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do people believe in god because they can’t conceptualise infinity?

is it possible that the tiny human mind is unable to fathom the concept of the infinite emptiness of space, that it is unable to grasp how there can be a “something” that didn’t stop – ever – so they just put that concept into the bucket that is labelled “god looks after this stuff”?

but is it not arrogant to assume something is done by god? god supposedly did everything, right? so why does the believer ever need to identify individual components of all of the things that god did?

because what happens when something you throw in the “infinite” bucket of things that god looks after? Sometimes those things have to get pulled out and put into pesky things that mankind has figured out

ie. those things are no longer the domain of god … and if anything can be taken away from your god, then your god wasn’t god, was it?

you set a boundary on your god by identifying the things it has supposedly done and then you had to move that boundary?


because your god is your ego and egos can grow and shrink, so when you learned some new bit of information that your god was the supposedly the source of, you had to deflate your ego a little bit so it would fit back inside where-ever it is you keep it.

if you believe in god – fine – good on you – believe away – but if you constrain your god with any specific tasks, even something as grandiose as creating the universe, you are putting a limit on your god, you are using god as a thing – as an icon that represents “knowledge” – *your* knowledge, so when you don’t know something, you stick god in there as the answer and many believers arrogantly believe themselves to be of superior intellect, whether they actually are or not.

This is kind of like saying you know what is at the end of the rainbow when you don’t, but you know that god knows, and since you do too, your ego is inflated by this non-knowledge….

mostly written 17th October 2010 … mostly …

Posted 17 October, 2010 by manabrau in god, Religion Sux Arse

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