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i am pretty sick to death of hearing about Hitler, the Nazis, the Holocaust and people *keep* saying to the whingers (like me)

“we must *never* forget so that it never happens again” ..

well… good… great idea… but forget what, exactly?

“we mustn’t forget that the Hitler and the Nazis caused the Holocaust…”

well… again… good… great thinking… Hitler+Nazis==Holocaust .. got it … but…

The next political party capable of committing such a thing as to rival the Holocaust that gets into power, probably won’t be called the “Nazi Party”, and the leader of the group will most likely not be called Adolf Hitler…

so this fretting over everyone being the new Hitler, this constant referral to ppl being Nazis, what *use* is it?

Of equal irrelevance is what Hitler and the Nazis believed in – who cares if they were christians? not all christians want to exterminate ethnic minorities.

who cares if Hitler agreed with the science of evolution, not every one who accepts evolutionary science has ordered millions of people to their deaths.

so no matter what Hitler believed in, it was obvious it came from many sources, are we just going to keep on blaming everyone because we *supposedly* believe in the same things as Hitler does, if that’s the case then every person has something in common with Hitler, you STUPID fuck tards.

Grow the fuck up, ALL of you.

What is vacant from all of these references to Hitler and discussions of what colour undies the Nazis wore, is any mention of *why* Hitler did what he did?

We keep going on we must never forget what the Nazis did…

well… good… great idea… but we know WHAT they did… we know WHO they did it to.. we know the names of the people who did these things…

but all of those things are irrelevant if we are *really* serious about stopping something like the Holocaust from happening again, because history has shown that time and time again over thru the ages that any person or any group of people can get together and do nasty things, no matter what they believe.

So what we need to know is *why* Hitler did what he did.

In *one* sentence, in your own words, *why* do _you_ think Hitler did what he did?

Posted 5 October, 2009 by manabrau in history, M.S., T.E.A.M.S

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