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more important things to spend money on at home, than on space travel? (science v idiots)   Leave a comment

I often here people complain in space exploration forums that there are more important things to spend our money on than running around the solar system checking out stuff for no other reason than to see if there is stuff there to check out.

well, maybe there is, but I find the whole notion of people questioning whether we should be spending money on space travel to be offensively hypocritical.

Don’t people realise that eventually, there will be no more room on Earth for all of us?

Don’t kid yourself if you think we can or *should* just keep building.

Population levels will not back off from falling because as our technology and medicine become cheaper, and more and more people will live longer, but the problem with that is there isn’t enough space to feed and house them without turning massive amounts of land into agricultural land to feed us and more land, probably vertically, into residential spaces, to house us.

But at some point, there will be too many people to be supported by the available agricultural land so food we will need to be artificially “grown” by scientific means…

But do you see where that is heading … ? ….

… artificiality ….

Personally, I’m an indoors person, but to think of our forests being cut down, not being able to breathe fresh air, so do we really want to turn our planet into one big city (aka ecumenopolis) and eat food that has been grown in labs?

Or do we want to spread out into the galaxy so that we can let the earth repair itself, like a planetary park, that families would visit for the weekend like they do these days when they visit Yellowstone National Park or Daintree Rainforest ??

we currently have the technology to send probes to the stars local to us. *yes* we do, *yes* they would cost trillions of dollars, and *yes* they would take hundreds of years to get there, and *yes* it would then take decades to ‘beam’ anything useful back, but by that time, we may just *need* to start planning to move off this planet in a couple of hundred years, so if we start *now*, we may be actually able to do something before the population hits critical mass and we run out of food/water/space/air/etc….

and who knows, there very well could be a nice little earth sized planet around Proxima Centauri with it’s own really powerful magnetic field to shield it from any flare ups from our closest interstellar neighbour…

what’s that? what a waste of money? there are more important things to spend money on, right here on earth?

of course there are, but if we’re going to waste money on bullshit, what’s with all the money that has been spent on useless wars?

the Americans have spent a trillion dollars on the Iraqi / Afghan war, see page 19 of this report for a nice graph, it’s a PDF

but here it is

(it’s so much easier to find information on USA government spending than it is on Australian government spending, even our own government lists off pretty graphs of other countries spending’s before they do the same for the Australian – *sigh*)

it’s cost Australians about $130 dollars each as of 2008 (total $3 billion spent)
as of 2010, it’s cost about $3000+ for each person in the USA, for what?

and this time, I’ll refrain from mentioning that not only was the Iraqi war based on a lie, but legend has it, that it was Jesus himself that told George W Bush to invade in the first place.

yeah, so if there are so much more important things to spend our money upon here on earth, then you can start fucking spending money on them or you can shut the fuck up


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god still could have made the universe Mr Hawking! (religion v science)   Leave a comment


recently Stephen Hawking has made the announcement that god did not make the universe, which many of us suspected all along, DERRRRRRR, but of course this has sparked an outrage from the god-did-itters, so once again we see the “faithful” showing their extreme lack of faith, that their faith in god is “unshakeable”!!!

Or perhaps it would be more correct to say that this adverse reaction to what Hawking has said, is because people are demonstrating their complete lack of *imagination* in this ‘being’, they describe as god

However you want to look at it, the people upset at Mr Hawking, have imagined a god that has somehow been “defeated” by Mr Hawking. And if his words have somehow offended or otherwise upset the believer, then those people getting upset clearly have a limited idea of god, because how else can a single personal human opinion about god, upset so many faithsketeers?

If somebody’s idea of god can be “defeated” then that is proof that their “god” is limited, and the only limit imposed on god, is the limit of a person’s imagination.

And *any* god that can be defeated, defies the very concept of god, therefore their idea of god can not possibly be real, so that limited idea of god that people have in their heads, must be *completely* in the mind of it’s believer.

In other words, many people do not think big enough about their god, because 5000yrs ago, god had made the earth and everything on it, and two bright lights in the sky, and lots of other little lights in the sky… that’s a lot of stuff, and while that was *everything* back then, it didn’t quite convey the appropriate impression of the sheer size of the universe that we know about today.

ie. we estimate that there are a hundred thousand million galaxies, at least, each containing something like a thousand million stars, *each*

point is, the universe went from being about one light day across 5000yrs ago, to the estimated size today of being some 78 billion light years across or whatever size it is that just doesn’t make sense if you think about it, but the whole time, what god had apparently made during the past 5000yrs, got bigger and bigger and bigger.. this perfect god was time and time again shown to have been an under estimate on the part of the believers.

this is proof of idolatry, isn’t it?

god made the earth, oh and god made the sun and moon… oh and the planets .. and all their moons.. and the asteroids… oh and the other stars .. and the nebula… and the galaxies … and the galaxy clusters … and the black holes.. and the super-massive black-holes .. oh and god made the universe … clearly the concept of what god has done has expanded over the last few thousand years, much to the reluctance of believers at times.

when your idea of something turns out to be different to how that something is in reality, that’s idolatry, that’s being a fanatic, that’s hero worship, whatever the fuck you want to call it, you are bullshitting yourself about god, because the real god, if there is one, could NOT possibly by defeated by Mr Hawking, or any OTHER human for that matter.

So, if your god can be displaced by some human notion, then your GOD was just not big enough, therefore, your god wasn’t the real god, and the first (christian) commandment is, “thou shalt not worship any god other than the real god”… so anyone getting upset about their god being displaced, is going to HELL for worshipping the WRONG god.

Real world example: how often has some person you idolised, turned out to be a total jerk in reality? maybe the pop star you grew up loving in the 80s, turned out to be a paedophile? or how about the sports-person you thought was brilliant at their game, who turned out to be some steroid popping, bigoted homophobic, wife beating, arrogant racist? or the scientist whose work is still used in everyday science, still thought that god made the universe in six days?

The idea, or the concept, you had of this person turned out to be wrong.

This is the same effect with god, but in this case, the god idea changes gradually over many years, co-incidentally, as our science improves.

This is proof that people’s idea of god, is often not big enough, because they need to keep moving the goal posts, very reluctantly at times, because science has yet again, explained something that was traditionally explained by the believer as being done by god, because only a god could explain this fantastical fantastic thing, right? well, that was WRONG!! which means that the believer was so small minded about their god, that when another human concept came along, it was ABLE TO DISPLACE the believer’s notion of god.

In fact, the whole reason for the dark ages, was because the church wanted what we knew of the universe to actually stay as “god did it”, eg. they wanted it to stay in line with what was written a thousand years before.

Anyone still trying to get science out of the bible, is deliberately trying to perpetuate the dark ages. Using things written a thousand years ago by people who knew nothing of how science works, is *not* science, because eventually old ideas are completely thrown away, and quite frankly, the bible was not much of a starting point in terms of “science”, and to clutch onto a symbol of a previous time as being some sort of thing that it isn’t, well that’s idolatry too, isn’t it?

god is god, there is nothing that could “defeat” it, and yet, we still have people getting upset when told that god didn’t do this, and that god didn’t do that, and that god doesn’t exist .. boo frikking hooo ..

how is that possible? the only way god can be defeated, is if this god that is in your mind, is a shoddy pathetic example of “god”, because if your god can be defeated, then your god was never big enough to be worthy of being called god in the first place.. this is proof of idolatry, as your idea of god, was too small, and how can god be too small unless *you* were worshipping the *WRONG* god?

if your idea of god is too small, then you’re idea of god is not the same as the “real” god, because the “real” god could *never* be defeated by the opinion of some scientist guy.

this is why supernatural beliefs are supposed to be personal things, because you should expect them to be challenged for being too small if you must insist on stating those beliefs in public.

someone who truly believed in the awesome nature of god, would realise that “making the universe”, would be a small and petty task for a god anyway, so one should not be disappointed when told that their god didn’t make the universe, as it was a trivial task for a “god” in the first place.

how about god made existence itself? that’s a metaphorically vague task for god to have done that can’t be defeated by science, or how about god made “the nothing” that became the something that we are familiar with if you want to be “specific”?

any true believe in god, would not even have thought up the concept of a being called “god” in the first place, god would then just be part of what *is*, and you would not think about it at all…. like gravity, you don’t believe in gravity, do you?? does believing in gravity make it work, does it? you would just accept it as being there as part of what *is*, if nobody mentioned “gravity” you most likely would never have thought to identify this downward motion gravity thing, *as* a downward motion, because it would be normal, it would be all that you knew, it would be part of your very existence, so much so it wouldn’t even have a name, at least until someone taught you about it

god should be the same, you should just believe in god, and leave it at that, giving it any quality, is bound to wrong, so is therefore likely to be idolatry, and for people so fracking worried about going to hell, you probably want to stop committing idolatry every day.

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"god did it" is lazy … (religiorant)   Leave a comment


note: i don’t mean to make these blogs so long, and some of them start as just one line, but every time I proof read, well, i keep adding stuff

some people feel the need to “know” how it all started

“it” being the meaning of life, the universe and everything.. so, if u must know where the universe came from, make something up, that’s what every one *else* has done, no one knows for sure, so jump on the band wagon and join in, and be *creative* ..

but ya know, the question is just so much fun, at this point, does it even matter if god put us here or not?

if we did *somehow* find out that god put us here, the next question would be *why*?? …. the point being is, at what point do we stop this line of thought that serves no fucking purpose in the first place?

we are here, apparently, it may not be much, but we are here, so what does it matter if there is a ‘who’ behind it all?

the *hard* bit about the concept of there actually being a cosmos is already out of the way, pinch yourself if you don’t think the cosmos exists!

but if you still want to “know” how we got here, then saying “god did it” is not knowledge, it’s an assumption, it’s a theory, it is a stab in the dark, but unlike scientific assumptions, theories and stabs in the dark, “god did it” has absolutely no factual basis whatsoever, and it serves no function to assume that “god did it” in the first place at all!!

because what’s the point in just *leaving* it as “god did it”!

how does that help us move forward in the life, the universe, and the everything?

this god supposedly gave us a brain, why would we expect that we aren’t supposed to use it? did god expect us to *only* sit around all day eat drink and be merry? what was the point in giving us a body if this is just a precursor to the afterlife?

If the afterlife was so important, it wouldn’t be called the “afterlife” – AFTER – LIFE – got it? means life is OVER – do we really think our thoughts and memories are going to go with us when we die?

your thoughts and memories are being stored in your physical brain, that is left behind when u die, people… that body isn’t going with you after you die

you offend your own intellect by being so lazy so as to not actually think about god and the afterlife and make at least some *reasonable* assumptions, even saying “I don’t know” is a more intelligent thing to say than “god did it”, if you are a goddiditter, then you make one big *unreasonable* assumption.

If you don’t know an answer to something, then say I DON’T KNOW…

If some one asks you something and you say “I don’t know” you are being honest, if you make something up based on your feelings and opinions, it’s very likely that you are telling a lie, although you wouldn’t think that because a lie is often not a lie from the liar’s point of view.

in fact, “I don’t know” is the best thing to think about god, because assuming “knowledge” of something pertaining to god is probably an offence to your god, that’s probably because making assumptions about god means that you create your own version of god in your mind. So this god in your brain, ends up being what you’ve previously heard about god, plus this “god did it” assumption you just made or more than likely, you are repeating someone else’s “god did it” assumption

a “real life” example: if you assume something about someone, then your thoughts about that person are potentially different to the actual person, at least until you find out first hand yourself if your assumption about that someone was indeed correct

but you are bound to be wrong, especially if you had never met that person, nor heard their acoustically registrable voice speak, or had even seen a picture of them, and the only vague likeness of them, a painting, that was from four hundred years ago.

So your idea of that person would not be the same as that actual person when you finally found out the truth about them, would it?

therefore, the person you imagine in your mind, was not the actual person, it was a shoddy copy of that person you had made up with your assumptions.

Your idea was basically correct about that person, kind of, sort of, looked a bit like, but this copy of this person in your mind was *wrong*, and it is made *wrong* by even the tiniest little assumption you make about that person. Although, it’s more likely that you weren’t that creative, and you’ve just believed the gossip somebody has just told you about that person

And yes, the subtle point if you didn’t get it, is that the bible, the qu’ran, the torah, etc, well, it’s ALL gossip about god

all of which is pointless from an intellectual point of view – and being able to use your brain’s intellect is how you get a job is it not? using your brain is how you make a living, isn’t it?..

you would give yourself a head start in life by not assuming that god did anything at all, or if you must believe in god, just go with the god made *Everything* and let it rest at that, so when science comes along and explains something, it won’t be stepping on your faith.

and to be honest, if you are worried that humans are going to become cleverer than god, then that is your *problem* and you are making it ours as well.. and you know what that problem is? it’s that this god you created in your brain, was *limited* by your *own* creativity, because you went and assumed this thing about god in the first place or you never thought about it at all!

go look at employment statistics if you think “god did it” is useful – how many people got a job because “god did it” lent some credence to an occupation?? oh priests? really? one person in a hundred thousand would be a priest, great job opportunities and career paths there (*sarchasm* [sic])

if you don’t use your brain’s ability to think for itself when you’re a kid, it’ll stagnate, if you don’t use it when you are an adult, it’ll STAGNATE, and then you can be one of the worker types, the ones who just move through life like cattle, just going through the motions in life for the sake of life, you’ll be one of those types that are having their jobs replaced by computers, the “goddiditters” are deliberately being one of those types who will become a *burden* on society if they haven’t already, because they are *unskilled*

there is nothing more draining on an economy that spends money on people with no return on that investment, and to be one of those people deliberately, then you are using your religious beliefs to justify being a SLACKER.

So we have these goddiditter slacker people, who have the audacity to insist that non-believers explain where the universe came from, and yet, rather than *think* about it themselves, they just repeat what somebody else has assumed, that’s being a sheep, that’s being intellectually lazy cattle…


The same people then scoff at any notion a non-believer presents, with that notion usually being something like “oh it had to be more complicated than just ‘god did it’!!!”!! ..

Is the believer out right admitting that they haven’t even thought about how “god did it” either? or maybe they have thought about it and refuse to acknowledge how ludicrously stupid their belief is?

“la la la la la la I am not listening to you Jeffrey la la la la la” –[Eddie Murphy – “Beverly Hills Cop”]

The dead-set believer will also scoff at the notion that the universe was always here or just appeared out of the nothing at some point, yet they would have us believe the even more unlikely notion that god was always here and made the universe just appear out of the nothing at some point.

Hypocrite much?

Point is, if you are just going to say “god did it”, don’t fucking bother even saying it out loud, as you are helping to retard the intellectual development of the entire planet with your intellectually lazy “god did it” mantras…

“god did it” is not using your mind, what was that quote? “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”, i wonder if that person was talking about religion and i wonder how many children never grew up to be scientists because they were told early on in life that “god did it”, implying to them to not bother to think about the universe. ( actually that quote was from )

so rather than wondering about something intellectually, thus building all those tiny neural pathways adapted to rational and critical thinking, instead, a highway of one-way thinking gets constructed where all roads lead to the “god did it” wasteland of unused brain matter

And seriously, if god made the universe 6000yrs ago, then who is to say that god didn’t just make the universe at the very moment you finish reading this sentence?

what do you think about that?

If god was so brilliant, all those memories we have of all those events in our lives, could have all been created in our memories, like a computer program already in motion and we are just all the characters that have been created for the game, some of us in cars, watching tv, hunting fish, collecting fresh water, whatever, it already has a vast history “database” and by exploring it we add to the history “database”… have you played massively multiplayer games? World of Warcraft perhaps? have we not considered that if “god did it” then god is just some programmer who made the universe, and set it running by clicking an icon?

if god is so brilliant, that task is not beyond god’s powers, and some of the religious have *already* accepted as *fact* that this is exactly what god has done ALREADY, in that god has made the universe “as is”!… eg. fossil and geologic records clearly indicate the world is older than 6000yrs (oh the devil put those fossils there to tempt us) and light from things further than 6000 light years away would be appearing in the sky all the time. for instance: Eta Carina is 7500light years away, so if the universe was made 6000 years ago, the light from Eta Carina still wouldn’t have reached us yet and would not reach us for about another 1500 years..

so not only did god have to make the universe 6000yrs ago, it also had to create, or trick us into thinking that somehow all the events that appear to have happened *before* that, did actually happen, eg. the Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5million light years away, god would have to create the light shining from that galaxy for such that it looked like it came from the Andromeda galaxy for 2.494 million light years of space…

in other words, if the universe is 6000 years old, then we are seeing light from distant objects, that *never* actually came *from* those objects, the light we see, was created “in transit”, it would mean that god created the universe such as to trick or fool us into thinking the universe was much older than 6000 years ..

so if god *did* make the universe 6000 years ago, then god is lying to us, because every time we look into the night sky, we see LIES, FABRICATIONS, MISINFORMATION … and seeing how complex and massive the universe is, then god went to an awful lot of trouble to tell us one very very VERY massively big lie.

So if go around telling people that god *did* do it, then you are asking people to believe in magic, either that or we are just some computer simulation that has been switched on at some arbitrary point

this is what you are asking people who like to think about stuff rationally when you say “god did it”. you are asking us to believe YOUR lies that you quite happily tell to yourself.

So, according to the goddiditters, we are here because of magic, or we are some living simulation brought into existence because somebody decided to click on the “RUN” icon, that’s what “god did it” means

and people find the concept of god *not* existing to be offensive?? clearly those people have not thought about what they are saying

So if you *really* want to know where the universe came from, why don’t you actually think about it and come up with some ideas yourself, and maybe if we all put our ideas together, we’ll get “there” a *whole* *lot* sooner

and the sooner we get “there”, the sooner those with their “god did it” mantras can feel safe as it becomes more and more apparent that no matter how much we know, we are NOT going to get “there”, and that this supposed all powerful god of theirs is *still* more powerful than humans, but maybe by then their little egos won’t get over inflated by thinking they have a direct connection to the creator of the universe who will look out for them when they die such that their little souls won’t get lost and roam about the universe aimlessly forever…


it’s astounding (time is fleeting) that people get worried when science starts to step into those places that were previously identified as a “god did it” realm, madness, takes control.

and ya know, just because something is explained, it does *not* discount that god did *not* do it anyway!!! how fickle one’s beliefs have to be that someone can rattle them by explaining some science thing?


so in the spirit of making shit up based on reasonable assumptions…

i propose this, and no it’s not science, in fact I would be reluctant to even call it weird science, but i’ve not heard any explanation for any of this whole universe origin thing and, like the point of the blog, “god did it” is just not an option, it’s LAZY, even “I don’t know” is a more credible answer than “god did it”..

“I don’t know” implies that you have at least accepted the enormity of the universe, but it just doesn’t bother you or that you’ll get back to the question when time permits you because it’s just not that important to actually living a life!

The point of the exercise is to think about it, without plugging in some far fetched stab in the dark, at least have a stab in the dark by attempting to put some light on what you are stabbing at!!

so here we go…


the empty vastness of space goes forever, forget our small universe, it’s just one small bit of the cosmos, what i’m talking about, is what is beyond that and beyond that and well, you get the idea.

outer space, has a “negative” force to it, a “sucking effect”, it tries to take objects and spread them apart, this is not a problem for solid rock-like matter, but for gases and other low density matter that doesn’t have a central point of gravity to hold it together, outer space will tend to make those gases or liquids spread out.

This is demonstrated by our need to have space craft with sturdy hulls as outer space tries to suck the air out of the craft and into outer space where the gases would spread themselves out.

In fact, the “dark energy” that is apparently expanding our universe at an ever faster rate, may very well just be that negative force of empty space trying to spread everything apart. if you think of galaxies as if they were individual molecules of air it may help you to visualise it, because after all, if the universe is infinite in size, then a galaxy would be little more than an atom in size, probably less actually.

So the simplest explanation I can imagine as to where the matter came from and why anti-matter didn’t wipe it out: there was “rip” in empty space itself caused by that negative sucking effect of trillions of empty light years of space against a trillion light years of empty space and that rip created a great ribbon of energy which created a whole lot of matter and anti-matter, most of which annihilated itself against each other, but perhaps an unequal ratio of matter and anti-matter (favouring matter) got sucked into the rip in the space before all the anti and regular matter had a chance to pair up and cancel itself out against each other.

of course there are questions here: if the entire cosmos is infinite in size, why hasn’t this “rip” been and gone and been done with already? perhaps because it’s happening all over the cosmos, it didn’t just make our universe, it made, makes, and is making, universes all the time, every day a universe the size of our own could be born and one could die off and they could be so far away that the light *never* reaches us, having been red shifted into oblivion.

and when one universe burns out the matter made by it will drift around for ever … dead … cold … until it makes it’s way into the next universe as debris or maybe it will get sucked up into a black hole, and who knows, maybe black holes can get too big and end up exploding too…

and maybe that was what the “rip” in space was in the first place, gravity got so strong, space not only collapsed into a black hole, but there was so much gravity, it ripped apart space… maybe there is a point where gravity becomes so strong that gravity itself can’t escape, and booooom….. big rip, big bang. big crunch, big … whatever

and why doesn’t this ripping keep happening in our bit of the universe? gravity stops space itself ripping apart, so when there is a significant amount of mass in a particular bit of space, it stops space itself from ripping apart, that matter keeps space “together”

the point is to *think*, and not be lazy with that brain and to have fun, my guess above is far more intellectually based than “god did it”, and who knows, that wild idea above could very much be wrong, but it could inspire a line of thinking that leads to an actual shred of truth, which is far more useful than “god did it”..

some perspective as to how big the universe is…. (astronomy, religiorant)   Leave a comment

mostly written 30/11/07, mostly ….

This should give some perspective about the hugeness of universe. and it should give u some idea about how big some stars can get. The sun is barely a pin prick of light compared to the largest stars…

So given the hugeness of the size of the universe – is it not arrogant to assume the universe was created *just* for us? did god wake up one morning and make a great big bubble 78billion light years across 6000 to 10000 years ago and make one planet alone out of potentially trillions *just* for us to live on?

These videos demonstrate just how big the universe is and just how small our little bit of it is.

We live on a small planet – around a star that is a dwarf – yep, at 1.4million kms in diameter, our sun it’s a dwarf, and in our solar system, the sun makes up 99% of the mass of our Solar System! We live in a very sparsely populated section of the Orion arm (named as such after the famous constellation) of the milky way galaxy, amongst a half a billion other stars, in a small local group of a few dozen galaxies, most of which are tiny dwarf galaxies with only two other galaxies similar in size to the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy M31 and the Triangulum galaxy M33. This local group is part of the Virgo cluster of galaxies, which is part of a super cluster of galaxies, which is just one sizable chunk of the universe… and that is *just* the local area of our universe, say within a range of a billion light years.

So who is the more arrogant, the atheist who simply believes that the universe just “is”? or is it somebody claiming that some magical figure blinked a bubble 78 billion light years across into existence one morning? why? coz he was bored? it sounds like a lot of trouble to go to just for us, and if god was all powerful – as is claimed – he could see the future and how it would all turn out – so what was the point, what was the challenge, why did god make such a huge universe?

I’m seriously – if god only made this planet for us to live on – we did he bother making the rest of the universe?? – we aren’t leaving this planet any time soon – let alone the galaxy! so why go to all that effort, is god a show off? did he just do too much too soon and now everyone expects him to continue his miracles?

no i don’t think so … a person thought up god coz he couldn’t explain why the sun rose everyday – instead of making observations and collecting empirical data – that person just dreamt up some mythical creature in the sky that made everything fall into place in just the right way.

According to the catholic church the earth only started to revolving around the sun a few hundred years ago, previous to that the sun revolved around the earth .. thanks for being such a pain in the ass Galileo.. oh and we weren’t even sure if the world was round or flat until a few hundred years ago as well… thanks for screwing that up too Ferdinand Magellan, coz i really wanted to see those dragons.. you know.. “beyond this place there be dragons…” ??

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