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Religious Persecution

mostly written 1/Jan/2008, mostly.. so understand that this was written seconds after I started blocking christian fundies left right and centre… because I had just been threatened and lied to by christians, so if you think you are being lumped.. well sorry.. but they are blocked because i don’t want them apologising for being unchristian because if you know you’re being unchristian then why were you unchristian in the first place?

seriously … i’ve heard the most pathetic excuses from ”christians” trying to justify their christianity and a private apology when they’ve publicly insulted me means they can get fucked because their apology means nothing… (you read the disclaimer up the top right?)

maybe i should stop telling the un-christians what the ‘better’ christians should be telling them, but since they are better christians than these ppl being un-christian in the name of being christian, they don’t tell them coz it’s not christian-like to tell people that they are being un-christian…..

so… i’m posting this coz.. well i’m bored… and clearing out the back log of unposted dribble..

i don’t like to offend ppl over their beliefs about god and whatever but for some reason they *keep* getting offended no matter what i do to play the indifference card. And truly, for nearly twenty years i’ve given little concern to the religious people in this world, well until this myspaz thing lured me in.. and no religion wasn’t what lured me here

but frankly, if u do upset someone with your beliefs (or lack of them) that person who is getting upset should sit back and ask themselves if they are getting pissed because what they believe might just not actually have any merit!

it is a terrible thing to believe something for years, decades even, and then have that notion suddenly vapourise when you are told or you figure out the truth…

if the answer you have to any question means you go grab for your bible or your koran or torah, then you are indeed not as human as you can be… using scripture to describe the universe is close minded – time to get over yourself and move forward – if you can’t quietly accept other peoples’ religions or lack of them – then you need to shut the fuck up if you are going to have the gaul to try and say that your religion is “the best” or is “the way” .. how fucking arrogant are you?

there! i told you i don’t like to offend ppl but ppl who follow any set of principles so vehemently, that can’t really be verified, i don’t believe are allowing their minds to open up to the universe of possibilities. that is close minded, that is not looking to the future.. it’s not… not really… religion is about maintaining the status quo …

so what do i believe then?

well i’m not sure … but this is what makes sense… at least to me!

the universe is infinite
the only thing that can go forever is nothing
you can have an infinite amount of nothing

so the universe – in it’s entirety – is probably mostly nothing…

the definition of a god is that they can do anything right? then god can create itself without the need for some other higher being to do it – but how can a conscious being create itself if it didn’t already exist? it can’t! so it had to be always there and nothing can possibly exist forever, how can it?… so .. does that make god nothing? merely a concept?

so for me, god is in fact the universe – but of course – you sound like a nut case to a religious person if the universe is god now don’t you?… teehee, don’t tell them they sound like nut-cases for their belief though… so you either ignore the “god” label altogether or you call the universe “the god”, superior to all other (false) gods.. because the christian god… is NOT big enough for this universe.. sheesh – only two billion people at least vaguely believe in the christian god… more people on earth don’t believe in the christian god, than people who do, and that’s not counting the unknown volume of intelligent life in the rest of the universe…

if i may paraphrase Yoda: fear is the path to the dark side… once you start down that path.. forever will it dominate your destiny…

seriously.. once you have learnt to fear something – especially as a child – it will always be there in your mind even if you have managed to mostly overcome it in your adulthood…

in it’s most important context, for my mind at least, the fear of god, once a child has it in their minds that god is all powerful, that if they do something wrong they will be punished, while this may seem like a good idea to keep kids in line – that just speaks volumes to your parenting ability that you have to use the boogey man to keep your kids in line

and this scaring kids is not good, especially to fear things that are never seen, this will stay with them forever…

trust me, *I*KNOW* – there is *always* that nagging doubt about god once the concept is introduced and introducing that concept to a child isn’t a good thing, because then the child when the grow up, has to fight god out of their minds, or they capitulate, and succumb to the heavenly lord dude….

it’s how rational people approach this notion, that allows them to let go and or carry on with their lives, but not all people are rational and god fears implanted at an early age, I’ve no doubt, could lead to mental problems as an adult.

teaching children to fear god stagnates learning paths towards the real truth and quite literally brainwashes that child into religious doctrine – this is not good – seriously – brainwashing is the buzz word, but in literal terms here is what you are doing – you are forming synaptic pathways in the part of the child’s mind that deal with reasoning of the unknown – by filling it with religion early on, it is setting those pathways in the brain to a close minded way of thinking….

this is called ‘laziness’ …

and i don’t mean the fat arse lazy sit around on your butt all day sort of laziness, (it could be related though) i’m talking about the inability to think for yourself form of laziness…

by not indoctrinating a child into religion, their reasoning and logic about *all* things will be free of inherent preconceptions that deal with the intangible. what i’m saying is that god is a waste of time and that to teach it to a child is to in fact retard the development of the mind of that child, because they put their minds to things that have never been seen, and what is more useless than that? To be thinking over things that have no bearing in this life is a waste of time, if you can’t be good without god, then please feel free to embrace god, but don’t let go…

and now that i put it that way – isn’t that child abuse? seriously – why don’t ppl be truly lazy and not expose their kids to religion in the first place?

because seriously, a child doesn’t truly grasp the concept of god at a young age, it wasn’t until i was twelve that i realised god might be a sham, well actually i thought that he hated me, and that allowed me to let him go… eventually!

apathy will kill all religion eventually…. you can only guilt trip people for so long until one of them wakes up, and infects the rest… muahhahahahahhaha


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