, because as long as you not are hurting anybody, I don’t give a fucking rat’s arse what you believe!!!”

well? who has the better position in passing along their thoughts? the person shouting at you, who can’t even type straight, or is it the person calmly having a conversation with you, regardless of them and their fucking vulgar profanity??

in fact, if you feel the need to make any insults at me when I don’t agree with your faith, then you are embarrassing yourself because you should take insults against your faith (or lack thereof, for that matter) in your stride, but clearly, the majority of people purporting to be believers can not do this…

in fact, when a believer insults me, they are in fact insulting themselves more than they insult me, but I doubt these “believers” would realise though… blinders are rather – blinding – especially when you, yourself, have put them into place with super-glue with some catch-all solution called “god”.

If you can have your faith rattled *that* easily, then they should probably keep it to yourself, because announcing that you have faith, especially when nobody was talking about faith to begin with, merely says to me that you don’t have faith.

and in some countries you will get mocked for confessing you have faith.. because you’ve just said something that isn’t dissimilar to an adult saying “I believe in SANTA CLAUS!” .. eg. the last time someone confessed to having “faith” around me, I didn’t get the chance to say anything, as somebody else beat me to it, and he wasn’t even as half as nice as I was going to be about it.

in much the same way, a wise person would never say that they are wise, why would they need to? they don’t need to brag that they are wise, as their actions and words indicate their wisdom, so anybody trying to tell you that they *are* wise, should be considered anything but wise, especially if you don’t know them!

point being, is that if I can rattle the faith of the faithful, then that means that what I am saying is somehow more important than what their god has allegedly taught them, or what I’ve said was beyond their level of understanding of their god, all of which proves that god is completely in the mind of the believer, which clearly makes “faith” and god easily subjected to a person’s emotions, because if a person was truly a believer in god, they would laugh off anything I have to say about their “faith”, at the worst, they should be merely puzzled by my lack of faith in much the same way that I am often dumbfounded by how fucking stupid people of “faith” can be at times.


see, when I have a temper tantrum, there is a specific thing I’m tantruming about, when the religious have a fucking SPAT – they would never be able to put their finger on what is actually bothering them, seeing how god is in their brain, and sticking their fingers in their brain, would probably cause (more) damage…

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there is no god? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

this was originally to be a comment on Wiggy’s blog, but it was just too long and i like to religiorant…. oh yeah, and I’m sick of jerk-offs getting their butts hurt when I “Offend” them – boo fucking hoo – don’t read if you don’t have a spine (as is the case with all my blogs) … this blog is very disjointed and excessively long and probably has grammar and spelling problems and all of the topics are probably covered in another blog … i probably need to make that a standard disclaimer for all my blogs from now on i think

mostly written 23rd-26th August 2010, mostly…


nobody knows if there is a god, nobody can even define it, so how can we know if god exists or not, if we can’t even come together on its definition?

so, given the lack of a coherent idea between people about the concept of “god”, then isn’t god inherently going to be an entirely illogical concept to begin with?

nobody *knows* shit about god, as knowledge is something that can be demonstrated, eg. I know sun shines coz I can see it in the sky – but when it comes to god, all we have are *feelings* about it and i find it unlikely that any two people could feel exactly the same way about god.

so when two people can’t agree on god, the most prudent thing they need to do, is make sure that they are both talking about the same thing, by defining the parameters of this “god” they are discussing… eg. the christian god, Norse gods, the universe (as in pantheism), Hindu gods, your personal god la la la la

because if you don’t define which god or gods you are talking about, then you’re probably not going to be talking about the same thing.


but defining god is a problem, as those that have tried to define god, have been known to fail quite miserably at the task, look at the Abrahamic religions and their “loving” god and the people who follow those religions, the plethora of different beliefs that have spawned from what is supposedly the same god, is atrociously high in number, pathetic even..

The religious, are supposed to all be on the same page with their beliefs, however they are clearly not as is often demonstrated by their internal disputes as well as their interactions with other religions.

I often have to laugh at christians and muslims when they say that their religion is peaceful, when their own religions have split into factions that fight against each other!

For example: Muslims have the Sunni and Shia “disagreement”, that split happened a few decades after Muhammad died and they have been killing each other since!

These actions give me proof that whatever their religion says and whatever muslims say about their religion, it must be bullshit, because the end result saw muslims killing each other over some disagreement – that is not peaceful so how can we be expected to believe these claims that islam is a peaceful religion when the actions of their militant few, say otherwise?

oh, I hear you, it’s only the terrorists that aren’t peaceful? that is irrelevant – get this through your head – if the peaceful muslims don’t do anything about their violent extremists then I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s only the extremists that are giving these supposedly peaceful religions a bad name because, the peaceful majority are *irrelevant* to the whole situation if they do nothing about their extremists.

In actual terms, extremists would seem to outnumber the amount of people who take action against extremists, the apathetic masses that take no action whatsoever are not involved – other to vent their anger at being lumped in with the extremists they do nothing about.

the same thing has happened with catholics and protestants and all the other christians, for that matter..

Jesus taught that christians are to love everyone, the second highest commandment in all of christianity is to “love thy neighbour” and shit man, if the *christian*church* itself can’t even do that much *themselves* and keep their own church from splitting up violently, then there is no way i’d pick up their religion as I try to *NOT* take deliberately hypocritical things seriously….

tens of millions of people died over the split between catholics and protestants and 500 years ago, that was a fair chunk of all the people that were alive at the time in the entire world…. so how is all that blood shed, “loving thy neighbour”?


for me, I never really believed in anybody’s preconceived idea of god, I made up my own stupid idea of it, so my idea of god got diluted over the years and now, I make up something new about god nearly everyday….

i do not have one static definition of god, and the reason I can change my mind all the time, is that I just don’t know what to think about god – there could be a god – there might not be a god – i think it’s *FUN* to dream up the possibilities of god, so when people get upset and take their beliefs too seriously, well, it’s not that much fun any more, because to demand that what you believe about god be accepted by everyone else, well, that’s just embarrassingly pathetic, as that is no different to demanding that I believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, Peter Pan, big foot, that Star Trek the original series was better, that Greedo fired first… blah lbah blah

if you make an incredible claim, you *need* to back up that claim, *incredibly*!..

oh and “just have faith” will not slide very far in my world either. “Just have faith” is no different to telling me to “Just get fucked” because just telling me to believe, well, that’s rude, no matter how *you* want to spin it – it’s just plain rude, it says that your opinion is better than mine, regardless of my opinion. “just have faith” is saying that whatever my opinion is, yours is better than mine… fuck you! You don’t even know me, so you can “just get fucked” if you think i should “just have faith” or that I should “just believe”… rude much?


god existing *logically* is impossible. yes, a logical god is complete bullshit, no SHIT Sherlock!

so why even use logic to “debunk” the illogical? *how* can the illogical even have logic applied to it in the first place?

god is everywhere at once? infinitely powerful?? has “lived” for all eternity?? none of that makes sense because it’s ILLOGICAL!

so god is already illogical, but don’t let me stop you wracking your brains over just how illogical god is, because therein lies the *FUN* of god – what if god did this – what if god did that…

but to think that a fancy bit of logic categorically proves that god does not exist (or *does* exist for that matter), well good on you for being soooo “clever”, but you might as well try to prove that love doesn’t exist, because people believe in god because of *feelings* – logic won’t help you as much as you would like when feelings are involved, as logical concepts tend to go right over a lot of people’s heads *anyway*, many people have no idea how to understand your logical points of view, so your extreme cleverness, is fucking pointless.

you’d have just as much luck teaching monkeys about quantum physics, so getting upset over people not agreeing with your “logical” take on god, the most illogical thing of all, that is illogical in itself as well, isn’t it?

you fucking embarrass yourself by demanding that god doesn’t exist. because to make such a claim, is to claim that you are god yourself, because only god would know if god categorically existed or did not exist, right?

getting upset is exactly what a spoilt child with a tendency to temper tantrum would do.. like a child getting pissed off that their ice-cream keeps melting while they are standing in the sun on a hot day, but not realising even for a second, that it’s the heat that is causing the ice cream to melt…. stand in the fucking shade and eat your ice-cream cone you dumb little shit!!!


imagine a child, after thinking that Santa Claus was real for the first few years of life, but then figures out that Santa, is really mum and dad.

But then imagine that child, after he’d finally accepted that Santa Claus was just the parents, imagine if some little kid told him that Santa Claus was *real*, he would go into flying fits of rage telling everyone that “NO !!! YOUR DUMBASH- THERS NOT AS SANTA CLAUIS!” ..

that’s what “angry” atheists are like, but jerks are jerks no matter what they believe, and it’s about time people started to realise that it’s “extremists” in general that are the problem, regardless of beliefs. (it’s just that religious jerks are in greater abundance)

But why would anyone get upset that there is no Santa Claus?

could it be, that they really *wanted* Santa Claus to be real, but now they know the truth … they are mega ticked off about it not being true, could they be mega ticked off about being deceived? pissed off about having their warm-and-fuzzy feelings taken away from them? can they get back some of the stolen innocence of their youth by telling as many other little kids that Santa is not real either, so as to share that pain around? they felt it, so why not spoil it for every other kid as well?

Imagine that kid in the school grounds at lunch time, telling the little kids that they are “fucking stupid” and that they are “retarded” for believing in Santa Claus?

That little shit doesn’t give a reason for there being no Santa, he just says “Think about it!! it’s the TRUTH! It’s your PARENTS! SANTA CLAUS IS YOUR MUM AND DAD!!!” .. but there’s all the big kids, “ahem, yeah, Santa Claus isn’t real, so what? let the little kids have their innocence now that they believe, and what difference does it make to you?”

Santa Claus didn’t make sense, but we still believed it, because we liked the *idea* of some magical or larger than life person making a big fucking deal out of little old us.

Maybe we should thank Coca Cola or whoever it was that commercialised Santa Claus? maybe a lot more little kids were able to “figure out” Santa a lot sooner because the shops make such a big deal out of Christmas shopping time for over a month every year!.. so kids see Santa more often in the shops, on the TV, and in advertising, etc, so they end up thinking about the Santa concept for longer.

so if children can figure out that Santa isn’t real, what is stopping the next logical step of this awakening to bullshitism? …..

what makes people hang on to “god”, because ya know, *god* makes even *less* sense than Santa Claus so uhmmm???? could it be that most kids are so fickle, they only care about getting the presents, they don’t actually think about the concept of god, ooopps, I mean Santa, they just want the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of getting stuff, so that they feel loved…. and besides, ultimately, Santa Claus is far more real than god will ever be, it’s a lot easier to debunk something that is real.

and since god belief is just our own personal warm and fuzzy feelings, born of our illogical and emotional need for security, using logic against something founded in our illogical emotions, is even more illogical and even more illogical than that – is to expect your logic to work on the fundamentalist.


so god being real or not, is beside the point, you can not debunk the illogical with logic.. right?

for instance: is “love” real? how can you debunk love? you can’t touch it – you can feel it – how do you prove that you love someone? you could do many things for them – but how does anything prove categorically that you love someone? You could put your life on the line for someone, perhaps nearly die, but who is to say you would not have done that same thing anyway, even for someone you did not even know, let alone love? Point being, is that “love” is a very broad term.

but love – in technical terms – is just a chemical response (that warm and fuzzy feeling you get) when you know that someone cares about you, or when you feel “warmly” for someone else, isn’t it?

i mean, how else, can you describe love without referring to other feelings?

pfft!… oh I hear some of you, “god *is* love” … *sigh*

well, that may be so, but god *is* just a feeling in the first place, so it’s quite a nice sentiment to describe god as being “love”, in fact, the bible even says that god is love! So “god is love” – fine by me, whatever makes you happy – *shrugs*shoulders*

that’s what the whole god thing boils down to for a lot of people, isn’t it? you can’t rely on other people to be nice and to love you at all times – but you can rely on god to love you at all times no matter how crappy things have turned for you, so why not run with this notion that *god* loves you, that way it doesn’t matter if you’re a total creep and nobody can stand to have you around, you’ve got god/Jesus/allah/blah/blah/blah ….

being cared for and loved for all eternity is what we really want, because our lives are so small in this universe, some of us need to believe in god to make themselves feel connected with the universe and if you love the creator of the universe then you are set to live for all eternity, and the mere pittance of a price for this love, is that we tolerate a lot of bullshit from the people/deity giving us this love for half a dozen decades or so..

eg… oh he’s my brother so i put up with his drinking…

she’s my cousin, so i don’t care that he’s a prostitute..

oh they are my partner, so i let them beat me because I love them….

oh he’s my best friend, so i don’t care that he owes me thousands of dollars…

oh god is god, so god can flood the world and kill everyone as *often* as it wants! right??!?!

people far too often seem to want to put up with a lot of bullshit, just to gain a little bit of love, so it’s no wonder that some people can turn to god, no matter how strongly their previous convictions were that they didn’t believe.

and a significant proportion of christians would have us believe, that love from god, merely requires that you believe in Jesus.

that’s it – that’s all you need to do – just believe;.. don’t even need to snap your fingers, nor click your heels, nor do the hokey pokey and not even turn about – all you need to do is believe.

so god can give you love – plenty of it – god is love on a stick – god can fill the gap in the emotional needs of a person, exactly the same way that little kids have imaginary friends…. and the more emotionally invested your are in your god, the less you can grow emotionally ….

yes, you read that right … the children of god, indeed; thus making the non-believers, the adults …


and let us not forget that in spite of all your logic, if god was real and you could somehow lay down a challenge to it, god could always cheat..

that’s right…

if there is a god, what is stopping it from *cheating* to get around your “clever” logic anyway…

you and all your logic could not defeat a god…. you kid yourself if you think that your little bit of logic can defeat “god” !!! …

your logic might be able to squash the christian or muslim god – that’s easy – but that is *only* because those bunches of religiopeople didn’t have a very good imagination (nor hindsight like we do today) when they were dreaming up their god creature.

so if you reckon god can’t do some lame thing like draw a square circle, then think again…

what if god draws a circle, so you *see* a circle being drawn, but then god goes and changes your brain such that the definition of a *square* is now a circle? so now, even though you saw a circle drawn, even though you *know* it *was* a circle – you *now* see a square..

so now, the rest of us would now laugh at you for calling circles, “squares”…

which would be your personal punishment from god for your arrogance in challenging it with some trivial and mundane, but supposedly clever riddle to try and trick god, so now you get to spend the rest of your life going mad saying “I saw a *circle* drawn, how can it be a *square* now?”, as you clutch the worn down and crumpled bit of drawing paper that god sketched your squircle on…. in your padded room…. with drool dribbling down your “bib”… from inside a jacket that someone else needs to release you from.

see? god could *Cheat* the arse right off you and you wouldn’t even know, so even those things that apparently make sense now, could be thrown out the window, should this god so choose to do such a thing to your arse.

Point being is that nothing thus far has made sense about god nor did anything seem big enough to me about god, nor can I see how this god thing would ever make sense!

“god made the universe??!?! that’s it? one piddly little universe? this god didn’t really aspire to that big of a task, did it? i mean, it’s *god*, right?”

the best nonsensical thing i can think of that would allow god to know everything, is if god was every *where* and every *when* at once, so it wouldn’t need to *know* or *Remember* anything, it would be there to see it all happen in real time….. and god could also be everywhere at once, but be out-of-phase with us, but still able to see this universe….. or how about god sitting above our dimension??..

making sense of those statements and *how* god could do that is *fun*.


for me – the closest thing to making sense of god in our universe, is that the universe itself is god… but if that is so, then there’s no point in having “faith” as your every moment of existence would be proof of god, it would be a fact, as you would be in constant contact with god all the time, so the whole higher “god being” becomes redundant – which is not why people believe in god anyway, is it?

people want warmth and fuzziness, and you can’t get that from an inanimate object.

So god being the universe, doesn’t appeal to people, because people *want* to believe in fantasy, basically, so they can feel warm and fuzzy about things that they can not control.

I quite clearly remember, as a very young child, *wanting* to believe in god because I didn’t want the end of my life here on earth to be the end of things completely, I wanted to live forever, and *god* was the only option in that regard, at least to my very young mind. It was my fear of death that made me want to believe in god, but I never could though – god just didn’t take ..

and quite frankly, the most fantastic thing that god could do, would be to create itself, and as far as I can understand, the universe *did* create itself, whatever the specifics were of how it actually happened.. ie. big bang, big rip in space, big crunch, string theory, parallel universe, colliding universes, quantum fluctuations, blah blah blah – whatever it was – the universe making itself is far more impressive and believable than anything anybody has ever said about their god, at least it is for me.

so when I say I don’t believe in god, that means any and every god “being” that has ever been made up… but that *still* does not mean that a god “being” does not exist, there still could be some creature-being that fits the “god, creator of the universe” model, i doubt that there is a god though.. but what I don’t doubt, is that every believer’s idea of god is wrong, because no-one who believes in god, thinks big enough about their god!


the universe making itself requires one fantastic thing to consider, that being that the universe made itself out of nothing

god making the universe requires two fantastic things to consider, that there *is* a god, and that this god is so powerful, it *could* make a universe out of nothing

and who knows, our universe could have been accidentally created by a bunch of aliens in a science experiment that went wrong, and if that were true, those aliens would be “god, creators of the universe”, we just don’t know

you’d think that as we learn more about the universe, that the people claiming to be smart amongst us, would realise that the more we know, the more it is apparent it is about just how little we *do* know… eg. when we were kids we thought we knew everything, the older we got, the more we realise just how much we didn’t know…

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.



i say let people have their god, because if they wanted it so bad and you made them realise the truth by hammering it home at them that they are stupid dumbarse morons, then don’t expect those people to be happy about being forced to give away something that loved them… imagine if you took a puppy away from a child that had just gotten used to it??

so, have fun exploring that idea, “is there a god?”, but ultimately, who gives a fuck? because it’s what people *do* with that belief that can be a problem, do we really think religious people will stop being fuck-heads once they aren’t religious? i don’t think so!! they’ll probably be *Worse*! i bet that’s probably where all the atheists who act like fucktards come from..

in my experience, it’s been the *ego* of a person and their extreme desire to believe (or not believe) that has been the problem, so if you destroy someone’s beliefs, (or make them turn *to* god for that matter), their ego will just get bigger to compensate, and that will be a bigger problem, because if you’ve shown them to be wrong, the ego will need to become bigger in order to compensate for having to accept that it really does have a small penis and that everyone knows it has a small penis, as well.

catching someone out in a lie, could see them tell a bigger lie to cover up that first lie.

but even being angry about god not existing, must feel good in some strange sort of way, because you get to *feel*. But feelings can always be taken to extreme, and god, regardless of it being “logically impossible”, god is still *real* to those who believe because people’s *feelings* are always going to be real…


is love “real”?

try and define love without referring to other feelings and all you’ll get is that “love” is just the brain and body reacting to inputs from the senses…

but that notion of love isn’t enough for some people, so their brains invent things to make them feel better, some people fantasise about the person they can’t have, and some pretend that they rule the world, but some people just don’t have the imagination to make up something elaborate to pump up their egos, so we have “warm-and-fuzzy” on a stick for you, and it’s called “god”, and all you need to do to feel warm-and-fuzzy.. is just *believe*, and you’ll be *loved*, for all eternity…

is constant prayer an admission that you live in a horror movie? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

some people defer to the power of prayer for reassurance that they will survive a hurricane when it is bearing down upon them, and some use prayer to face difficult moments in their lives, some even need the power of prayer just to make it through the day itself, just to help them deal with all the evil twists and turns that are thrown their way every day as if they were living in a Hollywood Horror movie!

Constantly being ready to battle the evil in the world, via prayer, would seem to be a necessity for some people, seeing how at any second someone might reveal themselves to be an evil atheist to the poor-unsuspecting-holier-than-thou-extreme-in-the-name-of-Jesus-I-pray-religious types, thus leading to much wailing and gnashing o the teeth at the mere presence of a non-believer and theeeerere’s nothing like a good old PRAYER to ward off the evil atheist and his probable liberal agenda.

so given that some “extreme” believers act like they are dealing with Satan himself herself when they encounter any non-believer or any other Satan supplied shit, (otherwise known as “life”) do they really go around living their lives from day to day as if they are in a real life and real time horror movie? I mean, it’s not like an evil atheist can be easily “spotted” – it’s not like those evil creatures walk around with bits of flesh falling off their bodies as they drag one leg behind saying “braiiiinnns … bwraynnnsss.. brayayayaiinnnsss” thus making it clear to the extreme believer who is evil and who is not.

that is, does the religious fundamentalist, who sees the work of Satan in everything (ooooo is *he* an atheist? I *beT* Satan is an aTheIST!) they don’t find to be “godly” in their silly little worlds, do they face every day with a perpetual need to walk around with a prayer ready to be chanted and with their crosses clutched to their chests, held there to ward off all the evil vampatheists and other such vile anti-christ creatures of darkness?

And paranoid extreme believers realllly need to be vigilant in their efforts to ward off the evil unbelievers, don’t they?

because they just *never* know when one of those vile non-believer creatures is going to rise up from below and crack open the ground and spew forth from the pits of hell on a wave of Satanic lava and rip the soul right out of the body of the unwary christian sucking that poor unwary christian soul back down to christian hell for all christian eternity – and yes – the christian ground would close back up again as if nothing christian happened, thus leaving behind a fresh atheist-corpse-of-a-person where, just ten christian seconds previously, there once stood a pleasantly good christian nice good Jesus christian good loving and good christian god fearing good christian christian, just minding their own good christian business, probably on their way to a good christian prayer rally or some good christian church cake raffle or something else equally as christiany christian good …


prayer does have a use during the horror movie that is the extreme believers life though.

Especially useful is its ability to alleviate a sense of impending doom, as it basically gives the believer something to do when faced with some impending crisis.

The advantage to the person praying, is that if they didn’t pray, we could very well have a full blown spaz attack on our hands.

And we all know that having a spaz attack, could very well be detrimental in any crisis situation, so yelling and screaming about how “Jesus is LORD” is not a good thing to do when a split second of distraction could see everyone dead.

For example: imagine you are a believer in a car as the passenger and the car is suddenly faced with some ungodly danger, as the passenger you could sit there and freak the fuck out screaming and yelling, thus distracting the driver and killing everyone involved.

Or you could be a good little munchkin and sit there silently in prayer with your eyes closed, as you pray to god Jesus Christ Mary holy mother of god Joseph and the holy ghost and father in heaven et al; that the driver is competent enough to avoid the impending doom. By remaining calm, you do not potentially distract the driver nor ruin the horror movie for everyone else with your incessant little comments and/or screaming about how god is going to help you defeat Satan and of course, Satan just happened to manifest itself as an impending crisis for *you* personally, thus by “defating” satan with your prayers you save the entire earth. Just like you are fucking superman or some other superhero. And then repeat as necessary to describe the rest of your entire paranoid real life horror movie.

So yes, prayer does have a use, but of course, one would hope that when driving, one would *not* sit there in silent prayer in the face of some sort of danger, especially when slamming on the brakes might actually prove to be a quite prudent move at that particular moment for the person driving.


Does non-belief really scare the fuck out extreme believers so much that they live their life as if it were in a 24hr horror movie marathon?

I have seen quite severe reactions when people figure out that I am not christian. One guy even implied that I deliberately deceived him because I wasn’t upfront about telling him that I was not christian. Hmmm? wow. okay. It was like he was talking to me then he glanced in a mirror, thus figuring out that I was a vampire seeing how I had no reflection, or something like that.

And does prayer give the overly-christian-but-completely-not-christian “christian”, that same sort of “release” that the viewer gets in that last scene of the suspenseful horror movie cliffhanger where the heroes of the story have finally overcome every last obstacle that saw them one inch away from death for the entire movie?

eg. an extreme believer wakes up, faces the day; they go about it; they leave the house but then if it gets too ungodly, they pray to god to save them from the wickedness that prevails; and that gives them comfort to do so; then they get through their problem; amen. (repeat as necessary for the next scene in the horror movie for the day) …

just like a holly wood horror movie …. Nightmare on Jesus street 1 2 and 3 …. except with prayer, there’s a catch, at least for the “christians” because you’re not supposed to pray for *things* to happen, you know that, right?

“oh lord won’t you buy me, a Mercedes Benz” … ah no, sorry Janis. that is *idolatry*, because to ask your god for something that you don’t already have, is to presume that you are worthy of having that thing and unless you are god yourself, you don’t get to make that determination.

you’re supposed to pray in thanks for what you already have (that’s a Matthew 6 reference, for those unlearned readers), but people don’t do that, do they?

When faced with some life threatening problem they pray for the preservation of their lives – but if god decided to take your life at that particular moment, then why the hell are they praying? is it not arrogant to ask that god change its mind via your simple prayer at the last minute from this horror movie scene that is your life?

That’s very up-yourself to think that *you*, can change the mind of *god* – god’s perfect plan for everything and suddenly *you* think that you can have god alter that plan at the last second right in the middle of the live broadcast that is your horror movie life?!?!??


it seems that prayer gives people comfort in the face of disasters and evil-ungodly things.. well, I’m glad that those people feel some sort of comfort out of it – but why does it give comfort? What is the implication of getting that comfort? You see evil -> you pray -> you get comfort -> you carry on … but what if the “you carry on” bit doesn’t happen? …. you *die* perhaps?

so … how do you get comfort from prayer in the face of the evils in your horror movie life unless you *already* “know” that you are *already* saved. And if you don’t think you are already saved, what makes you think this last second prayer is going to make a difference to whether you are saved or not?

as a “christian”, not only do you pray at the last second when you are *supposed* to spend your whole lives doing good deeds for needy, but your prayer at the last second also makes the bold assumption that little old *you* can change the mind of god in the last few seconds before it snuffs out your life …

B U L L S H I T – Y O U R S E L F – M U C H??

this is very much akin to watching a “hollywood formula” horror movie where the hero faces adversity; the crowd identifies with the characters; the audience lives vicariously through the plight of the characters; the characters battle for their lives and the blatantly stupid guys and super cute supposedly teenaged girls with big tits and short skirts are killed off, then at the very last minute the hero of the story, will come up with a Hail Mary prayer of an idea thus saving his, her or the entire planets’ butt at the VERY last minute, thus living to face another day at the end of the movie, possibly in an even lamer sequel to that horror movie that is your life.[**]


[**] Have you ever noticed in some movies that if the characters had just sat there and did nothing whatsoever, that the end result would still have been about the same? Well, except in the movie, all the characters went on that adventure where they all got killed, whereas had they just stayed where they were when the movie started, no-one would have got hurt?

mostly written, Sunday, 28 August 2011, mostly ….

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just mentioning god is idolatry … (religiorant)   Leave a comment

just mentioning god is idolatry

mostly written, 31st March 2011, mostly… excuse any points being repeated a few times, as this is probably long enough to be four blogs


Many people claim to “know” god, or that “god is great”, or that we all should “believe in Jesus because he’s our saviour”, but that’s all bullshit, not (only) because of what is being claimed, but copious amounts of bullshit also stems from the fact that it is even mentioned in the first place!

it’s god, right? if one particular god is “the” god, then that particular god is so fracking great it has no comparison, so why bother to even mention some trivial task that it supposedly did, isn’t that bragging?

Q. What’s a trivial task for a god? A. Everything is a trivial task for a god, otherwise, it’s not god.

If someone is right about their choice of god (as they so often claim) and their god actually is “the” god, then they’ve won the argument without even arguing, so what’s the point in arguing?

what other purpose is there in mentioning god all the time other than to reaffirm the faith of the believer?

I believe that the believers who keep mentioning god all the time, do not really believe in their god in the first place and that they keep telling us about god all the time because they need to keep reminding *themselves* in some sort of self re-affirmation that god is indeed, great!


People are showing off when they claim that “god” made the entire universe (eg. creationism or “intelligent” design), or it created The Clouds, or it’s responsible for a baby’s laughter, or indeed it is *love*, well so what? Who gives a rat’s arse what you claim god did or even what you claim god is?

If you believe in god then and you spend all your time mentioning to us about how you believe in that god, then you are not demonstrating what this god has taught you, you are not demonstrating this “love” that believing in this god has taught you. You are merely bragging, and that is all you are doing in lieu of actually being this good loving person. You are just saying that you are good person, instead of actually *being* a good person.

mere belief in some arbitrary thing, even belief in the alleged creator of the universe, does NOT automatically make you a good person.

So given this, believing in god means nothing to me, because it has an arbitrary relation to whether you are “good” or not; take paedophile priests as an example.

If you must insist on bragging that you believe in Jesus, either show us that you are a good person via your actions or your boasting means nothing, because all these things that people boast about in relation to their god, are beside the point.

For example: What does believing in creationism or intelligent design or saying that god made the clouds or whatever, what does *any* of those things have to do with being a good person?

They have nothing to do with actually being a good person, do they? So they should not even be mentioned at all in the first place.

If you boast about believing in Jesus, without doing what he taught, then you are following your own version of your Jesus-god.

eg. John 3:16, is often taken *literally*

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I believe the true spirit of that verse is such that you “believe in Jesus” by actually *doing* what he taught, and not just by merely believing in him, which seems to be exactly what a disturbingly large proportion of “christians” seem to “believe in” when it comes to their religion…

And worse still, if a person is following a god that they have made up, they have in fact, deluded themselves into following a god that is actually their *own* ego. Seriously, what god other than one you made up yourself would let you get away with all the shit you do and yet is still going to let you into heaven? Only your ego would let you get away with all your bullshit.

So you can sit there and say the gays, or the blacks, or the atheists, or whatever it was that caused god to get so angry that it decided to send a tsunami or an earthquake or a frikking asteroid, but so fucking what?

If you need to acknowledge those disasters and various other things as being done by god, then you are propping up your own beliefs, so you’re not much of a believer, are you, seeing how you need an external thing to lend credence to your beliefs in god?

It’s not the atheists that are actually demanding evidence for god, it’s the obsessive religious people that need evidence of god with all of their looking for miracles, holy signs, Jesus returning, faces of Jesus in toast, and all other manner of things that are nothing to do with actually following their religion.


If this god that people claim to believe in actually existed, then why do they not fear this eternal punishment by not following its teachings?

For example: there is ample evidence that no-one is actually following Jesus.

Proof of this?

World poverty.

I find it impossible to believe that if two billion christians actually got together and gave to the needy, that there would be people in need any more.

Jesus said to sell your possessions and give that money to the needy, right? If there actually were two billion giving to the needy, then surely people in need would be a myth by now, having been eliminated by the generosity of christians, well over a thousand years ago?


In terms of religion, I only “know” christianity, and given what I know of christianity, I won’t believe in Jesus, simply because, throughout history, those people calling themselves “christian” (aka “Christ-like”) have demonstrated over and over again that they are not worthy of calling themselves such a thing.

In other words, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the “christian” label, even in death, I would find it embarrassing, so why the fuck would I associate myself with them in life? That’s like calling myself a Nazi or a Klu Klux Klan member, and then having the gall to be puzzled at people’s negative reactions towards me because of the groups I choose to affiliate with.

The basic reason for my repulsion towards christianity, is that I believe you need to *earn* the right to call yourself christian. By my own reckoning, I believe that I have *not* earned that right, so I will not call myself christian, ever.

The history of christianity, right up to this very day, is littered with the likes of the Crusades, Inquisitions, hating on gays, hating on atheists, hating on SCIENCE (how ungrateful?), hating on who-the-fuck-ever.

Ahem! What part of “love your neighbour”, aka *everyone*, don’t “christians” get?

and too fucking bad if I’m generalising too, because there are not enough christians doing anything about the “christians” that I am speaking about. If they *are* out there, then they are not speaking out loudly or often enough.

Seriously, if “good christians” are not saying anything about the trouble makers in the two billion or so Christ-followers, then those “good christians” can also not say anything about the non-believers who are complaining about those “bad christians” too, especially when *we* are telling your fellow “bad” believers to pull their heads in, when it’s the “good” christians that should be doing that!

In short: Either “real” christians do something about the “bad” christians, or the “real” christians will wear the actions of the “bad” believers as well, because if they don’t do anything about the “bad” christians, then it makes no difference to me whether you are a “bad” *or* a “good” christian. The way I see it, is that you are both being hypocrites, as the “bad” christians are not being “good” christians, and the “good” christians are not doing anything about the “bad” christians.

That is what happens in real life, when a minority goes and ruins something, then everyone else suffers because of the dickheads. “good christians” shouldn’t whinge about people generalising them into the same bucket as “bad christians”, they should get off their butts and get out there and start whinging at the people giving christinsanity a bad name! “good” christians are allegedly in the majority (apparently), so they have the numbers, and yet they do little to nothing about the idiotic christians?

Like it or not, the inactions of the “good christians” against “bad christians”, condones the actions of the bad christians. If “good christians” don’t like that, then either stop calling yourself christian or stop openly being a hypocrite and do something about *all* of the bad apples. Not just some of them – ALL OF THEM.

but regardless of what christians pretend to believe in, I can’t pretend to believe in *anything*, I WONT do that, so therefore I CHOOSE to not tell LIES by calling myself a “christian”.

I can not dishonour this character called “Jesus”, because along with Yoda, Gandhi and Buddha, Jesus sounds like a pretty decent sort of guy regardless of the stories being real or not. If I were to just say that I “believe” in Jesus, but then I do not do the things that he taught, i would be pretending to follow him. ergo, I would be lying, I would be dishonouring the man if he ever existed! In fact, if I did lie that I was a follower of Jesus, it would be prudent to hope that there is no such thing as Jesus, because I’d be in trouble should the big-guy show up one day!

If I just said I believed, but then didn’t actually act Christ-like, I would be following my own made up version of Jesus, which would be a false Jesus, which would mean that I was worshipping a false god, which means I would be committing idolatry, which means I would be breaking the first commandment by loving a god that I had made up.

That god might still be called “Jesus”, but I can also stick an Armani label on my jacket and pretend that it’s the real deal as well.

it’d be like saying I believe in Yoda, but being impatient with everybody; ie. Yoda taught patience, and if I wasn’t patient with most people, most of the time, then I would have no right to pretend to be a Jedi. I might say that I “believe” in Yoda, but if I don’t do what he taught by being patient with people, then the Yoda that I say I “believe” in, is *different* to the Yoda that we’ve seen in the movies.

Just look at everyone who calls themselves “christian”, there in lies my extreme objection to christianity in general, because it would seem that the overwhelming majority of “christians” have not even opened their bible, and yet they make a big deal about that I should follow Jesus too?


What they are asking me to do, is follow *their* version of Jesus, not the Jesus that taught selflessness from the bible.

In other words, not only are they committing idolatry, they are asking that I commit idolatry as well, by worshipping their false god.

If you just “believe in Jesus”, without doing what the guy taught, then you’re only worshipping him in name, so what you actually believe in, is the *name* “Jesus”, which is detached from what that Jesus guy actually stood for, right? ie. believing in the *name* “Jesus”, is very much a different thing to believing in what he taught. (and don’t forget that there was no-one *actually* called “Jesus” 2000 years ago, seeing how the letter “J” wasn’t used until the 1500s)

In other words, if you just say that you are christian, without actually following what Jesus apparently taught, then you are making up your own version of him.

For example, say you believe in Jesus, and you follow most of his teachings, but you go around judging people all the time. If you do something like that, then you’ve made up you own version of Jesus, so you’re worshipping a *false* Jesus.

So the way that I see it, is that pretty much every christian who has admitted that they are such a thing, was pretty much making up their own version of their precious messiah, and that’s a whole bunch of idolatry right there.

Summary: If you say that you are christian, but you don’t follow what Jesus taught, then you’re making up your own, false Jesus. This Jesus you worship might be close to the “real thing”, but it’s not exactly the same, so it is a *different* Jesus.

Worshipping false gods breaks the first commandment.


From the sample set of people I’ve encountered that have claimed to be christians, maybe a thousand (definitely several hundred) of them on the internet, 99% of them ARE LIARS, they were *not* acting Christ-like, and if you aren’t acting Christ-Like, then you have no right whatsoever to be calling yourself “Christian”

If these “christians” actually *were* christian, there would not be so much of this lopsided distribution of wealth in the world. ie. if christians actually followed their Jesus’ teachings, there would not be such an enormous amount of poverty in the world

In three of the gospels, Jesus said to give away your money to the needy, so seeing how there are still needy people, *somebody* is lying that they are christian.

I can tell stories too, but I can not tell deliberate lies, and that’s exactly what people do when they say they are christian but then have the fucking bullshit gall of then saying that their god hates fags, or god doesn’t want this and Jesus wants this and blah blah fucking lbah lbah blah, when they themselves aren’t even following their precious “LORD”….

shit man, the US military has this notion that to be a good soldier, you need to be a christian.

Ex-fucking-cuse me? Where in the bible does Jesus say that you can kill people under *any* circumstances?!?!?!?!


THE *CHURCH* made that bit up over a thousand years ago so they could get people to fight for them in their armies!

In fact, Jesus said that to follow “The Way”, you should give away YOUR LIFE before hurting anybody in order to avoid sinning of ANY nature, so WHERE THE FUCK do people get off saying that *only* christians should be in the military?!?!


so excuse me, according to the bible, there should be NO christians that are involved in occupations where they might hurt people, therefore there should ONLY be non-believers in the military as christians have been quite clearly instructed by their messiah to NOT HURT ANYBODY.

In fact any job; police, fireman, doctors, actors, wrestlers and *EVERYONE* else that may, via their occupation, bring harm (accidentally or not) to someone should NOT be a christian, because that Jesus guy said to LOVE everyone, and that love means NOT bringing harm to ANYONE, and that means that he wanted his followers to love *everyone* and not just love the people you felt like being nice to.

Jesus said to not be concerned with people who try to kill you, as they can only kill you once, because if you retaliate and hurt them in order to protect yourself, you then give up your eternal life of living forever in peace and harmony in heaven.

READ YOUR FUCKING BIBLE, you know, instead of shoving it up your arse, because it’s a lot harder to read when it’s stuck up your arse, seeing how it’s covered in the shit you have attributed to it.


i like to think of my approach to supernatural belief, as being a practical approach, because for me, it doesn’t matter if there is a god or not … it just doesn’t

you can’t give me proof of your god, and I can’t disprove it, therefore; the argument is over before it began, so anybody trying to convince me there is a god, has already lost that argument with me, because seeing how there is either “no proof” or “*everything* is proof” – it makes *no* difference, and to harp over god doing little things when god supposedly made everything, well, that’s idolatry, you SHOULD NOT NEED any extra little bits of proof to prop up your beliefs..

Jesus performed miracles … bzzzzz .. idolatry…
god made the clouds …. bzzzzzzzzz… idolatry….
tides go in, tides go out. .. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ …. IDOLATRY!!!!!!

your belief in god should stand by itself, if you need something else to support your beliefs, then you are not loving your god *only*, because you are *also* loving that thing that helps you love your god. That was the point of the first commandment, “love thy god before all others”, it wasn’t totally about not worshipping Ba’al and Krishna and what not, it was about not falling into the trap of “just believing”, because “just believing” is idolatry itself…

If you “just believe” in something, but then don’t follow its teachings, then it’s fair to say that you don’t really believe in it, right? you’re just saying that you believe, therefore your belief in god has become a thing, it’s become separate to actually following god.

idolatry is very easy to commit.

a true believer would not need to resort to external entities to lend credence to their supreme entity, because if you require some little thing to prop up your belief in this supreme universal being of yours, then that supreme being isn’t precisely “supreme” now, is it?


actually, you can give me proof of god, and that’s to act in a way that I find agreeable, and if your agreeable actions are somehow defined by the god that you boast about believing in, then that’s tentative proof (or rather, “I’ll take your word for it”, ie. I believe that you believe) that your god exists to you.

I say this because if Jesus really existed, there would be no poverty in the world, there just wouldn’t.

But that’s not because Jesus would have prevented all the suffering from happening in the first place, but it is because if all the christians gave away all their money to the needy (you know, like Jesus said to in *three* of the “gospels”), the wealth of two billion christians would be evenly distributed across the world to those who need it the most, and there would be no such thing as world poverty.

But since there *is* world poverty, that is proof to me that two billion christians are not being very christ-like, therefore according to the overwhelming proof that “believers” have given me via the fact that world poverty persists (and is getting worse), then this Jesus they boast about believing in, can’t possibly exist, because why would they defy the teachings of their precious Master if not following those teachings meant that they spend an eternity suffering in hell?

But if you are *actually* being christ-like, I’m not going to have a problem with it, can’t think of too many christians that were christ-like… uhmmm.. Gandhi? oh wait… never mind … oh.. what about Jesus?

“In truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross.”
–[Friedrich Nietzsche]


I might have an opinion about believing in some arbitrary deity figure, but it is just an opinion, and it’s an opinion that doesn’t really matter, because what ever the answer is, there’s no point in fretting over whether there is a god or not.

it’s not up to me to determine or lay down the law as to whether other people should believe that there is a god or not, you can believe what you want

But in saying that, I will demand that you let me do the same.

But for interest’s sake, if it was up to me to impose that decision upon people, I would say, “no, don’t believe in god, it’s time for humans to grow up already, it’s time for people to put aside at least one excuse for being crappy to other people.”, because you know how when one small group of people go and do something stupid and they mess it up for everyone else?

should there be unequivocal proof of god, I would still not follow it. why would I? it’s already too late, the things that have been done can’t be undone, you can’t *start* with a clean slate all of a sudden at some arbitrary point by deciding to believe in Jesus or whatever it is.

Don’t kid yourself if you think otherwise, you may be forgiven for your sins by Jesus, but that doesn’t mean shit as to whether you are going avoid punishment for those sins. (unless of course Jesus is your own ego, in which case, you can get away with anything)

People might think that they have some sort of clean slate by believing, but that’s bullshit because if you *wrong* someone, it’s that person that has to forgive you, you can’t just believe in some dude in the sky and have that meaningless action make up for your “sins” against someone else!!

that’s just the most selfish thing I can think of; you do something bad to someone, they suffer, you ask Jesus for forgiveness, and all is good again? I don’t fucking thing so, because when you try and attribute those selfish actions to a “christian”, you have to ask… “ahem, just which Jesus is it that you believe in?? because I never heard of a selfish Jesus”

so in essence I won’t believe in Jesus because most people who claim that they do believe in him have the story utterly wrong.. eg. christians who “hate” gays, Jesus said to love everyone, so what’s your fucking problem homophobic christians?

and it doesn’t matter if there really was a Jesus, or whatever god it is from the over abundant supply of not only gods, but different versions of those gods as well, ie. how often do you encounter any two people that would seem to really believe in the same “Jesus” the same two ways on even agree on how to interpret half of the bible, for example.. sure people say they believe, but it’s what ever they make it out to be, ie. no two people could possibly agree on every aspect of the bible… unless of course those two people didn’t miss the point of the bible, that being that Jesus said to love everyone, no matter *what*.

because no matter what you can tell yourself that you believe in, it’s how your actions are judged in this life that count. and according to the story book itself, the *only* way to get into the christian heaven, is to be an honourable person in this life, simple belief is not enough, if you think otherwise then you are lying to yourself in your interpretation of the bible, or someone has gone and filled your head with their incorrect notion of their belief in Jesus, and you’ve blindly run with that notion without questioning it, because it’s exactly what you wanted to believe in. ie. everyone loves a happy ending.

—- END —-

congrats, you made it to the end