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christians are going BAT SHIT CRAZY with idolatry

you prolly heard about the creation “museum” on planet America, if you haven’t, some christians got the idea to build a “museum” that would depict things from genesis, with things like ancient man, co-habiting with dinosaurs…. *facepalm* … wonder where they got that idea, perhaps, from a place called Bedrock?

but a crucial thing was missing in this whole genesis theme park genre, that being, Noah’s ark… well… miss it no more dear “museum” mariners from light years away…..

great it makes jobs and stuff, that’s awesome… but ….. christians have missed the point of their religion!!

is this why non-believers understand religion better than most other people?

that being that non-believers do not get caught up in trying to get more and more meaning from the same source of information, therefore they don’t end up seeing what they want to see, and when you see what you want to see when it comes to your god, you’re not worshipping this “god” somebody told you about any more, no, what you’re now worshipping, is a *copy* of that god in your frakking head, that your ego is free to bend to it’s will, often without the believer even noticing. You can have your own personal caring Jesus, forgiving everything you do, answering all your prayers…

Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who’s there

–[Depeche Mode]

so of course Jesus will forgive you, Jesus is *your* ego, and over time it will let you off the hook for just about anything you’ve done…. no wonder your prayers to be forgiven are answered, who else would let you off the hook for your constant deluge of “sins” but your own ego?….

just because you didn’t physically build a golden calf, you can *still* commit idolatry, you can commit idolatry right there *in* your head very easily.

a simple example: you can quite easily commit a phrase from the bible to memory, but then forget that phrase’s meaning…

but what’s the point of memorising any lines from some holy book? just because you know the words, it doesn’t mean you understand them…

*actors* can read from scripts and memorise those words too, parrots can do similar and copy the things they hear and repeat simple phrases as well, a parrot quoting the bible doesn’t actually understand those words (or maybe they *do* understand it better than some? ;), and an actor doesn’t necessarily agree with the actions of the character they are portraying, actors can play the role of any number of characters; rapists, murderers, Hitler, even Jesus himself…. it doesn’t make them those characters….

and saying something over and over doesn’t make it so either, but it does water down the meaning of whatever it is you say… you’re not supposed to *remember* verses from the bible, you’re supposed to remember what you learnt and *live* life with what you learnt from those holy books…

a stupid example: E = mc2 … if you went around saying that famous equation as if you believed you were some sort of scientist, but then someone asked you to explain what E = mc2 is all about, and you couldn’t, that would be idolatry, of a weird kind, as you are taking that ‘icon’ of science and you are pretending to be a scientist by talking about it like you know what it’s about, when the reality is that you know nothing about what E=mc2 means… which is similar to people who go around saying “Praise Jesus”, and then when they are asked about what Jesus actually taught, and they can’t answer, well, that’s idolatry.

when you worship your Jesus like all of the time, that’s idolatraaaay…

(sing it in your head to the tune of “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That’s amore….”)

Jesus, for many people, is just a super hero, like Spider-man or Superman…

so the bigger the deal you make out of things in your faith, the greater the idolatry you commit, idolatry leads to you to be missing the point of what your beliefs are about, and as soon as you commit the smallest bit of idolatry toward your god, you are now believing in some bastardised copied version of god you’ve made up by yourself in your head…

and if you are familiar with the teachings of the Jedi, you will be able to see how “idolatry” is very similar to the concept of “attachment” – except for the Jedi *any* attachment is idolatry, attachment is all about “things”

“Attachment leads to jealousy”

fanaticism, hero worship, idolatry, attachment; all variants of the same thing; all are things that lead you to missing the point.

things are not important, it’s the meaning behind those things that are important, in fact, the meaning is so much more important than the thing, that the thing and even the thing that made it, whatever it is, becomes irrelevant. eg. it doesn’t matter if Jesus exists or not, it does not matter if god exists or not, doesn’t matter how god made the universe, doesn’t matter if the bible is full of shit or not; in terms of christianity, all that matters is what Jesus taught.

eg. It’s nice to have a memory of your loved ones, right? But if that picture faded or somebody broke the frame or got the picture wet, would that really matter???

if irrefutable evidence was found that showed that Jesus was a fake, that the whole thing was made up deliberately to guilt trip the population into being nicer, what if *proof* was found that there was *no*way* possible that there could have been someone called “Jesus” two thousand years ago?? ..

would that *seriously* make any difference to a christian? it shouldn’t, but i’d bet there’d be massive amounts of protesting and denouncing of such a discovery… but .. Jesus isn’t the point of christianity, it’s what he taught that’s important.

and that’s good, because two thousand years ago, there *REALLY* was *NO* person on this earth called “Jesus” – it’s a fact that nobody could *possibly* have been called Jesus until about 500 years ago… the letter “J”, wasn’t invented until about 1500AD…

Gian Giorgio Trissino (1478–1550) was the first to explicitly distinguish I and J as representing separate sounds, in his Ɛpistola del Trissino de le lettere nuωvamente aggiunte ne la lingua italiana (“Trissino’s epistle about the letters recently added in the Italian language”) of 1524.

so, it is a basic *FACT* that there was nobody literally called “Jesus” two thousand years ago – HOW could there be if there was no “J” ??

so the christians who literally believe in this bat shit story book stuff, are *very* stupid – but not because they believe in *stupid* things, but when christians go off like this and *do* these things like this “museum”, not only do they show that they believe in stupid things, but they also show they don’t believe in their *own* religion…

the first commandment that Jesus taught and the first of the ten commandments, was “Love god before all others”..

the idea of that commandment was only partly to stop you literally worshipping another god. i believe that the more important meaning to the first commandment is to prevent all forms of idolatry toward your god, because any ‘icon’ representing that god, is beside the point of that god, it trivialises the message this god taught that christians are so *proud* to fucking mention all the time because believing in this god somehow magically makes them a moral person..

what a fucking heap of shit.. maybe i would accept that a religious person actually *was* a moralistic person if they actually *followed* their religion, but that breed of people is either so rare or they keep their head down so much, that they make no difference to the world, keeping their compassion to themselves, probably for those who actually deserve to receive their compassion, so good on them, I suppose.

which is also why a literal interpretation of the bible is not following the real meaning to the bible, the taking of all those nuances in the bible in a literal sense, is beside the point, it *breaks* the first commandment… by taking what is in the bible literally and using it as some sort of affirmation of your belief in christianity, then you break the first commandment, it’s that simple…

and this frakking “museum” is an extreme case of idolatry, it is *nothing* to do with the commandments and teachings of Jesus, it has turned the whole Jesus story into some sort of entertainment … ahem .. that is not the point of christianity, the point was to follow the second commandment, “Love thy neighbour” …

fucking hilarious


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