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god is dead, and we really did kill him… (religiorant)   Leave a comment


“god is dead, and we killed him”

Nietzsche said this about christianity, but not so much in the context that he meant it out of spite or out of disrespect for Jesus Christ.

Far from it.

Nietzsche said this because he was referring to how people don’t actually follow what Jesus taught.

let’s play a game, shall we?

1) “if you are really a true Christian, in the true context of what Jesus Christ taught, then put your hand up if you are a Christian and you truly believe in Jesus Christ and what he taught”

Did you put your hand up? you’ve failed already…

you can’t just put your hand up and say, “I’m a Christian”, what’s that about?

If I went around saying I was “Christ-Like” or some other out-there thing, like “I’m an astronaut”, I would *expect* people to challenge me and ask me to prove it, you have to *prove* that you are a Christian before we will believe you…

So why do believers merely think that I am going to take their word for it when they merely say that they are christian?

Get fucked man, just saying you’re a christian is merely some *thing* that you’ve said, and it means *nothing* to me if you don’t have the actions to back up your claims, so admitting that you are christian in the first place sees you #FAIL the “true” christian test, and if you feel it necessary to say that you are a christian, before I’ve had to chance to decide for myself that you are worthy of such a title, then it will take you years to unwind the distrust you’ve created with your self declared affirmation that you are “Christ-Like”.

You *did* read the bible, right? You read the bit where Jesus says to not brag about praying and that you shouldn’t brag about the ‘good’ things that you do, right? Shit guys, if you can’t brag about those important things, then merely saying you are christian is a far worse form of bragging because you haven’t even done anything whatsoever to back up your claim.

the whole ‘label’ christianity, Jesus, Christ etc.. it all means nothing, “The Way” has never been about believing in a person / character / myth / historical / actual / non-existent entity called “Jesus”, the whole “believing in Jesus” was meant to be an affirmation that you “Believe in not harming anyone, at any cost, ever” .. it was *never* meant to be about the person “Jesus” himself.

that’s what the whole dying on the cross thing was about… and you don’t *need* to call that “believing in Jesus” either, so just saying that you “believe in Jesus” or that you are a christian, is beside the point, because actions are what really count, words don’t matter shit if you don’t back them up with those actions.

2) I won’t bother, seeing how I doubt you even passed the first test….


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the burden of proof is on the believers … (religiorant)   Leave a comment

the burden of proof is on the believers

forget the technical and/or logical points of view to back up why the burden of proof is upon the believers and forget the whole if you make an incredible claim you need to have incredible proof as well…

The burden of proof is on the believer, it always has been, as it is up to the believer to prove that their god is real by actually following what their god says to do.

And in the case of christianity, here’s a set of criteria, to test to see if Jesus, is in fact “real”

1. When someone assaults you, do you stand there and let them assault you again?

2. Have you sold all of your possessions and given the money you made to the needy?

3. If someone tries to kill you, do you let them?

4. Do you refrain from making unfounded judgements and/or assumptions about people without first investigating if your accusations are warranted?

5. Would you go as far as Jesus did by dying on the cross to avoid sinning?

These things were all taught by Jesus, so if you answered “no” to any of those questions, then why call yourself christian?

unless of course you want to justify to me why you aren’t following what Jesus said to do, remember, what Jesus says outranks *anything* else in the bible, so don’t even bother looking to the Old Testament or quoting something from “Saint” Paul in the New Testament as some sort of “rebuttal”….

If the Jesus, you claim to follow, is in fact real, you would be doing all of the good things to avoid being sent to hell wouldn’t you?

It would seem that christians don’t realise that *not* being nice to people, is in fact, a *sin*.

eg. If you see someone in need, and you don’t help them, that’s a sin. I bet most christians don’t realise that that was the point of Good Samaritan parable, and that it doesn’t *matter* what you call yourself, as long as you help the needy.

so if you’re not doing those ‘good’ things, it’s fair to assume that you don’t *reallllly* care to follow Jesus because you’re not *reallllllllly* going to be sent to hell for all eternity, now are you?

What sane person would claim to follow the supreme being of the universe, but then blatantly not actually follow what their LORD taught when they know full well that to defy their LORD’s teachings will mean that they get to spend all eternity in hell?

the burden of proof is on the believers, it is up to them to show that their Jesus exists by *actually* doing what he taught.

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teach the christians how they’ve got their religion wrong…. (religiorant)   Leave a comment

teach the christians how they’ve got their religion wrong

i believe for christians that don’t seem to be following what their Jesus taught, that it’s best to teach them the things that their Jesus actually taught…

let’s face it, the world is heading towards anarchy, and for fuck sake, there’s this great teacher of peace just lying around, called Jesus, which many people “say” they follow, but they don’t actually follow what he taught, most of them aren’t even close, so let’s *teach* them what their precious Messiah actually taught.

non-believers are supposed to know the bible better than the believers anyway, right? so tell the believers all the “facts” about the things that JC said to *do*

don’t bother with the “facts” of things like The Ark being bullshit (the whole food chain would have stopped for a year) or how we’d all be inbred if we actually came from two people, or point out that Cain needed to wear that mark to warn *other*people* not to kill him; or point out that bit of the bible that calls a thing they *hate* an abomination also just happens to go and call a thing they *like* an abomination as well. eg. if a man lying with a man is an abomination, then so is the USA’s national symbol, the eagle. (Leviticus 11:13)

there are a lot of bullshit negative things that can be lifted from the bible to ‘validate’ people’s emotional hatred for other races, for gays, for atheists, for whatever crap they can dream-up out of it, and we know that battling hatred requires much effort, much of which has no actual end result, because you have to go and do it all over again with the same people over again again again and the stubborn mindset of the fanatic believer ends up remaining intact, in fact, they’ve probably become even *more* stubborn and obstinate in blindly accepting their beliefs because you keeping arguing with them…

“You can’t change my mind, I *believe* in Jesus!!”

on the other hand, telling people about the *positive* things that their religion says to do that they aren’t doing, means they have to emotionally justify to themselves why they aren’t doing all those ‘good’ things that JC said to do.. ie. give to the poor, help the needy, don’t judge, love your neighbour, give your life to avoid sinning, blah blah blah ..

if people want to justify why they are not doing what their precious Messiah said to do, you can then tell them that you don’t call yourself a christian for that very reason…

eg. I’m not a christian because;
“I could never give away all my money to the needy, I *earned* that money, I’m not just going to give it away to somebody I don’t even know who probably doesn’t even share my values!”,
“if someone hits me then i’m going to hit them back, or at the very least, I’m not going to stand there and let them do it again”,
“if someone judges me then I do not feel in the least bit obligated to refrain from judging them right back in return”,
“if someone tries to kill me then I don’t have a problem with doing the same in order to stop them from killing me”,
blah blah blah…

Jesus taught *all* of those things, so what Jesus taught was nice, but it’s just *too* nice to be practical in a world when many of the christians themselves choose to not follow what JC taught, and yet but freely choose to still claim that they are christians, nonetheless.

The nerve of people telling non-believers to follow Jesus Christ, when *they* aren’t following him themselves?

If one can not do the things that Jesus Christ taught, then is it justifiable for one to say that they are “christian”, when one knows fully well that they are not being Christ-like?

the fanatic christian can justify to you why they use the bible to validate their hatred, “Oh I hate gays because the bible says XYZ in the book of Blah chapter AB, verse RS”, that’s easy….

but it’s a lot harder for them to justify to you why they aren’t doing the positive things they are supposed to be doing without first justifying to themselves as to why they can call themselves “christians” when they aren’t being even remotely “Christ-like”.

The “christian”, who merely says that they are christian, can *only* use their selfishness to justify why they don’t give every thing they own to the poor; they can only use their need for self preservation to justify why they don’t let someone hurt them;

Jesus died on the cross in a selfless act, he did that because he wanted all of his followers to do the same, and be selfless all the time.

How else can true peace be achieved if we focus more on ourselves than we do on others?

there would be no such thing as “world poverty” if 2 billion christians *actually* gave half their money away to charity, and by the way, JC said to give it ‘all’ away…

People just can’t give all their stuff away, or rather, they *wont*, as it’s just not practical.

so the best way that i believe to “disarm” religion, is to teach them the true “spirit” of the meaning of their religion.

so for christians, they should be made aware that when Jesus performed all those miracles for the sick, injured, dying and dead, he didn’t just do that to be “nice” by using his god “powers” to help others, but he did that to prove that when it came to being tortured and nailed up onto the cross, the miracles were proof that no matter what, he wouldn’t use his “powers” for bad, because he would have had to have hurt somebody to prevent them from putting him up on the cross.

So, in fact, dying on the cross wasn’t some thing that Jesus went through to somehow make people “forgiven”, it was actually how far he wanted his followers to go as well in order to avoid “sinning”.

speak to the children on their emotional level, not on *your* intellectual level, a logical and rational argument may seem like the right thing to do, but when dealing with illogical things like emotional biases, logic just isn’t as useful as you would hope it to be.

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