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atheists are arrogant

mostly written 11th Feb, 2011…. mostly….

atheists are arrogant; they are, but no more or less arrogant than believers are..

and I don’t mean that atheists are arrogant in the sense that they have the gall to deny an individual’s god with some “clever” bit of logic, or even debunk one of those religious stories with some fact that would blow it out of the global flood waters, or even saying “mate, don’t be a dick-head, you know all those bible stories are bullshit, right?” but…

atheists are arrogant for even attempting to use their intellect against the religious, it’s just not fair!! *stomps*foot*and*pouts*

it’s arrogant to use your logic when god just isn’t logical in the first place, so don’t expect results using logic!

do you try to talk about philosophy with your cat, well?

it’s a fair bet that the non-believer is going to be cleverer than the believer, so the non-believer should not forget that they already have the advantage in any ‘game’ of facts and logic, so it just seems ridiculous for atheists to even attempt to shoot the fish in the barrel.

If you argued with a mentally challenged person and walked away from that argument feeling like you had won, that’s no victory. If you’re a 120kilo heavy-weight that beats the crap out of a 60kilo weakling, that’s no victory. If you know a martial art, and you use that on someone who couldn’t hurt you even if they tried, that’s not a victory, no matter how much they tried to hurt you.

On top of this, even if you did trounce every religious argument you’ve ever encountered with all these facts about just how wrong their bullshit is, (which isn’t really that much to boast about, when you think about it) it’s still not a defeat to the believer, it’s probably a *victory* to the religious person if they merely retain their faith.

Maintaining the status quo is just as good as a victory to the believer, you’ve tested their faith, they still have it, therefore *you* lose, doesn’t matter if you were actually right and actually did win the debate with your facts and figures, you will always lose from the believers’ point of view, you can’t beat their god/Jesus/Muhammad/whatever with your logic.

Why do you think these religious clowns keep going on about the same old fucking thing all the fucking time? that is soooooo fucking boring…. come on.. no space is not a fucking ocean, no the planets don’t slide around on invisible rails, no the fucking earth is not held in place by its magnetic field so it will not fucking fall into the chasm of space if it fails!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! GROW UP!

you can only change someone’s mind beat someone’s god with patience, and from what I’ve seen on the internet, patience is a rare commodity, so don’t waste your patience on the beating of dead horses…

“every Jedi knows you can not save someone who does not want to be saved”
–[Jedi General Aayla Secura]


Debunking religious tales is *easy*, a child can do it, so it’s arrogant to try this logical, rational and Captain Sensible approach to debunking god and expect that it’s somehow going to change some overly religious person’s mind, especially in the short term.

Instant changes, on an emotional level, can’t be made without ‘hurt’, that’s why feelings of grief will often linger, right? You can’t just suddenly wish away the hurt, you’d be a droid if you could do that.

Likewise you just can’t wish away the ‘dumb’ that goes along with the religious point of view, as people don’t want to change what they ‘know’ to be true in any sort of a hurry, they aren’t droids any more than you are. The same thing happens with people who stay in less-than-ideal relationships, they just don’t want to give that security blanket away, even if it’s old, crusty, stinks to high heaven and treats them like crap.

Debunking religion does have the positive effect of pissing the religious off though, but it mainly serves the selfish purpose of propping up the fact that you are right, of course their frikking god is a load of bullshit.

So logic and facts are not going to be that useful, especially when it comes to the bible, seeing how most of the christians I’ve seen online clearly don’t even understand the bible themselves. It’s kind of silly to debunk the bible and expect that a believer is going to have a change of mind, especially when the believer doesn’t even care if their precious bible is full of shit in the first place! It’s kind of like expecting people to know their multiplication tables, when they don’t even know basic addition, if they don’t know basic addition, then there is little point bamboozling them with fancy schmancy multiplication.

So, Logic + Bible = #fail ??

Logic isn’t totally useless in your arguments, just don’t expect a return on your investment.

don’t get me wrong, if you try to argue with a child about something that they think to be true (perhaps because their Mum said it was so), eventually they are going to realise the truth if you keep the logic up at them…. the keyword there is *Eventually*, so this will *only* happen if you keep up with telling them your truth, but until they come around to your way of thinking, they will probably *hate* you for trying to tell them that thing their Mum said, that makes them feel warm and fuzzy about themselves, is stupid, or bullshit, or lies or whatever craptacular superlatives you can think up.

What do you think all the abuse flying around in the “religious war” on the internet is all about? You just have to say the word “Atheist” and religiotards go *spastic*, what’s the point in trying to waste your intellect on fucktards like that?

Using raw logic just pisses the dumbarse fucktarded believers off, and soon as you piss them off their brains start saying over and over …….


beliefs are based in emotions, you can not change how someone feels unless you make your argument from *their* emotional point of view.


“Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”–[Ben ‘Obi-Wan’ Kenobi]

Wise words indeed, and very relevant to what I’m babbling on about. If you can’t understand what the other person is putting themselves through with this rubbish they tell themselves, then you are going to have a very hard time trying to unravel their labyrinth of warm and fuzzy feelings by using your factual tales about how their religion is bullshit.

it’s *very* important that the other person’s point of view be taken into consideration, if you truly and compassionately believe that it is “for-the-best” that people give up their religion, then you need to speak to them on *their* emotional level, and *not* on your emotional level with your facts and figures and logic and your rationalistic points of view

You should use your clever logic to formulate a solution that deals with the emotional aspect of their belief.

so forget any of the logic you have, because unless you have forever to be patient with someone, you will get little-to-no results. You may make a dent in someone’s belief, but that dent will probably takes months or years to rust so bad that it can’t be ignored any more, that is of course, if the religious person’s emotional concerns stemming from their belief in god, doesn’t make them completely dismiss your logic summarily out of spite, seeing how their jealous and perfect and eternal god outranks you and such.

Think about your own perspective; only *you* can change how you feel, right? likewise, you can not change some other person in an instant by delivering them some ‘fact’ that they are supposed to take to heart, they have to want to change, and they have to want to change at their own pace.

You may deliver some fact that may just cause the cascade into breaking that person’s beliefs, but the hit and miss ratio of this tactic is severely balanced in the favour of the “miss” side.

If you’re an ex-believer, relate your own experiences.

save your fancy facts and logic for later on, once you’ve got them asking questions


attacking the concept of god, is an affront to the believer’s very concept of eternal life, you’ve attacked their assertion that they have the ability to cheat death by believing in this loving god, you’ve attacked their emotional need for god by saying that everlasting life (that is somehow provided by this god creature of theirs) is in fact, a lie.

How would you feel if you suddenly found out that this tight-rope you were walking upon, didn’t actually have a safety net that would catch you if you should fall?

how do you react when someone says some lie about someone you are close to? that’s what you are doing to the believer when you attack that god thing of theirs. Realise this emotional dependency in your arguments, and *use* it to your advantage. Realise that you are attacking them and their ego.

That’s what you are really doing.. say “god doesn’t exist” and you are saying that the *ego* of this person doesn’t exist, no wonder they go ballistic when you deny their god.

put yourself into their position; how would you feel if someone you were close to was suddenly revealed to have killed every creature on earth? or that your parents didn’t actually exist?

that can’t be far removed from you’re asking the believer to do, even if god is only in their heads. remember the moment that you discovered that Santa Claus wasn’t real?

ex-believers may remember going into a mild (or perhaps even massive) panic at the moment they thought, “oh no! I really don’t get to live forever” … oh … snap….. ex-believers may also remember that ‘rush’ they got when they thought that Jesus walked with them at every moment that they were alive and how it gave them some sort of righteous self dignified feeling of just being there in the world, all because they are a believer in Jayzsus Cahrist…

believing in Jesus must be very much like being in love, without that whole having-to-worry-about-being-rejected thing, but in order for people to let their Jesus go, people need to grow and expand, at their own pace.

Realise they need to let go of their own *ego* – you *never* defeat somebody’s ego, and if you did, it could actually result in that religious fruit cake flipping out altogether.

*use* that to your advantage, address the underlying emotional concern of the religionist, and leave your conversations about “facts” for your dog, because at least your dog will appreciate the time and attention you give him, even if he doesn’t understand you in the slightest.


So to truly deal with the problem of religion, you need to look at it from the believers point of view, because even if their god is just imaginary, their imaginations are still very much real to them, and you know what it’s like to get caught up in a story, right?

imagine you are a person living inside a story all the time, imagine walking around believing in Lord of The Rings, or Star Wars or Harry Potter or Dungeons and Dragons as if it were “real”?

The sheer absurdity of the idea of believing in some other person’s anachronistic story from a few millennia ago is beyond even trying to address. It’s a *facepalm* situation that is so intense a joke that you honour it’s absurdity by even acknowledging it’s existence, because to even denounce such a joke as religion is to give it more credence than the joke deserves.

“their jokes, don’t make me laugh, they only make me feel like dying in an unguarded moment”
–[The Church]

because seriously, some people really *do* need to have guidelines about how to behave, so even if they do have it that wrong, it’s best to let them have their teddy bear joke, telling them that their teddy bear is wrong will not help much, instead, tell them that they are not following what their teddy bear wanted them to do, that they shame their teddy bear by not following Teddy’s teachings.

so instead of trying to tell them all the crap they believe in is wrong, you could always teach them how to get their religion right.

If people actually followed what Jesus taught, i wouldn’t have a problem with christians, even if they quarter-followed what was taught it’d be great… but that’s not going to happen because the fact is, it’s very hard to be Christ-like, so showing people that they aren’t even following their precious Jesus, is bound to help them reject Jesus of their own accord, at least, that’s my theory…

tell them why you don’t believe; I don’t believe in Jesus Christ because I haven’t see any “christian” actually acting christian, so i’m not going to pretend to be something that I’m not, especially when people call themselves christian when they are clearly not, why would I lump myself in with the greatest lie and joke of all time, why would I identify with a people that have the gall to call themselves “Christ-like”?

I can’t think of a bigger joke on this fucking earth. It’s a joke so big, it’s not even funny.

So, give up on your intellectual battle against the religious, it’s not working as well as you would hope, I bet you piss the not-so-smart christians off, especially with all that fancy explanations of fallacies and logic, they don’t even understand their bible, they’re not going to understand logic..

ie. people have an emotional attachment to money because it provides security, but this precious Jesus the christians allegedly follow, told his followers if they want to follow him, then they are to sell all their stuff and give the money to the needy… atheist should educate the believers, tell them to part with their precious money…

do you know many christians that have given away all their money?

“In truth, there was only one christian, and he died on the cross”
–[Nietzsche “Der Antichrist” (1888)]


the problem with christianity? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

yes it’s obvious what the problem is, at least to me – but just wait a minute – let me give you some context, because i also used to think that christianity was the problem with christianity, ie. the religion itself..

i mean look at the bible with it’s stories of talking asses, magical parting of waters, resurrections from the dead and stories about arks carrying two of each kind of animal during a massive flood (how did the fucking koala bears get to Australia, my dear christians?) – what sort of people do you have believing in such tall stories? people with a lot of faith in the ridiculous, obviously!

we have all these ridiculous religious things that people believe, but believing fairy tales requires a lot of faith, and this is not for me, i’m not caught in the gravity of any god, other than the universe itself, if indeed that can even be called a “god”.

i doubt there are many people that are truly good christians, because there are so many people who keep saying that they are good christians, so it is prudent to believe that there are none because a true christian would not need to brag about being christian in the first place!

Repeatedly saying something that you aren’t, doesn’t make it true. Repeating something over and over is one of those mantra things you tell yourself to make yourself feel better. Like when people make these affirmations out loud, they tend to release whatever that chemical in the brain is called that makes you feel good, that’s why they believe, to make themselves feel goooood.

Well, good on ya mate, I listen to Boston or Toto or ABBA or INXS or Men At Work or something else I enjoy instead of telling myself a lie, a fantasy, a story, i lie to myself enough as it is – I don’t need an intangible thing watching my every move to concern me…

the very fact that christians even vaguely imply that they are good christians is being arrogant on some level, isn’t it? just because you are christian, it does not make you a good person. If you think it does, then you better think again.

and aren’t the meek supposed to inherit the earth? if you are bragging about being a good person by calling yourself christian, then you are not being meek, you are in fact, showing off that you are a believer.

oh – yes – i love being judgemental of christians – because i get to judge them by their own values

and christians can be as offended as much they want – but try and tell me that the bible is anything but a fantastical bunch of anecdotes and I’ll demand you show me this “proof” you christians keep going on about that proves the stories in the bible to be true – thus far after nearly a year of being involved in this fucked up debate which probably exists now because dumbarse christians finally have figured out this internet thing and that it’s no longer the devil’s evil work and bahahahah and still no-one has shown a scrap of evidence to support any claim in the bible.

And as for proof of Jesus existing, you gotta do way better than having his name on a Roman execution list or just some off hand reference to a figure that resembled this Jesus character by some minor historian of the time. A lot of the things that people have announced as proof and keep announcing as proof, have themselves been dismissed by the Church as being hoaxes. Did you read that? Many of the things that christians tout have been DEBUNKED by the church itself – go do some research if you don’t believe me

Faith is not “proof” either.. just because you believe in something, it does not make it true, what is true to you might very well be a lie to every other person on earth

but yes… it is obvious what’s the matter with christianity, the problem is the christians themselves.. I mean the bible had some good stuff, but most of it is common sense, eg. don’t kill… but far too many times I’ve seen crap from christians belittling and making judgements about people of different

* races
* sexual persuasions
* religious ideals

so I ask you christians why don’t (or won’t) you accept people that are different, just what is your fucking problem?

yes it’s a rhetorical question… but I wonder do they realise that;

a) you are being meddlesome (ie. not meek)
what business is it of yours in the first place what other people do or believe in the privacy of their own homes? if you think it’s your business that Steve and Jake like to suck each other off, then you are a busy body arsehole who is concerned that Steve and Jake might just like to suck you off as well and that *you* might just like it. why does it disgust you?! the thought of two guys sucking each other off should do nothing to you, you should be saying “if they like it, so what!” – why are you even thinking about gay people and whatever they get up to in the bedroom in the first place? You can’t hate and/or denounce something you know nothing about, you know. I don’t like the idea of me being intimate with another guy either, but I don’t dwell upon that image so much so that I feel the need to have to write a blog about it and denounce it as being ‘perverted’ or immoral

b) you are being judgemental
who the fuck are you to say being gay or a different race or not believing in god is unacceptable or whatever the fuck it is you think makes these “different” people, “wrong”. that is judgemental – a trait which is very much “god-like” – but just because god or Jesus is judgemental it doesn’t fucking mean that you get to be judgemental as well! – it’s none of your fucking business, you don’t know if your god approve or disapproves of these people – you don’t know what’s in the hearts of these people – fuck, you don’t even know your god exists!! And knowing that something “just must be” does NOT make it so.. what fucked up logic is that? That’s what little children do when they have temper tantrums – stomping their feet – itistrueitistrueitistrue whhahhhhhh …. grow up already

c) you are being selfish
if you think your god is only for people that give themselves to him – then you are being selfish – again, how the fuck do *you* know what god wants, how does giving yourself to a god make you a believer when at *least* two thirds of the ppl on this planet don’t believe in the same god as you do? well? how does someone who has never heard of, nor ever will have heard of Jesus, have the opportunity to accept him as their saviour?

d) you are being arrogant
who the fuck are you to think that your god is *the* god? there are thousands of them! is it because the belief in your god has survived for 2000 years? pfft! your religion was founded in bloodshed and was enforced on the populace so that eventually in a few generations of forced submission to your religion it become an indoctrinated belief. how is that what god wanted? forcing people to believe in something is *not* true belief – the whole join-us-or-be-executed-or-be-expelled was pretty much the go if you didn’t accept christianity back in the Roman Empire at around 500AD! how arrogant are you to believe that the population being forced into religion counts as being a believer? children were exposed to religion in order to ensure that they wouldn’t be killed or tormented as non-conforming non-believers, parents indoctrinated their children into religion over the centuries to stop their kids from being tormented by the supposedly peaceful religious majority and now, in our day and age, somehow indoctrinating kids into bullshit fantasy stories has become “normal” .. the fact that christianity has gone on for so long in the face of christians having it so blindingly *wrong* is testament to the fact that it is based around the fear of the unknown, and how is accepting anything based on fear, an honest and good choice? or are you arrogant because it’s so popular? well – NEWSFLASH – no religion has a majority of followers – NONE – more people do *not* believe in your kooky ideals than people who *do* – get the fuck over yourself.

so here we are “christians”, the above points apply here – you are not christian if you think that

a) people have to deliberately give themselves to Jesus to be saved
why? what about four billion ppl who don’t believe or probably never even heard of Jesus? what about them?

b) that ppl who don’t believe in your god have pointless lives
how do you know your god is the god? YOU DO NOT! you just say that to prop up the lie you keep telling yourself so that it’s more real, and the more people who believe the same fucked up thing you believe, the less it becomes a lie in your fucked up little version of reality you have in your head, but the actual reality is that any lie you tell yourself, is *still* a lie. Furthermore lies that you tell yourself that are spoken out loud, are also called delusions – why isn’t every religious person thrown in the nut-house for being a nut?

c) if you follow anything in the bible written by Paul
Paul was a self appointed disciple, Jesus did not invite him to be a disciple, Paul claimed that “god” wanted him to be a disciple, funny how “god” didn’t mention that fact to Jesus while J.C. was still alive hey? sure Paul, *we* believe you… hey, weren’t you the guy that tried to killllll all of Jesus’ followers, Paul?

and finally:

just exactly what do you want these “different” people to do anyway? leave planet earth? I bet that they would if they could, I know I would gladly leave this planet just so that I wasn’t breathing the same oxygen as bigoted cunts like you.. do you want these people to kill themselves? is that why you can’t accept that actual people want to be gay or a non-believer, so it’s best that they stick in a gun in their mouths? jump off a bridge? slash open their wrists? what? what do you want these people to do? hey?

why don’t you lot walk around with a sign on your head that says “I’m a bigoted Christian, so don’t tell me you are gay, a non-believer or whatever god doesn’t approve of, as you will destroy my delusion and it will be my god given duty to tell you to kill yourself!” … or maybe a t-shirt – if you are not a christian – then you should go kill yourself … and why not – that’s *exactly* what christians have said to me and NO other person who was supposedly christian, had a problem with the things that were said to me …

so indeed … christianity is not the problem – it is a thing – and things are only a problem when they are misused – so it’s the christians that are 100% the problem – don’t blame the message, blame the messenger for getting it so blatantly and embarrassingly wrong.

(mostly written 22/june/2008, mostly……

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