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i read many news stories and blogs and what-not over the two years since this was originally written that have talked about A.D.D. and similar illnesses, and it would seem that many kids these days have it…

mostly written 10th june 2007, mostly… wait.. was it written 6th of the October 2007?!? DAMN U AMERICA AND YOUR STUPID DATE FORMAT!

think about this … imagine if the fact that kids these days are so “hyper” is because genetics are kicking in to keep pace with the world around us? maybe with all the technology around exposed to kids everyday the brain is kicking on trying to understand it all … we all know kids are better with figuring out the VCR and the DVD player and such .. but think of all the technology there is today .. perhaps kids brains being exposed to so many different forms of technology at a young age is kicking their brains into overdrive… maybe the brain is finally kicking into gear and this is the first step in the next evolutionary step for our brains, and being “hyper”, is actually *normal* given the amount of technology we are exposed to everyday …

the funny thing, is that it makes sense.. i read an article where it speculates that seeing how we do so many time saving tasks these days, we are actually able to get more things done in a day than we would have done ten years ago, so much so, that we are now “living” in excess of 30 hours a day, or whatever the exact figure was.

humans haven’t really done anything spectacular in the past ten thousand years – not really – basically our brains are as smart as they are today, as they were ten thousands years ago.. there isn’t much evolution would do in merely ten thousand years, right?

except today our brains are exposed to all this technology – computers – microwave ovens – iPods etc etc… today we pretty much live in gadget city .. maybe all these hyper kids are just bringing their brains into line with the required level of brain activity that is required to process all of this sensory input these new technologies are exposing us to everyday?

So it would stand to reason that if ADD and similar “problems” were caused by the mind adapting to technology, then isn’t this suppressing of the over-clocking of the brain with drugs is **tantamount** to inhibiting the entire progress of the human race?

are we playing god by not allowing our brains to go and develop naturally?

5-10% of our brains hey?

supposedly we use 5-10% of our brains, and I’m sure there’s a whole lot of our brains that we wouldn’t want direct control over anyway
(say 50%), but imagine if we doubled the use of our brains to 20%?

Maybe ADD is the brain hitting that first next percentile upwards?

Perhaps u use 10% of your brain, and your kid’s brain starts off at 10%, but later on, the little munchkin’s brain starts kicking into 10.1% every so often and that’s what we are seeing as being ADD?

I’m sure there are actual legit reasons for many kids to be on these A.D.D. type medications but, I’m thinking it’s not really *necessary* as often as it is!

by prescribing these drugs, are these doctors in fact retarding the development of the entire human race? what happens in a 100 years from now when every child in the western world is “hyper” from all the technology and things they have to learn?

perhaps 1000 years ago all a kid had to do was learn the trade of his father .. then perhaps 500 years ago it was acceptable to break away from the family traditions and do something different to what “Father” wanted and do that thing that they wanted to do… but it hasn’t been until the last 50 years or so, that we have had to *learn* such a plethora of new devices to make our lives more convenient and without these devices these tasks would be left to specialists … eg. the phone. today we pick up the phone and give someone a message in seconds … hundreds of years ago that would have been left to couriers and the like… but today we handle that task simply ourselves…

so if all these kids weren’t given all these drugs … would we be expanding to the rest of the galaxy a hell of a lot sooner? are we suppressing the brain power of the young geniuses among us?

at least it would get us to whatever kind of hell it is we are going to and get it over and done with so that at least when the monkeys evolve into “civilised” beings in another five million years there is something left to build their monkey society.

Posted 6 October, 2007 by manabrau in evolution, M.S.

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