even if god *actually* exists….   Leave a comment

even if god *actually* exists…. wouldn’t we be doing the old guy a huge favour if we stopped believing in him?? woudln’t the big guy be up there going “pheww!! another atheist!! that’s 5,026,320,360 left to go before i can retire!!… oh.. did i say that out loud? not a word Gabriel!”

if i was god – i’d be embarrassed at my policy of non-intervention – i mean if i was god i’d be tempted to bless the ghandi’s and the galileo’s with extraordinary long life to allow their minds to evolve endlessly.. or i’d give them the choice .. “u know guys, when you’ve had enuf – i can just vaporise you .. u wouldn’t feel a thing .. but i want u guys to keep on teaching these dumbasses as long as possible.. !!”


Posted 23 November, 2007 by manabrau in rant, Religion Sux Arse

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