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it’s not that i don’t believe in god, it’s just that i can’t….   Leave a comment

when i think of god, i think of it in the grandest of terms that i can possibly think of, which still falls short of what a god should be, because it’s fucking *god* for fuck sake and when I say “god” I mean the *actual* being if such a being were to exist and NOT the “god” that is in fact a person’s ego pretending to be god by flapping their mouths off about how fucking great their god is!

that is to say that i believe that if there actually is a god, then it *must* live up to the commonly thrown around definitions of a god creature and not some half-hearted piss poor version of “god”…

ie. it is the ultimate being; the creator of everything; it is infinitely powerful; infinitely clever; is infinitely old; is everywhere and nowhere at once… anything short of that and it is NOT god.

the description above is one of a being that would seem to be far beyond the mere understanding and perception of humans so is it not just a little bit arrogant to even acknowledge the mere speculation of the possibility of the existence of god?

before you get all butt hurt, let me explain…

one of the words that is often thrown around to describe god is “infinite” … if you had a quadrillionth of something that was infinite, you would still have an infinite amount, so to know anything of god, even its mere existence, is to overstate your own place in the universe because the only way you could categorically state that you definitely know that there is a god is if you became god yourself.

And NO. … your *feelings* that god exists do not count as proof, they are proof to *you* that it exists, they are not proof to me because i don’t share your feelings and I am not obligated to share them either, so your feelings are most certainly *not* proof of god’s existence to me. Your feelings are your own, so in fact, don’t expect me to take those feelings of yours about *anything* as proof of *anything*.

and even if you do co-incidentally and actually know something of god – *somehow* – then how exactly *do* you know? What is your basis of recognition? eg. if you saw an alien, how would you know that it was an actual alien and not just some bizarre creature from Earth that you’d never seen or heard about before? And even if you did have knowledge of god, regardless of whether you can prove it or not, your nano fibre of god-knowledge is so utterly small and insignificant then what is the point of even mentioning it? It’s like boasting about having painted a single bolt on the frikking Sydney Harbour Bridge, so fucking what? What about painting the rest of the fucking bridge?

I can only think that the entire point of mentioning god *is* to specifically overstate your importance and place in the universe, that is *why* people believe in god, it gives them a connection to something that *is* infinitely powerful and knowledgeable and old and [blah blah blah, insert all those superlatives]… it makes you bigger and more significant in your universe when you believe in god.

but it’s an ego trip and that is all it is … and i’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but that is what it is… For most people, god is in fact, their ego speaking…

* god likes christmas? no, *you* like christmas
* god hates fags? no, *you* hate homosexuals
* god says I should pray? no, *you* are saying that I should pray
* god says to believe in Jesus? no, *you* are telling me to believe in Jesus

and so on and so fucking forth….

and this is why you should keep your belief in god to yourself, because if you do keep your god to yourself, then that says that you are safe and secure in your faith without feeling compelled to tell other people about how fucking great it is in the hopes that they will also be believers and give you positive feedback to your speculation that god exists and is, in fact, great.


People who are not secure about their faith, go on and on about it all the time to provide themselves with reaffirmations about how great god is. However, if *I* believed in god, i would keep it to myself because to allege that I have knowledge of something that is beyond all human comprehension, for me, is to brag that I am *far* better than the next person who doesn’t believe in god, or even bragging to the next person who does believe in god that *I* am a *far* “better” believer than they are.

my point is that if god is truly an infinitely old/clever/etc being then how could we possibly possess any knowledge of it at all from our mortal perspective and how could we possibly know that this knowledge was from god in the first place because to have knowledge of god is to have proof of god and if you have proof of god, then it’s not very god-like in its proof, seeing how it possesses attributes that can be identified and verified as being godly by mere and lowly mortals.

Yes, what I am saying is that as soon as you mention god, it can no longer possibly be god because *you* have just put a mortal limit on its abilities…..

Boaster: “My god made the universe!”
Realist: “What? just *one* universe? that’s not very god-like…”


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"atheist" is a self defeating label…   Leave a comment

I think “atheist” is a self defeating label because for my mind, the atheist is supposed to be free of this incessant need to apply a label to themselves that apparently defines them like many other people do. eg. Republicans, democrats, christians, hindus, muslims ford drivers, barbeque sauce lovers, rah rah rah rah… at least with those things, we can point at something and say, at least partially, “Oh that is what an xyz is about!”

But for atheism, there is nothing to point at, you can’t point at a non-existent thing and say that that defines you.

So what is it that defines an atheist?

Is it a lack of belief in gods and/or the supernatural?

Ahem… No… that does not answer the question of what defines an *atheist*.

The word “atheist” literally means “without god” from the Greek “atheos” … a- “without” + theos “god” .. right?

Well, that may be the definition behind *atheism* but that is not what defines the person that is the atheist, how can it?

How can a lack of something define you; the person, the character, the human being that is you??

There is a definite lack of mountain climbing in my life, so does that define who I am? No.

So how can a lack of something or even not participating in particular activities, define a person? It can’t..

What defines the character of a person tends to be what that person actually does *have*, not what they *lack*.

So, what defines a person as being an atheist is that they *have* the ability to choose what to believe (in) or not, even if the atheist never makes a choice of what to actually believe, the atheist is free to be an individual and make up their own minds about what is and what is not when it comes to those big questions of god, life, the universe and everything.

A lack of belief does not define an atheist, the ability to make their own *choice* as to what to believe is what defines an atheist. The atheist is free to be their own person *without* having their thoughts supposedly based on some predefined way of thinking.

Morals, religions, gods, miracles, whatever… the atheist is defined by being free to believe whatever they want to make of all that stuff without a predefined explanation for the universe, without being burdened by stories that were told verbally thousands of years ago when we had a very rudimentary understanding of the universe…

Being an atheist is all about being yourself and making your own individual choices about the big questions in life, so why not start right at the beginning with you being an individual and refrain from choosing a label that inherently degrades your status as an individual *because* you have chosen to label yourself with something doesn’t define you in the least….

that is to say, why even call yourself an “atheist” in the first place when being an atheist is all about being an individual? By calling yourself an atheist, you will set yourself into somebody else’s predefined bucket of labels for people, perhaps even your own.

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