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Q: Why do people believe in god?
A: Fear, or more specifically, the fear of the unknown.


it’s built into our instincts that we worry about things, that ability to worry is how we eventually avoided being on the menu of predators, we became smarter than the other creatures with our ability to think ahead..

it was via the use of our imagination that we were able to avoid all the nasty things that we could dream up and hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was a legitimate need to worry about what was literally around the corner, because at any moment, we could be called on to defend our lives…

however, humans still haven’t let go of that overpowering need to think that there’s something just ahead that’s going to get us, in spite of us having eliminated or identified how to avoid most of the things that actually could kill us, so today we have ended up making up a whole bunch of new things to be worried about that we should not actually *be* worried about.

For example, in a western society, there are not many places that I can think of where just leaving the house is likely to get you killed, so with our ‘stable society’, we start to use our thinking ahead abilities to worry about situations we can’t control, eg. what other people think about us, the tides going in and out (*facepalm* at Bill O’Reilly), and that most uncontrollable thing of all, death…

so a belief in the fantastic god creature is created, and the basic premise of this belief is that it doesn’t really matter when you die in this life, as you get to live forever if you believe a particular god story, and a blind belief in this story, allows the person to just let go of their irrational fears, because god, is taking care of those uncontrollable things…

in other words, only the weak minded believe in god because they lack the ability to come to terms with the unknown.

(ps. “weak minded” is as polite as I can be about it)

the key to irrational fears is to not struggle with them in the first place, just accept them, let them come and go, tell them to “go away” or laugh at them, rather than make up some even more irrational god story to displace them..

and that applies to all your irrational fears too, accept them, don’t deny them, worrying about crap is *normal*, struggling with those fears is what is *abnormal*, your brain over thinking a situation is what will bring you down with its depressing lines of thought.

but the really bizarre thing is that this god creature is just a detached part of the ego of the believer, so a blind belief in god is a blind belief in one’s own ego.

don’t believe me?

think about all the “sins” that people commit during their lives, many of those will get your arse excluded from heaven *forever* with no hope for a reprieve, and yet, somehow, people think that their sins can be forgiven?

who would forgive your “sins” other than your own ego? Who else but your own ego could somehow justify all the the crap you have done in your life in such a way that your god would forgive you?? Who? Your ego, that’s who…

and yet, it’s the non-believers that get accused of worshipping themselves??

go figure!

and even if non-believers do worship themselves, at least the non-believer isn’t pretending to impose god’s will on others, as it’s more honest to impose your own will, than it is to speak of your own will as if it were the will of god

ie. blind belief makes you your own personal Jesus

it’s very hard to break any of your own commandments when you don’t question the beliefs you’ve blindly accepted that your ego told you to believe.

and that’s why people believe in god, it’s also why god just happens to want exactly want the believer wants as well


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the problem with christianity? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

yes it’s obvious what the problem is, at least to me – but just wait a minute – let me give you some context, because i also used to think that christianity was the problem with christianity, ie. the religion itself..

i mean look at the bible with it’s stories of talking asses, magical parting of waters, resurrections from the dead and stories about arks carrying two of each kind of animal during a massive flood (how did the fucking koala bears get to Australia, my dear christians?) – what sort of people do you have believing in such tall stories? people with a lot of faith in the ridiculous, obviously!

we have all these ridiculous religious things that people believe, but believing fairy tales requires a lot of faith, and this is not for me, i’m not caught in the gravity of any god, other than the universe itself, if indeed that can even be called a “god”.

i doubt there are many people that are truly good christians, because there are so many people who keep saying that they are good christians, so it is prudent to believe that there are none because a true christian would not need to brag about being christian in the first place!

Repeatedly saying something that you aren’t, doesn’t make it true. Repeating something over and over is one of those mantra things you tell yourself to make yourself feel better. Like when people make these affirmations out loud, they tend to release whatever that chemical in the brain is called that makes you feel good, that’s why they believe, to make themselves feel goooood.

Well, good on ya mate, I listen to Boston or Toto or ABBA or INXS or Men At Work or something else I enjoy instead of telling myself a lie, a fantasy, a story, i lie to myself enough as it is – I don’t need an intangible thing watching my every move to concern me…

the very fact that christians even vaguely imply that they are good christians is being arrogant on some level, isn’t it? just because you are christian, it does not make you a good person. If you think it does, then you better think again.

and aren’t the meek supposed to inherit the earth? if you are bragging about being a good person by calling yourself christian, then you are not being meek, you are in fact, showing off that you are a believer.

oh – yes – i love being judgemental of christians – because i get to judge them by their own values

and christians can be as offended as much they want – but try and tell me that the bible is anything but a fantastical bunch of anecdotes and I’ll demand you show me this “proof” you christians keep going on about that proves the stories in the bible to be true – thus far after nearly a year of being involved in this fucked up debate which probably exists now because dumbarse christians finally have figured out this internet thing and that it’s no longer the devil’s evil work and bahahahah and still no-one has shown a scrap of evidence to support any claim in the bible.

And as for proof of Jesus existing, you gotta do way better than having his name on a Roman execution list or just some off hand reference to a figure that resembled this Jesus character by some minor historian of the time. A lot of the things that people have announced as proof and keep announcing as proof, have themselves been dismissed by the Church as being hoaxes. Did you read that? Many of the things that christians tout have been DEBUNKED by the church itself – go do some research if you don’t believe me

Faith is not “proof” either.. just because you believe in something, it does not make it true, what is true to you might very well be a lie to every other person on earth

but yes… it is obvious what’s the matter with christianity, the problem is the christians themselves.. I mean the bible had some good stuff, but most of it is common sense, eg. don’t kill… but far too many times I’ve seen crap from christians belittling and making judgements about people of different

* races
* sexual persuasions
* religious ideals

so I ask you christians why don’t (or won’t) you accept people that are different, just what is your fucking problem?

yes it’s a rhetorical question… but I wonder do they realise that;

a) you are being meddlesome (ie. not meek)
what business is it of yours in the first place what other people do or believe in the privacy of their own homes? if you think it’s your business that Steve and Jake like to suck each other off, then you are a busy body arsehole who is concerned that Steve and Jake might just like to suck you off as well and that *you* might just like it. why does it disgust you?! the thought of two guys sucking each other off should do nothing to you, you should be saying “if they like it, so what!” – why are you even thinking about gay people and whatever they get up to in the bedroom in the first place? You can’t hate and/or denounce something you know nothing about, you know. I don’t like the idea of me being intimate with another guy either, but I don’t dwell upon that image so much so that I feel the need to have to write a blog about it and denounce it as being ‘perverted’ or immoral

b) you are being judgemental
who the fuck are you to say being gay or a different race or not believing in god is unacceptable or whatever the fuck it is you think makes these “different” people, “wrong”. that is judgemental – a trait which is very much “god-like” – but just because god or Jesus is judgemental it doesn’t fucking mean that you get to be judgemental as well! – it’s none of your fucking business, you don’t know if your god approve or disapproves of these people – you don’t know what’s in the hearts of these people – fuck, you don’t even know your god exists!! And knowing that something “just must be” does NOT make it so.. what fucked up logic is that? That’s what little children do when they have temper tantrums – stomping their feet – itistrueitistrueitistrue whhahhhhhh …. grow up already

c) you are being selfish
if you think your god is only for people that give themselves to him – then you are being selfish – again, how the fuck do *you* know what god wants, how does giving yourself to a god make you a believer when at *least* two thirds of the ppl on this planet don’t believe in the same god as you do? well? how does someone who has never heard of, nor ever will have heard of Jesus, have the opportunity to accept him as their saviour?

d) you are being arrogant
who the fuck are you to think that your god is *the* god? there are thousands of them! is it because the belief in your god has survived for 2000 years? pfft! your religion was founded in bloodshed and was enforced on the populace so that eventually in a few generations of forced submission to your religion it become an indoctrinated belief. how is that what god wanted? forcing people to believe in something is *not* true belief – the whole join-us-or-be-executed-or-be-expelled was pretty much the go if you didn’t accept christianity back in the Roman Empire at around 500AD! how arrogant are you to believe that the population being forced into religion counts as being a believer? children were exposed to religion in order to ensure that they wouldn’t be killed or tormented as non-conforming non-believers, parents indoctrinated their children into religion over the centuries to stop their kids from being tormented by the supposedly peaceful religious majority and now, in our day and age, somehow indoctrinating kids into bullshit fantasy stories has become “normal” .. the fact that christianity has gone on for so long in the face of christians having it so blindingly *wrong* is testament to the fact that it is based around the fear of the unknown, and how is accepting anything based on fear, an honest and good choice? or are you arrogant because it’s so popular? well – NEWSFLASH – no religion has a majority of followers – NONE – more people do *not* believe in your kooky ideals than people who *do* – get the fuck over yourself.

so here we are “christians”, the above points apply here – you are not christian if you think that

a) people have to deliberately give themselves to Jesus to be saved
why? what about four billion ppl who don’t believe or probably never even heard of Jesus? what about them?

b) that ppl who don’t believe in your god have pointless lives
how do you know your god is the god? YOU DO NOT! you just say that to prop up the lie you keep telling yourself so that it’s more real, and the more people who believe the same fucked up thing you believe, the less it becomes a lie in your fucked up little version of reality you have in your head, but the actual reality is that any lie you tell yourself, is *still* a lie. Furthermore lies that you tell yourself that are spoken out loud, are also called delusions – why isn’t every religious person thrown in the nut-house for being a nut?

c) if you follow anything in the bible written by Paul
Paul was a self appointed disciple, Jesus did not invite him to be a disciple, Paul claimed that “god” wanted him to be a disciple, funny how “god” didn’t mention that fact to Jesus while J.C. was still alive hey? sure Paul, *we* believe you… hey, weren’t you the guy that tried to killllll all of Jesus’ followers, Paul?

and finally:

just exactly what do you want these “different” people to do anyway? leave planet earth? I bet that they would if they could, I know I would gladly leave this planet just so that I wasn’t breathing the same oxygen as bigoted cunts like you.. do you want these people to kill themselves? is that why you can’t accept that actual people want to be gay or a non-believer, so it’s best that they stick in a gun in their mouths? jump off a bridge? slash open their wrists? what? what do you want these people to do? hey?

why don’t you lot walk around with a sign on your head that says “I’m a bigoted Christian, so don’t tell me you are gay, a non-believer or whatever god doesn’t approve of, as you will destroy my delusion and it will be my god given duty to tell you to kill yourself!” … or maybe a t-shirt – if you are not a christian – then you should go kill yourself … and why not – that’s *exactly* what christians have said to me and NO other person who was supposedly christian, had a problem with the things that were said to me …

so indeed … christianity is not the problem – it is a thing – and things are only a problem when they are misused – so it’s the christians that are 100% the problem – don’t blame the message, blame the messenger for getting it so blatantly and embarrassingly wrong.

(mostly written 22/june/2008, mostly……

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christian fundamentalists are afraid to die… like *way* *way* more than the regular “normal” person.. but why are they *so* afraid if god is going to look after them, right??

if these people truly believed that they were certainties for getting into in heaven after their time here on earth, then by rights, they should be the calmest and most relaxed people on earth, so then, what’s with the frikky crazy delusional ideas they come up with????

I wonder if the problem with these people with fanatical ideas is that they are christian but they *don’t* go to church and that they don’t get to see that other people of the same faith, who are religious, who actually don’t take the whole bible quite so literally and who are actually reasonably sensible people!?

or maybe the problem is that they *did* go to church and it was all blasphemy because it was not what *they* think the bible is about so they go and make up their own version of christianity?

if you call yourself christian – you should be seeking a higher authority when dealing with religious questions – ie. your priest! you should not be involving yourself in religious debate if all you can frikking say is

“Oh the bible says so so so it is true!”…

“woop dee frikking doo!!” I say, “bet you can’t tell me why it is correct and don’t do any of that frikking recursive bible bullshit on me again” ..

either get yourself a degree in theology or something similar, and formally study the bible so you actually understand what the bible is about or you can SHUT THE FUCK UP, sitting down and reading the bible yourself is NOT STUDYING THE BIBLE … FUCK! you are embarrassing yourselves.. you are not debating, you’re a frikking parrot… or at the very least you are showing just how childish your mind is and it is quite sad…

“the bible says so”
“the bible says so”
“the bible says so”
“the bible says so”
“i give up” .. *sigh*…
“nur nur I win”
“good one fundy! it was nice talking with you and your delusions.. not!”

i think people become so extremely religious like this because they can’t deal with the concept of being gone forever – ie. being dead

so to suppress their fear of death and how they just can’t comprehend it, they believe in something that is even *more* incomprehensible to completely blot out that fear of death or at least get it to the point where they can shrug their shoulders and say

“meh!! god’s gunna take care of me – no need for me to worry about dying” ..

it’s all about fear … fear of the unknown

but “Fear is the path to the dark side… fear leads to anger… anger leads to hate.. hate leads to suffering”

hmmm… i see a lot of suffering – an inner turmoil if you will – going on with these fundies indeed … 😦

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