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the burden of proof is on the believers

forget the technical and/or logical points of view to back up why the burden of proof is upon the believers and forget the whole if you make an incredible claim you need to have incredible proof as well…

The burden of proof is on the believer, it always has been, as it is up to the believer to prove that their god is real by actually following what their god says to do.

And in the case of christianity, here’s a set of criteria, to test to see if Jesus, is in fact “real”

1. When someone assaults you, do you stand there and let them assault you again?

2. Have you sold all of your possessions and given the money you made to the needy?

3. If someone tries to kill you, do you let them?

4. Do you refrain from making unfounded judgements and/or assumptions about people without first investigating if your accusations are warranted?

5. Would you go as far as Jesus did by dying on the cross to avoid sinning?

These things were all taught by Jesus, so if you answered “no” to any of those questions, then why call yourself christian?

unless of course you want to justify to me why you aren’t following what Jesus said to do, remember, what Jesus says outranks *anything* else in the bible, so don’t even bother looking to the Old Testament or quoting something from “Saint” Paul in the New Testament as some sort of “rebuttal”….

If the Jesus, you claim to follow, is in fact real, you would be doing all of the good things to avoid being sent to hell wouldn’t you?

It would seem that christians don’t realise that *not* being nice to people, is in fact, a *sin*.

eg. If you see someone in need, and you don’t help them, that’s a sin. I bet most christians don’t realise that that was the point of Good Samaritan parable, and that it doesn’t *matter* what you call yourself, as long as you help the needy.

so if you’re not doing those ‘good’ things, it’s fair to assume that you don’t *reallllly* care to follow Jesus because you’re not *reallllllllly* going to be sent to hell for all eternity, now are you?

What sane person would claim to follow the supreme being of the universe, but then blatantly not actually follow what their LORD taught when they know full well that to defy their LORD’s teachings will mean that they get to spend all eternity in hell?

the burden of proof is on the believers, it is up to them to show that their Jesus exists by *actually* doing what he taught.


Posted 15 February, 2011 by manabrau in Christianity, god, jesus, Religion Sux Arse

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