Jesus is LORD of Iraq!! (video/humour)   Leave a comment


this is hilarious!!

have a listen to this guy in the video, sounds like he was a soldier in Iraq and he’s talking about a battle in Iraq…. and .. uhmmm….


Jesus is up in heaven hanging his head in shame.. how can anyone be proud of invading and conquering a country, let alone call it in the name of Jesus???… let alone invade that country ON A LIE – *against* the wishes of the U.N.

this guy has some sort of Crusader Complex… not a healthy attitude at all…

if you don’t think the Iraqi war was based on a lie, then *you* have some serious issues and u need to turn off your TV and start thinking for yourself.

My government, the Australian government, withdrew the majority of our troops from Iraq because of the fact that the Iraqi war was based on a lie. This was made abundantly clear by our current Prime Minister. It’s also very likely that withdrawing our troops from Iraq was a big part of the reason why he won the last election.

The USA government has obliterated any trust the rest of the world has in the USA. What other LIES have the USA government been feeding us?

and what do we have? We have fuckwits like this dumb arse christian who ARE PROUD of killing in the name of Jesus…


Posted 30 August, 2009 by manabrau in humour, iraq, jesus, rant, Religion Sux Arse, usa

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