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What I believe…. (Episode 4 – The Force)   Leave a comment


OK… this isn’t part four it’s the first part… where have i heard that before?

but i keep writing this but i always end up waffling on, so here i go again, so bite me… (this is an extension of an earlier blog, which blog that was i do not know)

but what do i believe, in terms of god?..

i fracking don’t believe *anything* and if i did it would only be an opinion, a speculation… in fact, everyone on this planet who has an opinion about god, is only speculating, that includes believers and non-believers alike… so get over yourself, you don’t know, they don’t know and I don’t know.. get over yourself if you think you have ‘absolute’ knowledge of something immortal and supernatural, if you do ‘know’ something like that with certainly, it is most probably all in your head…

what I do know is there is some sort of consensus in the scientific community that the universe is expanding at an ever faster rate because of some ‘force’ pushing the galaxies apart at an ever faster rate… the way I see it is that the entire universe creates a kind of ‘solar wind’ effect pushing outwards with enough force to accelerate the galaxies.

We can see this solar wind in our own local solar system and how it interacts with comets as the tail of a comet always points away from the sun. The solar wind has enough energy to melt the comet’s surface ice and then accelerate that material away from the comet at faster speeds than the comet is moving. We see this as the comet’s tail of is in *front* of the comet even as the comet is on the way *out* of the inner solar system..

so imagine that solar wind on a cosmic scale…. that’s The Force and it’s the biggest thing in the universe… bigger than the ‘material’ universe.. that Force defines the size of the universe, because if you were not in it’s range you wouldn’t know our universe was there!..

although this Force doesn’t exactly bind the galaxies together, that’s gravity, but it does surround us and it is everywhere because where this energy isn’t, it would be hard to call that particular place a part of the universe if light from our universe hadn’t reached that spot yet, don’t you think? and this Force comes from the sun along with trillions of other stars, and the sun does give us life.. nothing would be here if not for the sun…

“Here comes the sun and I say it’s alright”

There is no other thing in the universe that is everywhere and is connected to everything else, the Cosmological Solar Wind… aka The Force! 😀

ps. yes dark energy is what people like to say – but what makes more sense? the cumulative effect of every star in the universes’ solar wind is pushing the universe apart, or some mysterious dark energy that we don’t know the origin of is doing this pushing apart of the universe?


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What I believe (Episode 5, The Force, religion/rant)   Leave a comment

I believe in god.. sort of… but I call it The Force, and why not? There is only one thing in this universe that actually *is* everywhere.. and that thing is energy… well if you want to get technical, there’s the literal nothing between atoms, that’s if nothing can be called some “thing”.

I don’t know what to believe with all these religions, though – they are all stupid because the fact that there is more than one religion, nullifies them all for my mind.. Two religions claim to be the ultimate truth? Then they both get dismissed for their idolatrous assumption that they know the truth about the greatest of all unknowns, god.

I became all angsted-out at christianity by the start of the 90s after having spent most of the 80s listening to Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Manowar, Warlock, Def Leppard, Whitesnake etc making my brain empty out it’s religion completely, and yes it took a hate of god and for what he has done to me to make me become indifferent to the whole religion thing..

but I still worshipped … sort of…

it took ten years to finally become detached from that guilt feeling they drum into catholics.. so if i’m considering doing something ‘bad’ it used to be “oh i can’t do that, god is watching” … now i’m just “oh i can’t do that”… actually to be honest – it’s “oh i can’t do that, I’ll upset that person” …

so uhmm.. sorry, but screw you if you think you *need* a god to be ethical or compassionate or whatever it is us godless people don’t have what those god-fearing people do have…

But *anyway* – I was into astronomy when I was a kid in the very late 70s, so later on when I heard in the mid 90s that astronomers had discovered that the universe was actually getting bigger at an ever *faster* rate and that this was being caused by some sort of a energetic force that was constantly pushing apart the universe…. a Force, hey? An energy that is everywhere, you say? And it surrounds us, as well? That sounds familiar… seeing how I had watched the Star Wars Trilogy countless times…

But unlike god, The Force, in the way that i see it, is indeed ‘real’ – you *can* feel the energy of heat and you *can* see the light from the distant stars, you can feel the static in the air or off the TV that makes the hair on your arms stand up etc. etc. at the very least that is far more real than the Mr Invisible Man in the sky because we can actually measure the amount of energy in a particular spot.

energy – some of us worship it already – who can go a day without our creature comforts of TV, DVD, computer, Internet, air-con, refrigerator?? – i’m sure there are other things people could make up as a philosophy/religion around the concept of energy… but i go with what I know so…

so 2001 census comes around.. Religion = Jedi… census 2006 … Religion = Jedi….

I guess for traditionalists – Jedi is close to a pantheist .. so the universe is my god and energy binds it all together… who cares about particulars… also the way i see it is that every religion is a subset of worshiping the universe… but i think the real reason i needed to think this, is when I say “god” to myself or whatever – I want to make sure i’m not praising the christian god (brought up catholic) so i’ve conditioned my brain to think that god==universe and that the universe==god…. I enjoy not feeling the guilt of a god watching everything i do and i have enough self doubt as it is, I don’t need some imaginary being to be my guilt pill making my anxiety worse, that’s why…

so why not have some fun with it because i need my fun.. I’d just as soon worship Brian from “Life Of Brian” but there just isn’t enough material to go critical mass on that… I think I’d have to generalise and be a Monty-Pythonist…

and no I can’t move objects with my mind, but I do try just to make sure, every time I leave my building I wave my hand at the door switch so I don’t have to walk over to it and push the button, just in case… one day we’ll have motion sensors that can detect crap like that and we can all be Jedi…

so when the census mob show up to my door and give me crap about putting “Jedi” in the religion field, (because it is illegal to put a ‘religion’ if you don’t believe in it) this is what i might say

A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger… fear… aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.

or something like that…