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did aliens send us religion to slow us down? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

if there really were an advanced alien civilisation out there in the galaxy, we probably wouldn’t know they were there – think about this:

1000 years ago, we sent messages via physical means, for instance, couriers, ships, horses, smoke signals, lights, carrier pigeon and about 200 years ago we had discovered the telegraph

and today we have planes, radio, telephones, satellites and the internet….

Point being is that we keep finding better and faster ways of communication, ideas that we totally would not have thought possible centuries before they were finally invented, so any advanced civilisation that is capable of building space ships is also likely to have an even more advanced form of communications than the basic radio signals that we send for long distance communications.

At our current level of technology, it’s likely we would not even be able to detect any advanced form of space-alien communications and even if we did, it’s likely that we are dismissing it as some sort of background “noise” from space because the signal is too faint to detect.

an example of an advanced form of communications an advanced alien civilisation could be something like “sub space” communications like in Star Trek where near instant communication is available over light years. If there were such a thing as sub-space communications right at this moment, we would have no idea that it was being used.

Imagine if one day we discovered sub-space communications and all of a sudden we are bombarded with 50 million simultaneous incoming message channels from thousands of alien worlds from all over the galaxy

So maybe these advanced aliens that have been around for a million years or so have been stopping by every now and then, maybe they stopped off once or twice a couple of millennium ago, and gave us a thing called “religion” by pretending to be gods, and maybe they actually had the best of intentions, and religion was given as a test, a test that we failed miserably.

Maybe these advanced aliens have been through galactic wars between different species before, and “The Galactic Council” has declared that all sentient species with the likelihood of developing space travel be given a test of their ability to “get along” with everyone?

Insert multiple religions all over the planet, to either teach us good moral behaviour, or have us turn on each other until we learn how to “get along” with each other.

Seriously, if not for the dark ages we may very well have become a space-faring planet by now where travel all over the solar system is a common place event. imagine if the (non-christian) Roman Empire didn’t fall?

Instead of us having the dark ages, the bloody Romans discover space travel by about the 1200s, colonise the solar system, move Venus into a ‘cooler’ orbit and turn it into a greenhouse planet to grow food for the solar system, and then we get our butts out to the galaxy at large by about 2000 and start finding other species to conquer or at least other habitable planets to ruin, imagine the Roman Empire, Mongolian, or some Islamic caliphate expanding for light years? *sigh*

so aliens, stopping by every so often, saw how disagreeable we were with our own species, as well as wiping out other species here on earth, and thought that it was a good idea to send us religion to teach us to behave, or slow us down.

maybe we’ve been so bad that it’s Galactic Law that we grow up slowly? and maybe there’s even a “no fly zone” of four light-years around our sun? So maybe it’s best that we get this angry streak out of our systems before we get out into outer-space and piss all over it as well?

mostly written 2011-Feb-05 … mostly …


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imagine Keeping your religion to yourself… (religio-rant)   Leave a comment


mostly written, 13th March 2009, mostly….

imagine Keeping your religion to yourself… for the sake of the earth

imagine, if you will, there is no heaven (hehee) and that there are civilisations out there in the depths of space, thousands or millions of light years away, or billions of light years away half way across the universe.

Imagine these ‘aliens’ have technology that is so powerful and advanced that they could systematically wipe out everyone on earth. They could wipe us out from orbit and we’d never even see their faces, not even once. In fact they could obliterate us with an automated probe fired off from the other side of the galaxy and not even get with 100,000 light years of us…

it’s not impossible. you’ve all seen Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, shit man, if we can think it up then it’s *possible*, somehow it’s possible.

now imagine this alien culture already have their god and have been set in their ways for tens of thousands of years with their religion, or better still, no god or religions at all, imagine a culture not divided in the least over shit that doesn’t really matter, imagine what we could do after twenty thousand years of *civil* civilisation. Imagine if this alien culture has actually outlawed public displays of religion because they went and nuked their own planet twenty thousand years ago over who’s god was better on their own planet… imagine a war between planets over who’s god was better?

now imagine if these aliens got wind of us earthlings with our Jesuses or our Krishnas and Allahs and Spaghetti Monsters and Big Bird and Count Draculas (vun too tree victims ha ha ha ha), now imagine this culture, is adamant that religion is a very bad thing, and that as a society they have sworn to eradicate every trace of religion in the galaxy *before* these cultures who have religion get out there and corrupt the rest of the galaxy with religious nonsense.

now imagine if they took extreme offence at this notion of openly promoting religion or there being a supreme being

now imagine that they went on a crusade like the christians did back hundreds of years ago against the Muslims. the christians back then did not have any problem with slaughtering *Every* person in a town, tens of thousands of ppl killed at the hands of the soldiers of christ in mere days, for not believing in Jesus.

now imagine every life form on earth being slaughtered for believing in some spurious god notion thing without a shred of proof…

before we offend some alien culture and get wiped off the face of the earth, we need to get rid of religion

what? u didn’t think there was a point to this one did you?

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maybe religion is a *good* thing AFTER ALL???.. (religiorant)   Leave a comment

has any one else stopped to think that, on a long shot, that if aliens have stopped by that any contact that they make is purely accidental? eg. interstellar prankster college kids with their drunken escapades, hopefully they have a designated pilot for the jump through hyperspace, wouldn’t want them to plough right into earth and have a hyperspace exit point open up and vaporise a continent now do we?

so if aliens *have* stopped by and have seen what we have been up to, it’s highly like that they do *NOT* want us to have advanced technology and be out there in the larger community that is the galaxy…

think about that one!

look how we act towards *each* other over things that don’t ACTUALLY matter one little FUCKING BIT in the here and now! *some* of you just can’t get past the “my god is better than your god” bullshit, can you? … *sigh*

it’s more than likely that if any aliens were stopping by – assuming they are civilised in a Star Trek Federation sort of style – that they have taken special note of all the wars on earth and for that reason *alone* they haven’t made official contact, because obviously we aren’t ready.

and why not believe that there are advanced civilisations out there? the milky way is apparently at least twice the age of our solar system, so it’s entirely possible that we’re a “late bloomer”

so if there were a “league of planets” out there in the galaxy it is more than likely that they are very civilised and that Earth is to be avoided as no one in this “league of planets” *wants* us to leave the planet if we’re going to shove religion down the throats of the galaxy!!

maybe religion is BANNED out there because of all the obvious segregation and the time wasting it causes over things that don’t even exist in this realm.

Religion has put us a thousand years behind in the advancement of technology – oh – thanks a fucking lot for that one christians – well fucking done with your dark ages suppression of science – well done idiots ….

if it wasn’t for the dark ages we *would* be out there in the galaxy – i’d say we would have at least made it to alpha centauri by now – so thanks a fucking lot – there would be no cancer – thanks a fucking lot – we would all live beyond 100 years old – thanks a fucking lot Mr Religidiot … thanks a fucking lot for a thousand years of stifling the sciences – thanks a fucking lot – let me thank each and every christian since frikking Jesus himself for that one

if the religious can’t get along with heathen or godless or ethnic or otherwise labelled minorities of their society on *this* world, it’s highly likely that aliens have seen this and are quite happy that we haven’t wandered very far from our planet much at all yet.

fucking nearly two thousand years and christians still don’t even get along between their own sects of christianity – hello!!! – don’t you think it’s time to throw in the towel and call it quits coz NONE of you have got it right – the ones that do have christianity right – refuse to calls themselves christian!!

maybe these aliens stop by to work out the latest frikking odds as to when planet earth will grow up? maybe we’re the laughing stock of the galaxy, maybe we actually are the rest of the galaxy’s amusement, all because some of us think that they *know* god…

or maybe, just maybe, god put this religion thing on earth so that when we were finally grown up enough to put that religious bullshit with it’s intangible and irrelevant differences aside, we would then earn the right to get out into the rest of the galaxy?

hahah… maybe Jesus won’t return until christianity is gone? christianity didn’t exist until LONG after Jesus was gone.. maybe *that* was the test, when we finally stopped believing in something that isn’t really there except in some emotional form, then we would be ready to get out there in the galaxy? seems we were nearly at that point two thousand years ago with the Greeks and Romans …

if we discover interstellar space travel tomorrow, it’s likely that aliens would invade and confiscate the technology..

perhaps it’s a directive of this “league of planets” that earth is not to have interstellar travel until religion and superstitious values are clearly the minority and that most of the people on earth are rational enough and in great enough number to quash any return to the dark ages that the religious seem to be begging for every fucking day ?

well? when are you going to stop believing in somebody else’s god? when are you going to start believing in yourselves and the people around you? because if we all get along with the people beside us, the next lot of people will get along with the people beside them and so on and so forth all around the world instead of this stupid fucked up bullshit segregation that religion creates?

well, when are you going to FUCKING grow up?

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