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i have often seemed to have rattled the faith of the religious, with mere words, even *accidentally* at times, even without even trying

and I’ve even seen “christians” getting upset and going on rants at and over atheists for no apparent reason other than because atheists EXIST!

but “why is that a problem?”, you say?

well, it would be fine if these ranting believers were piping up in response to some *specific* thing that they have a problem with ….

but the very fact that atheists exist?

how does one even argue with such a vague point of view when these believers have their faith rattled even before you speak to them? ie. by doing nothing whatsoever, non-believers are able to rattle the faith of the “faithful” …

did you read that?

doing *NOTHING*AT*ALL* is all it takes to upset some people and their religion.

this is a problem, these people choose to willingly be upset over *nothing*

that’s like a little child in the middle of a temper tantrum saying

“look what you made me do!”

I didn’t make you do anything, you still *chose* to react in anger. That was a choice. It was *your* choice.

It was *your* choice to chuck a spaz, I didn’t hold a gun to your head and *make* you have a temper tantrum over your religion and/or your god – you did that all by *yourself* !

so given that doing nothing can upset some of the religious fruit cakes, i try to avoid using any words in every day language (in the first place) that may upset and rattle those stupid fucking religious morons (and just coz ppl are religious it doesn’t instantly make them morons, however, there are religious people who are morons, and that is who i speak about here)

which is ironic – because no matter what the fuck i say about someone’s religion or their faith, even if I’m being deliberately antagonistic, if they feel the need to deem me “wrong” by getting upset in any way shape or form, then they are showing that they are lacking “faith”..

“I find your lack of faith disturbing!”
–Darth Vader

sure I can be offensive and people have the right to be offended at my words, but at least in terms of christianity, they should prove that they truly are *christian* by walking away, or more correctly, they should invite me to think of something more offensive than what I’ve just said and make me hang myself upon my own anger.. “turn the other cheek” and such, right? …

and Muslims are just as bad, they claim to have a religion of peace, so if I were to anger a Muslim, then they can prove that their religion is truly a religion of peace, by walking away no matter what the fuck I say about this piss poor religion of theirs that they think is “peaceful” …

but is that what they do? The fucking riots in the streets of Pakistan in protest of DRAWINGS would seem to indicate that Muslims want anything but peaceful relations with the rest of the world.

Seriously Islam needs to take a chill pill over the whole pictures of Muhammad thing, as they risk bringing the issue to more people’s attention with their whinging about cartoons, which will in turn, show more people just how stupid Islam is – thus leading to more incidents where they will get mocked!

The religious should not wonder why they should keep their religion to themselves.

Islam itself may be peaceful and it very well may just teach peaceful notions in amongst all those verses about smiting at the neck of your enemies (ie. beheadings) and whatever else it says – but there are Muslims that don’t embrace the notion of peace who *DO* enact violence in the name of their religious fantasy – but the other Muslims, ie. the majority, who actually are peaceful do nothing about their extremists and yet they get upset and say “WE’RE NOT ALL TERRORISTS!” – oh is that fucking right? then why doesn’t the majority fucking do something about those extremists?

a lack of objection to the actions of the extremist members of your religion, CONDONES their behaviour..

Like if somebody does something bad in the name of Jesus and every other christian ignores that, that says to me that the christian majority don’t give a rats arse that that someone has done something bad in the name of Jesus BECAUSE THEY FUCKING AGREE WITH THEIR MOTIVES, because if you *disagreed*, would you not say something?

got that?

if you don’t do anything about the problem children in your group, expect other groups to say that your group of people are fucked up, and that is *not* because of this one person and the bad shit they did, but because the rest of you don’t seem to give a fuck about the bad shit they did either.

it’s an extreme case of the “buddy system” – he’s my buddy – so I don’t dob on him, just in case he turns on me and kills me dead while I have my back turned to him, so I’m better off just shutting the fucking hell up, lest I get myself and my whole family killed.. which is exactly what happens in Islam is this day and age and is what happened centuries ago in christianity . How many stories have we heard of someone in an Islamic country standing up to the way their country is being influenced by religion, only to see that they get thrown behind bars, tortured, or even killed for their troubles?


who am I when it comes to a religion??

I’m a nobody in terms of religious faith, I don’t know of gods other than what I’ve read from the little religio-story books and anecdotes – therefore, I don’t *know* religious faith – I don’t know other people’s feelings about their faith – I have no idea!! so how can I, who knows nothing about a person’s faith, rattle that faith??

if you know your enemy’s strategy you can often wear him down with little effort – this is kind of like that, except here you do not even know that you even had an enemy and somehow you can wear down the guy without even knowing that you are wearing him down.

so how the hell can I rattle someone’s “faith”, if they truly have faith???

Someone walks up to you in the street and says your mother is a whore, unless that person *KNOWS* your mother personally, then how would they even know? they are just making up bullshit to try to rile you up!! They are trying to make you bite! This is also called “fishing” or more accurately – “shit stirring”

in the same way, only the people who know how to push your buttons, know how to get you the most upset.

and yet, there are childish religious morons that I can still send flying into flurries of fury, how is that possible if I don’t even know your faith? that would be like some astrophysicist throwing a temper tantrum after being told that the moon was made of cheese.. NO IT’S NOT MAD OF CHESE YOU FUCKING PEACVE OF SHUITE YTOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SIECNCE U JUST HSUT THE FUCK UOP!!!

If an astrophysicist got upset at somebody’s claim that the moon was made of cheese, would you not have to wonder if that person was only merely saying that they were an astrophysicist??

Perhaps they used to think it was made of cheese as a child, and now they get upset at themselves in retrospect when other people propose the “moon == cheese” idea?

eg. i’ve sometimes said “there is no god” and people have bounced off the walls in anger over that, and yet, when people say “there is a god”, I’m of the opinion that they may be right, they are probably not, but it doesn’t bother me….

if you want to believe in a fantasy to make yourself feel better, then go for it, I’m not stopping you, and I couldn’t even if I wanted to, OH WAIT! IT SEEMS THAT “YES” I CAN!

If you can get upset at anything I say about your precious faith/god, then you are admitting that you don’t really have faith. And if there *really* was a god, I’d be cast into the pits of hell at god’s discretion, not at the whims are idle threats of some bitchy whiny arse pants fucktard religious moron.


when ppl get upset, could it be that the truth hurts? and that people don’t really believe in what they say they believe in? you don’t really believe in something if you need to get upset about someone refuting that thing, right?

getting upset means that your position is weak, or that you are lacking the ability to defend it, and if you can’t defend your position, it indicates your uncertainty about your position.

so given those circumstances above, who is the person with more actual faith (not religiously, but in general terms) in what they believe in?

is it the person who says “DONT YHOU SAY SHI5T ABOIT MY GOD YIOU FILTHY GODF HATER YOUR GOING TO TEHLLLLLL SCUM BSAGH!!!” or is it the person who says “you are entitled to believe what you want, because as long as you not are hurting anybody, I don’t give a fucking rat’s arse what you believe!!!”

well? who has the better position in passing along their thoughts? the person shouting at you, who can’t even type straight, or is it the person calmly having a conversation with you, regardless of them and their fucking vulgar profanity??

in fact, if you feel the need to make any insults at me when I don’t agree with your faith, then you are embarrassing yourself because you should take insults against your faith (or lack thereof, for that matter) in your stride, but clearly, the majority of people purporting to be believers can not do this…

in fact, when a believer insults me, they are in fact insulting themselves more than they insult me, but I doubt these “believers” would realise though… blinders are rather – blinding – especially when you, yourself, have put them into place with super-glue with some catch-all solution called “god”.

If you can have your faith rattled *that* easily, then they should probably keep it to yourself, because announcing that you have faith, especially when nobody was talking about faith to begin with, merely says to me that you don’t have faith.

and in some countries you will get mocked for confessing you have faith.. because you’ve just said something that isn’t dissimilar to an adult saying “I believe in SANTA CLAUS!” .. eg. the last time someone confessed to having “faith” around me, I didn’t get the chance to say anything, as somebody else beat me to it, and he wasn’t even as half as nice as I was going to be about it.

in much the same way, a wise person would never say that they are wise, why would they need to? they don’t need to brag that they are wise, as their actions and words indicate their wisdom, so anybody trying to tell you that they *are* wise, should be considered anything but wise, especially if you don’t know them!

point being, is that if I can rattle the faith of the faithful, then that means that what I am saying is somehow more important than what their god has allegedly taught them, or what I’ve said was beyond their level of understanding of their god, all of which proves that god is completely in the mind of the believer, which clearly makes “faith” and god easily subjected to a person’s emotions, because if a person was truly a believer in god, they would laugh off anything I have to say about their “faith”, at the worst, they should be merely puzzled by my lack of faith in much the same way that I am often dumbfounded by how fucking stupid people of “faith” can be at times.


see, when I have a temper tantrum, there is a specific thing I’m tantruming about, when the religious have a fucking SPAT – they would never be able to put their finger on what is actually bothering them, seeing how god is in their brain, and sticking their fingers in their brain, would probably cause (more) damage…

mostly written 2010-09-09, mostly …


there is no god? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

this was originally to be a comment on Wiggy’s blog, but it was just too long and i like to religiorant…. oh yeah, and I’m sick of jerk-offs getting their butts hurt when I “Offend” them – boo fucking hoo – don’t read if you don’t have a spine (as is the case with all my blogs) … this blog is very disjointed and excessively long and probably has grammar and spelling problems and all of the topics are probably covered in another blog … i probably need to make that a standard disclaimer for all my blogs from now on i think

mostly written 23rd-26th August 2010, mostly…


nobody knows if there is a god, nobody can even define it, so how can we know if god exists or not, if we can’t even come together on its definition?

so, given the lack of a coherent idea between people about the concept of “god”, then isn’t god inherently going to be an entirely illogical concept to begin with?

nobody *knows* shit about god, as knowledge is something that can be demonstrated, eg. I know sun shines coz I can see it in the sky – but when it comes to god, all we have are *feelings* about it and i find it unlikely that any two people could feel exactly the same way about god.

so when two people can’t agree on god, the most prudent thing they need to do, is make sure that they are both talking about the same thing, by defining the parameters of this “god” they are discussing… eg. the christian god, Norse gods, the universe (as in pantheism), Hindu gods, your personal god la la la la

because if you don’t define which god or gods you are talking about, then you’re probably not going to be talking about the same thing.


but defining god is a problem, as those that have tried to define god, have been known to fail quite miserably at the task, look at the Abrahamic religions and their “loving” god and the people who follow those religions, the plethora of different beliefs that have spawned from what is supposedly the same god, is atrociously high in number, pathetic even..

The religious, are supposed to all be on the same page with their beliefs, however they are clearly not as is often demonstrated by their internal disputes as well as their interactions with other religions.

I often have to laugh at christians and muslims when they say that their religion is peaceful, when their own religions have split into factions that fight against each other!

For example: Muslims have the Sunni and Shia “disagreement”, that split happened a few decades after Muhammad died and they have been killing each other since!

These actions give me proof that whatever their religion says and whatever muslims say about their religion, it must be bullshit, because the end result saw muslims killing each other over some disagreement – that is not peaceful so how can we be expected to believe these claims that islam is a peaceful religion when the actions of their militant few, say otherwise?

oh, I hear you, it’s only the terrorists that aren’t peaceful? that is irrelevant – get this through your head – if the peaceful muslims don’t do anything about their violent extremists then I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s only the extremists that are giving these supposedly peaceful religions a bad name because, the peaceful majority are *irrelevant* to the whole situation if they do nothing about their extremists.

In actual terms, extremists would seem to outnumber the amount of people who take action against extremists, the apathetic masses that take no action whatsoever are not involved – other to vent their anger at being lumped in with the extremists they do nothing about.

the same thing has happened with catholics and protestants and all the other christians, for that matter..

Jesus taught that christians are to love everyone, the second highest commandment in all of christianity is to “love thy neighbour” and shit man, if the *christian*church* itself can’t even do that much *themselves* and keep their own church from splitting up violently, then there is no way i’d pick up their religion as I try to *NOT* take deliberately hypocritical things seriously….

tens of millions of people died over the split between catholics and protestants and 500 years ago, that was a fair chunk of all the people that were alive at the time in the entire world…. so how is all that blood shed, “loving thy neighbour”?


for me, I never really believed in anybody’s preconceived idea of god, I made up my own stupid idea of it, so my idea of god got diluted over the years and now, I make up something new about god nearly everyday….

i do not have one static definition of god, and the reason I can change my mind all the time, is that I just don’t know what to think about god – there could be a god – there might not be a god – i think it’s *FUN* to dream up the possibilities of god, so when people get upset and take their beliefs too seriously, well, it’s not that much fun any more, because to demand that what you believe about god be accepted by everyone else, well, that’s just embarrassingly pathetic, as that is no different to demanding that I believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, Peter Pan, big foot, that Star Trek the original series was better, that Greedo fired first… blah lbah blah

if you make an incredible claim, you *need* to back up that claim, *incredibly*!..

oh and “just have faith” will not slide very far in my world either. “Just have faith” is no different to telling me to “Just get fucked” because just telling me to believe, well, that’s rude, no matter how *you* want to spin it – it’s just plain rude, it says that your opinion is better than mine, regardless of my opinion. “just have faith” is saying that whatever my opinion is, yours is better than mine… fuck you! You don’t even know me, so you can “just get fucked” if you think i should “just have faith” or that I should “just believe”… rude much?


god existing *logically* is impossible. yes, a logical god is complete bullshit, no SHIT Sherlock!

so why even use logic to “debunk” the illogical? *how* can the illogical even have logic applied to it in the first place?

god is everywhere at once? infinitely powerful?? has “lived” for all eternity?? none of that makes sense because it’s ILLOGICAL!

so god is already illogical, but don’t let me stop you wracking your brains over just how illogical god is, because therein lies the *FUN* of god – what if god did this – what if god did that…

but to think that a fancy bit of logic categorically proves that god does not exist (or *does* exist for that matter), well good on you for being soooo “clever”, but you might as well try to prove that love doesn’t exist, because people believe in god because of *feelings* – logic won’t help you as much as you would like when feelings are involved, as logical concepts tend to go right over a lot of people’s heads *anyway*, many people have no idea how to understand your logical points of view, so your extreme cleverness, is fucking pointless.

you’d have just as much luck teaching monkeys about quantum physics, so getting upset over people not agreeing with your “logical” take on god, the most illogical thing of all, that is illogical in itself as well, isn’t it?

you fucking embarrass yourself by demanding that god doesn’t exist. because to make such a claim, is to claim that you are god yourself, because only god would know if god categorically existed or did not exist, right?

getting upset is exactly what a spoilt child with a tendency to temper tantrum would do.. like a child getting pissed off that their ice-cream keeps melting while they are standing in the sun on a hot day, but not realising even for a second, that it’s the heat that is causing the ice cream to melt…. stand in the fucking shade and eat your ice-cream cone you dumb little shit!!!


imagine a child, after thinking that Santa Claus was real for the first few years of life, but then figures out that Santa, is really mum and dad.

But then imagine that child, after he’d finally accepted that Santa Claus was just the parents, imagine if some little kid told him that Santa Claus was *real*, he would go into flying fits of rage telling everyone that “NO !!! YOUR DUMBASH- THERS NOT AS SANTA CLAUIS!” ..

that’s what “angry” atheists are like, but jerks are jerks no matter what they believe, and it’s about time people started to realise that it’s “extremists” in general that are the problem, regardless of beliefs. (it’s just that religious jerks are in greater abundance)

But why would anyone get upset that there is no Santa Claus?

could it be, that they really *wanted* Santa Claus to be real, but now they know the truth … they are mega ticked off about it not being true, could they be mega ticked off about being deceived? pissed off about having their warm-and-fuzzy feelings taken away from them? can they get back some of the stolen innocence of their youth by telling as many other little kids that Santa is not real either, so as to share that pain around? they felt it, so why not spoil it for every other kid as well?

Imagine that kid in the school grounds at lunch time, telling the little kids that they are “fucking stupid” and that they are “retarded” for believing in Santa Claus?

That little shit doesn’t give a reason for there being no Santa, he just says “Think about it!! it’s the TRUTH! It’s your PARENTS! SANTA CLAUS IS YOUR MUM AND DAD!!!” .. but there’s all the big kids, “ahem, yeah, Santa Claus isn’t real, so what? let the little kids have their innocence now that they believe, and what difference does it make to you?”

Santa Claus didn’t make sense, but we still believed it, because we liked the *idea* of some magical or larger than life person making a big fucking deal out of little old us.

Maybe we should thank Coca Cola or whoever it was that commercialised Santa Claus? maybe a lot more little kids were able to “figure out” Santa a lot sooner because the shops make such a big deal out of Christmas shopping time for over a month every year!.. so kids see Santa more often in the shops, on the TV, and in advertising, etc, so they end up thinking about the Santa concept for longer.

so if children can figure out that Santa isn’t real, what is stopping the next logical step of this awakening to bullshitism? …..

what makes people hang on to “god”, because ya know, *god* makes even *less* sense than Santa Claus so uhmmm???? could it be that most kids are so fickle, they only care about getting the presents, they don’t actually think about the concept of god, ooopps, I mean Santa, they just want the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of getting stuff, so that they feel loved…. and besides, ultimately, Santa Claus is far more real than god will ever be, it’s a lot easier to debunk something that is real.

and since god belief is just our own personal warm and fuzzy feelings, born of our illogical and emotional need for security, using logic against something founded in our illogical emotions, is even more illogical and even more illogical than that – is to expect your logic to work on the fundamentalist.


so god being real or not, is beside the point, you can not debunk the illogical with logic.. right?

for instance: is “love” real? how can you debunk love? you can’t touch it – you can feel it – how do you prove that you love someone? you could do many things for them – but how does anything prove categorically that you love someone? You could put your life on the line for someone, perhaps nearly die, but who is to say you would not have done that same thing anyway, even for someone you did not even know, let alone love? Point being, is that “love” is a very broad term.

but love – in technical terms – is just a chemical response (that warm and fuzzy feeling you get) when you know that someone cares about you, or when you feel “warmly” for someone else, isn’t it?

i mean, how else, can you describe love without referring to other feelings?

pfft!… oh I hear some of you, “god *is* love” … *sigh*

well, that may be so, but god *is* just a feeling in the first place, so it’s quite a nice sentiment to describe god as being “love”, in fact, the bible even says that god is love! So “god is love” – fine by me, whatever makes you happy – *shrugs*shoulders*

that’s what the whole god thing boils down to for a lot of people, isn’t it? you can’t rely on other people to be nice and to love you at all times – but you can rely on god to love you at all times no matter how crappy things have turned for you, so why not run with this notion that *god* loves you, that way it doesn’t matter if you’re a total creep and nobody can stand to have you around, you’ve got god/Jesus/allah/blah/blah/blah ….

being cared for and loved for all eternity is what we really want, because our lives are so small in this universe, some of us need to believe in god to make themselves feel connected with the universe and if you love the creator of the universe then you are set to live for all eternity, and the mere pittance of a price for this love, is that we tolerate a lot of bullshit from the people/deity giving us this love for half a dozen decades or so..

eg… oh he’s my brother so i put up with his drinking…

she’s my cousin, so i don’t care that he’s a prostitute..

oh they are my partner, so i let them beat me because I love them….

oh he’s my best friend, so i don’t care that he owes me thousands of dollars…

oh god is god, so god can flood the world and kill everyone as *often* as it wants! right??!?!

people far too often seem to want to put up with a lot of bullshit, just to gain a little bit of love, so it’s no wonder that some people can turn to god, no matter how strongly their previous convictions were that they didn’t believe.

and a significant proportion of christians would have us believe, that love from god, merely requires that you believe in Jesus.

that’s it – that’s all you need to do – just believe;.. don’t even need to snap your fingers, nor click your heels, nor do the hokey pokey and not even turn about – all you need to do is believe.

so god can give you love – plenty of it – god is love on a stick – god can fill the gap in the emotional needs of a person, exactly the same way that little kids have imaginary friends…. and the more emotionally invested your are in your god, the less you can grow emotionally ….

yes, you read that right … the children of god, indeed; thus making the non-believers, the adults …


and let us not forget that in spite of all your logic, if god was real and you could somehow lay down a challenge to it, god could always cheat..

that’s right…

if there is a god, what is stopping it from *cheating* to get around your “clever” logic anyway…

you and all your logic could not defeat a god…. you kid yourself if you think that your little bit of logic can defeat “god” !!! …

your logic might be able to squash the christian or muslim god – that’s easy – but that is *only* because those bunches of religiopeople didn’t have a very good imagination (nor hindsight like we do today) when they were dreaming up their god creature.

so if you reckon god can’t do some lame thing like draw a square circle, then think again…

what if god draws a circle, so you *see* a circle being drawn, but then god goes and changes your brain such that the definition of a *square* is now a circle? so now, even though you saw a circle drawn, even though you *know* it *was* a circle – you *now* see a square..

so now, the rest of us would now laugh at you for calling circles, “squares”…

which would be your personal punishment from god for your arrogance in challenging it with some trivial and mundane, but supposedly clever riddle to try and trick god, so now you get to spend the rest of your life going mad saying “I saw a *circle* drawn, how can it be a *square* now?”, as you clutch the worn down and crumpled bit of drawing paper that god sketched your squircle on…. in your padded room…. with drool dribbling down your “bib”… from inside a jacket that someone else needs to release you from.

see? god could *Cheat* the arse right off you and you wouldn’t even know, so even those things that apparently make sense now, could be thrown out the window, should this god so choose to do such a thing to your arse.

Point being is that nothing thus far has made sense about god nor did anything seem big enough to me about god, nor can I see how this god thing would ever make sense!

“god made the universe??!?! that’s it? one piddly little universe? this god didn’t really aspire to that big of a task, did it? i mean, it’s *god*, right?”

the best nonsensical thing i can think of that would allow god to know everything, is if god was every *where* and every *when* at once, so it wouldn’t need to *know* or *Remember* anything, it would be there to see it all happen in real time….. and god could also be everywhere at once, but be out-of-phase with us, but still able to see this universe….. or how about god sitting above our dimension??..

making sense of those statements and *how* god could do that is *fun*.


for me – the closest thing to making sense of god in our universe, is that the universe itself is god… but if that is so, then there’s no point in having “faith” as your every moment of existence would be proof of god, it would be a fact, as you would be in constant contact with god all the time, so the whole higher “god being” becomes redundant – which is not why people believe in god anyway, is it?

people want warmth and fuzziness, and you can’t get that from an inanimate object.

So god being the universe, doesn’t appeal to people, because people *want* to believe in fantasy, basically, so they can feel warm and fuzzy about things that they can not control.

I quite clearly remember, as a very young child, *wanting* to believe in god because I didn’t want the end of my life here on earth to be the end of things completely, I wanted to live forever, and *god* was the only option in that regard, at least to my very young mind. It was my fear of death that made me want to believe in god, but I never could though – god just didn’t take ..

and quite frankly, the most fantastic thing that god could do, would be to create itself, and as far as I can understand, the universe *did* create itself, whatever the specifics were of how it actually happened.. ie. big bang, big rip in space, big crunch, string theory, parallel universe, colliding universes, quantum fluctuations, blah blah blah – whatever it was – the universe making itself is far more impressive and believable than anything anybody has ever said about their god, at least it is for me.

so when I say I don’t believe in god, that means any and every god “being” that has ever been made up… but that *still* does not mean that a god “being” does not exist, there still could be some creature-being that fits the “god, creator of the universe” model, i doubt that there is a god though.. but what I don’t doubt, is that every believer’s idea of god is wrong, because no-one who believes in god, thinks big enough about their god!


the universe making itself requires one fantastic thing to consider, that being that the universe made itself out of nothing

god making the universe requires two fantastic things to consider, that there *is* a god, and that this god is so powerful, it *could* make a universe out of nothing

and who knows, our universe could have been accidentally created by a bunch of aliens in a science experiment that went wrong, and if that were true, those aliens would be “god, creators of the universe”, we just don’t know

you’d think that as we learn more about the universe, that the people claiming to be smart amongst us, would realise that the more we know, the more it is apparent it is about just how little we *do* know… eg. when we were kids we thought we knew everything, the older we got, the more we realise just how much we didn’t know…

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.



i say let people have their god, because if they wanted it so bad and you made them realise the truth by hammering it home at them that they are stupid dumbarse morons, then don’t expect those people to be happy about being forced to give away something that loved them… imagine if you took a puppy away from a child that had just gotten used to it??

so, have fun exploring that idea, “is there a god?”, but ultimately, who gives a fuck? because it’s what people *do* with that belief that can be a problem, do we really think religious people will stop being fuck-heads once they aren’t religious? i don’t think so!! they’ll probably be *Worse*! i bet that’s probably where all the atheists who act like fucktards come from..

in my experience, it’s been the *ego* of a person and their extreme desire to believe (or not believe) that has been the problem, so if you destroy someone’s beliefs, (or make them turn *to* god for that matter), their ego will just get bigger to compensate, and that will be a bigger problem, because if you’ve shown them to be wrong, the ego will need to become bigger in order to compensate for having to accept that it really does have a small penis and that everyone knows it has a small penis, as well.

catching someone out in a lie, could see them tell a bigger lie to cover up that first lie.

but even being angry about god not existing, must feel good in some strange sort of way, because you get to *feel*. But feelings can always be taken to extreme, and god, regardless of it being “logically impossible”, god is still *real* to those who believe because people’s *feelings* are always going to be real…


is love “real”?

try and define love without referring to other feelings and all you’ll get is that “love” is just the brain and body reacting to inputs from the senses…

but that notion of love isn’t enough for some people, so their brains invent things to make them feel better, some people fantasise about the person they can’t have, and some pretend that they rule the world, but some people just don’t have the imagination to make up something elaborate to pump up their egos, so we have “warm-and-fuzzy” on a stick for you, and it’s called “god”, and all you need to do to feel warm-and-fuzzy.. is just *believe*, and you’ll be *loved*, for all eternity…

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all religion is idolatry…

mostly written on 12/12/10…. mostly.. and i *swear* it was only a short blog at first … oh well…

I’m a religious extremist, because I think that religion, and I mean all of it, every single bit of it, it is all idolatry at the very least on some level…

what I am saying is that the religious can have their religion, but they can keep it to themselves, because not only does religious paraphernalia and rhetoric annoy the fuck out of me, but by not keeping their religion to themselves, it’s a good chance that the religious are getting their religion wrong, so by keeping it to themselves they are doing themselves a favour, by not pissing god off by committing idolatry.

so if the religious would completely refrain from bragging about their beliefs, then they would have a much better chance of not committing idiotry idolatry – thereby avoiding that hell-fire and brimstone lake thing i heard about once that happens if you break the first commandment.

so, because non-believers have no actual beliefs about god, they can *not* commit idolatry, therefore a non-believer can not break the first commandment.

So stop trying to combat religion with your own “arsenal” of logic and science, hi-jack the launch codes of their own “arsenal” and use their own religion back at them.


so forget about logical proofs, for *or* against god, forget any evidence for or against religion *whatsoever* – and that includes the bible itself, god, Jesus, Allah, Muhammad, forget your clever logic, forget you’re debunking of stupid stories that even eight year old kids can see as being stupid, forget the pope being a cock head saying that atheism is the bane of society, forget about whether christmas and easter are pagan rituals that the christians hi-jacked and now the christians think it’s theirs …. ra ra ra .. forget it all

so, forget about any argument *for* or *against* religion, because all religious things are idolatry, because the only thing that matters when it comes to people and their precious religion, is the meaning of what that religion has taught… anything else, is beside the point….

the entire point of christianity is to follow the TWO commandments of Jesus…. not the *TEN* COMMANDMENTS of *Moses* – the TWO commandments of Jesus *outrank* and *supersede* the ten, and unless you’re pretty stupid, you’d know that… so for those who are stupid and didn’t know that fact, and *yes* there are people who are THAT stupid. Some stupid cunt once told me that my silly notions of Jesus teaching TWO commandments were some kind of Jedi mind trick I was trying to play on him.

Let me say this again: I got into an argument with a CHRISTIAN, who DEMANDED that I not make up stories about Jesus teaching TWO COMMANDMENTS and that I should keep my JEDI MIND TRICKS to myself.

I’m sorry, but if that’s person is not a stupid cunt, then the word “cunt” should never be used again.

So to reiterate; these are not Jedi Mind Tricks, they are the two commandments that Jesus taught::

“love thy god before all others” and “love thy neighbour as you would have them love you”

So that whole dying on the cross thing, was a metaphor for making the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate way to show that you “love thy neighbour”! right?

and by following the second commandment, you are inherently following the first, because the highest law in the bible that christians are COMMANDED to follow, is “love”. don’t believe me? then maybe it’s *you* that needs to read the bible!

Romans 13:9 For the commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not bear false witness,” “You shall not covet,” and if there is any other commandment, are all summed up in this saying, namely, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Romans 13:10 Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

so anything else apart from showing love/respect/honour/tolerance towards your fellow humans, is beside the point, right? what’s the point of calling yourself a christian if that simple notion of treating others well, is not put first in your life?

if you can’t “love thy neighbour” then you are bullshitting the world by telling us you are christian.

so with that being said, in terms of christianity: christmas is beside the point, and Easter too, the ten commandments have been superseded, even the bible is beside the point, Jesus, Satan and god itself, Job, Moses, St Peter, St Paul – whatever it is – it’s all beside the point… “Do unto others” should be simple enough a notion such that it could be passed on by verbal traditions – so what was the frikking point in muddying the waters with all of that whole religion thing wrapped around it?

none of these things are anything to do with following what Jesus taught, these are all ICONS representing christianity… eg. how is saying “Praise Jesus” *actually* “loving thy neighbour”?? saying “Praise Jesus” is NOTHING to do with showing love for others.

if you don’t get that, then christianity is a big fail for you.

Even “Jesus” himself is an idolatrous representation of this alleged direct descendant of god. There was no person called “Jesus” 2000 years ago, the letter “J” wasn’t even part of our alphabet 500 years ago, so how the fuck could there have been someone called “J”esus in biblical times?

even having an innocent image of god in your head is idolatry on some vague level if you’re a believer, because how could you possibly know what god looks like? so any idea you have about god, is pure guess-work, so if you *do* guess as to some aspect about the nature of god, then you have *made*up* an image of god in your head.., therefore it’s IDOLATRY..

and i don’t care if it’s in your imagination, talk to the hand, it’s still idolatry… it’s not golden calf level idolatry, but it’s still idolatrous nonetheless…


even the Muslims getting fucked off about those drawings of Muhammad are committing idolatry, and committing idolatry is the *very* fucking thing that they are getting fucked off about in the first place!

to show what I mean as an example: think about this dot -> .

see that dot? that’s Muhammad, *the* prophet of Islam…

but that’s not idolatry to me, not in the least, I don’t believe in Muhammad’s teachings, *whatever* they are, I was barely even aware that Islam even existed ten years ago, so I’ve got no idea about the teachings of Muhammad – and that’s the point, isn’t it?

I don’t know crap about Muhammad, I’ve not read the Koran or Hadiths and I’ve no intention of doing so either!! so how can I even know what’s blasphemous and what’s not? how can *I* commit idolatry and have that actually mean something. Don’t *I* need to be a Muslim to commit idolatry towards Islam?

and seriously, you can get fucked if you think you’re going to ask me to “learn” about Islam, let alone convert and make tolerance concessions for things like “Sharia Law” – where a woman can be convicted of adultery for admitting to getting *raped* – Sharia “law” is a system where eyewitness testimony is held in higher regard than any evidence. Look it up.

but back to the dot that is Muhammad, if a Muslim were to look at that dot and then recognise that dot as Muhammad, simply because my infidel arse has gone and said that it’s Muhammad, then that Muslim would then be committing idolatry because they are acknowledging that that representation of Muhammad *IS* a representation of Muhammad. Because if it wasn’t a valid or accurate representation of Muhammad, then why get upset?

so, some Muslim sees Muhammad drawn as a dog getting fucked by a pig and they get upset? well, it’s *only* idolatry *when* that Muslim takes offence because they are recognising that representation as being a valid one of Muhammad. so by getting upset, they are indeed admitting that Muhammad is a dog that gets fucked by pigs.

That’s what a Muslim is saying when they get fucked off about Muhammad pictures, they are admitting that these “alleged” drawings of Muhammad, are no longer *alleged*, but in fact are valid icons representing Muhammad.

too tricky for them?? yeah, I thought so…. and I know it’s not cool to make fun of people, but, well, when you claim your religion is one of peace and then go and make death threats – you’re asking to be mocked. You’re forfeiting your right to complain if you make DEATH THREATS over FUCKING DRAWINGS.

It may be uncool to draw pictures of Muhammad, but it’s a BILLION TIMES more uncool to make death threats and act violently because of said DRAWINGS.

So for *any* representation that is supposedly of Muhammad, a Muslim should look at it and say something like, “That’s not Muhammad (PBUH), because how do *you* know what he looks like? Silly Infidel!! may Allah not smite you *too* much for being so bold!” … LOL!

So in the case of the Muhammad “.” (dot) above, for a Muslim to get all pissed off about that, they are actually acknowledging that that “.” (dot) is *indeed* the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)! and a “.” is a thing, and when a “thing” represents your religion, that’s idolatry, is it not?

and seriously, it’s a DOT … if I showed you a DOT like it was meant to offend you, would I not look extremely stupid for somehow thinking that a DOT could somehow offend someone? yes sir, it’s an extreme example, but aren’t all drawings just heaps of dots all joined together?

dots are things, drawings are things, statues are things… what they mean is up to the person that sees them.

so the only way that that thing can represent your religion, is if the *believer* accepts that thing as being a valid representation of their faith. ERGO it’s IDOLATRY on the part of the believer, because remember from the start of this rant, non-believers can’t commit idolatry.


but back to christianity: the point of what Jesus taught was that JC said to ‘”do” unto others as you would have them “do” unto you’, and “do” is an action, which is unlike many of the ten commandments, which say to “not” do particular things… and “not” doing something is pretty fucking easy…

don’t lie…. i can’t lie very well *anyway*…

don’t steal… no problem…

don’t commit adultery… pfft!…

don’t murder… easy…

don’t work on the sabbath and keep it sacred.. no worries!! I want to have *every* day as that sabbath sacred have a day off thing…

don’t covet… urrr…

well, a couple of the commandments are easy, and i bet a lot of people “think” that if they aren’t breaking *all* the ten commandments, then they’ll at least get into the cheap seats in heaven…

I bet there are even people who by just saying “I believe in Jesus”, that they then think it means they get into heaven… lip service much? just because you give Jesus a blow-job, it doesn’t mean you’re going to heaven when you die!!

but in terms of what Jesus taught, ie. “*do* unto others” aka “*love* thy neighbour” aka “The Golden Rule”, any amount of words, images, ideas, verses, none of it matters…. it’s all idolatry

sure, the preachers, the bibles and other “things” in a religion may teach the very foundations of that religion, *but* all that is too much for an apathetic “western” society that wants an instant fix of feeling “good”. which is stupid because the entire basis of what Jesus taught can be summarised as “be nice to other people if you want them to be nice to you” or even mowed down to one or two words – “be nice!” “show respect!” … “*patience*” .. if christians can’t remember that much, then it’s time to give it the fuck away.

so instead of the little mantras like “Praise Jesus”, “I love god”, “I believe in Jesus”, “Allah Ackbah” and other catchy but meaningless phrases that religious people often use, they should say things like “Do unto others!” … stupid idea, hey? would we rather the annoying christians go around saying “Praise Jesus!” or would it better if they said “Be nice!” ??

surely people are not that fucking stupid that they need to have an *entire* religion wrapped around the “Golden Rule” concept? is that why a lot of people can’t follow christianity properly? they are still wading through all the bullshit nonsense stories of that religion and have not got to the actual meaning behind the religion yet? like someone who fills up on the appetisers before they get to the main meal… I told you not to eat lollies before having dinner, didn’t I?!?!?!


in western society, it’s clear that there are too many i-believe-in-jesus-so-i-go-to-heaven-when-i-die-regardless-of-what-I-do type of christians out there… I have a sneaking suspicion that they are the majority… and i’m pretty sure this “rule” applies to other religions, especially the monotheistic ones that say “don’t commit idolatry” as part of their commandments….

it would seem that many people are just too lazy to think enough to be able to give away their religion, but, it may be all they have, as some people clearly just *need* to believe, they *need* moral guidance, and even getting their religion grossly wrong, may just be a better thing than them having no religion at all… so if you want to keep Jesus in your heart, that’s just fine by me. do it! I envy the feeling it must give you, but it’s attachment, it’s idolatry, it’s not the point of your belief system…

i think that the true point of belief results from being selfless, the pure enjoyment you get out of helping someone out for the sake of helping them out, with no thought of reward. You wouldn’t even be minimally selfish enough to even notice that you were being helpful… you would be helpful as a reflex action… like with breathing: how often do you think, “oh shit man! I’m breathing!”!!

but regardless, any thing to do with a religion is beside the point; christmas, easter, chocolate, easter bunnies, chocolate easter bunnies, christmas chocolate easter bunnies, santa claus, the “holy” land, holy months, meccas, maccas, 1500 year old ruined buildings where some prophet’s horse took a piss, vaticans, popes, crucifixes, churches, synagogues, mosques, cartoons of your favourite prophet, communions, inquisitions, crusades, jihads, fatwas, temples on the mount, sacred ground, blah de fucking blah blah blah ….

in the example of christianity, all those things mean nothing compared to actually *doing* unto others (aka, treating people with respect, because you want to be treated with respect), so all of those “things” are just icons or idols representing christianity, even images of Jesus and god in your *head* are beside the point, because they are *not* actions, you are supposed to convey the message of christianity via your actions, and actions do not include going around telling people to just arbitrarily believe in Jesus….


if all those “things” actually clearly conveyed the notion of “love thy neighbour”, then that’s a different story, but i’ve not seen anyone “being” christian for over a decade, and no amount of words can convey love anyway, it’s your actions that ACTUALLY matter when it comes to love. You may say you’re my friend, or that you love me, or that you respect me, but unless your actions actually mesh with the things you *do*, then your words mean nothing…

so saying “Praise Jesus”, “I love god”, “just read the bible”, “Evolution is a lie”, or making some bible quote, or any other random phrase that identifies your self as a christian without actually showing that you are *being* christian or that you are showing an *understanding* of what Jesus has taught, then it’s all beside the point.

In fact, some christians have their religion so wrong, that they are completely OFFENSIVE towards the teachings of Jesus in their blatant ability to get their own alleged religion, WRONG..

people can keep their religions, as long as they keep it them to themselves, because every thing else apart from what you keep to your self, is idolatry…

you are supposed to teach and share your religion by acting in the manner it says you should act, if you don’t act like your religion tells you to, then you are a hypocrite

it’s what you do that matters, so keep your offensive ideas of morality to yourself, it may work for you, and that’s good, but you’re just killing your religion by trying to tell other people that your religion is better, and just announcing that you’re a follower of some particular religion like it was meant to mean something, even that is idolatry… so yes, even simply listing your religion on your online profile – even that is a mild form of idolatry…

eg. so what if you’re christian? so frikking what? unless you act christ-like, you’re just bragging that you’re something that you’re not.

maybe that’s the problem with religion? believers in a western society have been so pumped up on happy endings in their sitcoms, novels, reality tv shows, movies, and gossip shows, that everyone automatically thinks that believing in Jesus, gets you that happy ending with a free ticket to heaven? yes, that’s idolatry too..

like being part of the “in-crowd” because you went and saw some movie, but didn’t “get” what the movie was about, but that’s okay, you’ve seen the movie, so you’re “in” – it didn’t matter that you didn’t understand the movie. …. …. . .. *WRONG* .. it makes you a PRETENDER


and to reiterate what I said at the start, non-believers, by not believing that any particular image of god, is *actually* “god”, even in their brains, are incapable of breaking the first commandment… they can’t commit idolatry….

god is an unknown, right? so to *not* form any image of god avoids creating an incorrect image of god, therefore non-believers have a superior ability in not committing idolatry, and are avoiding breaking the first commandment.

which is worse? following the wrong religion? following no religion at all? or following the “correct” religion, but then getting it wrong? which group do you think god is going to be most pissed at? If you’re going to do something, do it well.

“do what you do do well, boy, do what you do do well, give your love and all of your heart, and do what you do do, well”

so do you like that implication?

by *not* believing in any image of anything “godly”, even if that image is in your brain, you avoid breaking the first commandment, you don’t make the *wrong* choice for your god because you have chosen none.

and I know it says something like “love thy god before all others” .. but it’s not about loving god, not directly, it’s more about *not* forming some random idea of god; it’s about *not* assuming anything about god; it’s all about avoiding the line of thought that somehow just believing is all you need to do; it’s about *not* forming the idea that god just happens to want the exact same thing that you just happen to want… *rolls*eyes*

because if you form *any* idea of god, you are making an assumption about god, and to make an assumption about something that you emotionally believe in, well, that’s a recursive loop, possibly the one that sustains the beliefs of many people.

Belief is an addiction, and it’s recursive because you get emotional reward from believing, but your beliefs require that you make assumptions, so you need to make bigger and bigger assumptions to get your “religious fix” until you’ve told yourself assumptions that are so big that your head is so far up your arse that nothing else can contradict that lump of crap that jammed up there that you just can’t quite shit out…

and making assumptions about god also instantly demotes it from being a god anyway, because as soon as you have some idea of what you think god wants or is or whatever, you are putting a mortal limit on god…. making mortal representations of god means you are putting mortal limits on god. and putting a limit on god, renders that “god” status null and void.

god is an unknown, so please just fucking leave it at that and get on with your life and you won’t be committing idolatry…

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believers create anti-believers…

“belief” in god or religion, is something that you are taught, and you are taught that it is “the” way, because you are taught it is the *only* way.. I mean, seriously, what’s the point in following a god, if it’s not *THE* god? like, “derrrrr!”, so, belief has an inherent arrogance in it’s “I’m right and you are wrong” stance…

however, “non-belief” is something you are NOT taught, or more correctly, you are taught that there are options, so you are free to reject these fantasy stories, which I suspect you normally would do when given multiple religious options…. so inherently, non-believers are more likely to have a less arrogant stance because non-believers aren’t taught that they are correct, non-believers are not taught that *not* believing in something is the way to go, in fact, the last thing a parent should do if they don’t want their kids to believe in god, is to forbid them from believing in god.

“anti-belief” is what is created when someone tries to teach you their beliefs, and then you tell them to fuck off, and they don’t. Don’t agree? then how else is anti-belief created? you don’t just decide one day to become anti-something, you need to know something about that something before you can reject it.

because if you don’t know anything about something you dislike, then you are no better than some jerk-off racist or some low brow bigot that just hates things because they merely exist.

non-believers have the default position – when you are born, this is the default state of your beliefs, you don’t *believe* in anything when you are born, how can you? no-one is born religious, so don’t be a dumbarse and think that they do

believers have the extreme belief position, this is taught to them as they grow up, so people choose to believe in the fantasy stories that they are being taught, usually these are the parents’ fantasy belief system stories.

anti-believers have the extreme non-belief position, this anti-belief is acquired when someone tries to push their religion on you, you DON’T become an anti-believer by any other means, how can you? why would you spontaneously hate something without there being a source or a catalyst for your hatred?

“oh you just need to read the bible”…
“uhmm… okay, I will, thanks for the info”

If you are not religious, that means that you have NO religion, right?

If you have never had a religion, do you seek religious people out and tell them that they are stupid (or whatever) for believing their bullshit? no you do not, you *ONLY* reject religion as a result of previous attempts at someone trying to sell religion to you.

in other words, there is ALWAYS a catalyst of some kind. And that includes people who were already religious, if you dump your religion after having one, why did you do that? Somebody tried to sell you some part of your religion that you didn’t like, or you realised the lies that you were telling yourself and you woke up to yourself. what other ways are there?

it may have taken years for you to get around to realising this, but there is ALWAYS a catalyst to the rejection of religion, whether you ever had a religion or not.

non belief *is* the default position and belief is acquired and anti-belief is created when non-belief and belief meet head on

an analogy: think of someone telling you that they like country music (aka a “believer” in country music) and therefore they think you should like it too, but *you* have never heard country music before, you’ve heard “of” it, but you’ve never *actually* heard it, (or more likely, you aren’t aware that you have heard it), so how could you like or dislike a thing that you do not (or are not sure that you) have a personal experience with?

this would make you a non-believer in country music, right? if it doesn’t make you a non-believer in country music, then what does it make you? a non-participant in country music? ignorant of country music? blessed? lucky? regardless, whatever it is called is irrelevant and beside the point

but then you do go and listen to it, and then you *hate* it! so now you choose to reject country music because it’s CRAP. There was a reason that you now reject country music, that being: someone told you country music was good, so you listened to it, and it was NOT good, in other words, THEY LIED TO YOU.

“oh you just need to read the bible”…
“I did read it, I thought it was CRAP”
“no no no! you need to believe in Jesus in order to read the bible!!!”

so now, you are an “anti-believer” when it comes to country music. You’ve now heard country music, and you do NOT like it.

but being an anti-believer doesn’t necessarily mean that you go around ragging on country music all the time, that one experience is not enough to make you go ballistic when the next person tries to tell you to listen to country music, you *only* mention that you don’t like country music, *when* someone else tries to get you to like country music or if they tell you it’s “good”

“yeah I don’t like country music, but then again, I don’t listen to it, so it’s not a problem for me, and when I am subjected to it, I can tolerate it, for at least a little while.”

now imagine a person, *insists* to you that you go and listen to some more country music, what is going to happen?

the more you bug me to like something that i’ve said that I do not like, the more I will start to go on about just how much I do NOT like country music, if you keep bugging me, eventually I will reach critical mass in my hatred of people trying to sell me country music, such that I *will* take an active stance *against* it, and i’ll probably be so frigging annoyed about it, that i’ll start conversations about how annoying it is.

but how did that happen? it didn’t “just” take one person to piss me off enough to make me actively reject country music, it took multiple people, on multiple occasions, using multiple methods of trying to get me to like country music.

This is no different to religion. Non-belief (aka atheism) is the default position – belief is the theist position – and anti-belief is the anti-theist position

most atheists are, or were anti-theists at some time. this is why I choose to describe myself as a non-believer, as the term “atheist” has become ambiguous, as it seems that people use it in the context of anti-belief too often.

I have no interest in religion at all, and that means in a POSITIVE way or in a NEGATIVE way, religion is BULLSHIT, for me, it’s a matter of “who gives a fuck?? people can have their religion or they can not have a religion, it doesn’t bother me either way”, but if you keep bugging me about this stupid thing called religion, then you *will* be bothering me..

“oh you just need to read the bible”…
“no! i don’t! thanks!”

so try to sell me your religion and I’ll ignore you, do it again a few more times and I’ll probably still ignore you, but after about a half dozen more times, I’ll start to tell you to fuck off and leave me alone, and if you are too thick to respect my wishes and keep at it, then you are starting down the path of invoking a response that you will not like…

and that is *nothing* to do with *what* you are bugging me about, but it’s everything to do with the fact that you *are* bugging me, even after I’ve told you to fuck off.

So, imagine the next person that comes along and annoys me to follow their religion…

“oh you just need to read the bible”…
*facepalms* … “urrr… no thanks”

I will probably show less tolerance and patience to the next person that comes along and does the same thing, and the more people that do this, the more they are risking a permanent belligerent reaction to their bullshit.

“oh you just need to read the bible”…
“excuse me, but would you please leave me the fuck alone?”

eventually, if enough people bug me about their fantasy bullshit and fail to respect my wishes when i tell them to take a hike and they persist with bugging me about religion, I would become pre-emptive in my rejection of religion such that the mere mention of god or Jesus or Allah or muhammad or whatever will trigger some sort of anti-belief response….

“oh you just need to read the bible”…

moral of the story?

keep your religion to yourself, or risk alienating people from it *permanently*…. oooopps…. too late

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the god argument is over… you ALL lost (religiorant)   Leave a comment

the god argument is over… you ALL lost

mostly written, 25th of March, 2010… mostly…


who cares if your god exists?

anyone arguing for the existence of their god, ie. something that can’t be proven either way, has already lost said argument…

people arguing against god, mostly do that for fun to pass the time, as it’s a lot easier to *not* care about what you are arguing about when you do *not* believe in it, just as it is harder to *not* care when you *do* believe in something…


a lot of people like to put forward reasons why god might exist, eg. love, charity, the fact we are here, The Clouds (I love that band!!) and a lot of ppl, like me, do the same as to why god might not exist, eg. hate, war, death, the fact that we are here, The Clouds (I love that band!!), but it’s an argument that could never be won, so why do ppl keep arguing?

Most people are too arrogant to consider that they are wrong when it comes to god, as somehow, they *know*, out of all of the people in the *whole* universe, *they* know something that has never been categorically shown to exist… hmmm…

I do god arguing thing for fun, to entertain myself, and if somebody else is entertained or even taught something useful (believer or non-believer) then that’s a bonus, because i don’t care which way you go, as long as you know what you are getting yourself into. As long as it does no harm, to children or puppies especially, then i’ve no problem with it, but if you do believe, always remember that belief is *nothing* more than a personal opinion.

So whatever you think about it, GOD can’t be proven either way, so get over your self if you think you “know” there is, or isn’t a god.

The most prudent thing to do in relation to god, is to shut the fuck up about it if you are expecting ppl to come around to your way of thinking… Me, I just don’t care enough either way to argue the point with seriousness, as I just don’t take it seriously.

But in saying that, I will argue with someone who wants to argue, because I am the sort of person that wants to hear what the other person has to say, and take them to the extreme in explaining away their god, i can’t win an argument such as this, but by asking questions of the other person’s god, you can argue the other person into *losing* their point, which is always funny… especially when they have a tantrum over the questions you ask…

You can’t win the “is there a god?” argument, but making the other person throw tantrums means you have found a flaw in their thinking…


Assuming the neutral position, is like knowing that you can’t swim upstream against the current, so instead of trying, you channel your energy into something more useful, like traversing the river from side to side, and as perilous as it can be sometimes, getting to the other side without getting washed downstream is possible, and is a win in my books.

People who argue for what can’t be proven either way, are demanding that you accept their opinion, they have no proof, they *never* will, so they *expect* you to take their word for it!

screw that! I get insulted by these people when they want me to “just” convert to their lies, as it may be true to them in their hearts, but it doesn’t make it true to me, and people who do are arrogant and selfish to think that their opinion counts more than mine.

People that demand that you believe the same as them, are stuck in that river that you can easily cross, and the river current is sweeping them along with it.

the sad bit is that the river bed that the current is following, is being created on the fly by themselves, i doubt these people are aware of this.

And this is all well and good if u stay in the middle of the flow, and a lot of people live their whole lives without finding they are telling themselves lies, but every now and then, they *will* hit the sides or get caught on a rock and while they are stuck there they will notice that the whole river they’ve been flowing along with, is just an illusion and that reality is far worse than the little stream / river / waterfall that is their life; and that scares them, which is why they jumped into the stream in the first place… because of their FEAR of the immenseness of the universe, and that they are just specks of dust on a speck of dust, and no-one wants to feel “small”, people WANT a connection to something bigger.

Sad as it is, everyone does have a connection to something bigger *already*, it’s called Planet Earth, and if you want to take being connected to something bigger further, *energy* is everywhere in the universe, there is energy in your body, there is energy in space, there is energy everywhere, therefore, by *default* you *are* connected to a bigger entity. So worship the universe if you want to worship something bigger than you.

But believers, because they get used to their regular comfy wet and warm ride, what happens when they hit a snag and reality comes crashing down, is that they will see a great big blank desert of reality around them.. empty… but at least there are millions of stars above you to reach towards.


even if there had been a billion years of human technological advances that would see us be able to reach the very edge of the universe, even if we could coax the entire Andromeda galaxy into a path such that it won’t run into us in a billion years, I still can’t see how god could be proven either way..

But these people, swept up and away by the religious current, take any affront to their god as upsetting because it adds extra weight to their comfy journey downstream, and too much weight, will see them sink to the bottom and every person who frets about their god existing, even slightly, is bound to have some sort of “snapping” point where something is going to confront them with something that will fulfil their worst fear that god doesn’t exist, but that’s okay, they can always just move the goal post back, or change the rules in some way, after a temper tantrum and some mental gymnastics, of course.

but let’s just end that argument right here and now.

There is just no way *Ever* to prove or disprove god’s existence – even if we could step outside our *dimension* somehow, or something as mundane as go back in time, there is still just no way the argument can be won, either in the positive or the negative!

are the god defenders worried that proof of god will be found? and that god is not quite what they imagined? or that god is dead?

maybe this is what all the religious bullshit is about, that once we stopped fretting over what doesn’t really matter, we would be mature enough to leave the planet? …. *sigh*


If you went back and saw the big bang happen, if you were able to fast forward through the entire history of earth such you could *watch* the evolution of man – you would *still* have no proof of god either way, and humans being able to do such incredible things, doesn’t mean god is displaced!

How fucking stupid is that? you have a god that can do anything, and yet you have people worried that we humans are able to be doing “godly” things, I’m sorry, but if humans can out do your god, then you *REALLY* need to have a sit down and think about what your god is about because it really does sound like you did NOT think about it, you only assumed god could do the things that *You* couldn’t do.



But you can always lose an argument that can’t be won, in fact, technically speaking, just being *in* an argument that can’t be won, means you have already lost that argument, especially when you were expecting a result in your favour!

The trick is not to take sides at all in such a pointless argument, and by not taking a side, you can *not* lose, because when the other person tries and fails to win the argument, it means that the neutral position wins, by default.

the bible/qur’an/whatever has been written, it is finished. People claim that the bible can be relevant and adapt to today’s situations, bullshit, it is not scripture that adapts, it’s *you* that is making it adapt.

It’s *you* – it’s ALL *you* – this whole time, it was all you.

Jesus / Moses / Muhammad, have all come and gone, real or not, whatever they were going to say, has been said. Jesus for instance, had a message that was fairly simple, but some christians insist on saying the bible is complicated and that you need to study it, at length, in order to “get” it…

I sometimes get the impression that bibliomaniacal persons throw such tantrums and demand such things so that they can claim exclusivity over it!!

ie. if you demand that i do something i am not interested in, I will most likely reject it out of spite to annoy you for imposing this opinion of yours upon me, and that applies no *matter* what it you are bullshitting about. eg. Unless you’ve read the bible hundreds of times (such that you’ve made it true), then you should not be reading it at all, therefore any person who has read the bible or has heard via word of mouth the simple message of love everyone that Jesus gave, does not have the right to claim to follow the teachings of Jesus because they don’t follow the *whole* bible regardless of the fact that these ppl pick and choose bullshit from it all the time *anyway*.

fine, they want us to convert, okay fine, but then when we do attempt to read their dribble to find what it is that is so fucking fantastical, and then we find holes in it, we are then told – “oh you *just* need to believe” in order to understand!!

Oh! here we go again…. *rolls*eyes*



if some remarkably brilliant lost chapter/book of the bible is found in the future (if one hasn’t been found already), it would be rejected based upon it’s content if it were to upset the status quo …

if this newly discovered book fitted in with the rest of the bible, it would make no difference to the overall message *anyway*, now would it? so it’s addition would make no difference, right!?!?! The point is, the bible won’t be changed, *ever*, there is too much “vested” interest in the status quo…

therefore, the bible is over, it’s not going to grow with us… people clinging to the bible remind me of Linus from Peanuts, with his dirty security blanket he takes everywhere with him… it’s dirty, it’s ikky, it smells, but he still takes it everywhere, coz it makes him feel warm and fuzzy because that’s what he is familiar with.

the same thing applies to any religion, probably more so for some.

in the amalgamated global culture we are hopefully moving towards with heaps of different people coming together from all walks of life, there is no point confining your “World” view to one philosophy (eg. the bible/koran/torah/blah blah blah) any more.

how can you expect to get along with people if they don’t share the same values from your “world view” most of which have nothing to do with everyday life? … one philosophy obviously doesn’t cut it – not any more – one “world” view that doesn’t actually cater to the entire world, is arrogant, it’s separatist, bigoted, and it is an example of closed mindedness in it’s most abundant…

that’s like the World Series in baseball, how many countries play in that? it’s like, two countries isn’t it? how is that a “world” series? to call this sport a “world series” is selfish, as it’s implying that the rest of the world isn’t good enough to play baseball, and watch all the americans jumping up and down after reading that paragraph, that’s exactly what i am talking about. SELFISHNESS

that is what religion and belief in god is all about, it’s about being SELFISH in the notion that YOU are smarter than everyone else coz *YOU* have the correct belief system, and unlike a game of baseball, these religious notions of one group being better than the rest, is keeping people from different walks of life apart.

There is no point in re-reading the word of your god over and over, because obviously if there is a god and we don’t know which group has *the* religion, isn’t it best to grab the best things from every religion and move on without dwelling over any of the negativity associated with these moral “guides” that don’t fit in with a global society?

This applies to the Bible, the Qu’ran and any other fantasy fiction supernatural holy scripture story that doesn’t (or can’t or won’t) adapt to a changing society.

so as to the argument of god existing?

there is a god? well so what? ……

there is no god? again, so what?

who cares? what difference does it make if god exists or not??

are you going to change who you are just because a god exists or doesn’t exist?

if you lose your faith, would you stop being a “good” person?

well…. would you?


having a god as your moral guide-rail would seem to be a crutch, because if you suddenly lost this god and went off the track, would you then give yourself a license to run amok, seeing how god was the only thing that made you “good”???

well…. would you?

if that’s you, and you claim that you would be lost with out god/Jesus/allah/etc, then please, *please*, retain your belief system.. because you are so fucked in the head that the damage has been done already, and you would only make things worse by giving away your belief system, so you might as well stick to your brain washing…

Muslims stone people to death for disgracing their families in the eyes of god, eg. if a muslim woman/girl admits to being raped without having four male muslim witnesses to back up her story, *she* has committed adultery for admitting to the rape… she is then punished for her “crime” and I’ve read of several “mercy” killings where the daughter is killed by the father or brother in order to restore “honour” to the family, in Islamic countries, these people are given *lighter* punishments…. imagine what barbarism they would come up with if Admiral Allah Ackbar wasn’t keeping them in line? IT’S A TRAP!!!!

Imagine those christians who want to bomb Iran (ie. christians for israel), what if they suddenly stopped believing?? would they then go nuts and have whatever military machine they can round up, and go and bomb the middle east back to the bronze age?

If u *need* god to be “good” yourself, then you have a really fucking pathetic idea of what is “good”, meaning that the *only* rational and prudent thinking about god, is to not take any side at all, because no-one knows shit about god, so the only way to win, is to not argue at all, or to at least keep in mind that when you argue the notion that god does or doesn’t exist, that “winning” is not something you should try to do, because it’s never going to be possible to win that argument.

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Catholics move over, Sunni Islam is now the biggest cult   Leave a comment


I forget what inspired me to look up this in the first place, but I have said in the past that if Catholics were not considered christians then guess what the biggest religion is? Catholicism!!!

but I thought i’d check my facts seeing how i hadn’t checked in a while in regard to the split of percentages in relation to Sunni and Shi’a Islam …

it turns out that the Sunni make up 85% of Islam and Shi’a the rest at 15%.

The vast majority of Muslims belong to one of two major denominations, the Sunni (roughly 85%) and Shi’a (roughly 15%).

now the total number of Muslims is said to be about, according to WikiPedia again,

With 1.3 billion to 1.8 billion Muslims, Islam is the second-largest religion in the world and the fastest growing religion in the world.[10][11]

Now if we take the lower estimate, so as to not be biased, if we take 85% of that,

1.3 billion x 85% = 1.105 billion Muslims

Now as far as I knew there were 2.1 billion christians, and just over half of those were Catholics, so 1.1 billion Catholics…

But god damn, the Pope claims that the “Church membership in 2007 was 1.147 billion people,”

but at any rate, if the Sunni aren’t actually the biggest religious cult (remember I picked the lower estimate for the total number for Islam) they will be soon and the world will soon no longer be dominated by Jesus Catholic Christ, and it will become dominated by a religion that for the first one hundred years of it’s history conquered all the lands from India, via North Africa to France.

Remember when the Muslims got upset that Pope Benedict mentioned that some Byzantine Emperor said that Islam went around conquering by the sword or some rubbish? uhmm… excuse me? do Muslims not know their own history? First hundred years, starting with Muhammad, that yellow area in the image above, that’s how far they went in a hundred years!! They kept trying to go further as well. The little black arrows in the image above indicate the raids the Muslims made.

And that Byzantine Emperor, was the third last Byzantine Emperor and much of his reign involved the Muslims laying siege to Constantinople for *years* at a time! This empire, which lasted 1147 years, fell to the Muslims in 1453, with their last Emperor, Constantine XI, dying in the very final battle….

As the city fell on May 29, 1453, Constantine is said to have remarked: “The city is fallen but I am alive”. Realising that the end had come, he reportedly discarded his purple cloak and led his remaining soldiers into a last charge where he was killed. According to the historian Sphrantzes, who doubted the truth of the story, the only way the Emperor was later identified was by his Imperial boots. His body was then decapitated and his head sent across Asia Minor to legitimize the victory.

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