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the free will aspect of religion … (religiorant)   Leave a comment

the free will aspect of religion, is quite an interesting one, and to me, shows the biggest flaw in the whole god story, at least the christian/judeo/islameo one

god supposedly gave us free will, right?

so “in the beginning” it’s possible that by giving us free will, god may have just given up the ability to interfere with our lives, let’s just say, effectively a “we are on our own” sort of deal, so we get to make our own choices and make our way into heaven or not, a “test”, as that is the apparent goal of being in a religion, to get to “heaven” in the afterlife at least in the christian story, we need to earn it to get in, by being good ppl… apparently

so let’s cut god some slack at first as god may just know every trillion possible things we might do, but it isn’t sure what we will actually do… so, god, could only guess that we would screw up but hope for the best.. so god makes Adam and Eve, and the evidence of what we do with “free will” starts to accumulate

but Adam and Eve screwed up, Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and Adam went and ate from it too, after being told not to, free will and such.. so thus far 100% of god’s “perfect” creation have stuffed up.. not looking so perfect now, so god punishes these two for screwing up, but you know, let’s cut god a little bit more slack, because now god knows to expect us to screw up, and punishing us was designed to make us behave…

so then Adam and Eve have a couple of kids, Cain and Abel, and eventually Cain goes and kills Abel.. #fail .. so 75% of god’s first four “perfect” creations stuff up, and the other 25% was murdered..

god is off to such a fantastic start, wasn’t it?

so given the extreme failure rate of god’s “free will” experiment in the first four attempts, instead of interfering and giving Adam and Eve and Cain a set of commandments to live their lives by … “thou shalt not murder” would have been a good one for Cain, but no, god doesn’t do anything.. oh he puts a mark on Cain’s head, to warn the *other* people he might encounter.. ahem… what other people? where did the other ppl come from again? anyhooo

so then we run amok for another 1000yrs or so, mating with demons and giants and such, but then god suddenly decides that it needs to eliminate the earth of “evil” because apparently it exists because we are half demons or something, and the blood line needs to be restored to perfect again or something like that … you know, I’m not sure what evil is but Cain having sex with his mother is rather evil i think, because just who did Cain marry anyway? but anyhooo

so god wipes out every creature on earth except for two of every creature to repopulate the earth (i won’t mention inbreeding again or ask how the Kangaroos and Koalas got to Australia from Mt Frikking Ararat, either)

god gave us free will? if this is true, the “great flood” is testament to the fact that god fucked up, there is no polite way to say it.. if we had free will, then god killing everyone on earth, well, doesn’t that mean god forfeited our “free will”, god made a mistake by allowing evil to exist, god thought it was clever and knew all, perhaps god did know everything, but let us become evil anyway.. perhaps god let it’s *ego*, in arrogance, convince itself it could do this whole universe thing just as well as all the other gods do in their universes …

but … what does god do after the flood? nothing! why didn’t god give some commandments over to Noah? that way “everyone on earth” would have had the opportunity to learn at least some desert morals ..

but no, god didn’t, god let us descend into blasphemy and debauchery *again*, knowing full well that there was a very good chance we would anyway, but perhaps god told it’s ego again in pride, that “that evil thing won’t happen again!!!” but then after a 1000yrs or so of that, god gets jack of it and sends Moses down the Nile, to then lead the Israelites into and out of the desert or something like that, along the way picking up the 10 commandments, finally we get moral instructions..

so god, gave us free will, but after 3000yrs of that, god suddenly and finally finds a clue, and gets the idea that we need guidance… derrrr

*that* should have been very obvious to god after the first four ppl, Adam / Eve / Cain / Abel .. but no, god thought he’d hang back and hope (more arrogance and pride?) that we’d get better at this whole “life” thing, but after all that time of seeing our failures, like when every person at that very nanosecond when we make a wrong decision, god goes “NOOOO!!!! don’t do that!!.. awwwwww…. he went and *did* that!” as if god is watching us like we do when we watch some sort of dramatic TV show…

so god gave us some hints with the ten commandments… “free will” to do things other than these ten things.. but how did that ten commandments thing go anyway? not very well, seeing how god sent Jesus! this time dumbing it down to just *two* commandments, and how did that go? by the 500s the thousand years of intellectual vacuum was well under way with the dark ages, thanks god

so this perfect jealous god keeps making stuff ups this entire time, with everyone on earth pay for that mistake at one stage!?!? i don’t think so, if god was “perfect”, as is written, then god would not have changed tactics every thousand years or so … a perfect god would be able to move two molecules of hydrogen together to set off a chain reaction and have everything perfect align itself exactly how god imagined it a trillion trillion years later …

oh.. but of course, it’s all easily explained by us being the masters of our *own* destinies and that god is something we just made up to *blame* and *thank* when we have no idea what else to do, so this god being, is “just a story” all made up by man, because if god was perfect, we would be none the wiser about it, but this god ppl speak about *is* flawed, which points the finger right back at it’s flawed creator… us!

the most popular book on earth “the bible”, is flawed right from it’s first page … in the beginning god makes the light, but then a couple of days later … god makes the sun … which makes the light …