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urrr .. i mean to say … i see why I never took religion up in the first place. mostly written, 2nd Jan 2008 … mostly …

i don’t mean to be insulting – but these debates i’ve been involving myself over god v no god … it’s all fucking stupid ..

i freaking laugh at these ppl who go on about “you can only find god if you find god” – you know what that is? that’s called PREACHING …. and it’s fucking insulting … you ask me to believe in god so that I can understand your belief in god.

OK.. let me just do what you asked me to do. done … OK so now I believe in god.

But now that I believe in god, i don’t need to fucking ask the question if god exists or not then do i, because now I have faith that god *does* exist. stupid fucks

By saying “you can only believe in god if you believe in god” you are preaching at me and everyone to believe in god so that you can feel better about your belief in god. Whether you realise it or not, you are asking ppl to convert in order for them to be able to understand why you believe in god. Did I mention this is rude?

And pretty much every bible bashing delusionist has tried to spin that spiel on me and frankly it’s tired and proves my point about their being no christian or otherwise god

i may laugh but i don’t laugh to their faces – so to speak – i find it annoying that anyone can believe in what they can’t prove and then to go and call catholics the anti-christ is pretty fucking insulting..

he’s my theory on the anti-christ – i reckon it’s islam! i mean it was formed around about the year 666 wasn’t it … so uhmm, i rest my case! …

that’s the stupidity of how these ppl come across .. it’s insulting to ppl who don’t believe in god and it’s insulting to ppl who *do* believe in god this fucking crap these ppl come up with…

and then… *and*then*… these wackos try to come up with stupid ways to justify their fucked up ideas they *think* that they have learnt from the bible… “oh the sun moves across the sky .. so uhmmm .. that means that it’s the sun that is moving and the earth is fixed still coz it says right here in the bible” … fuckwits .. and you know who you are .. here’s ya chance to defend ya-self – delusionists

i mean fair enuf you might believe in the creation story but don’t you dare try to explain it coz your brain will explode

and oh … if the universe revolved around the earth everyday – the whole fucking universe would need to be inside the orbit of pluto – otherwise there would need to be some serious exceeding of the speed of light…


Posted 2 January, 2008 by manabrau in Religion Sux Arse

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