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imagine if science hadn’t been held back by the dark ages..

imagine if instead of spending all our efforts in improving ways to kill each other we discovered splitting the atom centuries ago..

imagine if every house had it’s own generator that worked on hydrogen, with the by product being water?

imagine if all this surplus energy could be used to create massive plasma weapons that could defend us from the aliens that are coming… the Reptilians of the New World Order that is *face-palms* .. oh wait forget i said that …

like that weapon in doctor who with david tennant… where those five points of energy around London blew up that asteroid thing .. that would require massive amounts of power to achieve…

but imagine that if we don’t strive to improve ourselves and our way of life…

life on earth will be over…

think about it..

unless there is some massive plague again or bird (or swine) flu really does end up mutating into something that can kill humans enmass – if there is no “culling” of humans, the resources on this earth will run out.. that is a FACT..
it’s a sad fact but it’s true.

whether it be oil, metals, or even space to put people or the space it takes to grow crops to feed these people, all of that is running out, what will we run out of first?

in order to put more ppl into a smaller space we need to build upwards into multi-story buildings and skyscrapers and that requires iron, now i’m sure we aren’t going to run out of iron any time soon, but eventually sometime some critical to the flow of daily life will run out…

maybe that’s what the bible meant, when it said to go forth and multiply and subdue the earth, because once the earth is subdued …

bye bye humanity…

maybe that was the point?

Maybe that bible was written by some nefarious character who realised humans were so fucking stupid that they’d dig themselves into a hole, the whole time saying, god loves me, god loves me, god loves me, fear is a very powerful motivator.

Maybe the idea of the bible, was to reject it, and that once we collectively have rejected the bible, taking what little was actually useful, then we’d have earned the right to expand out to the rest of the universe, and if we don’t reject it, and subdue the earth into a state that can not sustain our lives, we fail… which would be a good thing, coz as we are at the moment, I wouldn’t want us to be out there in space making ourselves a nuisance, with *other* species…

and what about fuel, eventually the only things on the road will be buses and trucks and maybe taxis to make the fuel last as long as possible…

what’s my point again? …. hmmm ..

religion sux arse and it’s closed mindedness has held back the entire world and it may have held us back so much so as to long that we might hit a point in the future where we run out of resources and the only way to get more resources is to go off planet or conquer your neighbouring country and take theirs… the latter seems more likely as the space age is still yet to have taken off as it’s very much still in it’s infancy…

we first flew in air planes just over a century ago, we went to the moon forty years ago, at that rate we should have been checking out Jupiter in person by now.


Posted 10 August, 2007 by manabrau in rant, Religion Sux Arse, sci-fi

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