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DENVER (CBS Denver) — Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is not the only one who thinks God helps him on the football field.

According to a national telephone survey conducted by Poll Position, 43 percent of people believe that “divine intervention” is responsible for his success compared to 42 percent of people surveyed who think that God has nothing to do with Tebow winning.
— from Poll Finds 43 Percent Of People Believe God Helps Tebow Win

i am certain that 43% is not reflective of the true extent of this problem in the USA as i suspect that people would not say “yes, god helps Tebow” if they were fans of other football teams or didn’t like football at all, so i expect that this *facepalm* attitude to faith to be much more prevalent – perhaps even as many as 99% of US christians have their religion so wrong that according to their rule book, there is no way they are going to this heaven of theirs..

christians don’t carry on like this in Australia anywhere near as much as the USA – idiot christians getting their religion wrong seem to be few and far between over here and the religious majority usually deal with them anyway – in my experience, a non-believer rarely needs to be the one to tell fundamentalist christian idiots to “pull their head in” over here

the problem i have with prayer is that people are praying for trivial things that they want or get… seriously? .. a football game? finding your keys? not missing the bus? .. come on people, such trivialities? … i always thought that prayer was supposed to be reserved for being thankful for very personal stuff like you and your family’s health and/or for the food in front of you – maybe it’s me that is the idiot?

maybe Tebow is praying that he is grateful his leg didn’t fall off? i could accept that, but regardless, he does this prayer bullcrap in front of thousands of people, this is blatantly showing off that you are a believer to win the favour of the masses – to add insult to injury, this Jesus guy even taught that you should *not* do exactly what this Tebow clown is doing in Mathew 6:5, the specific purpose of which was to teach that you should not show off that you are a believer as it makes others like/love/respect/trust you for doing some trivial thing


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i think atheists waste a lot of time telling christian fundamentalists that their religion is wrong and that these “christians” have fallen victim to the propaganda of the whole Jesus is god thing and that “christians” should grow the fuck up and stop being stupid …

one thing that just seems to befuddle christians, that the atheists seem to not latch onto, is the fact that “christians” *have* fallen victim to this hol(e)y story of theirs and point out to them how grossly *wrong* they have gotten their precious christianity …

for example: instead of merely saying that their religion is total crap, I would ask the believer to explain just what exactly does this crap they are prattling on about have to do with being this “good” person that being a christian supposedly makes them….


I occasionally see stories about Noah and his ark, and I can’t help myself to “debunk” it – but this is very easy to do – it is – I actually deleted about a page of stuff from this blog to do with how stupid it is – so instead of wasting my time by saying that Noah’s flood is an impossibility and how utterly idiotic it is (saying the same thing over and over again is like banging your head against a brick wall, is it not?), I would instead ask the believer to explain to me just what does a story about an ark full of animals have to do with being this good person that being a christian supposedly makes you?

this applies to anything “christian” in fact, as the entire point of christianity was for believers to be good people, right?

at least, that’s what we keep being told, believers keep on telling non-believers that they must “believe” in Jesus, just like them, in order to be a “good” “moral” person as well

so i reckon the non-believers should take advantage of people that insist on professing their christian propaganda that proclaims them to be good moral people, and point out that how proud you are of them for………

* selling their things and giving money to the poor and needy (Mar 10:21, Luk 18:22, Mat 19:21)
* for not being judgemental (Mat 7:1)
* for not praying in public (Mat 6:6)
* for not bragging that they do good things (Mat 6:1)
* for being tolerant and compassionate towards everyone (Mat 5:43-44, Mat 19:19, Mat 22:39, Luk 10:27, Mar 12:31, Rom 13:9, Gal 5:14, Jam 2:8)

What’s that? they don’t do *any* of that stuff?


It is clear to me that “christians” are not awake to the massive lie they are feeding themselves, so by talking to “christians” in their sleep and whispering to them as they slumber what their messiah actually taught, it may just snap them out of their comatose state of ignorance.

who can seriously be christian? come on!!! people are too selfish to live up to Jesus Christ’s teachings; sell all my things and give that to the needy? I don’t think so, I (at least partially) earned my easy life by putting in the hard slog at school and university and at work ..

I give to the needy on very rare occasions, so I have no right to call myself christian, but in the USA there seems to be a plague of people that insist that they believe, by simply saying that they believe!

In Australia, we have a 60% christian population – apparently – but anybody who talks about Jesus like he’s the bees knees is very likely to get mocked or at the very least told to keep their religion to themselves if it’s not the topic of conversation.

In other words, there is more of a tendency to keep your religion to yourself in Australia, as demonstrated by how even the religious tell the more fanatic religious types to stop being stupid idiots – in fact – it would be fair to say that the majority of “christians” merely saying that they christian, are in the USA… (maybe the internet presents a biased demographic in this regard?)

I can only think of a handful of Australian religious fruit cakes – not to say that there aren’t any but they certainly don’t make it obvious they are Jesus freaks – at least not in real life!..

For instance, I’m sure I’ve heard Australian christians refer to crazy/stupid/loud/annoying “christians” as “Jesus Freaks” … ie. being a Jesus Freak and being an actual christian (or at least not bragging that you are a christian) are two different things.

the USA has a critical mass of Jesus Freaks who merely confess to believing in Jesus like that is supposed to make them good people, somehow – but what the fuck does that have to do with being a good person? …

How does *just* saying that you are christian make you a good person? It does not! If you think it does then you are telling a *massive* lie.


It’s quite fascinating to see the sheer volume of people professing to be christian but are unwittingly breaking their own christian rules – or rather – they aren’t following their rules to begin with – they just say they are christian – as if it was supposed to mean something.

“I’m a christian and Jesus died on the cross for my sins”

no, that’s not right, but even so, even if he did die on the cross to cancel out your sins, then so fucking WHAT?

The bible says that you have to *DO* good deeds for those in need, to be christian … If you don’t do good things for the needy – you are not a christian – if you continue to say that you a christian – then you are lying because if you claim to be following Jesus and don’t help the needy, then you are worshipping a false Jesus, and that breaks the first commandment and there’s a special place in hell for you for that particular sin.

This blatant “just say you are a christian”, at least in the USA, I suspect, is the result of putting “in god we trust” on your money and similar statements into pledges that are recited almost daily: people end up *just* believing, without knowing what they believe in, so it’s hardly any surprise that there are homeless and otherwise needy people, in spite of how the primary commandments from their Jesus, instructs christians to *love* everyone, and loving everyone, means *helping* everyone who needs help.

so indeed – what the fuck does all this other shit like Santa, Christmas, Easter, Easter Bunny, Popes, miracles, church and even Jesus Christ himself – none of that has anything to do with *being* a good person …

think about it … none of it matters … as none of it is anything to do with helping the needy, which is quite clearly what the bible says you need to do to get into heaven.

So if you don’t help the needy – then you aren’t going to heaven …

and all of this is why you should never even confess to being a christian in public, as you are supposed to *earn* this title of being Christ-like, by helping others…. not by merely making an idolatrous confession that you believe in Jesus because it means *nothing* at all to just believe in this Jesus dude.

written mostly on 22nd July 2011, mostly

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all religion is idolatry…

mostly written on 12/12/10…. mostly.. and i *swear* it was only a short blog at first … oh well…

I’m a religious extremist, because I think that religion, and I mean all of it, every single bit of it, it is all idolatry at the very least on some level…

what I am saying is that the religious can have their religion, but they can keep it to themselves, because not only does religious paraphernalia and rhetoric annoy the fuck out of me, but by not keeping their religion to themselves, it’s a good chance that the religious are getting their religion wrong, so by keeping it to themselves they are doing themselves a favour, by not pissing god off by committing idolatry.

so if the religious would completely refrain from bragging about their beliefs, then they would have a much better chance of not committing idiotry idolatry – thereby avoiding that hell-fire and brimstone lake thing i heard about once that happens if you break the first commandment.

so, because non-believers have no actual beliefs about god, they can *not* commit idolatry, therefore a non-believer can not break the first commandment.

So stop trying to combat religion with your own “arsenal” of logic and science, hi-jack the launch codes of their own “arsenal” and use their own religion back at them.


so forget about logical proofs, for *or* against god, forget any evidence for or against religion *whatsoever* – and that includes the bible itself, god, Jesus, Allah, Muhammad, forget your clever logic, forget you’re debunking of stupid stories that even eight year old kids can see as being stupid, forget the pope being a cock head saying that atheism is the bane of society, forget about whether christmas and easter are pagan rituals that the christians hi-jacked and now the christians think it’s theirs …. ra ra ra .. forget it all

so, forget about any argument *for* or *against* religion, because all religious things are idolatry, because the only thing that matters when it comes to people and their precious religion, is the meaning of what that religion has taught… anything else, is beside the point….

the entire point of christianity is to follow the TWO commandments of Jesus…. not the *TEN* COMMANDMENTS of *Moses* – the TWO commandments of Jesus *outrank* and *supersede* the ten, and unless you’re pretty stupid, you’d know that… so for those who are stupid and didn’t know that fact, and *yes* there are people who are THAT stupid. Some stupid cunt once told me that my silly notions of Jesus teaching TWO commandments were some kind of Jedi mind trick I was trying to play on him.

Let me say this again: I got into an argument with a CHRISTIAN, who DEMANDED that I not make up stories about Jesus teaching TWO COMMANDMENTS and that I should keep my JEDI MIND TRICKS to myself.

I’m sorry, but if that’s person is not a stupid cunt, then the word “cunt” should never be used again.

So to reiterate; these are not Jedi Mind Tricks, they are the two commandments that Jesus taught::

“love thy god before all others” and “love thy neighbour as you would have them love you”

So that whole dying on the cross thing, was a metaphor for making the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate way to show that you “love thy neighbour”! right?

and by following the second commandment, you are inherently following the first, because the highest law in the bible that christians are COMMANDED to follow, is “love”. don’t believe me? then maybe it’s *you* that needs to read the bible!

Romans 13:9 For the commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not bear false witness,” “You shall not covet,” and if there is any other commandment, are all summed up in this saying, namely, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Romans 13:10 Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

so anything else apart from showing love/respect/honour/tolerance towards your fellow humans, is beside the point, right? what’s the point of calling yourself a christian if that simple notion of treating others well, is not put first in your life?

if you can’t “love thy neighbour” then you are bullshitting the world by telling us you are christian.

so with that being said, in terms of christianity: christmas is beside the point, and Easter too, the ten commandments have been superseded, even the bible is beside the point, Jesus, Satan and god itself, Job, Moses, St Peter, St Paul – whatever it is – it’s all beside the point… “Do unto others” should be simple enough a notion such that it could be passed on by verbal traditions – so what was the frikking point in muddying the waters with all of that whole religion thing wrapped around it?

none of these things are anything to do with following what Jesus taught, these are all ICONS representing christianity… eg. how is saying “Praise Jesus” *actually* “loving thy neighbour”?? saying “Praise Jesus” is NOTHING to do with showing love for others.

if you don’t get that, then christianity is a big fail for you.

Even “Jesus” himself is an idolatrous representation of this alleged direct descendant of god. There was no person called “Jesus” 2000 years ago, the letter “J” wasn’t even part of our alphabet 500 years ago, so how the fuck could there have been someone called “J”esus in biblical times?

even having an innocent image of god in your head is idolatry on some vague level if you’re a believer, because how could you possibly know what god looks like? so any idea you have about god, is pure guess-work, so if you *do* guess as to some aspect about the nature of god, then you have *made*up* an image of god in your head.., therefore it’s IDOLATRY..

and i don’t care if it’s in your imagination, talk to the hand, it’s still idolatry… it’s not golden calf level idolatry, but it’s still idolatrous nonetheless…


even the Muslims getting fucked off about those drawings of Muhammad are committing idolatry, and committing idolatry is the *very* fucking thing that they are getting fucked off about in the first place!

to show what I mean as an example: think about this dot -> .

see that dot? that’s Muhammad, *the* prophet of Islam…

but that’s not idolatry to me, not in the least, I don’t believe in Muhammad’s teachings, *whatever* they are, I was barely even aware that Islam even existed ten years ago, so I’ve got no idea about the teachings of Muhammad – and that’s the point, isn’t it?

I don’t know crap about Muhammad, I’ve not read the Koran or Hadiths and I’ve no intention of doing so either!! so how can I even know what’s blasphemous and what’s not? how can *I* commit idolatry and have that actually mean something. Don’t *I* need to be a Muslim to commit idolatry towards Islam?

and seriously, you can get fucked if you think you’re going to ask me to “learn” about Islam, let alone convert and make tolerance concessions for things like “Sharia Law” – where a woman can be convicted of adultery for admitting to getting *raped* – Sharia “law” is a system where eyewitness testimony is held in higher regard than any evidence. Look it up.

but back to the dot that is Muhammad, if a Muslim were to look at that dot and then recognise that dot as Muhammad, simply because my infidel arse has gone and said that it’s Muhammad, then that Muslim would then be committing idolatry because they are acknowledging that that representation of Muhammad *IS* a representation of Muhammad. Because if it wasn’t a valid or accurate representation of Muhammad, then why get upset?

so, some Muslim sees Muhammad drawn as a dog getting fucked by a pig and they get upset? well, it’s *only* idolatry *when* that Muslim takes offence because they are recognising that representation as being a valid one of Muhammad. so by getting upset, they are indeed admitting that Muhammad is a dog that gets fucked by pigs.

That’s what a Muslim is saying when they get fucked off about Muhammad pictures, they are admitting that these “alleged” drawings of Muhammad, are no longer *alleged*, but in fact are valid icons representing Muhammad.

too tricky for them?? yeah, I thought so…. and I know it’s not cool to make fun of people, but, well, when you claim your religion is one of peace and then go and make death threats – you’re asking to be mocked. You’re forfeiting your right to complain if you make DEATH THREATS over FUCKING DRAWINGS.

It may be uncool to draw pictures of Muhammad, but it’s a BILLION TIMES more uncool to make death threats and act violently because of said DRAWINGS.

So for *any* representation that is supposedly of Muhammad, a Muslim should look at it and say something like, “That’s not Muhammad (PBUH), because how do *you* know what he looks like? Silly Infidel!! may Allah not smite you *too* much for being so bold!” … LOL!

So in the case of the Muhammad “.” (dot) above, for a Muslim to get all pissed off about that, they are actually acknowledging that that “.” (dot) is *indeed* the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)! and a “.” is a thing, and when a “thing” represents your religion, that’s idolatry, is it not?

and seriously, it’s a DOT … if I showed you a DOT like it was meant to offend you, would I not look extremely stupid for somehow thinking that a DOT could somehow offend someone? yes sir, it’s an extreme example, but aren’t all drawings just heaps of dots all joined together?

dots are things, drawings are things, statues are things… what they mean is up to the person that sees them.

so the only way that that thing can represent your religion, is if the *believer* accepts that thing as being a valid representation of their faith. ERGO it’s IDOLATRY on the part of the believer, because remember from the start of this rant, non-believers can’t commit idolatry.


but back to christianity: the point of what Jesus taught was that JC said to ‘”do” unto others as you would have them “do” unto you’, and “do” is an action, which is unlike many of the ten commandments, which say to “not” do particular things… and “not” doing something is pretty fucking easy…

don’t lie…. i can’t lie very well *anyway*…

don’t steal… no problem…

don’t commit adultery… pfft!…

don’t murder… easy…

don’t work on the sabbath and keep it sacred.. no worries!! I want to have *every* day as that sabbath sacred have a day off thing…

don’t covet… urrr…

well, a couple of the commandments are easy, and i bet a lot of people “think” that if they aren’t breaking *all* the ten commandments, then they’ll at least get into the cheap seats in heaven…

I bet there are even people who by just saying “I believe in Jesus”, that they then think it means they get into heaven… lip service much? just because you give Jesus a blow-job, it doesn’t mean you’re going to heaven when you die!!

but in terms of what Jesus taught, ie. “*do* unto others” aka “*love* thy neighbour” aka “The Golden Rule”, any amount of words, images, ideas, verses, none of it matters…. it’s all idolatry

sure, the preachers, the bibles and other “things” in a religion may teach the very foundations of that religion, *but* all that is too much for an apathetic “western” society that wants an instant fix of feeling “good”. which is stupid because the entire basis of what Jesus taught can be summarised as “be nice to other people if you want them to be nice to you” or even mowed down to one or two words – “be nice!” “show respect!” … “*patience*” .. if christians can’t remember that much, then it’s time to give it the fuck away.

so instead of the little mantras like “Praise Jesus”, “I love god”, “I believe in Jesus”, “Allah Ackbah” and other catchy but meaningless phrases that religious people often use, they should say things like “Do unto others!” … stupid idea, hey? would we rather the annoying christians go around saying “Praise Jesus!” or would it better if they said “Be nice!” ??

surely people are not that fucking stupid that they need to have an *entire* religion wrapped around the “Golden Rule” concept? is that why a lot of people can’t follow christianity properly? they are still wading through all the bullshit nonsense stories of that religion and have not got to the actual meaning behind the religion yet? like someone who fills up on the appetisers before they get to the main meal… I told you not to eat lollies before having dinner, didn’t I?!?!?!


in western society, it’s clear that there are too many i-believe-in-jesus-so-i-go-to-heaven-when-i-die-regardless-of-what-I-do type of christians out there… I have a sneaking suspicion that they are the majority… and i’m pretty sure this “rule” applies to other religions, especially the monotheistic ones that say “don’t commit idolatry” as part of their commandments….

it would seem that many people are just too lazy to think enough to be able to give away their religion, but, it may be all they have, as some people clearly just *need* to believe, they *need* moral guidance, and even getting their religion grossly wrong, may just be a better thing than them having no religion at all… so if you want to keep Jesus in your heart, that’s just fine by me. do it! I envy the feeling it must give you, but it’s attachment, it’s idolatry, it’s not the point of your belief system…

i think that the true point of belief results from being selfless, the pure enjoyment you get out of helping someone out for the sake of helping them out, with no thought of reward. You wouldn’t even be minimally selfish enough to even notice that you were being helpful… you would be helpful as a reflex action… like with breathing: how often do you think, “oh shit man! I’m breathing!”!!

but regardless, any thing to do with a religion is beside the point; christmas, easter, chocolate, easter bunnies, chocolate easter bunnies, christmas chocolate easter bunnies, santa claus, the “holy” land, holy months, meccas, maccas, 1500 year old ruined buildings where some prophet’s horse took a piss, vaticans, popes, crucifixes, churches, synagogues, mosques, cartoons of your favourite prophet, communions, inquisitions, crusades, jihads, fatwas, temples on the mount, sacred ground, blah de fucking blah blah blah ….

in the example of christianity, all those things mean nothing compared to actually *doing* unto others (aka, treating people with respect, because you want to be treated with respect), so all of those “things” are just icons or idols representing christianity, even images of Jesus and god in your *head* are beside the point, because they are *not* actions, you are supposed to convey the message of christianity via your actions, and actions do not include going around telling people to just arbitrarily believe in Jesus….


if all those “things” actually clearly conveyed the notion of “love thy neighbour”, then that’s a different story, but i’ve not seen anyone “being” christian for over a decade, and no amount of words can convey love anyway, it’s your actions that ACTUALLY matter when it comes to love. You may say you’re my friend, or that you love me, or that you respect me, but unless your actions actually mesh with the things you *do*, then your words mean nothing…

so saying “Praise Jesus”, “I love god”, “just read the bible”, “Evolution is a lie”, or making some bible quote, or any other random phrase that identifies your self as a christian without actually showing that you are *being* christian or that you are showing an *understanding* of what Jesus has taught, then it’s all beside the point.

In fact, some christians have their religion so wrong, that they are completely OFFENSIVE towards the teachings of Jesus in their blatant ability to get their own alleged religion, WRONG..

people can keep their religions, as long as they keep it them to themselves, because every thing else apart from what you keep to your self, is idolatry…

you are supposed to teach and share your religion by acting in the manner it says you should act, if you don’t act like your religion tells you to, then you are a hypocrite

it’s what you do that matters, so keep your offensive ideas of morality to yourself, it may work for you, and that’s good, but you’re just killing your religion by trying to tell other people that your religion is better, and just announcing that you’re a follower of some particular religion like it was meant to mean something, even that is idolatry… so yes, even simply listing your religion on your online profile – even that is a mild form of idolatry…

eg. so what if you’re christian? so frikking what? unless you act christ-like, you’re just bragging that you’re something that you’re not.

maybe that’s the problem with religion? believers in a western society have been so pumped up on happy endings in their sitcoms, novels, reality tv shows, movies, and gossip shows, that everyone automatically thinks that believing in Jesus, gets you that happy ending with a free ticket to heaven? yes, that’s idolatry too..

like being part of the “in-crowd” because you went and saw some movie, but didn’t “get” what the movie was about, but that’s okay, you’ve seen the movie, so you’re “in” – it didn’t matter that you didn’t understand the movie. …. …. . .. *WRONG* .. it makes you a PRETENDER


and to reiterate what I said at the start, non-believers, by not believing that any particular image of god, is *actually* “god”, even in their brains, are incapable of breaking the first commandment… they can’t commit idolatry….

god is an unknown, right? so to *not* form any image of god avoids creating an incorrect image of god, therefore non-believers have a superior ability in not committing idolatry, and are avoiding breaking the first commandment.

which is worse? following the wrong religion? following no religion at all? or following the “correct” religion, but then getting it wrong? which group do you think god is going to be most pissed at? If you’re going to do something, do it well.

“do what you do do well, boy, do what you do do well, give your love and all of your heart, and do what you do do, well”

so do you like that implication?

by *not* believing in any image of anything “godly”, even if that image is in your brain, you avoid breaking the first commandment, you don’t make the *wrong* choice for your god because you have chosen none.

and I know it says something like “love thy god before all others” .. but it’s not about loving god, not directly, it’s more about *not* forming some random idea of god; it’s about *not* assuming anything about god; it’s all about avoiding the line of thought that somehow just believing is all you need to do; it’s about *not* forming the idea that god just happens to want the exact same thing that you just happen to want… *rolls*eyes*

because if you form *any* idea of god, you are making an assumption about god, and to make an assumption about something that you emotionally believe in, well, that’s a recursive loop, possibly the one that sustains the beliefs of many people.

Belief is an addiction, and it’s recursive because you get emotional reward from believing, but your beliefs require that you make assumptions, so you need to make bigger and bigger assumptions to get your “religious fix” until you’ve told yourself assumptions that are so big that your head is so far up your arse that nothing else can contradict that lump of crap that jammed up there that you just can’t quite shit out…

and making assumptions about god also instantly demotes it from being a god anyway, because as soon as you have some idea of what you think god wants or is or whatever, you are putting a mortal limit on god…. making mortal representations of god means you are putting mortal limits on god. and putting a limit on god, renders that “god” status null and void.

god is an unknown, so please just fucking leave it at that and get on with your life and you won’t be committing idolatry…

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the god haters…. (religiorant)   Leave a comment

the god haters..

written mostly 29th March 2010…. mostly ….

this is one of the most ridiculous arguments of the religidiot, ”non-believers are “god haters”!!!

*ahem* … what did you say??


even been called a god hater??

if you are not a believer in the existence of god, then how is it possible to hate something that doesn’t exist? so it is extremely and pretty and very hard to hate something that is an unknown, I would say!


the intellectual vacuum in the heads of some religionuts is just astounding, and these people are probably the same people who think that the LHC is going to destroy the world, the density difference between their brains and the atmosphere is far more likely to create a black hole that would suck the earth into oblivion than the LHC….

maybe believers think that non-believers are sooooo evil, that we *must* have so much hatred festering inside us, that we can find some hate for the stray hydrogen atoms out there in the vacuum of outer space??.. and why not? those stray atoms are infinitely more “real” than this god we supposedly hate

i find it amazing that the non-believer can literally do NOTHING, and that’s all it takes for the non-believer to be offensive and hateful enough to tick off some “believers”

pathetic would probably be a better word to describe believers calling non-believers “god haters”


I remember hearing about religion and god worship once during the 90s, and my reaction to hearing this notion was… “oh what the fuck?! didn’t everyone else stop believing in Jesus and god soon after they were told that Santa Claus and the easter bunny and the tooth fairy and leprechauns etc etc were all made up?…. grrrr…” … ..

so uhmm.. yeah, regardless of whatever *you* think of your god existing or not, as far as *I* am concerned, this god of yours *ONLY* lives in your head, so if you say that I am a god hater, then you are, in fact, saying that *I* HATE *YOU*, and, seeing how this is *your* god, that lives in *your* brain, *you* are in fact, saying that *you* actually *WANT* me to hate *you*.. LOL!


so given that, if want me to hate you, then don’t fucking whinge when I *DO*!!

and here’s the even more pathetic thing about this::

the problem here is NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH GOD IN THE FIRST PLACE – do fucktarded religiomorons understand that concept? no!!

For me personally, the source of the offensiveness is that *you* are making ASSUMPTIONS about *me*, that *you* think you are permitted to be speaking on *my* behalf with notions as to what I apparently hate.


but I fucking BET that you are calling me a “god hater” because you think it makes you better than me and that somehow this all powerful fantasy creature being in your brain (aka your EGO) gives you a mental rush for having the opportunity to make an AFFIRMATION of your belief!!!


So just who do you think you are to “know” what it is exactly, that I actually hate?

So just how do you know how to form my own opinion of you, on my behalf?

So just how can *you* then formulate for me, my *own* opinion of you, and then have the nerve to expect that I’m going to conform with your fucked up offensive ideas of me that you have *just* created with absolutely no way of knowing if what you are bullshittering about, is indeed accurate?

And even *if* you knew exactly what I hated, WHAT GIVES YOU THE FUCKING *RIGHT* TO EVEN SPEAK FOR ME AT ALL??


did I give you permission to do that? no I fucking did not!! If I did, then you probably missed the condition where you are supposed to have a shovel shoved up your butt, side ways, before you are allowed to speak for me.


you don’t know shit about god, and furthermore, you don’t know shit about what I believe when it comes to god, so if that’s you trying to tell me that I hate god, then you are a cunt-faced liar, and that is as polite as I will be on the matter with some cunt who thinks that they can speak for me…


Who are you to wave your finger, you musta been out your head…. eye-hole deep in muddy waters, you practically raised the dead….

are you god itself? ARE YOU?!??

you musta been high, because without *me* telling *you* in extreme details of what I hate, you would *have* to be GOD to be able to *know* what I hate, and you would have to *BE* god in order to think you would get away with that as well, and to top it all off, this god of yours is going to be pretty well fucking pissed off with any body assuming the role of being an all knowing being!!

this is proof that god doesn’t exist, because just how blatantly, obviously, deliberately and persistently can god’s will be defied?? And yet ppl expect they will get away with out any retribution? people don’t really believe in god, NO FUCKING WAY, how can they? because if they truly feared some all powerful being they wouldn’t fucking leave the fucking house for fear of doing something wrong, which they constantly do but don’t give a fuck about. This is proof that god only exists in the YOUR mind, because NO OTHER god would let you get away with the bullshit that it lets you get away with

And by calling me a god hater, you reveal yourself to be one of fucking stupidiest ppl on earth, because it obviously didn’t occur to you fuckheaded people, that you are trying to force me to acknowledge that this god creature of yours actually exists by calling me a “god hater”…

what’s the big deal you say?


you may want to defy your god by committing idolatry by yourself in boasting that your god exists and that it is *the* god, but you go and commit idolatry DOUBLY-SO by trying to make me commit it as well..

so go fuck yourself, all you people with your “god hater” rhetoric, because if there is a god, you can accept the punishment for breaking your precious god’s highest law all on your *own*. That seat in hell that you are screaming out that you want, is reserved *just* for you. I’ve already got a good spot all lined up.

just how arrogant does the person calling me a “god hater” have to be to actually do that? that’s like telling some person, you don’t even know, who they like and who they dislike.

idiot: “Oh you like Justin Bieber!!”
non-idiot: “pffft!! who the FUCK is that?”

These created assumptions cross all manner of personal boundaries, the fact that this is about god, is beside the point and merely serves to compound the arrogance of the person using the phrase “god hater”..

you are judging me to be a hater because *you* think that non-belief is worthy of being cast into hell, because I am defiling your precious god with my *not* acknowledging it’s existence … that’s idolatry on *your* part..

so first of all .. fuck you, with bells on it, just because I don’t share your opinion of god, you get to insult me? just how insanely rude *are* you people calling me a “god hater”?

NO! you do NOT get to formulate my OWN OPINION on ANYTHING for me, let alone god, the most unknown of the all the unknowns..


Still don’t get it? That’s hardly surprising seeing how the average IQ of the world drops every time a religionist fuck head fundamentalist opens up their mouth.

*you* fundies are the ones calling us god haters, get it?

we didn’t come up with any of that bullshit, *you* fundies did that all by yourselves, get it?

so even if god actually *does* exist, *you* are *creating* our alleged hate for us *regardless* of there actually being a god or not, *you* are superimposing *your* own hatred towards non-believers for not *being* believers by calling us god haters…

you are taking your FEAR that the non-believers are actually right, and you are turning that fear into anger, and that anger leads you to HATE non-believers who will NOT be swayed by your pathetically small minded religious nonsense. the result of this is that you are creating your own suffering which you then need to alleviate by ACTING OUT this anger in a reflex conditioned reaction towards us with *our* “alleged” hatred of god. (remember, we can’t hate things that don’t exist)

fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.–[Yoda]

In other words, not only are you forming my opinion for me, but you speak of *YOUR* *OWN* *HATRED* for the universe when you are talking about people that you’ve labelled “god haters”

so it is actually more correct to say that *you* hate “god haters”, with the caveat for us people in the real world, is that “god haters” don’t actually fucking exist because they can’t hate something that only exists in *your* fucked up sick and twisted little mind.

In order to hate something, you stupid cunts, you have to acknowledge it’s existence.


So people who use the term “god haters” are making up shit to be angry about, that’s all it is, THEY ARE MAKING UP STUFF TO BE ANGRY ABOUT, and then they are taking out that anger on the non-believers.. and if you choose to be angry at me for a reason that *you* *made*up*, then you can quite clearly go and choose to fuck yourself as well

so much for a religion of peace, huh?

Because if denying or not even acknowledging that something exists makes me a hater of said thing that does not exist, then it is *YOU* that has the fucked up perception of reality, it is *YOU* with the hatred issues towards people who don’t believe in this god creature *YOU* have created in *your* brain.

it is *YOU* that is acting out in anger that the rest of the world DOES NOT BELIEVE IN YOUR BULLSHIT FANTASY STORY

YOUR GOD IS 100.000% in YOUR BRAIN, IT IS 0.000% in my brain

the god you speak of, is 100% in your mind, so when you say we are “god haters” – you are actually saying that we hate *you* – get that through your thick heads

deny it all you want, but I went for ten years without a thought of god, but then I get online and people INSIST that god is real to me, “ahem! no… that’s your *opinion*”

I wouldn’t give a rats arse about what people believe in, that is, *until* they start harassing me to believe the same bullshit they believe – so for me personally – my going on about god is *DIRECTLY* caused by people INSISTING to me that I believe in their god…

that’s right, if god haters actually do exist, then it’s the religious who brought the god haters into existence because the only way god haters could exist is if a believer managed to piss off a non-believer into hating the god concept that they are trying to flaunt.

by speaking about “god haters”, you create them! aka. Speak of the devil, and the devil will appear

people come to their beliefs of their own accord, all by themselves, in their *own* time, insulting someone by saying that they are god haters is an INSTANT WAY to make people HATE YOU and this god thing in your brain.

So much for *SPREADING* the word hey?

If you call me a god hater, then you are spreading HATRED, and you have got ZERO chance whatsoever of converting me to your bullshit, in fact, nothing you say from that point on is going to be listened to, not without me being sceptical about what you are saying…

Calling me a “god hater” is also an idle threat that I will not capitulate to, you don’t scare me, your god doesn’t scare me, and seriously, what god would give a fuck if I hated it anyway? but more importantly, if there was a god, it will get it’s own revenge back at me in it’s own sweet time, so why do the fundies feel a need to act out and threaten me on behalf of their god? Commit idolatry much?

That in itself, is SOLID proof that god only exists in your mind, why does the most superior being in the universe need INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE OLD YOU to be defending them or have you work their will on their behalf?

could it just simply be you are defending your own ego?

which is more likely? god is just a figment of the imagination that you parade around as your ego, or that god made the entire universe out of nothing?

And people should also realise, that since this god creature some people believe in, is completely in the minds of said people, that any threats made in the name of that god, are actually threats that have originated from the mind of the people who believe.

So when ppl say “Allah” or “GOD” is going to get me for misbehaving, they are *actually* talking about this god in their minds, meaning that *THEY* are making the threat to enact this retribution on behalf of their god. Meaning that a detached part of their brain has just made a threat against me, but then in true hypocritical style, the person making the threat has no idea that they are making a threat, or perhaps they do, and they just think some random prophet or god will forgive them for doing so, after all, it *was* a threat made in prophets/god’s name?

If I took you to court because you said to me that “GOD is going to kill me tomorrow”, my argument to the Judge would be that the only way you could know that, is if *YOU* were going to be doing that killing on behalf of said god

So unless you can prove your god exists, it is YOU that is making threats on behalf of the god in YOUR brain, which makes you accountable for any bullshit you say in the name of said god. Making threats in the name of Jesus christ or Muhammad doesn’t negate the illegality of the threats you are making.

In other words, if I *do* hate ‘god’, then you can safely lay that blame on the people who have harassed, threatened, insulted, bullied, pestered, or badgered me to believe their bullshit story, ie. THE INCESSANT INSISTENT BELIEVER!!!!!

those are the people I hate, not this made up bullshit story about some sky daddy that you expect me to believe, I don’t hate stories, I don’t read stories that I don’t even like in the first place, I *stop* reading them when I find them to be against my values or more likely, I stop reading when i am not entertained.

I have my own opinion – you are entitled to yours – but you don’t get to form *MY* opinion for me

the only time I have talked smack about god is because some believer has rudely tried to convince non-believers that god exists by INSISTING on spreading the word, or by INSISTING that they are correct and that we fall into line with their opinion, without question, without reservations, they just want us to believe, and that’s all there is to it.

that is RUDE – that is INSULTING – go FUCK YOURSELF

if you are rude and insulting enough times – people are going to be rude back at you, count on it.

But in saying that, please keep calling non-believers “god haters”, I think it’s great that you are deliberately destroying your own religion under the premise of “spreading the word”, that you think calling us “god haters” is some way to guilt trip us into believing your bullshit .. keep it up… it’s *great*, dumbarses!

we are not learning from history … (historant)   Leave a comment


we are not learning from history …

i’ve heard it often said that “the victor writes history in their favour” or something like that …

yet it seems that we are too arrogant to think that the history we know is wrong

often history is written with the facts of events presented accurately – but people are too stupid to ask what happened because of these events…

“oh look Helen, look what the bad guys did back in the bad old days”.. that’s how history is presented, it’s presented as a shiny object, all the dull rusty sharp edges are smoothed over..

people need to ask *why* did these things happen in the first place …

have you ever seen two kids fighting and the big kid has stomped the little kid, and because the little kid gets a broken bloody nose, ie. the little kid was hurt the worst, so nobody stops to ask what the little kid did.. they just think the big kid was being a meanie, coz the big kid, has been known to be a meanie in the past…

now the big kid maintains that his attack was perfectly justified, but no-one wants to hear why any more, because the little kid has cried so much and was so hurt and so mutilated and so humiliated, that *everyone* instantly picks on the big kid, and ridicules him and makes jokes and mocks him but …

still …

nobody asked the big kid why he broke the little kid’s nose by giving him a good punch, and eventually the tale of the little kid being punched by the big kid becomes so large, that no gives a rats arse about why the big kid did what he did, it would ruin the story.

why ruin the truth, with those pesky other points of view

but eventually some people do ask, well kind of, they have to read the history books about the event, because it’s too late now, as the big kid has long since died, and these curious people ask the question…

“Why did the big kid hit the little kid?”

and it turns out that somebody did have a different take on the “history” of that event, as it is rumoured that the little kid had taken the big kid’s money, in fact, the little kid, had taken the big kid’s entire family’s fortune, they were broke.

But often when you ask why and what happened, the little kids start asking you why you are being pro-big kid?…. they even have laws put in place, to protect the little kids from the big kids.

I’m not saying that the big kid did the right thing, far from it, but nobody saw what the little kid did, so a useful perspective on the events is often reduced to rumours, so all we see, is the seemingly over the top display of big kid retaliation.

But in my experience, the measure of the retaliation is usually in some sort of proportion to the initial event that caused the apparently over the top reaction.

just say, all the little kids had been taking money from the big kids for decades, and the big kids have just stood back and let the little kids look after the money they took. But each blow has a wearing down effect on the big kids and eventually, the big kids were scrambling to eat, to clothe and house their families…

in fact the whole big kid country is now in economic down turn, because the little kids have all the money

then one day…

a little kid, tries to take the big kids money again, and the big kid says NO! THAT’S ENOUGH….

and then the little kids get upset, but they have so much money now, that they can screw over the big kids, by getting all the little kids all over the world to pick on the big kids, in fact they are so rich now, they can hire other big kids to pick on the initial big kids, on their behalf.

President Barack Obama launched an extraordinary attack on the Supreme Court on Saturday, saying a ruling on corporate donations to political campaigns this week “strikes at democracy itself.”

Obama’s broadside was triggered by a 5-4 ruling by the court’s justices on Thursday that removed long-standing campaign finance limits and allowed corporations to spend freely in campaigns for president and Congress. In the ruling, the court’s conservative majority said the limits had violated corporations’ constitutional right to free speech.—
Obama says court ruling a blow to democracy

I have a very bad feeling about this…

Olbermann: U.S. government for sale

and people in my country want to emulate the USA political system… long live the Queen I say….

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religious excuses for hating gays…. (offensive-religio-rant-humour)   Leave a comment

religion, dividing the world, again still….

what’s the most likely religious reason excuse as to why religious people hate gays?

I mean it says in the bible in that Leviticus bit:

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

and then again, but with more vigilanteeism

Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

Frankly I don’t see why the male chauvinists haven’t latched onto these ones, I mean people are always interpreting the bible however the frack they want and getting away with it, so how about this interpretation of Lev 18:22?

Leviticus 18:22 Do not tell lies to your fellow men (like how you tell lies to women) as it is uncool!

or how about this play on words of Leviticus 20:13?

Leviticus 20:13 If a man fucks another man, once he has already fucked a woman, then both that woman and that man shall be put to death!

So, if you ‘lay’ with a man the same way you ‘lay’ with a woman, doesn’t that imply that you have had to have had already been ‘laid’ by the woman in the first place. So that implies to me that it’s OK to be gay, as long as you aren’t switching sides later on!! LOL! urrr… and if you do flip sides after taking a woman, then the woman is responsible for turning the man gay… (yes, chauvinists should like that one too) ..

of all of these excuses for gayophobia in the bible that i can find, they don’t mention that girl on girl action is bad, so one can only assume it’s not OK for guys, but being gay is OK for girls… 😀

oh, and then there is this beauty from Doo-too-ron-oh-me (sounds like a droid designation! “Doo-Too!! Doo-Too Oh-Too, where are you?!”)

Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so [are] abomination unto the LORD thy God.

Charming. makes me want to be a cross dresser, or get a sex change, and then wear men’s clothing! Or maybe the author of Do-Too Oh-Too didn’t want women to be wearing any male appendages? “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man” … maybe that author got a *really* bad birthday present from his woman once, ie. she wore the appendage as a trophy…


Those three verses (old testament by the way) are probably the only three biblical excuses for gating hays, however, those same verses are probably the basis for lots of christian bigotry.

and if you didn’t know, the most famously quoted version of the bible, the King James Version, doesn’t even have the word “homosexual” in it at all, it uses the word “effeminate”, so anybody using the word “homosexual” when quoting the bible, is using one of those versions where somebody has gone and got a convenient translation of the bible. I’ve seen christians quoting the King James Bible, but then in the next paragraph they are making quotes from the bible that use the word “homosexual”.. that’s deceitful is it not?

and the word “gay” appears only once in the KJV….

James 2:3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:

i like that one… so apart from the O.T. rubbish from bible, what is the religious reason excuse why people hate gays?

I think it’s because gay people *are* gay… not a little bit of the time, not some of the time, not most of the time, no.. they are gay *ALL* the time, because that’s who/what/how they are.

just like i am me, not some of the time, not most of the time, but all of the time.

and no, it’s not strictly a religious reason…

just like a christian is a christian *all* the time, not a little bit of the time, not some of the time, not most of the time, a christian is a christian at all times… right? well, at least they are supposed to be christian all the time because if they are not christian all of the time, then they are not christian at all.

but…… there are obviously some people who just can’t fucking understand the concept that “people are people” and that other people think differently to them. which would explain why USA christians rail against atheists far more than they do against other religious people – to them their line of thinking is that at least other people believe in a god of some sort, I guess it is easy for the christian to say to themselves that other people’s gods are just their mistaken view of the christian god, than it is for christians to accept that people don’t believe at all.

so as stupid as it sounds, let’s just write it out loud

you are, who you are…

sounds like an easy concept to digest, right? … should be a no-brainer right? hmmm… but apparently *not*, given the carry on we’ve all seen online… (if you haven’t, welcome to the internet, remember not to believe everything you see and read and you’ll do fine)

see, i think some people just can’t understand or cope with their world not being how they want it to be, and that’s a problem, not only for them, but for the people they are bigoted towards.

Nobody can change *who* someone is, you can only change yourself, so being a bigot to someone, isn’t the best way to go about trying to change someone’s way of life.

You could even beat someone for being gay, and they might pretend to not be gay, just to escape being beaten, and eventually they could become ‘straight’ just to conform, just to blend in, but… who’s fucking business is that in the first place anyway? Certainly not someone who has *never* even met you, you can’t change people’s hearts, at least not in the space of two seconds.

You could beat someone for being christian, but would they not just say that they are not believers any more so as to avoid being beaten? would they really stop believing in Jesus, just because you seem to have beaten it out of them?

and some people, clearly can’t even be themselves, so to compensate, they want everyone else to also not be themselves, so they tell these other people these things “stop being yourself, it’s an abomination”, but, really it’s a matter of .. “If i can’t get to be who I want to be, then no-one else is going to get to be who they want to be either!!” … well, that’s the impression I get!

“My life is a pointless boring misery so *yours* is going to be the same as well, because I’m too lazy to make a mark in this world, because that requires hard work.”

Aside from it not being someone’s business what other people do in their bedrooms, if you don’t like looking at people who are gay, then don’t look at them. Pretty simple, right? After all, you do realise that teh gays are easily identifiable by the flashing neon lights built into the sleeves of their fluorescent jump suits, so just look away when you see the neon.

it will be pink neon, usually.


and you know, maybe those people who are worried that their school age children are getting a ‘bad’ influence from gay teachers have a point. after all it would be rather distracting to the child’s concentration to say the least as it takes effort to treat people with respect especially when they do not deserve it, not to mention they might grow up to be more tolerant of people who are different to them. can’t have that happening, now can we? so parents who are concerned that their kids are being “poorly” influenced should be sure to ask their kid’s if any of their school teachers are having Mardi Gras every class time with scantily clad gay folk parading up and down between the desks? or if any of their teachers wear pink neon lights on their jump suits?


and you know, maybe those rabid packs of homosexuals running around the streets, gang raping paranoid mountain preachers in the arse, just *might* be a problem for society… I mean, those pink neon jump suits might blind some drivers at night time if these rabid-gay-pack-gangs become very large… put all those gays in the one spot and teh gay neon light would be blinding to those astronauts up on the International Space Station.


oh, and wouldn’t it be a *real* shame if everyone was gay and the human race died out because no-one could have a naturally conceived child any more? I mean, we ALL know that children can only be made when the heterosexual man puts his who-who-dilly in the heterosexual woman’s cha-cha!! right?

So if everyone has turned to teh gay side, then there are no more humans being made because it’s just not possible for gay people to have children, is it? Two guys can’t make a baby, two girls can’t make a baby. I mean it’s not like gay men would have sex with a woman for the sole purpose of conceiving?!? ewwwwww… not even if you were last member of the opposite sex in the world, honey! not even to save the human race!! ewwwwwwww!!! and it’s not like children can be artificially conceived and then implanted into the womb! that’s science fiction! and even if it is possible, those children would be evil, conceived and born without souls! (but at least they would be born with pinky neony flashy lighty jumpy suits)

(yes, these sarcasms are actually based on real fundy arguments… this blog is completely based on REAL and ACTUAL things alleged “christians” have said to me on the internet … except the flashing pink neon.. i think it was actually more like a pink ribbon instead … )

(oh.. i wonder what my point was?)


(oh.. i remember now)

those people who do hate gays, hate gays out of fear… again, it’s all about fear.

a fear that their world might collapse because someone might be doing something somewhere that’s somehow going to mess up their lives at some time in the future in some way, and it’s out of their control, way out of their control in fact and it’s going to happen at *any* second… just like Jesus is coming, in like .. five minutes from now… it’s all about fear and everybody knows what fear leads to… the Dark Side… 😦

so these people act out, but their ‘venting’ hurts people, some people have died *just* for being gay at the hands of some christian warrior for Jesus or some sort of foot soldier for god, because we all know how busy god is at being impotent omnipotent…

maybe these males who hate gays, just simply fear that upon having butt secks, they might just find it to be pleasurable? I mean we all know how good taking a good shit feels, having butt secks can’t be too much different from that, right?…


another (possibly offensive for those without spines) ramble, mostly written on 20th March 2009, mostly…