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atheism has no argument to make against the joke that is religion…   Leave a comment

atheism has no argument to make against christianity…

…because Christianity died a very long time ago…

this is very simple to see, if you take notice…

anything at all that you have heard from the bible (old testament or new) that somehow justifies hatred or is somehow bigoted – then no matter what – Jesus’ two commandments outrank those notions found elsewhere in the bible … ie. (1) love thy god and (2) love thy neighbour

if you do not follow those two commandments at all times then you can stop pretending that you are christian and from what I can tell, 99% of christians are *pretending* to be christian, regardless of whether they realise that fact or not, they are still pretending to follow Jesus.

given this, atheism does not need to make an argument for itself, the argument that atheists and atheism finds itself in, is already won because the christians have already defaulted in their arguments, seeing how little to nobody AT ALL is actually following what Jesus said to do …

ie. the most Jesus-like person I can think of from actual history … is Gandhi … and he was a Hindu ..

what does that say about christianity?

to me it says that there are no christians, so exactly what is it that atheists are fighting against? they are fighting against people who are PRETENDING to be christian ….

and *yes* there are some christian groups that do great humanitarian work (eg. the Sisters of Mercy and the hospital they founded for those in need) but it seems to me that the majority of christians sit back and let that minority do all the work of being christian and as representatives of christianity, the rest of the christians do not need to do a thing for those in need, they assume that just the mere fact of being christian is somehow enough to get into heaven.

this is not a war that the atheist should even bother to fight, as it should be easily won without firing off a single shot … so just what is it that atheists are rallying against? they are rallying against the stupid and frivolous bits of religion whereas they should be berating religionists for NOT following their religion properly!

it seems to me that the atheist v religionist “war” is just a great big pissing match and the only way to win, is to not be involved.


Posted 18 May, 2012 by manabrau in atheism, Christianity, Religion Sux Arse