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how is it that you can call someone a FAGGOT and get into trouble for using a hateful word that is supposedly incendiary to the homosexual community, when it is extremely unlikely that you are even using that word in the context of anything that is even vaguely viewed as being “traditionally” gay?

ie. “The xyz footy club can’t play footy for QUIDS, they are a bunch a of GIRLY SKIRT FAGGOTS!!”

for those who don’t get the reference: “footy” in this context is *not* traditionally a very “gay” sort of thing, it is a very manly type of thing where lots of manly men man types nudge and throw and kick a bit of a pig skin ball around a big open field, quite often watched by large crowds cheering them on as they score points throwing said pig-skin ball around, while tackling, injuring and sometimes beating the crap out of each other. Basically it is the modern day, “politically correct” equivalent of the gladiator type battles that the Romans used to have, “politically correct” in that no-one is *supposed* to die. my how we’ve grown up, we don’t kill each other for entertainment and sport these days, but we still pay good money to watch people beat the crap out of each other?? indeed, how we have grown..

So using the word FAGGOT is supposedly insensitive, but we can post images of gays and men in drag as an insult to other people online, which is deliberately using an explicit and obvious reference to “gayness” as a basis for the insult itself, in other words the insult is “YOU ARE A HOMOSEXUAL, HAHAHHAHAH!”

point being: you can call someone a FAGGOT and get into trouble, yet you can post an image representing homosexuality, and not get into trouble, or at least be tolerated.

while those notions by themselves, kind of don’t make any sense in that they are hypocritical of each other, if we combine those notions with the following, that’s when it really starts to totally make NO sense…

ie. how is it that you can call someone a RETARD and get NOT into trouble for using a hateful word that is supposedly derogatory to the mentally challenged when you are not really using that word in the context of those poor unfortunates who actually are mentally incapacitated, but then you DO get into trouble when you attempt to insult another person online by posting an *image* that quite clearly shows a mentally challenged person that obviously has down syndrome or are otherwise similarly mentally challenged, as if to say “you are mentally challenged, you are incapable of independent rational thought, you can’t look after yourself, you are a dumbarse, YOU ARE A RETARD!”???

in summary:

how is that you can call someone a FAGGOT to insult them and get into trouble for not being “P.C.”, but we call each other RETARDS all day and no-one blinks an eye?


how is that you can post a picture of a mentally challenged person to insult someone else and cause an uproar of disapproval, but then we often deliberately insult people with quite explicit images of homosexual and effeminate behaviour, and cause an uproar of laughter?

This does not make sense… and it’s very hypocritical, but that’s what we do, we have people who get offended by the word FAGGOT, but they don’t have a problem when somebody uses the word RETARD, and those same people often will not be offended by seeing an image of a person that is clearly homosexual in a very obvious way, but they’ll get all upset when they are exposed to an image of a mentally challenged individual …

I believe the people who act like this, to be the some of biggest bigots we have, as that’s being two faced, it’s alright to be a cunt all the time, that’s staying in character, but to find offence in one thing, but then not the other, then what’s the source of your fucking hypocritical problem?

I have a theory…

You don’t like to *SEE* mentally challenged people because it offends you, as *YOU* don’t ever want to be like that but you know that it’s out of your control and if it where true, then there would be nothing you go do about it, so you are perfectly happy to call people retards as an affirmation that that would never happen to you, because if it was going to happen, it would have *already* happened as you are likely to be born mentally challenged, ie. it’s not something you would likely choose if somehow you were given the option.

At the same time, you don’t mind seeing extreme representations of gay behaviour because you know that *YOU* will never actually go to that extreme and be like that yourself, but you get offended by the use of the word FAGGOT because you are afraid that deep down, you aren’t sure that you wouldn’t go off and start being a GAY yourself.

In other words you see the specific image of a mentally challenged person and reject that as offensive as that won’t happen to you, but you find the image of a sexual orientation different to yours to be humorous, because you know that you would never consciously choose to actually go and do such a thing.

Thus meaning that the word RETARD is acceptable because there is nothing you would do that would make you consciously make you mentally challenged, but you find the word FAGGOT unacceptable because at some level, you know that it’s possible for you to be a homosexual, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing to run with your feelings.

Posted 13 November, 2010 by manabrau in gays, mincing-words

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