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the whole concept of god itself is flawed..   Leave a comment

mostly written 25th October 2007 … mostly….

hehe … this was a msg i sent off… thought it was good enuf for a blog — with some slight edits.. .. and “no”, at this point I had not heard of a dude called Epicurus 🙂

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the whole concept of god itself is flawed..

why? imagine this..

if god is so high and mighty and is the most powerful being in the universe – as is implied – how can evil exist at all if god is omnipotent? if god is the most powerful being in the universe – then he chooses to let evil exist – coz if he is all powerful he could destroy all the evil in a whim!

If you were a loving god, would you not do the same?

so since this god lets suffering happen, then this god is a sicko bastard – a truly belligerent god at the very least would kill off billions of humans to improve the life of those remaining (which is probably why my application to be god was denied – boo hoo)

but no – god does nothing – in spite of the thousand of so years that he “spoke” to the prophets during biblical times

now imagine this….

eventually we will run out of resources on this planet and if we don’t start mining the solar system for iron and whatever else we need to build on this planet to accomodate the ever burgeoning population, then we are screwed, big time, the only way we could truly house the population if the growth continues at some projections is to turn the planet into one big city – like Coruscant in Star Wars

i searched for “future world population projections 2300” in google – this was from the top hit

10. Future population size is highly sensitive to small but sustained deviations of fertility
from replacement level. The low scenario results in a declining population that reaches 2.3 billion in 2300 and the high scenario leads to a growing population that rises to 36.4 billion by 2300. If, for the sake of illustration, the fertility of countries is kept constant at 1995-2000 levels, the world population would soar to 244 billion by 2150 and 134 trillion in 2300.

there is no way the earth can house that many ppl but still i have read some articles where ppl think the world can sustain a trillion ppl!?! maybe if the asteroid belt is mined and if the moon was turnt into one big green house to grow food for the planet… i don’t think so!!

so i guess my point is if we don’t get our butts off this planet eventually there’ll be some out of control result of over population – probably a new plague or nuclear war – which could turn the remaining population into mutants!

we’ve only got one chance at getting off this planet – if we use up all the resources before we can do that, we’ll be stuck here forever and we’ll just inbreed ourselves into oblivion or kill each other over the precious last fragments of gold and oil or whatever.. because there is no way the earth alone can sustain us for another ten thousand years …

but yeah .. some beerified thoughts for you 🙂


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