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christian fundamentalists are afraid to die… like *way* *way* more than the regular “normal” person.. but why are they *so* afraid if god is going to look after them, right??

if these people truly believed that they were certainties for getting into in heaven after their time here on earth, then by rights, they should be the calmest and most relaxed people on earth, so then, what’s with the frikky crazy delusional ideas they come up with????

I wonder if the problem with these people with fanatical ideas is that they are christian but they *don’t* go to church and that they don’t get to see that other people of the same faith, who are religious, who actually don’t take the whole bible quite so literally and who are actually reasonably sensible people!?

or maybe the problem is that they *did* go to church and it was all blasphemy because it was not what *they* think the bible is about so they go and make up their own version of christianity?

if you call yourself christian – you should be seeking a higher authority when dealing with religious questions – ie. your priest! you should not be involving yourself in religious debate if all you can frikking say is

“Oh the bible says so so so it is true!”…

“woop dee frikking doo!!” I say, “bet you can’t tell me why it is correct and don’t do any of that frikking recursive bible bullshit on me again” ..

either get yourself a degree in theology or something similar, and formally study the bible so you actually understand what the bible is about or you can SHUT THE FUCK UP, sitting down and reading the bible yourself is NOT STUDYING THE BIBLE … FUCK! you are embarrassing yourselves.. you are not debating, you’re a frikking parrot… or at the very least you are showing just how childish your mind is and it is quite sad…

“the bible says so”
“the bible says so”
“the bible says so”
“the bible says so”
“i give up” .. *sigh*…
“nur nur I win”
“good one fundy! it was nice talking with you and your delusions.. not!”

i think people become so extremely religious like this because they can’t deal with the concept of being gone forever – ie. being dead

so to suppress their fear of death and how they just can’t comprehend it, they believe in something that is even *more* incomprehensible to completely blot out that fear of death or at least get it to the point where they can shrug their shoulders and say

“meh!! god’s gunna take care of me – no need for me to worry about dying” ..

it’s all about fear … fear of the unknown

but “Fear is the path to the dark side… fear leads to anger… anger leads to hate.. hate leads to suffering”

hmmm… i see a lot of suffering – an inner turmoil if you will – going on with these fundies indeed … 😦


Posted 12 January, 2008 by manabrau in bible, Christianity, fear, god, rant, Religion Sux Arse

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