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is simply believing in god idolatry? (religiorant)   Leave a comment

my god is *the* god?

one of the biggest assumptions by christians is this whole mantra of the christian-god being -the- god. Muslims think that their god is *the* god too, along with the followers of dozens of other religions who believe that their god is *the* god to the exclusion of all others. eg. a monotheistic god.

so why does idolatry not apply to the most massive assumptions of all? assuming that one particular god is *the* god? or indeed, that there is a god at all.


isn’t making the massive assumption that your god is *the* god in the first place, idolatry?

you are saying that you *know* that you are correct and that everyone else is wrong.

this is the height of arrogance – regardless of how innocent and good you actually are – you are putting your own self up on the pedestal of god itself by claiming that *you* know that your god is *the* god.

You don’t know your god is god, you don’t even know if your god is real, you only *FEEL* that your god is god, you only *FEEL* that your god is real

If you claim any knowledge about god – then you are pretending to *be* god because knowledge can be demonstrated – if you know something about god, then you can show us, but you can’t do that because god is unseen.

You have no knowledge of god unless you and your ego made it up.

* * * *

all god worship violates 1st commandment?

i’ve heard that the first commandment of the bible is the most important, that if one can honour that first commandment alone, it’s a good bet the rest of the commandments are adhered to as well… right?

god is supposed to be some all powerful being, beyond all understanding, right? so how could any lower creature know anything of god without making up some aspect of god themselves to fill in the gaps of what they do *not* know about god?

in fact: all “knowledge” about god is an assumption, can you think of anything about god that isn’t in someone’s mind.. everything about god is imaginary .. god may have made the universe – but you don’t know that – you can’t know that – to make the assumption that you do know that is arrogant, as well as selfish.

questions about god can only be answered with a guess, even the questions to ask of god are too much for humans to come up with as demonstrated by “clever” human questions like “can god create a rock so big he can’t lift it?” – don’t get me started on the stupidity of that one.

so isn’t the *most* prudent belief in god, if you are worried about things like that, to have an attitude towards god of “who cares?”

or at the very least, not caring what *others* think and to not try and spread *your* idea of god to others, god is personal, keep it to yourself.

But by not caring about god, do you not become a better worshipper than someone who is giving praise to god?

By not idolising *any* idea of god in *any* way whatsoever, you avoid making the *wrong* choice in god.

seriously, which is worse?

not choosing a god? or;

choosing the wrong god? or;

choosing the right god and then only pretending to follow it?

of those three groups, who is going to *offend* god the most?

the ones who don’t give a shit about god? the ones who worship a false god? or the ones who worship the right god, but blatantly disregard everything it said to do?

the non-believers are in the unique position of not being able to break the first commandment of the bible by having *no* god!

Every believer risks committing idolatry because no-one could possibly know if their god was *the* god?

Oh yes, some will say that they know in their hearts – well isn’t that sweet – and that’s all it is – sweet – it’s an appeal to emotion.

It is an appeal to my emotions that I would take pity upon you and let you win your argument, and quite often I *will* let the person win their “they know in their hearts” sort of thing, because usually it is said in the context of bereavement or a loss of some sort, because at that sort of time I find that it is inappropriate to mention how bloody stupid they are for believing in a fantasy.


I ignore most references to god, because it is too petty and most people don’t know what they are doing and some are even being *sweet* when they reference god, but they are still selfish though, because all knowledge of god is an assumption, therefore you *must* be making up some aspect of that belief, so are you not idolising your *own* idea of god in your head? how much more selfish can one be?

it’s god and you’ve made up your own god and yet you are referring to it like it is everyone else’s god … #FAIL … by all means, make up your own god, but keep it the fuck to yourself if you don’t want it to be disassembled into its constituent parts, because even if you have the basic concept of god right, do you not add your own little extra thing to god to personalise it for yourself?


exactly who is it that forgives you when you sin? you must forgive yourself otherwise every sin you’ve made would play on your mind until you died, right? or maybe sinners just don’t give a rat’s arse and asking god for forgiveness is just a way to making that guilty feeling for being “sinful” go away faster?

well? that’s how it seems to me – many christians speak to other people like they are pieces of shit, under the simple premise that they can get away with being a cunt because they believe in Jesus … FUCK YOU and your made-up Jesus!

And anyway, didn’t Jesus teach that it’s your actions that give praise to god or did i just get that completely wrong?

* * * *

the infinite god?

god is supposed to be infinite in its power and knowledge, right? so how can you as a mere mortal “know” something of the infinite? a quadrillionth of infinity is *still* infinity, right?

so if god is infinite, “knowing” something about god is impossible is it not? seems to me that any alleged knowledge of god would be grossly incomplete *anyway* seeing how mere mortals, even if they did have a direct connection with god, could not possibly understand the words of GOD! you flatter yourself to think that god could tell you something and that you would understand that thing….

so any of this “knowledge” you have about god, has to have been made up by mortals.

So just how much of this god did you make up by yourself? How much of this god did you get from someone else’s idea of god that you’ve “borrowed”?

When you think about the “god being” what do you think of? I think of the Monty Python cartoon god in the sky… That idea was made up centuries ago – it is not my idea of god

if god exists, then the closest analogy i can think of is that “knowing” god would be something like reading a book that has infinite chapters and each chapter has infinite verses and each verse has infinite words and so on….. if the first topic in this book was “Aardvark”… you would not stop reading about aardvarks *EVER*.. you can’t understand god – what-so-ever – so forget about trying, I say…

all you can do is merely try to be this person you think you should be. It’s how hard you try that counts, not how often or how loud you say that you will try…

* * * *

love isn’t knowledge?

knowing god “loves” you isn’t knowledge – that’s a feeling – but i’ll *give* you religious people that one if you reaaallly want the whole “God loves me” thing.. it’s schweet

and it fits with what i would like to believe in anyway, kinda

I would call the “love” of god (aka the universe) the radiation from the sun which just happens to be exactly the right distance away to give us the right amount of heat and light, and apparently this has been spot on for a few billion years too…

“look what god did! he made our planet form at just the right spot in the solar system!!”… … i’ll give the religious that much … but that’s my limit to there being a god in control …

* * * *

you have to become at least a little bit god-like to know anything about god?

have you ever heard someone claim knowledge of god who was *not* trying to make himself out to be more important than everyone else??

to claim *any* knowledge of god, is indeed to claim *yourself* as having some quality that is god-like… a quality that non-believers do not have – this quality *raises* believers in god above non-believers in the minds of those believers.

the mere notion that because the believer has some “divine” knowledge of the creator and the non-believer does not have this knowledge, supposedly makes the believer more in tune with the creator of the universe, this makes the believer a part of this plan god has for the universe, this makes the believer “better” than the non-believer and endows them with inflated egos, self righteousness, judgementalness, all those things we love the religious for so much…

all because believers *think* they ‘know’ something of this god?…

well? doesn’t it?

* * * *

you flatter yourself?

I believe “knowledge” of god is a significant part of what creates the basis of all bigotry stemming from god worship…

because isn’t “knowledge” of god self-flattering to those who claim to have it? isn’t that idolatry? and doesn’t worshipping the individual’s idea of god invented in the mind of a believer break the first christian commandment?

They may be close to it but, these people are not worshipping god, they are worshipping their idea of god, that’s idolatry right? and seeing how this idea is in *their* mind, they are in fact worshipping them selves…

and a lot of the religious people have the audacity to say that atheists worship themselves, if that is true, at least it’s their own conscious decision to take responsibility for their own actions by not placing that burden of responsibility onto something that is no more than an aspect of the imagination or is in fact, the ego.


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